Absolute Great Teacher
51 Thrashing
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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51 Thrashing

Theres no need for it anymore.

Sun Mo sat down, taking out the [Nine Provinces Immortal Slaying Legend] he had borrowed from the Reading Veranda. He had been busy for the past few days and hadnt had any chance to read it.


Li Ziqi was stunned. (Teacher, is it alright for you to be so confident? What if things dont turn out the way you want them to? Itd be embarrassing.)

In Li Ziqis view, since there was time, they should make full use of it.

Teacher is so cool!

Lu Zhiruo was innocent and didnt think too much. She only felt that Sun Mo, who was so calm, had the air of a great teacher.


+15 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Neutral (98/100).

Sun Mo threw a glance at the papaya girl. (Your trigger points for favorable impression pots are a bit off. To think that you didnt show any reaction after seeing my amazing ancient massage technique, but had contributed 15 favorable impression points because I picked up a novel)

However, that was still better than Xuanyuan Po. This kid had sat down and meditated after seeing that he couldnt spar against Zou Ping. He really didnt think of anything other than fighting.

Its true that there isnt a need for it anymore. If the Zou brothers have similar capabilities, then with Zou Ping getting close to the peak of the 1st-level, hed be able to crush Zou An.

Yue Rongbo explained. He admired how confident and at ease Sun Mo was acting now.

Jin Mujie was a strict and fair teacher. When it was ten minutes away from the agreed time, she sent students to notify both parties that they must arrive at the square in front of the teaching building on time. If they were late, itd be treated as they had given up.

When Sun Mo came down, he saw that there were already seven to eight hundred people gathered at the square. There were a lot more people than there had been before.

Everyone, please keep quiet. Both parties please get prepared. The match will start in three minutes!

Jin Mujie spoke up and the place immediately fell silent.

How do you feel?

Qin Fen asked.

I had a good sleep!

Zou An stretched out his body. When he looked at Zou Ping, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes. (The days in which I hide my capabilities are over. From today onward, Ill let everyone in the family know that Im a lot more outstanding than you, who is my elder brother. Im the perfect successor to the clan.)

Very good. Go on. Go clinch the victory that belongs to us.

Qin Fen patted Zou An on the back.

Very soon, both brothers stood in the center of the arena, standing ten meters apart from each other.

Brother, youll have to watch out!

Zou Ping moved his limbs excitedly.

Although his chances of winning every time they sparred in the past were average, Zou Ping was very disappointed each time. After all, he was the elder brother and should be the stronger one. Therefore, as time passed by, he started to hate sparrings. However, Zou Ping felt unprecedented confidence today.


Zou An couldnt be bothered to give a reply.

To prevent any accidental injuries, both parties will fight with bare hands!

After ascertaining that neither of them had any objections, Jin Mujie called for the match to start.

Zou Ans legged stomped down onto the ground and he darted out!

In his eyes, there wasnt a foolish and mediocre elder brother. There was only his plan for the future.

He would give his all, defeating Zou Ping in a second and then receiving the attention and cheers from the crowds. He would then get Qin Fen to stick to his end of the agreement, to introduce him to Liu Mubai. He would then make use of Liu Mubais connections to reach a greater stage, becoming a winner in life.


At this happy thought, Zou Ans lips couldnt help but curl up into a smile. Then, his smile stiffened up.

What the hell?

Zou An was surprised. How did his brother suddenly appear in front of him in the blink of an eye? This speed was too fast!


Strong gales seethed and a heavy punch was launched.

Zou An instinctively raised his arm to put up a block.

He had seen this move many times in the over 100 matches they had. Therefore, he didnt feel nervous. He even had the leisure to think about his retaliation. However, at the next instant, he received a huge blow in his left shoulder.


Zou An was sent flying out.


Qin Fen was so surprised that his eyeballs were popping out. (What happened to all the talk about you being more outstanding? What happened to the talk about how youd definitely win? Why were you sent flying right off the bat?)

I can win!

Zou Ping was so agitated that he let out a loud cry, stomped down fiercely onto the ground, and shot out like a sharp arrow, catching up to Zou An.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zou An was like a small boat that was wavering amidst a storm, swaying left and right, seeming as if he was going to topple at any moment.

Am I dreaming?

Zou An was very surprised, and he would feel the occasional pain coming from his body after being hit by punches, causing him to clench his teeth. However, what he found the most unbearable was the current state in which he was being overpowered.

When had his elder brother become so strong?

Zou An wanted to retaliate but wasnt able to do so. The power of Zou Pings punches, his bodys agility, and the speed at which he was punching out were all one notch above Zou Ans.

Hes able to become so strong after one hour?

As Zou An knew his elder brothers abilities well, his surprise turned into astonishment, and he subconsciously glanced toward Sun Mo.

This intern teacher wasnt simple. It was no wonder that Xuanyuan Po would choose to acknowledge Sun Mo as his teacher.

Brother, admit your loss. You wont be able to win against me.

Zou Ping advised him to surrender, feeling exhilarated. He had wanted to say this since three years ago, but never had the chance to do so. Yet today, he could say it.


+15 favorable impression points from Zou Ping.

Prestige connection with Zou Ping: Neutral (25/100).

Sun Mo watched the match. Although he had received the favorable impression points contributed by Zou Ping, he didnt feel happy about it. To think that this kid was already getting distracted when he hadnt won the match yet

As expected, Zou An managed to grab hold of this instant and immediately retaliated. He pulled back his right arm and lashed it out like a whip toward Zou Ping.

Crow Tailflick!

This move again?

