Absolute Great Teacher
56 Super Mission
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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56 Super Mission

Yue Rongbo stared attentively at Sun Mo. Although he was rejected, he didnt become angry from embarrassment. In fact, he admired Sun Mos character instead.

Its true. Since they say that I sponge off women, I will snatch all their rice bowls then.

These words were truly tyrannical!

An Xinhui could no longer continue acting when she heard this. She didnt expect the reason for Sun Mos rejection would be this.

Sun Mo?

She muttered her childhood sweethearts name silently. A trace of shock appeared in An Xinhuis beautiful eyes. In the end, the emotions in her eyes transformed into admiration. She didnt expect that this young kid who used to follow behind her had finally grown up.

Wow, Teacher Sun is so tyrannical!

Lu Zhiruo agitatedly wanted to clap.

If he left like this, those who didnt know Sun Mo might misunderstand and thought he was slinking away with his tail between his legs. So, if he wanted to leave, he had to slap the faces of those who looked down on him first before he left.

The sun had almost set completely, but the sun wouldnt vanish. It set now so it could glow even more resplendently tomorrow morning.

I understand you!

Yue Rongbo took his hand back. However, after hearing your words, I dont want to give up even more. Sun Mo, the door to the Myriad Daos Academy will always be open to you. As long as you are willing to come over, no matter what requests you have, it wont be a problem. In that case, farewell!

Yue Rongbo nodded to An Xinhui before he turned to depart.

Sun Mo didnt say anything. An Xinhui also didnt know what to say. Hence, the atmosphere was a little awkward now.

What should I do? Should I act like when I was little and call her elder sister An Xinhui? Or should I call her my wife? But would I be beaten to death if I call her that?

Sun Mo self-mocked. Although his original self had already died. His memories still contained a deep longing for An Xinhui. Hence, Sun Mo could feel his heart pounding rapidly now.

Little Momo!

An Xinhui didnt like such an atmosphere. Hence, she wanted to break the awkwardness. However, the moment she spoke, she called out Sun Mos nickname when he was young.

What the hell is Little Momo?

Sun Mo was astonished. This was so embarrassing!


An Xinhui started. After that, she lifted her hand and patted Sun Mos forehead. Why? Because you have grown up, you dont want to recognize me as an elder sister anymore?

After saying this and doing the action she used to do when they were young, An Xinhui suddenly laughed. This wasnt an act. It was a smile from the bottom of her heart because she recalled those wonderful times during their childhood.

Sun Mo didnt know what to say. He could only continue to smile.

Sun Mo, thank you for staying behind. After An Xinhui laughed, her tone became solemn and she changed the way she addressed him. How about it? Please work with me to improve this school, allowing it to return to the ranks of the Nine Greats, alright?

Do you believe I can do it? Sun Mo counter-asked.

As long as you believed so, you will definitely be able to.

An Xinhui engaged in sophistry.

Sister An, your words are very cunning.

Sun Mo teased her. If An Xinhui truly believed he could help the Central Province Academy to return to the peak of the famous schools in the Nine Provinces, she must be retarded.

An Xinhui was very busy. After exchanging a few more sentences, she bid Sun Mo farewell and departed.

Sun Mo stood at the side of the Sorrowless Lake as he stared at the campus where the night was about to fall. His expression was complicated. System, can I still return home?

If you pass the test of the Absolute Great Teacher System, you can naturally return home to your world!

The system gave an answer, causing Sun Mos spirit to stir.

How do I pass the test?

Complete all the various missions the system issues!

The systems explanation was simple and concise.

Thats no different than not giving an answer.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows so hard they could crush a crab.

In that case, set a small target first. In one year, you have to help the Central Province Academy obtain one of the top three rankings in the D grade league tournament and successfully rise to the C grade.

The system suggested.

Are you joking?

In a year, he wouldnt have a stable footing in the school yet. From the meaning of Yue Rongbos words, the Central Province Academy had two BOSSES named Zhang Hanfu and Wang Su.


Mission issued: Within a year, help the Central Province Academy gain one of the top five rankings in the D grade league tournament. Reward: 3 diamond treasure chest.

