Absolute Great Teacher
61 Sorry, I Have 5 Students Too!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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61 Sorry, I Have 5 Students Too!

The intern teachers faces were filled with helplessness. Must they tease people like that?

Ive already said it, for someone who was crowned a graduate of one of the Nine Great famous schools, how can he not have recruited any student?

Sigh, if only I had been more hardworking and had been admitted to one of the Nine Greats, I would have even more opportunities now.

Many people were commenting softly and looked toward the few intern teachers who loved to be in the limelight. There was no exception; no one raised their hand.

Everyone didnt jeer because this was a normal phenomenon. After all, they couldnt treat Gu Xiuxun and the rest with conventional reasoning.

Zhang Sheng felt so awkward that he wished he could squeeze his head into the school desk. He had always been bragging that he was an elite of the same level as Gao Ben and Qin Fen. But now, he finally realized how huge the gap was between him and the true elites.

(Its ok. I still have a chance since I had made an agreement with three students. As long as I am able to go through a year of internship and become an official teacher, they would acknowledge me as their master.)

Thinking of this, Zhang Sheng instantly felt more at ease.

In any class, most of the good students would take the initiative to sit on the front rows, and the same theory could also be applied here. The most outstanding and confident intern teachers had already filled up the front-most seats.

They were trying to show their faces to the higher-ups as much as possible to get more opportunities and appreciation.

Over two hundred people were competing for fifteen vacancies and among these vacancies, some had been decided behind closed doors. After a simple calculation, the elimination ratio was twenty to one, so how could they not try hard to perform?

Ludi looked at his colleagues that were sitting on the front row. He pouted and thought, I should behave and continue to braise the pig trotters. That way, I will get a favorable evaluation from serving Teacher Zhou well.

Just wait and see, the victory round will only be determined one year later!

After muttering to himself, Ludi felt balanced psychologically. After all, Gu Xiuxun and the rest were very outstanding. If he were to compare himself to them, he was simply asking for trouble. His rivals this time were the other intern teachers.

Very good, it seems that no other intern teachers meet this requirement, muttered Ludi.

He held his pig trotters tightly and swept his eyes over the room. However, when he saw Sun Mos figure on the left side of the same row, he was startled and almost let out a shout.

Sun Mo raised his right hand and placed it on his desk.

Oh dang, for someone who was living off a woman, what was he doing raising his hand?

Sun Mo sat in the last row, and in front of him was a man with a big build. The way he raised his hand was not similar to Gu Xiuxun and Gao Ben who had extended their arms in the air. He had only propped his elbow against the desk. Hence, other than the few people around him, the rest almost didnt see his action.

Zhang Hanfu looked at Gao Ben and felt pleased. Since Zhang Hanfu was the one poaching Gao Ben over, the latter was already tagged with his label. If Gao Ben achieved some results, then it meant that Zhang Hanfu had an eye for talents.

(Qin Fen who was poached over by An Xinhui is already out, how great. The only troublesome one left is Gu Xiuxun.)

Thinking of this, Zhang Hanfu looked at Gu Xiuxun.

It was no wonder that she was the campus queen of Myriad Daos Academy. She was indeed beautiful. If she was tactful and gave up on the wrong path, turning to a better one, he would accept her or even give her a place as the years head. But if she was determined to follow An Xinhuis path into the dark, sorry then, he would definitely destroy her.

As for Zhang Lan, this graduate had personally handed over her job application. It was apparent that she had not been involved with An Xinhui or Wang Su at the moment; hence, Zhang Hanfu could try to recruit her at any time.

The various school leaders were whispering to each others ears. In all honesty, the results were somewhat disappointing, but they couldnt put the blame on anyone else. Looking at the current fame of Central Province Academy, it was difficult to recruit the elite graduates from A and B Grade universities.

Even if they had any, they would be the unchosen few at the bottom of the ranking.

Ahem ahem, since this is the case, I hereby announce that Gao Ben, Zhang Lan, and Gu Xiuxun are officially employed as teachers of Central Province Academy with immediate effect!

Zhang Hanfu started clapping after his speech.

Regardless of whether they were sincere or not, all the intern teachers started clapping as well, except for Sun Mo whose hand was still raised.

Ludi looked at Sun Mo with a face full of surprise. Was he having diarrhea? At this point, he had to bear with it even if he couldnt hold it in anymore. What if he was being misunderstood for raising his hand?

