Absolute Great Teacher
58 Looks of A Genius
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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58 Looks of A Genius

If I dare to acknowledge Teacher Sun as my teacher, would you dare to accept me?

Tantai Yutang smiled in self-ridicule.

There were basic requirements that teachers had when recruiting students. Although no one could really assess a persons aptitude, and they didnt have information on the students background and experiences, they could do basic assessments from their bodies.

If students wished to cultivate, theyd need to at least reach the divine force realm. Not only would they need to have healthy bodies, but they also needed to be stronger than ordinary people. Otherwise, how would they be able to withstand the hardship of cultivation?

Tantai Yutang had a sickly constitution. He kept on coughing, occasionally even coughing hints of blood. It was as though he would fall if a strong gust of wind were to blow.

Given how weak he was, thered be no teachers who would accept him as their disciple, unless they were blind.

If you dare to acknowledge me, then Ill dare to accept!

Sun Mo replied then looked at this sickly person. All of his data immediately appeared next to him.

He hadnt seen wrongly the other time. This persons potential value was really stated as being extremely high.

He was of the same standards as Xuanyuan Po and Li Ziqi. During the three days of the student recruitment meet, Sun Mo had seen over 2,000 students. However, these three were the only students who had an extremely high potential value.

At the same time, the system also stated to not treat him in the same manner as one would toward a child. Otherwise, youd get it bad. This showed that although this young man looked harmless, he might secretly be a scheming person.

Hmmm? Tantai Yutang was stunned and he assessed Sun Mo. You arent afraid that trash like me will become a blemish on your path as a great teacher?

I have the confidence of nurturing you into someone great.

Sun Mo merely mentioned this in passing. He didnt really care if he would be able to recruit Tantai Yutang successfully or not. It was because the system had said that this person was a time bomb, and it was advisable to stay far away from him.

Tantai Yutang was stunned, and he looked at Sun Mo in surprise. This handsome-looking intern teacher seemed to be more confident than he was!

To think that he would say something so narcissist? Who gave you the courage to do that?

However, Tantai Yutang felt a slight throb in his heart. The reason he came to the Central Province Academy this time around was because a great teacher whom he had been admiring for a long time was a guest professor here. Although he made use of some tricks and got to meet the teacher, the teacher didnt take him in as his disciple.

The reason was because of his sickly constitution. What use would it be if he were to die young, even if he was a genius? Great teachers were very busy and didnt lack disciples. Why would he have to waste his energy on Tantai Yutang?


Tantai Yutang laughed in self-ridicule and decided to test out Sun Mo further. However, he was interrupted before he could say anything.

Is there an end to this? I hate people who try to scheme against me the most. Arent you here to come under my tutelage? If youre willing, then kneel down now. Otherwise, scram.

Sun Mo felt displeased. (You want to test me? Who do you think you are?)

Tantai Yutangs calm expression changed. He couldnt help but feel surprised that Sun Mo had seen through him.

Tantai Yutang had seen the process in which Sun Mo had accepted Jiang Leng as his student, and it left a strong impression on him. Thereafter, he tried to find out about Sun Mo. The reason why he had come to the battle hall was so that he could check Sun Mo out. If Sun Mo met his expectations, then hed ask to go under his tutelage.

This was a little awkward. Moreover, it seemed that this Sun Mo was a schemer as well. Why would people say that he was someone who sponged off a woman? It seemed that there must be a hidden story behind this.

Youre so hesitant. Are you even a guy?

Sun Mo frowned.

Haha, Teacher Sun, youre really different from others. But arent you afraid that Ill bring you great trouble if you were to take me as your disciple? Tantai Yutang asked.


Sun Mo raised his hand and slapped Tantai Yutangs face.


Lu Zhiruo, who had been watching by the side, was shocked. Why did he suddenly raise his hands?

Im someone who hates to repeat what I said for a second time! Dont test me any further!

The reason why Sun Mo had done this wasnt only because he was feeling a little angry. He was also trying to test Tantai Yutang. After all, he mustnt ignore the systems remark.

The students nearby heard the commotion and looked over.

Tantai Yutang, who had been hit, didnt appear furious, violent, or ashamed. He only looked at Sun Mo with a hint of surprise.

Thereafter, he shook his head, knelt down, and kowtowed respectfully.

Teacher Sun, please take me in as your disciple!


+1 favorable impression point from Tantai Yutang.

Prestige connection with Tantai Yutang initiated: Neutral (1/100)

Sun Mos gaze paused when he heard the systems notification. (You didnt contribute any favorable impression points when I saw through your scheme, but you showed a reaction after I gave you a slap. Are you a masochist?)

As expected of a student who was deemed to be a time bomb by the system. His reaction was too surprising.

What did those psychology books he had bought say?

There was a high chance that someone like him wasnt mentally well.


Lu Zhiruo hid behind Sun Mo, tugging at his sleeve secretly. She covered her mouth with her hand and reminded him, I feel that hes very scary. Its better to not take him in as a disciple.


Sun Mo laughed as well. (When I play games, I love to challenge the highest difficulty level. How can I possibly back off when a student is challenging me now?)

Sun Mo, dont go too far and end up failing miserably later!

The system suddenly reminded him.

Alright, after three kowtows, youll be my disciple.

Sun Mo spoke up, not paying the system any heed.


Lu Zhiruo tugged at Sun Mos sleeves anxiously.

Teacher, please accept three kowtows from this disciple!

Tantai Yutang kowtowed properly, knocking his forehead to the ground without trying any tricks.

Get up!

Sun Mo had his hands behind his back and walked out of the battle hall, not helping Tantai Yutang up.

The sickly guy didnt mind it. He got up, brushed off the dust on his kneecaps, and then bowed toward Lu Zhiruo. Senior Martial Sister Lu!