Very good, the requirements were relaxed by two spots. But what was the use of this? Upon seeing the three diamond treasure chest rewards, he already knew how difficult this mission was.

Sun Mo wanted to hit someone the moment he heard about this mission.

You should be content. If it wasnt for me stopping it, you might have been given the mission of making the Central Province Academy rise back to the rankings of the Nine Greats.

The system expressed, but it had something it didnt tell Sun Mo.

It was impossible for Sun Mo to leave the Central Province Academy and join Yue Rongbos great teacher group. The system would prevent it for sure.

If Sun Mo left, he would be given a death punishment and would be erased.

Back in his world, Sun Mo had been pushed by the female student Zhou Miao into the lake. He didnt die, but somehow crossed-over to the Jinling City of Tang Country. The reason for his crossover was precisely because of the Central Province Academy.

If this academy was removed from the list of famous schools and abolished, Sun Mo would instantly die!

Naturally, the system didnt feel the need to tell Sun Mo about this.

Alright, alright, alright! You are the great benefactor!

Sun Mo pointed a middle-finger at the system. He called out to Lu Zhiruo and they went to the canteen for their meals.

Lu Zhiruo wasnt a picky eater and ate whatever Sun Mo ordered. It was just that after a few meals, she felt a little embarrassed because Sun Mo had never asked her to pay before.

Just eat when I tell you to eat!

In Sun Mos eyes, Lu Zhiruo was still a child. How could he ask her to go dutch? Hence, even if he didnt have enough savings, he had to persist all the way to the end.

Dinner was steamed rice, two dishes of seasonal vegetables, and a plate of beef. The beef was for Lu Zhiruo to supplement her body.

Honestly speaking, the large breasts of this papaya girl made her uniform look like it was on the verge of exploding. Sun Mo was afraid that if she continued to nourish and supplement her body, her large bre*sts would become super bre*sts.


Lu Zhiruo lowered her head and continued eating. Occasionally, she would use her chopsticks and pick up large pieces of meat, only to place them in Sun Mos bowl. She was so obedient like a cat raised by a family.

After finishing the meal, Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on the head and told her to return to the warehouse where she was staying temporarily. As for himself, he headed back in the direction of his dorm while opening the iron-black treasure chest he had obtained during the afternoon.


Congratulations, you obtained a fragmented map (). The map will reveal a certain terrain. If you want the complete layout, you have to obtain the other four pieces of the map.

The systems notification was filled with an ancient aura.

Sun Mo glanced at it. This fragmented map was made from beast skin. The tactile feel wasnt bad, but the content of the map was indistinct. There was basically no way to distinguish it.

Is there a need to be so mysterious?

Sun Mo was instantly unhappy. From the meaning of the notification, it meant that if he wanted to see the content, he had to get all five pieces of the map? (Do you think this is Dragon Ball?)

The items given out as rewards would all have value.

The system declared.

Including the clumps of soil I obtained every day from the lucky treasure chests?

Sun Mo counter-asked.

The system suddenly fell silent. It wanted to ask if Sun Mo could just chat cheerfully?

Who knew when he would be able to get the four remaining pieces of the map. Hence, Sun Mo placed the map into the black-colored storage cabinet.

In the dorm, the atmosphere was oppressive.

When Sun Mo saw that Yuan Fengs bed was empty, he started for a while and didnt pay any more attention to that.

Yuan Feng took the initiative to resign. Now, it was still the graduation period, and it was easier for him to find other schools to join. If he was persuaded to leave by Headmaster An or fired, it would be much more difficult if he wanted to look for another school. This was because no schools would want to accept a teacher with stains in their reputation. Hence, Yuan Feng quickly resigned and fled before Jin Mujie reported to An Xinhui.

Ludi sat at the side of the table and was plucking the fur from a plate of pig trotters. When he saw Sun Mo had returned, he initially wanted to ask if Sun Mo knew where Yuan Feng was. But after glancing at Zhang Sheng, he decided to endure the impulse.

Zhang Sheng wasnt fond of Sun Mo. If Ludi spoke to him, Zhang Sheng would definitely be unhappy.

