Absolute Great Teacher
55 First Meeting with An Xinhui
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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55 First Meeting with An Xinhui

The sudden sound of someone speaking caused Sun Mo and the two others to turn their heads.

Under the orange glow of the setting sun, An Xinhui stood in the forest. The night wind that gusted over from the lake caused the corners of her robes to flutter.

Due to over-exhaustion, An Xinhuis skin was pale and her figure was a little skinny. However, her gaze was as sharp as ever.

Sun Mo smiled. This was the look of a successful career woman.

The sharpness in An Xinhuis eyes flashed and disappeared. After that, her large eyes where the shades of white and black were distinct became filled with gentleness. She automatically showed approachability, causing people who looked at her to feel an extremely favorable impression of her.

The first reaction of Lu Zhiruo when she saw Yue Rongbo was fear and respect. And now when she saw An Xinhui, it was one of amicability. She felt like she had met an elder female neighbor who was smiling at her gently, asking her if she wanted to eat pineapple sweets together!

How classy!

Sun Mo involuntarily praised.

An Xinhuis beauty would make it so that if she entered the entertainment industry, she wouldnt need acting skills and only needed to be a vase. Many males would be happy enough to reach in their wallets to purchase movie tickets just for a glance at her. Even if they needed to pee, they would rather hold it in than to miss any of her scenes.

Her demeanor was even more outstanding. It was those types of demeanors that would cause people to forget her beauty and notice her demeanor.

Simply speaking, An Xinhuis aura was immensely strong.

One must know that Yue Rongbo was a 4-star teacher, and his aura was very strong too. But when An Xinhui appeared, it was like the voice of the guest overwhelmed that of the host. It caused everyone to involuntarily pay attention to only her.

An Xinhui no longer spoke. She looked at Sun Mo, surveying this childhood sweetheart of hers whom she had not met for many years.

He was much taller. Maybe it was because he just graduated, but she could still see the underripe look on his face. His fingers were lanky, and his nails were clean. He wore the light-blue robe for intern teachers and there were no creases on it. Just from a look, she could tell that he was a man that cared about details.

Headmaster An!

Sun Mo spoke. His lips curled lightly as a fresh, sunshine-like aura instantly emitted forth.

Ah, he must have practiced this smile for 6 months or more!

An Xinhui guessed. She couldnt control it and felt like laughing, but the expression on her face didnt change.

Yue Rongbo was naturally acquainted with An Xinhui. Hence, his brows began to furrow.

There were no solutions to this. When it came to the snatching of talented men, a beautiful great teacher had a natural advantage. In addition, An Xinhui was extremely famous and had several halos of glory.

Other than her great teachers level being inferior to him and the Central Province Academy had declined and was insufficiently qualified, An Xinhui had no other shortcomings.

I hope Sun Mo isnt a shallow man who wouldnt leave just because of a beautiful woman.

Yue Rongbo muttered to himself. After that, he stepped forth and started his attack. Headmaster An is so idle. Why dont you enjoy the scenery together with us?

Yue Rongbos words sounded relaxed but if An Xinhuis reply was incautious, she would be expressing a negative image where she wasnt serious about her work. One must know that today was still the student recruitment meet. The busiest person should be the headmaster.

My teacher is about to be poached away. I naturally have to come and stop it!

Yet, An Xinhui couldnt be bothered to cross swords verbally. She went straight to the point.

Yue Rongbo frowned. An Xinhui was truly like what the rumors said, she wasnt easy to deal with. No wonder Headmaster Cao of the Myriad Daos Academy had to employ him.

According to what Headmaster Cao said, if it wasnt for An Xinhui taking over the Central Province Academy, this school would have long since been removed from the list due to his suppression, vanishing into history.

Hehe, the Central Academy Province has already declined. You guys are ranked at the bottom of the D grade. After this years league tournament concludes, if you guys are still at the bottom, your school would directly be removed from the list. Rather than letting Teacher Sun waste his talent here, why dont you let him follow me to the Myriad Daos Academy, creating brand new heaven and earth there?

Yue Rongbo retaliated. At the same time, he cast a glance at Sun Mo.

An Xinhuis words, be it whether they were sincere or not, had expressed her high regard for Sun Mo and her recognition for him. If it was another guy here instead of Sun Mo, that person would surely feel a little proud and complacent. After all, he had obtained the high regard of a beautiful headmaster.

However, Yue Rongbo discovered that Sun Mos expression was so calm that it was as though they were the canteen aunties asking him what he wanted for breakfast. There were no fluctuations at all.

Sun Mos lips twitched. Yue Rongbos words were truly filled with killing intent.

Bottom-ranked? Removed from the list? Sir, as a 4-star great teacher and an extremely popular character in the great teacher circle, you didnt want to go to any of the A grade schools or one of the Nine Greats. Werent you headhunted by Headmaster Cao to deal with my Central Province Academy?

An Xinhui retorted sarcastically.

Haha, Headmaster Cao overestimates your Central Academy Province too much.

Yue Rongbo laughed loudly. Although the truth was this, he would not admit to it.

Speaking of creating brand new heaven and earth, I remember that Headmaster Caos greatest wish is to make the Myriad Daos Academy rise to the A grade. As for my Central Province Academy, our greatest wish is to return to the rankings of the Nine Greats.

An Xinhui spoke frankly with assurance, Is there anything more legendary than leading a school that has declined back into the ranks of the Nine Greats?

How awesome!

Yue Rongbo silently praised. An Xinhuis debating skills were very outstanding. Also, when she was speaking, her points were clear and arranged properly. She involuntary shifted the topic toward an area that was advantageous for her.

