Absolute Great Teacher
60 Storming Hostility
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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60 Storming Hostility

Sun Mo sat at the back row, assessing his 200 competitors. Other than a minority of them who couldnt get along with others, the rest were basically split into three groups.

The first group was one led by Gu Xiuxun. As the top graduate from Myriad Daos Academy and the top beauty in the school, most of her people were male intern teachers.

Most top beauties of their school would maintain a cold attitude, letting the guys know that it wasnt an easy thing to get close to them. They wanted to increase their value in this manner.

However, Gu Xiuxun didnt do so. When she smiled, it was as if the spring breeze had blown. She would reply even when occasionally approached by some ugly intern teachers.

Gu Xiuxuns goal wasnt just to become a great teacher. She wanted to bring the Central Province Academy back to its former glory, to the rankings of the Nine Greats.

For the sake of this, Gu Xiuxun had displayed her astonishing approachability. Only people with that quality would be able to gain good impressions of most teachers and thereby becoming a leader.

The second group took up space on the right of the classroom, with Gao Ben in its core. The ratio of guys to ladies wasnt too different, but it was the biggest group out of all three.

Gao Ben graduated from Liang Provinces Westshore Military School and had achieved great mastery in the Mystic Ice Spear Arts that was passed down in his family. He had outstanding battle prowess, and this was also the reason why vice-headmaster Zhang Hanfu had spent a great amount of money to recruit him.

The Westshore Military School was one of the Nine Greats, and their specialties were in battles. Moreover, as they uphold the military-style management in the school, most of their students were very careful and serious.

Of course, there were also a lot of them who didnt smile at all. Therefore, there was a saying that was spread amongst the world of the great teachersif they saw a teacher or student who had a poker face, then they must definitely be from the Westshore Military School.

Gao Ben didnt like to talk, but this didnt stop him from becoming the focal point of the group. This was because this world had always been one that revered the strong.

Quite a number of intern teachers tried to seek guidance from him but almost couldnt get any replies.

The third circle had the least number of people, taking up space on the left of the classroom, further to the back. Zhang Lan was like the leader of the group, and most of the people here were female intern teachers.

Zhang Lan was a graduate from Yue Provinces Myriad Spirits Academy, and specialized in spiritual beast control. This school was also one of the Supreme Academies.

As a female, Zhang Lans looks were ordinary. However, after dolling up and having the status as a graduate from a famous school, she was able to attract some guys as well. However, there was an eerie spirit rune tattoo on her left face which made her disposition scarier.

If her partner who shared the same bed with her were to see her after waking up in the middle of the night, hed definitely get a bad scare.

The female intern teachers didnt look down on her. Or rather, when ladies with ordinary appearances gather together, itd have the feeling as if they were gathered together to share warmth. There might also be those who had a hint of superiority, thinking that although they werent stronger than her, they were at least better-looking.

This sense of superiority was non-existent when they were with Gu Xiuxun.

Sun Mo pinched his forehead. It wasnt easy to survive in the workplace.

I heard that Qin Fen has resigned. Is that true?

Gao Ben stroked his newly-shaved beard stubble and looked around for Qin Fen.

Hah, he wasnt even able to win against Sun Mo who sponges off a woman. What else can he do except to resign? To stay behind and be ridiculed? Zeng Jun sneered. If I were Jixia Learning Palaces headmaster, Id beat him to death for bringing such shame to the school.

Who amongst you has seen the competition that day? What happened? How did Sun Mo win?

Gao Ben was curious, and it was rare for him to ask more questions.

It was meant to be a competition of their ability to provide guidance, but Sun Mo had pulled a trick and used massage techniques to help bring up the students level. How were they supposed to compete then? That student would surely win!

The uglier guy who had seen Sun Mo recruited Xuanyuan Po on the first day of the student recruitment meet spoke up. He didnt witness the situation on that day, but the rumors spread like wildfire. Moreover, because Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fianc, many intern teachers didnt like him. Therefore, the rumors continued to move toward the negative aspect as they spread.

Massage technique?

Gao Ben frowned.

How can there be such an amazing massage technique? The student must have eaten some sort of alchemical pill, or that he was almost advancing to the next level to begin with.

Zeng Jun had doubts.

Everyone continued to talk about this, and when Zeng Jun heard that almost everyone doubted Sun Mo, his mood instantly became a lot better.

The school that Zeng Jun had graduated from was at the bottom even amongst the D Grade schools. Therefore, he valued this internship opportunity at the Central Province Academy.

Seeing that Sun Mo had become famous, in addition to the fact that he was An Xinhuis fianc and thus was almost certain to get a position to stay in the school, Zeng Jun felt very displeased. Therefore, the things he talked about Sun Mo behind his back wouldnt sound very pleasing.

In fact, many intern teachers didnt like Sun Mo. It was because he wasnt capable yet could stay behind in the school.

If the right to remain in the school was dependent on their capabilities, they felt that theyd definitely be able to crush Sun Mo.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The bell suddenly rang. It was 8 a.m.

The intern teachers were stunned for a moment and then quickly returned to their seats. Some of them even started to tidy up their appearances, putting on what they felt was a charming smile.

