Absolute Great Teacher
52 Sun Mo Victorious. Indisputable!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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52 Sun Mo Victorious. Indisputable!

What is this teachers name?

The students amongst the spectators were starting to find out about Sun Mos name.

This was how the world of the great teachers was like. The greater the teachers reputation, the more students would come. If they were to produce a few great disciples who could enter the Greencloud Rankings, then thered be an overwhelming number of students who would come under the teachers tutelage.

Sun Mo won?

Yuan Feng, who was amongst the crowd, was shocked. What was Qin Fen doing? A graduate from Jixia Learning Palace had lost out to Sun Mo, who wasnt known even in Songyang Academy? Did you buy your graduation certification?

Although it wasnt good to be looking down on his alma mater, Songyang Academy was only D-Grade. It was a big difference from someone who had graduated from one of the Nine Greats. How could he lose?

Qin Fen was one of the only three amongst this batch of intern teachers who had graduated from the Nine Greats. He had always been very proud and didnt care for people like Zhang Sheng. However, he had now become Sun Mos stepping stone.

Sun Mo is going to become famous!

At the thought of this, Yuan Feng was filled with envy.

As expected, Teacher Sun is really amazing!

Qi Shengjia, who was amongst the crowd, looked at Sun Mo with admiration. When he turned toward Zou Ping, his gaze was that of envy. Sigh, his aptitude was too weak, and he didnt have the chance to go under Teacher Suns tutelage.


+20 favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia: Friendly (393/1000).

Qin Fen, youve lost!

Sun Mo wouldnt reply to Zou Ans question. He didnt deserve to know it. Moreover, Sun Mo was feeling emotional from the systems notification.

Qi Shengjia was really an honest person. He had felt admiration toward Sun Mo just from watching in the crowd, giving him so much favorable impression points. It was more than what he had gotten from Zou Ping, who was the one who had gained improvement.

Should I take him as my student?

Sun Mo hesitated.

Qin Fen, who had been enraged to begin with, turned pale upon hearing this. He felt extremely embarrassed. His countenance was grim.

(No, I havent lost!)

Qin Fen thought real hard, trying to find a loophole in this. He questioned, Sun Mo, the reason why Zou Ping could win wasnt because he had gained advancement in his martial technique, but that he had an overwhelming advantage in his physical attributes. You fed him something, right?


The moment he said this, a commotion broke out. It was because Qin Fen was indirectly hinting that Sun Mo had cheated.

Your desire to survive is really strong.

Sun Mo sneered.

Zou Ans eyes lit up.

Teaching Assistant Qin, please do not defame both Teacher Sun and my character.

Sun Mo wasnt anxious, but Zou Ping was. If he didnt clarify things, itd be a great blemish to his name if people were to misunderstand that he had only temporarily increased his battle prowess after taking alchemical pills.

Moreover, after having witnessed the prowess of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, Zou Ping had made up his mind to acknowledge Sun Mo as his teacher. At times like this, the disciple naturally had to be the one to speak up and defend his teacher.

Qin Fen, please mind your words.

Jin Mujie frowned, disliking Qin Fens attitude of not admitting his loss.

Teacher Jin, if Sun Mo hasnt done anything against his conscience, then Id like to know what guidance he has given Zou Ping. For the sake of his reputation, Qin Fen could only gamble on this. Thankfully, he wasnt a fool and knew that he should conceal things. This is also an experience for me.


Everyone turned their gaze toward Sun Mo. They were curious as well.

Sun Mo, whats your take on this?

Jin Mujie asked.

I dont mind! Sun Mo shrugged. Zou Ping, tell him!

Teacher Sun had used the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give me a massage for about five minutes, and my physique gained a tremendous improvement then. Right now, it is almost at 2nd-level of the body-refinement realm.

Zou Ping explained. Before the tone for his last word ended, Zou An was the first to cry out.


