Absolute Great Teacher
50 A Sure-Win Battle
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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50 A Sure-Win Battle

Of course Ill definitely win!

Zou An wasnt humble at all.


Qin Fen frowned. What did he mean by this?

Since young, every time I spar with my elder brother, Ill reserve a little bit of my strength. After all, there are no benefits even if I were to win!

Zou An shrugged. There was something else he hadnt said. It was only by giving his elder brother a high winning rate and thus developing a sense of superiority that he would continue to act like an older brother, defending him and standing in front of him if there were any problems.

Otherwise, if the younger brother was stronger than the older brother, why would the older brother still take care of him?


Qin Fen smiled. As expected of someone who was born in a big clan. He was skilled in scheming from a young age.

Teacher Qin, I can win and let you hold your head high in front of that Sun Mo. But what can I get out of it?

Zou An sniffed.

Qin Fens smile stiffened up, his mood turning bad. Youre threatening me?

How would I dare? Its just a deal!

Acknowledging a teacher was something that affected ones entire life. Therefore, Zou An wanted to take a gamble even if it meant that he would offend Qin Fen.

You want me to introduce you to a great teacher?

Qin Fen graduated from Jixia Learning Palace, so there were naturally no issues with his intellect. He didnt need Zou An to say anything before he could guess his objective. Im sorry. I cant do that.

Then I wont be able to win either!

Zou An threatened.

Hearing this, Qing Fen had the strong urge to slap Zou An, killing him. However, not only couldnt he do that, but he even had to coax Zou An.

After all, if he couldnt win against Sun Mo, his reputation would be ruined.

Which student would want Qin Fen as their teacher if he couldnt even win against a teacher who sponged off a woman?

Im only a teaching assistant now. I dont know many great teachers.

Qin Fen explained.

Then what about Liu Mubai?

Zou An lowered his expectations.


Qin Fen gave in. He had no other choice since Zou An had a handle over him.

Then Ill be thanking Teacher Qin!

Zou An smiled, feeling satisfied. He felt that he was a great genius. Given Zou Pings brain, hed forever be within his control.

When Sun Mo and Qin Fen had gotten into a fight, Zou An was already considering how he should make use of this opportunity to bring the greatest number of benefits for himself.

Heh, Im not a tool for your fight!

Zou An was proud.

Then can you perform your cultivation art now? Let me see if there are any areas in which youll need to improve on!

Qin Fen didnt wish to lose.

Theres no need. Ill definitely win! Zou An put a few tables together and lay down, resting. That Sun Mo must have the same thought as you, so my brother is definitely showing him his cultivation art. Let him waste his energy. Ill end up being more energized during the battle and will have even greater chances of winning.

This guys heart is really black!

Qin Feng cursed in his heart, but he had to admit that what Zou An said was right.

Forget it. At the thought that hed be winning against Sun Mo later, being able to taunt him as much as he wanted, Qin Fens displeasure was reduced by a lot.

(As expected, my opponents are still Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun. Ill gain a great reputation in the future as well and let those students think of means and ways to come under my tutelage.)

Yuan Feng woke up in the corridors.

Who am I? Where am I?

Feeling uncomfortable in his chin and neck, Yuan Feng touched them and realized that they were covered in drool. There was even a large patch on the chest area of his clothes that was soaked.

What did I do?

Yuan Feng furrowed his brows tightly as he bore with the headache, recollecting what had happened. Wasnt he quarreling with Sun Mo? Why was he now in the corridors?

Sun Mo seemed to have snapped his fingers and then a golden arrow had shot out toward him. Thereafter, he lost consciousness

Haha, the way that intern teacher looks while roaming around is really foolish, like an idiot!

Qin Feng heard the sneers coming from the surroundings, and his face turned even paler.

I was hit by Ignorant and Incompetent?

Yuan Feng panicked, and his body trembled uncontrollably. He quickly took a look around. As the student recruitment meet was being held, the teaching building was open to the public, which allowed students to take a look around. Therefore, there were a lot of people.

Wuuuu, Im a goner. Ive definitely been seen by many students. What should I do?

Yuan Feng felt great despair and had the urge to bang his head into the wall and just die.

As an intern teacher, he naturally knew how amazing the Ignorant and Incompetent halo was. He yearned to get it, and if students were to create trouble and not listen while he was teaching, he would throw it out and turn the student into an idiot!

F*ck your mom, Sun Mo!

Yuan Feng was filled with anger at the thought of that guy who sponged off a woman. Then, he was overwhelmed with envy because Sun Mo already had four students.

If he were to get one more student, he would be able to become a substitute teacher.

Liu Mubai had thought well of Xuanyuan Po but failed to recruit him. So why did Xuanyuan Po acknowledge Sun Mo as his teacher?

(Is there still any justice in the world? Is that Xuanyuan Po blind?)

Even I am better than him!

Yuan Feng mumbled and kicked the wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yuan Fengs leg hurt, but he didnt care. He could only forget about the humiliation temporarily through the pain, venting the fury he was feeling.

What are you doing?

The sudden reproach took Yuan Feng by surprise. He turned and saw Jin Mujie who was dressed in a moon-white long robe. She was standing a short distance away, looking at him with a scowl.

Teacher Teacher Jin!

Yuan Feng quickly bowed and greeted, instantly covered in a cold sweat that drenched his clothes. This was a 3-star great teacher. His unseemly state after being hit by the Ignorant and Incompetent halo was probably seen by her.

Even if you havent been employed officially, you should still conduct yourself strictly like a teacher. What are you doing? Does the wall have any feud with you?

