Absolute Great Teacher
53 Three Letters of Resignation
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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53 Three Letters of Resignation

The din before the teaching building instantly fell to silence. The surrounding people were staring at Sun Mo with astonished looks on their faces, as though they had heard wrongly.

What did he say?

Unable to teach? Wasnt this a tactful rejection?

Jin Mujie glanced at Sun Mo. This answer caused her interest in him to grow.

Yue Rongbo nodded. He didnt really like this pair of brothers either, but he didnt remind Sun Mo because this could be considered a testing ground. He wanted to see if Sun Mo could withstand the temptation of being acknowledged by someone as their masters.

When a teacher first got acknowledged as a master by someone, they would feel a floaty feeling and accept all types of students. But they didnt know that by doing this, it would seriously affect their teaching career.

And as for Sun Mo, he was very rational.

Hehe, teacher. This joke isnt funny!

Zou An laughed dryly, but he felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Zou Ping thought that it was because Sun Mo was unsatisfied with his attitude. Hence, he kowtowed once more with more force. Teacher Sun, please accept this student!

Ive already said it. Im just an intern teacher, Im afraid I wont know how to teach you guys. I dont want to ruin two wonderful pairs of unpolished jades.

Sun Mo tactfully declined


A clamor rang out in the surroundings. This time around, even a fool could understand. Sun Mo basically didnt want this pair of twins. But what was the reason?

Someone that could cause two teachers to vie for them should definitely be a genius, right? Also, there were teachers who read through the information booklet. This pair of siblings had pretty good rankings.

Li Ziqi hurriedly tugged on Sun Mos sleeves. She used her hand and covered her mouth as she asked softly, Teacher, did you say wrongly?

You two can get up, you will definitely be able to find an even better teacher.

Accepting disciples was a major matter, Sun Mo naturally wouldnt be casual about it. The attitude Zou Ping showed after he had defeated Zou An, as well as the low number of favorable impression points he contributed, made Sun Mo think lowly of this student.

There were no other reasons. Zou Pings personality was too cold.

As for Zou An, Sun Mo simply didnt wish to have him as a student.

Teacher, why?

Zou Ping didnt understand. We are from an aristocratic clan that deals in the herbs business. Our constitution isnt bad and has been headhunted by many teachers from the time we participated in the student recruitment meet up until now. Could it be we still fail to gain your regard?

Just get up, he already showed that he doesnt think highly of you. Why are you still calling him Teacher?

Compared to his elder brother, Zou An was easily angered. However, this was the temperament of youths. After he spoke, everyone could feel the resentment in his tone.

Has Sun Mo gone silly?

In the crowd, Yuan Feng was dumbstruck. If it was him, he would definitely accept them immediately.

A pair of wealthy students would definitely not forget to pay respects to their elders every new year. The teacher would have a better life too. However, Sun Mo rejected them? Was he retarded?

Haha! Haha! Qin Feng was so angered that he started laughing. He glared at Sun Mo. Since you dont think highly of them, why did you still want to compete with me?

You are the one who wanted to compete with me!

Sun Mo shrugged.

Qin Fen was dumbfounded. Now that he recalled it, it was true. Sun Moon didnt say anything earlier, it was Yuan Feng and himself who egged Sun Mo on. After that, the competition occurred.

From the start to the end, Sun Mo had never stated that he wanted to accept this pair of brothers as his disciples.

Im so despicable!

Qin Fen muttered, wanting nothing more than to slap himself.

You just realized it?

Sun Mo counter-asked.


Qin Fen was almost angered to death. The main reason for his anger was that Sun Mo obtained Xuanyuan Po and Li Ziqi. If not, he wouldnt have bragged that this pair of brothers had wanted to take him as their master just to gain back some face. And now, everything was over.

Hehe, teacher is so toxic!

Li Ziqi used her elbow and prod Lu Zhiruo.

Mn! Mn!

The papaya girl continuously nodded. After that, she felt a little happy. It was so good that Sun Mo had accepted her.

Lets go!

Sun Mo no longer wished to be surrounded and watched. He called out to the two girls as he turned to leave.

