Absolute Great Teacher
54 Headhunting from the Myriad Daos Academy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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54 Headhunting from the Myriad Daos Academy

Sun Mo publicly rebutted Teacher Lian?

The rays of the setting sun penetrated the windows, cascading on An Xinhuis startled face. Her childhood sweetheart shouldnt have such courage!

In order to become an official teacher, Sun Mos actions were unscrupulous. Ive investigated it. That student named Jiang Leng had many damaged spirit runes on his body. This proved that in the past, he was looked upon highly by a great teacher that specialized in spirit runes. However, maybe because his talent was insufficient, he got abandoned. Jiang Leng is clearly trash that someone tossed away, why did Sun Mo pick him up?

Zhou Lin panted as her chest heaved.

There must be a reason why Jiang Leng had so many spirit runes on his body. Before things were clear, regardless of whether the reasons were good or bad, an ordinary person would have definitely chosen to watch first. However, Sun Mo had directly recruited Jiang Leng. Truly, no medicine could cure retardedness.

I understand.

An Xinhuis expression was as calm as ever. This was something her grandfather taught her. Even if she was in extreme panic, she had to maintain a composed external appearance.

Zhou Lin kept jabbering on and didnt leave. An Xinhui wanted to focus on her job, but she was also filled with some worry with regard to Sun Mo. Hence, she decided to take a trip outside.

About the contempt Zhou Lin had for Sun Mo, An Xinhui actually didnt like it very much. However, she knew that Zhou Lin was saying all of these for her own good. Hence, she didnt berate her.

Her situation in the Central Province Academy was simply too bad. The two factions belonging to Zhang Hanfu and Wang Su were extremely overbearing. Her own authority was the weakest and there werent many people around her that she could depend on. If she chased her trusted aide who had been working for her for almost ten years away, what would the others think?

Zhou Lins abilities might not be sufficient, but she was loyal enough.

Under the setting sun.

Qin Fen stood at a location not far from the school gate, feeling trepidation in his heart. Would An Xinhui come out for him? Most probably yes, right? After all, he was someone she personally chose. She should have some patience toward him, right?

However, why did no one come to find him despite having waited for so long?

As the sun gradually set, Qin Fens heart sank to the bottom of the valley. Although the summer wind was quite hot, his entire body felt ice-cold.

He was given up by An Xinhui.

Qin Fens hand shook. He carried up the luggage beside him and wavered as he walked a few steps forward. He soon couldnt bear it and turned his head back.

The school gate of the Central Province Academy was solemn and silent.

He had wanted to become a great teacher here and help An Xinhui restructure the school, allowing it to be part of the Nine Greats once again. After that, with his effort, he wanted to win An Xinhuis heart and marry her. He would then become the headmaster of the Central Province Academy while leaving a heavy brushstroke on the great teacher rankings of the nine provinces.

Yet, before his dream even began, it was already shattered.

Sun Mo, its all because of you!

Qin Fen clenched his fist as he bit his lips tightly. He took another few steps forward and subconsciously turned his head once more. There was no one behind.

A self-mocking smile appeared on Qin Fens face.

That was right. An Xinhui was a genius from the Heavenly Mystery Academy, a rare talent of the century. She was someone with beauty and intelligence, and a ranker on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. Wanting to use such a figures status to get back the pride he lost? How laughable.

An Xinhui definitely saw through this. That was why she didnt appear.

You must have felt that my talent is not enough, and Im not worthy for you to persuade!

Qin Fen mumbled to himself.

After thinking through this point, he picked up his luggage. He cast a deep look for a few minutes at the school gate and departed.

(Just wait! Sun Mo, I will definitely kill my way back. Also, An Xinhui, I will let you know that your decision is a mistake!)


Sun Mo sneezed.

Lu Zhiruo, who was like a puppy following behind him, instantly took out a handkerchief and passed it over.

Because it was already quite late, Li Ziqi had already returned home. However, why did Yue Rongbo still follow Sun Mo?