If Sun Mo could achieve this point, he would definitely leave behind a heavy brushstroke in the history of the great teacher circle. His statue would also stand tall and upright in the school, and he would be revered by students of countless generations.

An Xinhui stated.

Very grand ambitions. But the prerequisite is that it must be possible to accomplish!

Yue Rongbo sneered. He didnt dare to think about such a thing.

Oh? Are you saying you dont believe in Sun Mo?

An Xinhui immediately found a loophole and launched her attack.


Yue Rongbo started, silently musing that things looked bad. However, he also wasnt easy to deal with. He shifted the topic. Teacher Sun, as long as you are willing to join my group, you will obtain a large amount of resources. Firstly, lets talk about salary. No matter how much Headmaster An is offering, I will give you three times that.

After his words rang out, An Xinhui felt her heart pounding.

Let alone a great teacher, for an ordinary person working a job, it was precisely because of two reasons. The first was due to dreams and ambitions, the second was to earn a large amount of money.

Now, Yue Rongbo wasnt simply talking about ambitions, he was willing to pay a high sum too. It was really hard for An Xinhui to handle this!

Three times the salary? You are regarding him so highly?

An Xinhui had no way to match the price. She was very poor.

Haha, thats only natural. For a person that I, Yue Rongbo, regard highly, he is definitely worth this amount. Why? Can Headmaster An not follow?

Yue Rongbo continued to push.

This was his confidence. Although An Xinhui was a headmaster, even if the Central Province Academy had no in-fighting and she was the sole person in charge, she wouldnt dare to recklessly increase Sun Mos salary. If not, what would the other teachers think?

Teacher Yue, youve already spoken that your current position is the years head. How is it possible that you have such great authority?

An Xinhui doubted.

Haha, you are a headmaster. You should know that it isnt so easy for a school to be flexible. However, Headmaster Cao has already settled the dissidents. In less than a month, I will become the vice headmaster and have a portion of funds that I can allocate according to my will.

Yue Rongbo looked directly at An Xinhui while silently saying that she was still too young.

An Xinhui fell into silence, she could feel extremely great pressure. That was right, if Headmaster Cao wanted to headhunt a 4-star great teacher, he definitely had to pay a huge price. If not, why would Yue Rongbo someone who had better choices available to him join the Myriad Daos Academy?

Wow, whats this? They are vying for a teacher?

Lu Zhiruo, who was watching at the side, was so nervous that her little hands were tugging at her shirt. Her palms were filled with sweat. One was a 4-star teacher, the other was the headmaster of the Central Province Academy. These two major characters were actually vying for Teacher Sun?

Lu Zhiruo gazed at Sun Mo with worship in her eyes.

Teacher Sun, you are so awesome!


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo. Friendly (173/1,000).

(Oioi, is it that you want to become my fan?)

Upon hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo involuntarily stretched out his hand and patted Lu Zhiruo on her head.


Lu Zhiruo instantly leaned her head to the side. Her eyes narrowed like she was a siamese cat who was enjoying Sun Mos patting.

Teacher Sun, currently the Central Province Academy is besieged with internal and external troubles. Zhang Hanfu and Wang Su werent easy to deal with. Also, with your relationship as An Xinhuis fiance, they would definitely suppress you. Even if you are overflowing with talent, dont even think about displaying it. Why not join my group? Lets create the number one great teacher group under the heavens together.

Yue Rongbo stretched out his right hand. He stared at Sun Mo with sincerity in his gaze.

An Xinhui could only be silent. Yue Rongbos words were all true. He also considered the aspects of ambitions and salary for Sun Mo. This was already an extremely sincere offer.

If it was some other teachers, they might even be filled with so much gratefulness that they would thank him while shedding tears, speaking so many words of gratitude like they wanted to offer their lives in sacrifice.

However, An Xinhui was someone with a pure heart and mind. How would she give up so easily? She didnt say anything, but her eyes looked toward Sun Mo.

There was hope, trepidation, and a trace of pitifulness in it. This gaze was enough to stir up the protective desire of any men.

Aiya! An Xinhui, you actually used such a move!

Yue Rongbo was so angered that he almost coughed out blood. However, he still maintained the graceful bearing of a great teacher. He couldnt possibly argue with a woman over this, right? In any case, even if he wanted to argue, he had no solutions to do so. He couldnt possibly use the same gaze to look at Sun Mo.

Ai, he was really infuriated. If he knew he would run into An Xinhui today, he would also pull a few beautiful teachers along to help him out. With so many beautiful teachers, he didnt believe that a young and vigorous man like Sun Mo would be able to withstand his offer.

Lu Zhiruo was even more nervous. No matter where her teacher went, she would definitely follow him all the way.

Sun Mo glanced at Yue Rongbos hand. After that, he swung his hand and slammed it onto the ground before he began to clap.

Brother Yue, I thank you for your appreciation. However, I have a shortcoming. Wherever I suffer losses, I definitely have to earn back my capital at that place. There are so many people here who call me a guy that sponges off a woman. If you were me, how would you handle it?

Sun Mo smiled as he asked.

How would you handle it?

Yue Rongbo counterasked.

I will naturally snatch all their rice bowls and make sure they dont have any rice to eat! Sun Mo smiled. His gaze was filled with sincerity as he looked at Yue Rongbo. Im very sorry to have to let down Brother Yues appreciation of me.

Sun Mo was sincerely apologizing. This was because he could sense the high regard Yue Rongbo had for him. This caused him to be reminded of his old headmaster in his previous world who had also recognized his worth and chosen to employ him, helping him to fend off the pressure, letting him become a teacher-in-charge, and allowing him to display his brilliance.

Dont assume this was just a chance. For some people, they wouldnt have such a chance in their entire lives.


Being a vase = Just have to look pretty and do nothing
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》