The surrounding spectators automatically opened up a path, and the intern teachers all stared at Sun Mo with complicated emotions. However, the majority of them felt emotions like depression and unhappiness.

He was also just an intern teacher, yet he was choosing which students to accept? Who gave him the courage to do so? If they were in his shoes and someone wanted to take them as their masters, they would immediately rush forward to accept.

Ive already said it earlier. How can they be worthy of Teacher Sun?

Upon seeing the Zou brothers fail to acknowledge Sun Mo as their masters, Qi Shengjia felt relief. He also retracted the tiny hope in his heart. His aptitude couldnt even be compared to the Zou brothers. Hence, he would also naturally not be successful in getting Sun Mo to be his master.

Qin Fens eyes locked on to Sun Mo when he left. All of a sudden, he clenched his fist and shouted, Teacher Sun is awesome indeed. Most probably, you will be able to trample on Liu Mubai soon and suppress Fang Wuji, becoming the number one great teacher in Jinling!

Yue Rongbo frowned. Qin Fens heart was so filthy.

As the saying went, three men made a tiger. With so many spectators here, as long as the spectators casually spread these words, the meaning of the words would surely change.

Qin Fen wanted to create troubles for Sun Mo.

In Jinling City, Liu Mubai and Fang Wuji of the Myriad Daos Academy were two extremely famous great teachers-to-be. By lumping Sun Mo with them, Qin Fen evidently wanted to make trouble for him.

The spectators hadnt dispersed completely, Qin Fen and the Zou brothers had already left. But nothing could be done; things were too embarrassing for them.

Teacher Qin, do you hate Sun Mo very much?

At a remote location, Zou An caught up to Qin Fen.

What do you think?

Qin Fen mockingly asked.

Accept us as disciples. We will cooperate together and make sure we teach that Sun Mo a good lesson. Also, I will defeat all his disciples.

Zou An bared his teeth when he said this. Each word was dripping with blood.

Zou Ping had a look of reluctance on his face. Although he didnt hold Qin Fen in high regard, he knew that after they were publicly rejected by Sun Mo, it isnt going to be easy for them to acknowledge another master.

Who wouldnt have pride? If there was a teacher that accepted the Zou brothers which Sun Mo didnt want, wouldnt that be saying that they were inferior to Sun Mo?

Picking up the left-over vegetables that no one wanted. It wouldnt be pleasant to hear.

You want to acknowledge me as your master now? Its too late. As for taking revenge, Ill do it myself!

After Qin Fen spoke, he turned and left directly.

He was someone who had been abandoned by this pair of brothers earlier, how could he accept them again? If a graduate of the Jixia Learning Palace didnt even have a little bit of ambition like this, he might as well commit suicide.

As they watched Qin Fen depart, a bitter look appeared on Zou Pings face. What should we do?

What can we do? Lets think of a way to enter the Myriad Daos Academy! Zou An no longer had any face to stay here. After they exited the school, he turned his head back and looked, Just wait and see. I will definitely kill my way back and make Sun Mo, who underestimates me, kneel before me. Ill make him admit that what happened today was the greatest mistake he ever made in his life!

In the headmaster office.

During the evening, the sounds of Zhou Lins pants could be heard as she rushed over.

Eldest Miss, have you heard?

Zhou Lin was very anxious.

Heard about what?

An Xinhui stood before the window. The white robes she was wearing were free from dust.

Sun Mo was victorious in the competition between him and Qin Fen! Zhou Lin spoke. After that, anger rose in her heart. The crucial point is that although he had won, why did he still have to humiliate the Zou brothers?


An Xinhui asked.

After losing so much face, the Zou brothers would definitely go to another school. Ive checked, the aptitudes of the brothers arent bad.

Zhou Lin was extremely anxious. Right now, our school needs a supply of good students, and we cannot miss out on any one of them. Also, what qualifications does Sun Mo have to reject others?

Why cant he reject them?

An Xinhuis tone was calm.

Hehe is just an intern teacher!

From Zhou Lins point of view, Sun Mo should be extremely happy to the point of burning incense if there were students willing to follow him. How would he have the qualifications to be picky?

An Xinhui fell silent.