Just say it out directly if you have something to say. Let me make things clear first, Im not a ji lao (gay guy)!

Sun Mo spoke.

What is a ji lao?

Yue Rongbo had already thought of something to say, but when he heard this term, something that he had never heard before, he was confused.


Sun Mo surveyed Yue Rongbao. Were 4-star teachers so free? If he had so much free time, why didnt he go home to read novels!

Forget it, my instincts tell me that ji lao isnt a good term! Yue Rongbo decided not to continue asking. After that, he coughed and spoke in a solemn term, I admire you very much!

I already said that Im not a ji lao!

Sun Mo furrowed his brows and took two steps back.


Yue Rongbo was stunned. After that, he finally realized what ji lao meant. (Wait a minute! I also dont like guys. I love small bre*sts the most!)

Sorrowless Lake looked extremely beautiful during the evening. It was one of the famous places in the Central Province Academy. Those prospective students who visited the academy would definitely come here to admire it, or they would have wasted their trip here.

An Xinhui felt that since Sun Mo wanted to recruit students, he would definitely not ignore this place. Hence, she searched for him in the surroundings, and as expected, she saw his figure not long later.

She initially wanted to go over and greet him, but they had not met for many years and An Xinhui suddenly found it a little hard to speak to him. What should she say? Hence, she decided to follow him for now while she thought about what she wanted to say.

Should I talk about matters of our lives or official matters? If I choose official matters, would it seem a little cold?

An Xinhui was conflicted. After all, she had another identity Sun Mos fiance. However, her attention soon turned to Yue Rongbo.

This person looked so familiar. A few minutes later, An Xinhui finally remembered. Wasnt this guy the extremely famous Yue Rongbo? He recently rose to 4-stars and was in the imperial bulletin issued by the Saint Gate.

Why was he together with Sun Mo?

Because of curiosity, An Xinhui didnt choose to greet Sun Mo. She followed silently behind them instead.

Their voices drifted over to her ears.

I admire you very much!

Yue Rongbos tone became much more formal compared to earlier.

You said that before.

Sun Mos expression was calm. However, An Xinhui was shocked when she heard this. What the hell? So Yue Rongbo was someone who liked guys?

Then again it was understandable. When the red rays of the setting sun fell on Sun Mo, his clearly-defined features exuded even more elegance and handsomeness. This was especially so for his eyes. They were like pools of spring water, causing everyone to generate a sense of intimacy toward him.

An Xinhui didnt expect that the little boy who used to follow her everywhere when they were young was now a young man so good-looking that even guys would feel attracted to him.

Oh, I mean I admire your talent. Do you want to join my team?

Yue Rongbo issued an invitation.

Sun Mo didnt react. However, An Xinhui, who was at the back, almost cried out in shock. If it wasnt for her hand covering her red lips fast enough, she would have been discovered.

Whats going on? Yue Rongbo admires Sun Mos talent?

An Xinhui furrowed her brows.

She didnt understand it. This was especially so for these two days. She kept hearing Zhou Lin complaining about Sun Mos atrocious behavior. Yet now, An Xinhui saw a 4-star teacher wanting to recruit Sun Mo. This feeling of shock was as incredulous as the sight of a crow transforming into a phoenix.

It seemed like Zhou Lin must have mistaken something due to her prejudice toward Sun Mo.


Sun Mo knew some supervisors of famous schools who loved to invite various teachers that specialized in different secondary occupations and gather them to form a team.

This was the so-called great teacher group. Because there were many people with different secondary occupations, it meant that the number of shortcomings would be lesser. When there was an alliance like this, it was easier for them to compete against other great teachers.

One must know that for great teachers, regardless of their increase in realms or deeper research into secondary occupations, both required a great amount of resources. At the very least, they should never lack money.

For a great teacher group of great power, they wouldnt lack any resources.

