Absolute Great Teacher
59 You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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59 You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!

If Li Gong hadnt seen it for himself, he might have thought that Sun Mo had just gotten lucky before anyone had noticed Xuanyuan Po. But what was the truth like?

Qin Fen had also been present at the scene then. He had even confidently mentioned his brilliant achievements to prove how outstanding he was. In the end, Xuanyuan Po still chose Sun Mo.

Even until now, Li Gong could still remember how furious Qin Fen had been after losing to Sun Mo. He was just short of devouring Sun Mo up.

Was Xuanyuan Po a genius?

Li Gong couldnt tell. However, he knew that Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun had both wanted to recruit him. But in the end, he landed up in Sun Mos hands.

As someone who was used to the societys ways, having experienced a lot of ups and downs, Li Gong didnt believe in luck. There must be a reason why Sun Mo had been able to win against Qin Fen.

Then, Li Ziqi came up by herself to look for Sun Mo, wanting to become his disciple.

Li Gong had seen for himself how many teachers had fought to recruit her. Putting aside Liu Mubai and Gu Xiuxun, who were new teachers that An Xinhui had held great expectations for, even a few great teachers came. However, Li Ziqi hadnt wavered at all and insisted on choosing to follow Sun Mo.

Li Gong found it funny after seeing Xu Shaoyuan returning in disappointment, wearing an expression as if someone had stolen his food supply. (You great teachers have always carried yourself so loftily. Youve been defeated now, right?)

However, Li Gongs amusement was then replaced by respect and fear. Xu Shaoyuan was a 2-star great teacher, and even he had wanted to recruit Li Ziqi. This showed that Li Ziqi was either very talented or had come from a wealthy family, having a distinguished status.

Regardless of which it was, Sun Mo had gotten a good deal.

Of course, there was also the possibility that he might suffer great losses.

Not all great teachers were good people with respectable morals. What would happen when someone snatched the opportunity and recruited a student like Li Ziqi, whom even great teachers wanted?

Of course theyd keep on sending trouble to that particular teachers way. This trouble wasnt referring to fighting, but in the area of their teaching capabilities.

If the teachers capabilities were insufficient, theyd gradually lose confidence from these challenges. They might even become reclusive, feeling that they werent able to teach the student well and take on the initiative to rescind their teacher-student relationship.

There was no other way out. Who would still have the face to continue as a teacher after failing too many times?

Li Gong had been working in the Central Province Academy for close to ten years and had seen such occurrences before. Great teachers didnt just need to be able to recruit students with good potential, but they also had to be capable of holding onto them.

Hmph, Sun Mo, dont be proud. The real tests are the ones that are coming.

Li Gong wanted to see Sun Mo ending up in a wretched state. However, upon recalling his pathetic state the other day after being struck by the Ignorant and Incompetent halo, he shuddered and quickly dismissed this thought.

Even if Sun Mo were to lose, he still wouldnt be someone that Li Gong could taunt.

At the thought of this, Li Gong felt upset and drank an entire jug of wine.


+20 favorable impression points from Li Gong.

Prestige connection with Li Gong: Neutral (76/100).

Sun Mo isnt as bad as you guys say, okay? In order to fight for students, he even had a competition with Qin Fen and ended up winning.

One logistics worker pointed out. He had been present at the scene then.

I heard about that as well. It was said that after he won, that pair of twin brothers immediately knelt and asked to study under him. However, did he really reject them?

Chen Mu asked.

It must be fake. If it were you, would you reject students who want to study under you?

Liu Tong was very certain.

I wouldnt.

Chen Mu shook his head. I would want to put them up on an altar and revere them.

(Thats why youll forever be a logistics worker, while Sun Mo is a teacher. Moreover, it is very likely that he might become a great teacher.)

Li Gong sneered in his heart. He had seen that competition as well. He had even been outside the classroom, making use of some tools to peep at the process in which Sun Mo had used the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands massage technique on the student called Zou Ping. It was too magnificent and too amazing.

If he could have the good fortune of enjoying it, his lame leg would definitely be able to recover.

At the thought of this, Li Gong felt even greater respect toward Sun Mo. Just with his hands alone, it wouldnt be a problem for him to take care of his living needs in the Central Province Academy.

The only problem was that the vice-headmaster Zhang Hanfu would definitely destroy his reputation and chase him out of the school so that his son would be able to marry An Xinhui.


+20 favorable impression points from Li Gong.

Prestige connection with Li Gong: Neutral (96/100).

The logistics workers chatted on, and the topic soon changed to the ladies. They talked about female teachers, students, as well as throwing out all sorts of lewd jokes.

Li Gong was usually someone who enjoyed conversations like these, but he had no mood for that today.

What kind of person was Sun Mo?

Li Gong felt that given his judgment that he had trained up while mingling in society for so many years, he was able to see through plenty of people. However, he was unable to see through Sun Mo.

Why did he reject the Zou brothers?

They were young men who were called geniuses and had their names listed on the talent booklet. If Sun Mo didnt care for them, then why did he take in Jiang Leng thereafter?

Having stayed in the school for a very long time, even Li Gong knew of some basic techniques for selecting students. One shouldnt take students who were covered in spirit runes. That would mean that the students would have no more potential for growth. One shouldnt take in sickly students either

However, not only did Sun Mo recruit Jiang Leng, but he had even gone up against Lian Zheng, who was a 1-star great teacher, to get him. Lian Zheng was someone that Li Gong would anxiously curry up to, but Sun Mo was unafraid of him.

At the thought of how he had threatened Sun Mo back then, Li Gong felt that he had been too ridiculous. In Sun Mos eyes, he was probably more of a clown than a clown was.


+20 favorable impression points from Li Gong.