Zou An was wearing an expression as if Zou Ping was lying and spurted out angrily, Your realm should be the same as mine. According to my estimation, itll take at least three months before we can level up. What crap are you saying that youd be able to gain such a great improvement within five minutes?

I dont believe it either, but its the truth!

Zou Ping was elated when he saw his younger brothers expression. (Now you know how amazing your elder brother is, right? Continue to show respect for me in the future!)

Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands? That sounds really domineering!

A five-minute massage can make up for three months worth of cultivation? Why does it sound a little fake?

That must be a lie, right?

The spectators murmured amongst themselves. If what Zou Ping said was true, then Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands would be almost comparable to the Origin Nurturing Pills effects.

This was an alchemical pill used for the body-refinement realm. After taking it, it would strengthen ones constitution and physique, increasing the persons realm by one level.

Of course, the price was very expensive. Just one pill would cost over 100,000 silver taels. Itd be a dream pill if ones family wasnt rich enough to have their own ore mines. Theyd be better off working hard in their cultivation.

Hearing Zou Pings words, Qin Fen lit up, as if he had grabbed onto a life-saving straw. He immediately questioned, Sun Mo, we are competing on our guidance, and not massages and tuina!

Haha, Teaching Assistant Qin, can you be any more shameless than this? Sun Mo was amused. May I ask what is considered guidance?

Of course, its referring to pointing out students flaws!

Qin Fen insisted on his point, but even he was feeling embarrassed to be saying this.

In Middle-Earths nine provinces, a teachers guidance was in all aspects. Not only did it include guidance on their cultivation, but also the maintenance of the students physical and mental constitution. Sometimes, the teacher might even worry about their students marriages.

It could be said that after a student came under a teachers tutelage, theyd become the teachers raw jadestone. The teachers eventual goal was to forge them into perfect masterpieces.

Some strict teachers might interfere with a lot of areas, including the food they ate, their cultivation plan, their rest time, and even their relationships.

If one were to encounter great teachers who were abstinent, after coming under the teachers tutelage officially, the students had to be mentally prepared that theyd never be able to have sex in their lifetime.

After Sun Mo read the materials in the library and found out about this, he was surprised as well. However, he quickly accepted things.

In ancient China, the relationship between a teacher and their student was very close. Once a teacher, forever ones father. Even in the modern world, those top-notch coaches would also practice strict control over the sportsmen under them.

In Middle-Earths nine provinces, after a student acknowledged a teacher, they would stay by the teachers side to learn, and the teacher would have to give it their all into guiding the student. Even though it couldnt be said that many teachers treated their students as their own kids, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that they treated each of their students as half a son or daughter.

As long as there wasnt any cheating involved, the teacher would be considered a good one as long as the student could defeat their opponents. It didnt matter what guidance the teacher had provided.

The students around burst out laughing, suddenly feeling a little disappointed toward the Jixia Learning Palace. This was the standard of its graduates?

Of course, there were more students and teachers who were interested in the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

You want my guidance? Alright. This Zou Ping isnt a match for his brother in terms of his martial technique. His moves dont flow smoothly enough, and he would need to work hard in his cultivation. As for Zou An, he has shown great mastery in his Crow Fist, being able to lash out and draw back freely. Its also because of this that he had been able to freely hold back in the past matches, causing Zou Ping to wrongly estimate their abilities.

Sun Mo spoke up.

He had kept his Divine Sight activated for the entire period of the battle. Through the duos detailed data, and then comparing it to their actual battle, it was easy for him to come up with some conclusion.

But Zou An has his flaws too. He is over-reliant on his right arm, and the prowess of his left arm is almost half of his right. If he doesnt put in effort into training it, it would be a weak point.

Zou An, who wasnt convinced with the outcome earlier, was stunned, and he looked at Sun Mo in astonishment. It was because everything that Sun Mo said was right. However, he had only exchanged less than ten moves with his brother, which had taken only several tens of breaths. How did Sun Mo manage to see through so many things within this short period?