Please allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Yue Rongbo, Im from the Song Country of the Jing Province, and Im a 4-star great teacher. Three months ago, I was headhunted by Headmaster Cao of the Myriad Daos Academy of Jinling City, and I obtained the position of the years head.

Yue Rongbo spoke frankly with assurance. His square face was calm and composed, exhibiting the graceful bearing of a 4-star great teacher.


There was no need to hear about the position. Just the title of a 4-star great teacher was sufficient to cause Lu Zhiruo to exclaim in shock. To her, a 4-star great teacher was an existence she had to admire.

And such an existence was formally headhunting her own teacher now

Teacher Sun is so awesome! Lu Zhiruo felt a little agitated. Im truly too fortunate that I was able to acknowledge him as my master.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo. Friendly (143/1,000).

An Xinhui who was hiding behind a mulberry tree was extremely stunned. What had Sun Mo done exactly? Why was he held in such high regard by Yue Rongbo?

However, very soon after, An Xinhui felt a huge sense of pressure.

D grade and C grade schools didnt have enough attractiveness for 4-star great teachers. Hence, if one wanted to headhunt them, one had to spend an extremely great price. Headmaster Cao of the Myriad Daos Academy had invested so much capital into this. In that case, didnt that mean that the Central Province Academy would always be suppressed to the extent where they would never overturn the situation?

Yue Rongbo stared at Sun Mo and discovered that there were no fluctuations in his expression. Sun Mo was so calm like he was facing the canteen aunty asking him if he wanted to eat porridge or something else for breakfast. This made him admire Sun Mo even more.

In the past when he headhunted 6 teachers, all of them pretended to be calm and composed upon learning his identity. Yet, they werent able to conceal the excitement and agitation in their hearts.

Being able to be chosen by a 4-star teacher was a type of recognition and praise. If word of this spread out, everyone would envy them for a long time.

Through Divine Sight, Sun Mo already knew that Yue Rongbo was a 4-star teacher. Hence, why would he be surprised now?

Naturally, the most important thing was that Sun Mo just arrived in this world, and he still hadnt fully understood the weight of a 4-star great teacher. Also, the sounds of the system notifications were ringing in his ear.


Congratulations. The prestige connection between you and Lu Zhiruo reached Friendly. Reward: 1 black-iron treasure chest. Continue to work hard.

A shiny metallic treasure chest appeared before Sun Mo. This was naturally better looking than Yue Rongbos square face.

I initially came to this school to headhunt Liu Mubai and inspect Gu Xiuxun. But I think you are more outstanding than them.

Yue Rongbo directly looked into Sun Mos eyes.

You are praising me too much.

Sun Mo understood his own weightage.

No, you shouldnt be unduly humble. In terms of teaching ability, you might be inferior to Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun. However, I admire your character very much.

This was the sixth sense honed through the many years of experience as a great teacher.

Thank you!

Sun Mo laughed lightly while musing in his heart that no matter what, he was still someone who had six years of experience as a teacher-in-charge. In order to better educate the students and form a better relationship with them, the number of books he had bought cost over several thousand dollars in total. Psychological books, philosophy books, and there were even over ten books about acting skills.

No.2 High School was a prominent school. Sun Mo didnt simply depend on his teaching abilities to get a main role within six years.

I wish to invite you to join my group. Theres no need for any test, and you can directly obtain a formal teachers contract of the Myriad Daos Academy. Also, I will promise to give you the various resources you need to help you level up.

Yue Rongbo stated his price. Since he wanted to poach someone over, he had to be willing to spend.

Sun Mo fell silent because he could sense Yue Rongbos sincerity. In that case, should he leave?

To a teacher-in-charge with six years of experience, they would all understand the importance of having a superior that appreciated and guided them.

Sun Mo!

An Xinhui couldnt sit still any longer. If she put herself in Sun Mos shoes, her heart would also be moved by this condition. Hence, she walked out from behind the mulberry tree and asked, What are you doing here?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》