Sigh, pig trotters were still the best. No matter how smart or stupid you were, it would do its best to fill your stomach.

When he thought of this, Ludi began to pluck the fur even more gently.

Zhang Sheng lay on his bed, stewing in anger.

The student recruitment meet had lasted for two days, but he hadnt even recruited a single student yet. Such an abysmal result directly dealt a blow to this conceited intern teacher. If this fist had corporeal form, he would not only get a nosebleed, but quite a few of his teeth would also be shattered.

Luckily, Zhang Sheng had an agreement with three students. Once he became a substitute teacher, after two months of probation, they would officially acknowledge him as their master.

Such a method was commonly seen in school. A period of two months was sufficient for the students and teacher to mutually understand each other. If everyone was satisfied, they would proceed with the master-student ceremony. If not, they would simply part without any hard feelings.

Naturally, because of how respected teachers were in the nine provinces. Such things couldnt be done in plain sight, and these would all be discussed privately.

Hmph, when I become famous, you guys better kowtow until your heads bleed if you want to become my disciples.

Zhang Sheng mumbled to himself. After he cast a glance at Sun Mo, his mood became much better. This fool definitely hadnt recruited a student. However, there were rumors spreading saying that Sun Mo had recruited Xuanyuan Po. These people truly didnt have brains. Xuanyuan Po didnt even hold Liu Mubai in high regard. How would he have chosen Sun Mo?

Even if one took ten thousand steps back, even if Liu Mubai wanted Xuanyuan Po, Sun Mo wouldnt have a chance. For a good seedling like Xuanyuan Po, he was even worth a 1-star great teacher rolling up their sleeves to snatch him.

One must know that one of the hard conditions to become a 2-star teacher was for ones personal disciple to be ranked in the Greencloud Rankings. Hence, if one couldnt recruit students with extraordinary aptitudes, it would mean that they had to be stuck as 1-star great teachers forever.

The cries of birds could be heard in the early morning.

Zhang Sheng woke up very early. He saw Ludi rubbing his eyes, struggling to get up the bed while Sun Mo was still sleeping. Zhang Shengs lips involuntarily curled up into a smile filled with superiority.

If one wanted to be more successful than the others, they had to pay 10x more effort in comparison. Sun Mo was so lazy, he didnt even need to dream about recruiting five students in his entire life. He would never successfully become an official teacher.

Zhang Sheng, work hard! You will definitely be able to recruit five students today!

Zhang Sheng encouraged himself. He was prepared to stroll about the office buildings surroundings and encounter An Xinhui. He heard that the headmaster had been extremely busy from morning until night during these few days and had decided to stay in the office.

(If she saw me being so hardworking, she would definitely view me in a new favorable light, right?

When Zhang Sheng thought of this, he involuntarily smiled. After that, he pushed open the door and immediately retracted his smile. His expression became one of seriousness.

There was a girl currently sitting with her back against the wall. Her hands hugged her knees as she napped. Because of this action, the two bre*sts so large that they resembled papayas were squeezed until they almost changed forms. Her clothes were so tight that they almost burst. It felt like her clothes might tear at any moment.

Upon hearing the sound of a door opening, the girl inclined her head in a daze.

Truly fresh and pure!

Zhang Sheng praised silently. This little lady in green had such pure and innocent eyes. There were no impurities within, and he could tell with a single glance that she was inexperienced in society. She hadnt been tainted by the world yet.

(Speaking of which, could she have come here because she heard of my name? Did she want to take me as her master?)

Just as Zhang Sheng was preparing to speak, the papaya girl glanced at him and continued to nap.

Damn, Sun Mo do you still want face or not? Why are you hiring actors every few days to brush up your reputation?

Zhang Sheng inclined his neck and was as proud as a swan. When he walked past Lu Zhiruo, he was filled with silent anticipation in his heart that this girl might be awed by his elegant manner.


The girl suddenly called out.

Zhang Sheng quivered instantly. As expected, one should always have dreams. He revealed the smile that he had been practicing privately for six months as he turned his head and spoke.

Student, you are calling for me?
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