Yue Rongbo was surprised as he assessed Sun Mo. It seemed that Sun Mo was a lot more amazing than he had thought him to be.


+3 favorable impression points from Yue Rongbo.

Prestige connection with Yue Rongbo: Neutral (6/100).

Jin Mujie looked at Sun Mo with her beautiful gaze, feeling a little surprised. She was then a little angry. Both Zhang Hanfu and Wang Su had given An Xinhui pressure in order to fight for authority, and they had thrown Sun Mo to the logistics department. Thankfully, he hadnt resigned in fury. Otherwise, the Central Province Academy would lose a good teacher.


+1 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie.

Prestige connection with Jin Mujie: Neutral (3/100).

Sun Mo tried to stop the twitching in his lips when he heard the systems notification. The two great teachers expectations were really high, so they were very stingy with the favorable impression points.

The two great teachers had naturally seen through the Zou brothers and thus admired Sun Mo.

The spectators had no idea if what Sun Mo said was right. However, Zou An knew and he had lost. This meant that he probably had no chance of entering under Liu Mubais tutelage. Therefore, he was decisive and walked over, kneeling before Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun, please take me as your disciple!


Zou An kowtowed.

(Sun Mo shouldnt be too bad either. Hes able to see through me from a few moves of the battle. Moreover, he seems to be Headmaster An Xinhuis fiance. If I can make use of this connection, Ill be able to climb even higher.)

Seeing what his younger brother had done, Zou Ping was stunned for a moment before he realized that his younger brother was trying to snatch the chance away from him. He quickly came dashing over.

Teacher Sun, Student Zou Ping admires your talent and hopes to study under your tutelage!


Zou Ping kowtowed. As he was wary of his younger brother, he kowtowed even harder.

The two students knelt before Sun Mo respectfully, not daring to get up without his approval.

At the sight of this, Qin Fen was so angry that his lips were twitching fiercely. It was as if something he had his eye on had been snatched by someone else. Then an indescribable feeling of disappointment appeared on his face.

There was no need for Jin Mujie, the referee, to determine the winner. The Zou brothers kowtow was the best answer.

Sun Mo won. It was indisputable!

Teacher, youve managed to snatch them!

Li Ziqi put out a finger and secretly poked Sun Mos arm.

Lu Zhiruo stood at the side, smiling sweetly as she looked at Sun Mo with admiration. Teacher Sun was so amazing!


+10 favorable impression points from Li Ziqi.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (126/1000).


+15 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo..

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (128/1000).

Qi Shengjia, who was amongst the crowd, looked at the Zou brothers, feeling extremely envious. He wanted to be Teacher Sun Mos student as well!


+20 favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia: Friendly (413/1000).

Sun Mo was feeling a little embarrassed from listening to the consecutive notifications. (Qi Shengjia, Ill feel proud if you admire me this much.) However, he couldnt help but throw a glance toward Xuanyuan Po. This battle maniac was watching the show with his arms crossed in front of his chest, completely unmoved.

Yuan Feng was so jealous that his eyes had turned red. If it wasnt a crime to kill, hed dash out immediately and chop Sun Mo up into meat paste.

If an intern teacher could recruit five students in this student recruitment meet, they could be officially hired, becoming a teacher recognized by the Saint Gate. Sun Mo had achieved this, and he was even faster than Qin Fen.

Jin Mujie backed off a few steps, leaving the stage to Sun Mo. This was the glory he had earned.

Seeing that Sun Mo wasnt showing any reaction, Zou An felt a little unhappy. (Im already giving you face, so why arent you agreeing?)

If it was some other intern teacher, theyd have helped both of them up long ago. He curbed his impatience and shouted out even louder, Teacher, please accept this disciple!

Teacher, please accept this disciple!

Zuo Ping quickly did the same. No matter what, he must be the first to enter Sun Mos tutelage, being his younger brothers martial senior.

Both of you can get up! Sun Mo looked at this pair of twins calmly. Im sorry, I dont think that Ill be able to teach either of you!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》