Jin Mujie was angry. To be showing such an unseemly sight in front of the students. Wheres your self-control?

Teacher Jin, I was wrong. Yuan Feng apologized.

Go wipe off all the footprints on the wall and then clean up the corridors.

Jin Mujie punished him.


Yuan Feng lowered his head like a docile quail. He felt even more embarrassed when he glanced out from the corners of his eyes. The students in the vicinity were all pointing at him and talking amongst themselves.

Dont always look down on others and deny them. If you cant accept it, then use your strength to defeat them and not use rumors to defame others.

When Jin Mujie saw Yuan Feng reproaching Sun Mo earlier, especially saying that he was someone who sponged off a woman, she felt that there was a problem with Yuan Fengs character.

It was normal for there to be competition between teachers, but couldnt he be more aboveboard with his methods?

I understand!

Yuan Feng didnt dare to rebut. He was being reprimanded by a 3-star great teacher, so he could only quietly listen.

After cleaning up, go and apologize to Sun Mo.

After saying that, Jin Mujie turned and left.


Yuan Feng was stunned.

(Why do I have to be the one apologizing? I am the victim.) At the thought of how he had entered a delirious state after being hit by Ignorant and Incompetent halo and had been seen by so many students, Yuan Fengs heart ached even more. However, since this was an order by a great teacher, he could only suppress his fury and dissatisfaction, replying I understand.

Ill tell Headmaster An of your problem.

Jin Mujie had a heartfelt love for the Central Province Academy. Therefore, she didnt wish for its standard to be lowered. She felt that someone like Yuan Feng didnt deserve to work here.

Huh? Teacher Jin, dont!

Yuan Feng was frightened and perspiration broke out profusely. Once Jin Mujie were to tell this to Headmaster An Xinhui, then his internship life in the Central Province Academy would be over. He wouldnt be able to get a chance to be converted to a permanent position.

Jin Mujie didnt pay him any heed.


Yuan Feng fell down limply onto the ground, smacking himself hard in the face. Why did that Sun Mo have such good luck? At the thought of how even Jin Mujie knew of his name, Yuan Feng felt even more upset.

So what if he is handsome? So what if he sponges off a woman?

Yuan Feng yelled out. In his heart, he had secretly felt envious of Sun Mo in the past. Why was Sun Mo the one who was able to sponge off a woman? Why was it not him? His mother was to be blamed for not giving him a handsome face.

When Zou Ping came to his senses, he could feel that a tremendous change in his body. His hearing and vision became very clear, and his body felt extremely light. It was as if he had just soaked in a top-notch medicinal bath for two hours, no, the effect was even better than that!

Without saying anything, Zou Ping jumped off the tables and swung his fists around, performing Crow Fist.

This felt great! Really great!

The stiff and unsmooth feeling that he usually felt had disappeared.

Zou Pings current state was like a bicycle that hadnt been maintained for very long, but could now be used for speeding like a roller coaster after being oiled and reinforced.

Do you want me to spar with you?

Xuanyuan Po was itching for a fight.

Dont fool around!

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes at Xuanyuan Po. (What if you were to hurt him?)

Thank you, Teacher Sun!

Zou Ping bowed respectfully toward Sun Mo, changing to speak in a more respectable tone.


+10 favorable impression points from Zou Ping.

Prestige connection with Zou Ping initiated: Neutral (10/100).

Its a pity! You almost leveled up!

Sun Mo felt a little dissatisfied. He could see Zou Pings realm through his Divine Sight. Zou Ping was now at the peak of 1st-level of the body-refinement realm.

I was wondering why Im feeling so good. So its because Im about to reach the boundaries of the realm! Zou Ping clenched his fists excitedly. He felt as if he had an endless amount of strength now. But it doesnt matter. Im sure to win against my younger brother now.

Its true that your pre-battle condition isnt bad.

Yue Rongbo pointed out.

Huh? Then if the ancient whale oil is used, wont he be able to level up?

Li Ziqi noticed the blind spot.

Everyone immediately turned their gaze to the small bottle placed at the side of the table. It had white liquid in it that emitted a fragrant scent.

If Qin Feng were to lose after I rely on an external item, then he probably wont accept the results.

Sun Mo kept the bottle. If he were to use the ancient whale oil to give Zou Ping another massage, hed definitely be able to level up. However, Sun Mo didnt wish to do that.

Although the ancient whale oil was a nourishing medicinal item and not the kind of pill medicine that could allow one to level up immediately after eating them, it was still medicine.


Zou Ping looked at that bottle and licked his lips in yearning. It was a pity that he didnt get to enjoy it.

Your massage technique is really impressive. Where did you learn it from?

Yue Rongbo was curious.

A great teacher taught me!

Sun Mo randomly came up with an excuse.


Knowing that Sun Mo didnt wish to say it, Yue Rongbo didnt continue to ask. However, his wavering mind had come to a decision.

Regardless of the price, he must get his hands on Sun Mo.


+2 favorable impression points from Yue Rongbo.

Prestige Connection with Yue Rongbo: Neutral (3/100).

Hearing the notification, Sun Mo turned to look at Yue Rongbo and noticed that he was looking at him. Sun Mo was very familiar with that gaze and smile. It was the same feeling he had when he was looking at a good game and couldnt wait to have it for himself.

Brother Yue, I dont like guys!

Sun Mos lips twitched.


Yue Rongbo was stunned for a moment before he broke out laughing. This Sun Mo was interesting, very interesting. Itd be very enjoyable if he could work together with him.

Teacher, quickly start to give him guidance. Theres not much time left before the sparring.

Li Ziqi reminded him.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》