Zou Pings heart skipped a beat. This was his brothers special move, and he had suffered from it many times in the past. He knew how to defend against it, but his body was unable to keep up. Therefore, he could only take the attack forcibly.

This was what it meant to be doing things proudly, bullying the other party for being able to see the attack but unable to fend it off!


Zou Ans right hit a target. However, it wasnt Zou Pings shoulder, but his crossed arms instead!


Zou An was very shocked and then he was kicked in the stomach.


Zou An tumbled.

I managed to block it? Haha, to think that I managed to block off the Crow Tailflick?

Zou Ping laughed out loudly. When he looked at Zou An again, his gaze had turned from a serious one into an overlooking one. There was even an additional hint of confidence in it.

It was just a coincidence!

Zou An couldnt accept it and bellowed out. He couldnt wait anymore. He must use his killer move, or else he would lose.


Qin Fen cursed and had a strong urge to personally go down and fight on Zou Ans behalf.

Hes winning!

Li Ziqi was very happy.

Lu Zhiruo grabbed tightly onto Sun Mos sleeve as she watched the intense battle.

So this is Zou Clans great hereditary technique, the Crow Fist? Interesting!

Xuanyuan Po planned on looking for a chance and challenged this pair of twins.

Zou An immediately pulled his right arm back, gathering his spiritual qi onto his fist until it was shrouded in a black glow. This was his killer move. Once performed, hed be able to turn the tables around immediately.

Elder Brother, youre the one who wont be able to win!

Zou An sneered. When they sparred in the past, when he took on this pose, his elder brother would attack him anxiously. But it was useless, he wouldnt be able to make it.

Hmph, I deliberately let you send me flying. This will allow me to draw my distance from you and perform my ultimate skill.

The reason Zou An said this was not only to give Zou Ping mental pressure. He also wanted to hide his awkwardness of having been sent flying. However, he was good at adapting and assessing situations. It was just that this time around, his elder brother hadnt come attacking toward him fiercely like he had done in the past.

Zou Ping inhaled deeply and pulled his right arm back, taking on the same pose as Zou An.


Zou An was so shocked that he almost bit off his tongue.

(What the hell? Brother, what are you trying to do? Have you also managed to learn this move? Thats not the case. When you used this move in the past, youd fail eight of ten attempts

Hmph, you want to put in the effort and show off so that a great teacher would set their eyes on you? Thats impossible. Ill let you know that the difference between us is that of heaven and earth!)

Zou An discarded all distracting thoughts and was about to attack when he saw Zou Ping forestalling him with a disposition of a dragon spear that was launched out from a ballista.

Domineering, sharp, and advancing forth without hesitation!

Crow Covers the Sun!


Zou Pings clothes fluttered, and dust flew all over the place. His punch was like a rainbow stretching across the sky, piercing forth.

Zou An panicked, and sweat broke out on his forehead. He took a deep breath and then anxiously launched out his killer move.

Crow Covers the Sun!

There wasnt a need for a great teacher to be here. Even the students could tell that even though both of them had performed the same move, Zou Ping had struck out with greater prowess.

Both fists collided!


Zou Ping stood there while Zou An was like a battered sack that had been sent flying, falling to the ground. His right arm bent at 90 degrees as a kacha sound rang out.

Ahhh, my arm!

Zou An held onto his arm and cried out agonizingly.

The match is over. Zou Ping wins!

After saying that Jin Mujie moved and appeared next to Zou An, giving him treatment immediately.

Won? Ive won?

Zou Ping looked at his fist, still wearing a look of disbelief on his face. Thereafter, he threw a glance at his younger brother whom he had defeated. It was only then did he swing his fist excitedly, letting out a bellow!

Ive won!

This cry was Zou Ping releasing his pent up feelings from being suppressed by Zou An over so many years. As the elder brother, he should be the one suppressing his younger brother.

Zou Ans countenance was grim as he looked at Zou Ping, his lips trembling non-stop.

He had lost. It was all over. The occupational path he had planned out for himself was cut off before he had even started. He could no longer be a winner in life.

Oh yay, he won!

Li Ziqi cheered. As expected, Teacher Sun was really amazing!


+10 favorable impression points from Li Ziqi.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (116/1000).

Clap clap clap!

Lu Zhiruo clapped enthusiastically.


+15 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (113/1000).

Sun Mos lips twitched. Zou Ping and Zou Ans potential was on the higher end of average, so Sun Mo didnt have a great desire to recruit them to begin with. At the sight of this scene, he became even less interested.

Putting Zou An aside, Zou Pings character was a little cold. While he could explain this as him having lost control over his attack, he hadnt gone up to console his brother at the first instant. Instead, he was immersed in the exhilaration of victory. This wasnt acceptable.

Moreover, both Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo had contributed favorable impression points. This meant that both of them were impressed by his guidance. However, there wasnt any reaction from Zou Ping at all.

This member from a great clan was showing some signs of burning the bridge after crossing it!

Brother, are you convinced now?

Zou Ping asked proudly

Its impossible for me to lose. Ive been the one giving way to you every time we spar. My aptitude is better than yours!

Zou An glared at Zou Ping, not understanding what was going on.

Forget it. Ive been the one who has been giving way to you. Dont believe me? The result now is the best evidence!

Zou Ping was very proud.

Zou An fell silent. (Could it be that my assessment is really wrong? Is Zou Pings aptitude really better than mine? Could it be that he had held back when he had lost in the past?)

Thats not it. The reason you can win must be because youve undergone a tremendous change in the past two hours! Zou An looked toward Sun Mo in astonishment. What guidance did you give him?

Sun Mo stood there like a narcissus, covered in the afternoon sunlight.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》