Qin Fen is also stupid enough. He must have looked down on Sun Mo because Sun Mo is from Songyang Academy. In the end, he suffered instead. He definitely has learned a lesson.

Qin Fen was someone the eldest miss had recruited. Hence, Zhou Lin had high hopes for him. She didnt expect he would screw up so badly right at the start. This would cause those in the higher echelons of the school to doubt her judgment ability.

Are you done? An Xinhui pressed her brows center. If you are finished, go and prepare 1,000 taels of silver and send them to Teacher Zhou Song for me.

Ah? Whats wrong? Zhou Lin was startled. When she thought of Liu Wenyan yesterday, she couldnt help but ask in shock, Dont tell me he also resigned?


An Xinhui drew in a deep breath.

Zhou Lin subconsciously glanced at the desk, and there were three letters of resignation there. This caused her heart to tremble violently. Who else resigned?

Look at them yourself!

An Xinhui didnt wish to mention these names.

Zhou Lin grabbed the letters and after she looked at them, she called out, Qin Fen also resigned?

After losing so much face, could he still stay on?

If Qin Fen didnt leave, An Xinhui would be disappointed. A good teacher should have their pride.

No way, we have to get him back! Hes a graduate of the Jiaxia Learning Palace! Zhou Lin panicked. This year, we only recruited three graduates from the Nine Greats. If one of them left, the Myriad Daos Academy would definitely ridicule us to the death.

Recently, the job-hopping trend was very serious in school. If the school couldnt even retain a teacher, their reputation would surely plummet.

If they couldnt even attract graduates from the Nine Greats, it meant that the school no longer had any attractive side to them.

One must know that in the student recruitment meet ten years ago, there would always be a publicity segment saying how many intern teachers from the Nine Greats there were that year.

Qin Fen should still be at a place not far from the schools entrance.

An Xinhui laughed softly.


Zhou Lin didnt understand.

He lost his face, and the only way he can gain them back is to resign and wait for me to invite him.

An Xinhui glanced at the campuss grounds, no longer wanting to explain. The Central Province Academy might have declined, but they had not fallen so low as to beg those who had resigned to come back. Even if the school was demolished, they had to be demolished standing!

Naturally, Qin Fen had lost and he didnt match An Xinhuis aesthetic sense. As the top graduate of the Heavenly Mystery Academy of Cloud Province, her level of judgment was very high. Since she had already judged wrongly once, she wouldnt make the same mistake again.

Zhou Lin no longer said anything as she understood the eldest misss temper the most. Once she made a decision, she wouldnt change it. Besides, the eldest miss hated those who schemed against her the most. Hmph, wanting to use the eldest miss to elevate his own status? Stop dreaming!

Go and give this to Teacher Zhou Song!

An Xinhui instructed.

Zhou Lin glanced at Zhou Songs resignation letter. A look of unhappiness appeared on her face. That fellow said that he was already old and useless. Today, when he saw Sun Mos performance, he felt very gratified and congratulated Headmaster An for finding such a good fiance. Also, with young teachers like Gu Xiuxun and Liu Mubai, there was no need to worry about the schools future. Hence, he could set his heart at ease and retire.

All these words are nonsense. That old man even said that he wanted to share life-and-death with our school just a month ago. Right now, he clearly cannot withstand the pressure and wish to step away from this pile of muddy water.

Zhou Lin wanted to tear the resignation letter into pieces. Could Sun Mo be considered a good fiance? Zhou Song must be blind!

Just do it according to my instructions!

An Xinhui didnt wish to explain. She still had many things she needed to do.

Alright then! Zhou Lin had no solutions and could only do as she was asked. Before she left, she added a reminder, Eldest miss, its better that you quickly go and warn that Sun Mo. He better stop creating trouble.

Not long after Zhou Lin left, she ran back extremely urgently. After she checked up on Sun Mo, she discovered that there was an even crazier thing that guy had done compared to rejecting the Zou brothers. He had rebutted the 1-star teacher Lian Zheng who was the years head and also recruited a bunch of rubbish students.

No way, we cannot let Sun Mo continue wreaking havoc. What if he angered Teacher Lian so much that he decided to leave? Lian Zheng is a solid supporter of the eldest miss!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》