If they could leave a good impression with the schools leaders, they might increase their chances of staying in the school.

The door soon opened and a middle-aged guy with a height of less than 1.6 meters walked in. He was short but stocky. The black long robes he was wearing bulged tightly from his muscles, and his figure could be clearly seen.

His short stature and limbs looked a little funny given his status as a teacher. When he stood in front, he was only one head taller than the desk. However, no one dared to laugh.

This middle-aged man was called Zhang Hanfu, and he was one of the three vice-headmasters in the Central Province Academy. He was a 2-star great teacher and was also an expert in the divine force realm.

Putting these aside, the pressure that Zhang Hanfu emitted was powerful enough. It could be that his height was too similar to that of Wu Dang [1], so he placed a greater emphasis on his spirit and disposition. He kept a tense expression and as he looked around, his narrow eagle eyes gleamed with a sharp glow.

Zhang Hanfus gaze swept across the room like a sharp blade.

All the intern teachers shifted their gazes, not daring to look him in the eye.

What a domineering disposition!

Gu Xiuxun wasnt afraid, but given how intelligent she was, she was smart and knew how she should act.

Zhang Hanfu was satisfied. Due to his physical flaw, he valued high positions even more and enjoyed the mental joy he received from subduing others. However, when his gaze landed on the back row, he frowned.

Sun Mo sat there, assessing him and not averting his gaze at all. There werent any hints of reverence or fear either.

What insolence!

Zhang Hanfus lips twitched, and he was about to look for an excuse to give Sun Mo a scolding when the door at the back of the classroom was pushed open with a loud bang.

Ludi ran in, panting furiously, holding onto a bag that had half a pig trotter that was covered in thick hair.


Half of the intern teachers gazes turned over but quickly turned back at an even faster speed, looking steadily to the front.


Ludi broke out in a cold sweat, and it instantly drenched his clothes. However, he didnt dare to wipe it off. He stood there, stiffened on the spot as if he had been turned into a stone, not daring to move.

He looked at Zhang Hanfu with a pleading gaze.

The first requirement of a teacher is to be punctual. If you cant even do this, then how do you expect to become a teacher? Get out!

Zhang Hanfu didnt bellow but spoke as if he was bellowing. His words seemed to come straight from his throat, sounding very imposing.


Ludi wanted to explain that he had woken up very early, but was delayed because he was braising pig trotter and sending it to Teacher Zhou Shanyi. However, it was a pity that when he met Zhang Hanfus stern gaze, it was as if he had been smacked in the mouth by a club, unable to say a word.

Another six of the schools leaders entered, with An Xinhui at the very back. She was wearing a moon-white long robe, appearing elegant and refined.

The male intern teachers secretly threw a glance at her and then felt even more jealous of Sun Mo.

Sit down. Theres no next time!

An Xinhui said and looked at Ludi, who seemed as if he was going to burst out in tears.

Oh! Oh!

Ludi quickly found an empty seat nearby and sat down, looking as though he had been granted great amnesty.

After Ludis episode, when Zhang Hanfu looked toward Sun Mo again, he had lost his chance to reproach him. However, he was in no hurry. He would get his chance.

The other school leaders sat on the chairs that had been prepared, with only Zhang Hanfu standing. He cleared his throat and started to speak.

Gu Xiuxun was a little surprised at the sight of this. It seemed that the fight for power in the Central Province Academy was a lot more intense than she had expected, and An Xinhui seemed to be in a very disadvantageous position.

Usually, it would be the headmaster who started off a speech. The one to speak first would be the one who held the highest position and the greatest authority. But right now, Zhang Hanfu had gone against his position and took on this role.

Looking at how the other leaders were behaving, it seemed that they werent unfamiliar with such things. This meant that this wasnt something that happened by chance.

We, the Central Province Academy, dont look at ones background and experience. As long as you have talent, you can rise and get the chance to showcase your abilities.

Zhang Hanfu spoke up.

Although this vice-headmaster was short like a potato, he spoke imposingly. In addition to his powerful body language, his speech had a great ability to influence others.

Based on past years precedences, an intern teacher must first be a teaching assistant for a year and pass the tests before taking on the job officially. However, this year, after the discussions amongst the schools leaders, weve decided that as long as an intern teacher can recruit five personal disciples from the student recruitment meet, they will be able to get the employment letter from Central Province Academy, becoming a substitute teacher.

Slight commotions broke out in the classroom, and everyones gaze turned toward Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan.

Gao Bens legs were apart, his hands resting on his knees, and his back upright as he looked straight to the front. Zhang Lan didnt show any expressions, while Gu Xiuxun smiled lightly, exuding strong confidence.

Right now, all the intern teachers who have recruited five personal disciples, please raise your hands!

Zhang Hanfu instructed.

Gu Xiuxun was confident and proud, raising her hand without any hesitation. Next, Gao Ben also raised his right hand. Their gazes met, releasing sparks and great competitiveness.


Everyones eyes turned toward Zhang Lan.

Zhang Lan was expressionless and paused for about ten or so seconds. Just as everyone thought that she hadnt recruited enough students, she raised her hand.

Ha, you guys must have been fooled, right?

Zhang Lan felt exhilarated.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Dalang
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