Lu Zhiruo immediately ran off like a rabbit that had seen a hunter.

Oh my, that sickly guy hasnt scared off my lucky mascot, right?

Sun Mo was a little worried.

Youre better off worrying about yourself. Ill repeat it again. This is Middle-Earths nine provinces. Dont use the teaching method you used back in No.2 High School. Itd be useless.

The system reprimanded, feeling that Sun Mo hadnt listened to its advice.

Since youve chosen me as your owner, then you should trust me. Or are you saying that youre blind? Sun Mos lips twitched. I was challenged, so what was I supposed to do? Avoid it? Im sorry, Id rather die!

The system suddenly fell silent. After hearing Sun Mos words, it suddenly felt that it might have made the best choice in choosing Sun Mo.

Putting his capabilities aside, it was true that he had conducted himself with the air of a great teacher. Its previous few hosts would all immediately shrink back after docilely listening to its warning.

Are you feeling admiration for me now? Sun Mo asked, If so, just say it. Dont keep it pent-up inside you!


The system made its point clear.


Mission released. Please make Tantai Yutang want to acknowledge you from the bottom of his heart. The reward will be one golden treasure chest.

It wasnt that pleasant when Sun Mo heard the mission announced by the system. This sickly guy really didnt harbor a pure intention, but that didnt matter. Things would only be challenging then.

After coming to the Central Provinces Tang Country, he couldnt lay his hands on game consoles anymore and couldnt play games. Therefore, he could only find his own fun. Teaching a student would be considered quite a good way of spending his time!

Due to Gu Xiuxuns efforts, the school agreed that as long as an intern teacher managed to recruit five students, theyd be converted to an official position, becoming a substitute teacher.

An internal announcement had been released, so there wouldnt be any changes to it.

Li Ziqi, Lu Zhiruo, Xuanyuan Po, Jiang Leng, and now, with Tantai Yutang, there were a total of five of them. Although they each had their flaws, Sun Mo had managed to meet the requirements.

You guys can take a walk around the school by yourself. Ill be taking my leave first.

Sun Mo had been going around for two days but hadnt met that many students with high potential value. Moreover, it wasnt easy for him to recruit students in the first place given his status as an intern teacher. Therefore, he decided not to waste time on this and went back to the dorm to continue his writing of [Journey to the West].

Men mustnt be short of money. It was because theyd have nothing to back them up if they didnt have any. This was what Sun Mo had always thought. Therefore, he needed to come up with the manuscript quickly and head to the Reading Veranda to look for the boss whose surname was Zheng, exchanging the manuscript for money.

Tantai Yutang touched his face where he had been slapped by Sun Mo and watched as Sun Mo departed. His lips curled up into a smile, hoping that this life spent in the Central Province Academy wouldnt be boring.

Lu Zhiruo had run off after Sun Mo.

The student recruitment meet finally ended after three days.

The staff from the logistics department dismantled the Martial Arts Platform, took off the banners that were hung up in various parts of the school, as well as some temporary infrastructures that had been set up. After they were done with all the work, they then had a gathering at a restaurant.

After digging into the dishes and wine, the atmosphere became more lively.

It wasnt long before the conversation was turned to Sun Mo. There was no helping it since this guy had a relationship with An Xinhui.

Did you guys hear? Sun Mo had taken in quite a few students, out of which, one of them was a genius that Liu Mubai had taken an interest in. I think he is called Xuanyuan Po. I wonder if this is true!

Chen Mu felt curious.

Its clearly a lie. Which student would be so stupid to study under an intern teacher?

Liu Tong let out a soft cough. He had drunk so much that his face was flushed up, and his breath smelled of wine.

That might not be the case. I heard that Gu Xiuxun had recruited five students on the first day. As expected of a graduate that our Headmaster An had personally headhunted. Shes too outstanding.

Chen Mu retaliated.

How can Sun Mo be compared with Gu Xiuxun? Hes not even worthy of carrying her shoes!

Liu Tong said in disdain.

Thats right. He must have spent money to get people to spread the rumor for the sake of his reputation. Werent there intern teachers who had done the same in the past? They still ended up being fired in the end!

Even if Sun Mo has the capabilities, he wont be able to work for long. Zhang Hanfus son had always liked Headmaster An. Do you guys think that Zhang Hanfu would let Sun Mo off?

That Sun Mo really doesnt have a discerning eye. He thinks he has the right to get involved in our schools chaotic matters? Hes planning on helping Headmaster An to bring back the schools glory? To bring it back to the ranks of the Nine Greats? Hes thinking too much!

The workers from the logistics department had fewer reservations in their talks after having drunk a lot. It was difficult for the Central Province Academy to return to its former glory. If they were to be ranked last in this years league tournament, then theyd lose their rights and be removed from the list. Itd be all over for them then.

It made sense. Zhang Hanfu and Wang Su had been in the school for over 20 years, and their influences were deeply rooted.

It had only been three years since An Xinhui came. In the past, she didnt have any experience of being a Headmaster. To be honest, it was already considered good that she hadnt been chased off after three months.

When An Xinhui just came, other than Zhou Lin, she had no other close aides by her side. She had to put in great effort to stabilize her standing in the school.

Old Li, youve been taking care of Sun Mo recently. Whats your take on this?

Liu Tong gulped down a cup of wine.


Li Gong wore an awkward expression, having a strong urge to curse. He had been following Sun Mo over the past few days, wanting to see if there was any way to deal with the predicament. He then increasingly lost the courage to go up against Sun Mo.

Taking Xuanyuan Po in was a rumor?

What a joke. When Xuanyuan Po knelt down and acknowledged Sun Mo as his teacher, Li Gong had been hiding in the warehouse, witnessing the entire process.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》