Prestige connection with Li Gong: Friendly (106/100).

Li Gong, drink up!

Chen Mu called out.


Li Gong downed another cup of wine. He was completely in submission to Sun Mo after having seen his performance during the student recruitment meet. He decided to do as Sun Mo planned. After he got his lame leg treated, it wouldnt be a problem for him even if he had to seek a living elsewhere.

What Sun Mo said was right. With a lame leg, hed be despised by the prostitutes even if he were to patronize brothels. Itd take him a long time to struggle to change positions, and hed have gotten soft then.

Im telling you, even if Sun Mo were to become an official teacher, he wont be able to stay here for long. Would Zhang Hanfu let him off? Would Liu Mubai let him off?

Liu Tong was gloating. Given how An Xinhui has reputation, beauty, and status, who wouldnt want to marry her? Sun Mo is destined to be kicked away when he is standing at the very front.

Haha, itd be good if he can be kicked to death!

Liu Mubai might be barely worthy of Headmaster An, but who is Sun Mo?

Thats why Sun Mo should do things properly. If he is a toad, then he shouldnt be lusting after the swans flesh.

The group of logistics workers started laughing. An Xinhui had a very good reputation in the Central Province Academy. This was like people seeing the female celebrity they liked announcing that she had gotten engaged. Moreover, the guy was someone who had extremely ordinary looks.

Kick Sun Mo aside? Theyd probably get their legs broken instead!

Li Gong mumbled.

Of course, he didnt dare to say this out openly. As someone experienced with the way things worked in society, he knew how he should act to integrate with a group. He had to smile on the surface, sharing the same views as the majority.

The entire story of [Journey to the West] wasnt long, and Sun Mo wasnt planning on giving old man Zheng the entire manuscript in one go either. In the event that the old man denied things, then hed have an alternative route to turn to.

It wasnt that Sun Mo didnt believe old man Zheng, but it was just that he liked to keep a backup plan and not let himself be sunk into a desperate strait. This was one of his beliefs.

After writing about staying the night at the Wuzhuang Monastery and secretly eating the Renshen Fruit, Sun Mo stopped writing. The school had already sent out the notification that theyd be holding the meeting for intern teachers.

They mustnt be late for such meetings, so Sun Mo went to sleep now.

However, before long, the systems notification rang out. He had received favorable impression points from Li Gong.

What is this?

Sun Mo frowned.

Li Gong has developed a reverence for you and thus generated favorable impression points!

The system explained.

Come on, can we be more reasonable with things? I had just fallen asleep! I wont be encountering a lot of such situations in the future, right? Id definitely die young then!

Sun Mo was speechless. (Li Gong, youre a guy. Can you think of a woman before you sleep? What do you mean by having reverence for me?)

The system fell silent, not talking crap with Sun Mo.

Sun Mo lay down, but a few minutes later, the systems notification rang out again.

20 favorable impression points was a lot. It was as if he had picked up 100 dollars while walking on the road in the day. However, Sun Mo didnt feel good about it. He got up from his bed, poured himself a cup of water, and drank as he thought about things. What was this situation? Why did Li Gong contribute so many favorable impression points?

Were there any schemes in this?

It wasnt long before another notification rang out. The word friendly was especially pleasant-sounding.


Sun Mo had no idea what to say now. Even though he felt happy from receiving the favorable impression points, at the thought of how a man wasnt sleeping at night but thinking of him instead, he felt uncomfortable despite that it was the feelings of reverence.

How good would it be if it was changed to a big-boobed girl?


Congratulations, your prestige connection with Li Gong has been raised to friendly. Rewarded with one black-iron treasure chest. Please keep up the good work!

A pitch-black treasure chest immediately dropped down and appeared before him.

Keep it!

Lu Zhiruo, who could increase his luck, wasnt by his side, so Sun Mo didnt dare to open up the chest. Otherwise, itd be as useless as throwing meat buns at a dog to beat it.

After waiting for another half an hour, there was finally no new notifications. However, Sun Mo wasnt able to go back to sleep anymore. Left without a choice, he could only open up the [100 types of alchemical secret concoction methods] and continued to study it.

Other than grasping three great teacher halos, one must also reach the expert-grade in a secondary occupation to become a 1-star great teacher. The original owner of this body had studied alchemy previously, so Sun Mo decided to go with it.

The wind in the early morning had a hint of coolness.

Sun Mo woke up early as usual, practicing his Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Thereafter, he had breakfast and then headed for the teaching building. The meeting for intern teachers was going to start at 8 a.m.

Sun Mo arrived 15 minutes earlier, but when he reached the classroom, he realized that close to 200 of the intern teachers had already arrived. It seemed that everyone wanted to leave a good impression of being punctual to the schools leaders.

Gu Xiuxun was talking to some teachers when she saw Sun Mo entering. She threw him a glance. The others also noticed Sun Mo, and the talking sounds instantly softened.

Everyones gazes turned toward Sun Mo.

Thats Sun Mo?

As An Xinhuis fianc, as well as the only intern teacher who had been thrown to the logistics department, quite a number of people hadnt seen Sun Mo before. However, there was almost no one who hadnt heard of his name.

Sun Mo couldnt be bothered to walk further in and randomly found a seat in the last row to sit down.

As there were too many people and they wouldnt fit in the office, they could only come to the classroom to hold the meeting.

He looks so composed!

Some intern teachers were surprised. If they were the ones to get so much attention, theyd definitely feel nervous and at a loss.

Tsk, although he looks calm, hes definitely very anxious inside!

Some people looked down on him.

Gu Xiuxun pursed her lips. The one directing todays meeting was the vice-headmaster, Zhang Hanfu. Sun Mo was in for a scolding.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》