Being misunderstood by vice-headmaster Zhang for having recruited enough students when he was only raising his hand to go to the toilet, oh my god, just the thought of it was extremely awkward.

Gu Xiuxun shot a glance at An Xinhui. Before announcing the three teachers employment, Zhang Hanfu hadnt even discussed with the various school leaders or especially listened to Headmaster Ans opinions. He had seriously gone beyond his own authority.

However, An Xinhuis expression remained unchanged, and she was able to keep her composure.

Headmaster An was indeed worthy of being admired!

Gu Xiuxun gave a compliment in her heart but started to feel unhappy again.

(Zhang Hanfu, this bastard, how could he announce my name as the last out of the three of us? Just wait and see! I will crush Gao Ben and the rest of the teachers under his faction. He must pay dearly for looking down on me!)

Zhang Hanfu made a gesture and the applause stopped immediately.

Alright, if the rest of you have nothing else to add, you may leave. The three of you, stay back for a while!

Zhang Hanfu instructed.

The intern teachers started standing up one after another. At this point, a voice shouting Vice-headmaster Zhang sounded across the lecture theater.


Everyone turned their heads and looked at the back rows, following the voice.

The big guy jumped in fear and quickly dodged to the side. Then, everyone could see Sun Mos figure and his raised right hand.

Ludi also quickly shifted to the side to not disturb anyones line of vision.

Sun Mo, whats the matter? Once Zhang Hanfu finished asking, he chided impatiently, All the schools leaders are very busy. If its trivial things, then think of a solution yourself. Dont come looking for us every time a problem arises.

Even though Zhang Hanfu had a stern appearance, he was laughing in his heart. It seemed that his strategy had taken effect. Yang Cai, this fella, he was indeed something!

I will settle my personal matters and will not trouble Vice-headmaster Zhang.

Sun Mo talked back immediately and emphasized on the word vice.

Zhang Hanfu felt as though birdshit had been thrown at his face. He had been a vice-headmaster for over ten years, but he hated the vice word the most.

Then whats the issue?

Zhang Hanfus tone was filled with anger.

Im qualified!

Normally, when speaking to a schools leader, one should stand up out of courtesy. However, judging from Zhang Hanfus attitude and their opposing relationship, Sun Mo couldnt care less and continued sitting down calmly.

Qualified of what?

Zhang Hanfu hadnt reacted fully.

Some intern teachers looked at Sun Mo with a hint of surprise.

How could it be? Has he recruited five students?

Five is a little hard, but one or two was possible. I heard that Xuanyuan Po has been recruited by him!

Are students these days brainless? Why did they acknowledge some random intern teachers as their masters? Are they disregarding their future?

Listening to these comments, Zhang Hanfu recalled that Sun Mo had recruited Li Ziqi. Hence, his expression became even gloomier.

If it was indeed Li Ziqi, how could a miscellaneous graduate from a D-Grade university coach her?

Thinking of Li Ziqis background, Zhang Hanfu wished he could bite Sun Mo to death and seize her over. Hence, his voice sounded even stricter now.

Sun Mo, in order to be employed officially, you have to recruit five students, and this condition remains unchanged. Stop hoping to cheat through it with your dishonest practices.

After Zhang Hanfu finished his words, he waved his hand impatiently. Get out!

Zhang Hanfu thought that Sun Mo wanted to make use of Li Ziqis background to pressurize them into employing him. Hence, Zhang Hanfu had said those words in advance to shut Sun Mos mouth.

Now, if Sun Mo wasnt afraid of being despised by everyone because of nepotism, he could continue talking.

Vice-headmaster Zhang, as a great teacher and a school leader, do you not even have the patience to listen to others?

Sun Mo asked in reply.


Sun Mos sentence caused a commotion in the audience.

The intern teachers stared at Sun Mo in shock. Even though he was the fiance of An Xinhui, must he be so arrogant?

Zhang Hanfu was well-known for his irritable temperament and was always spouting torrents of verbal abuse at others. Surprisingly, Sun Mo dared to question him?

No, this wasnt just questioning. It was already words of sarcasm.

As expected, Zhang Hanfu stared with eyes wide open and he roared, I never listen to rubbish.

The intern teachers around Sun Mo quickly got out of the way as they were scared of being implicated like fish in the same pond.

Im qualified!

Sun Mo repeated.

Ive already said it. Unless you have recruited five personal disciples, you cannot be employed. Do you think that just one Li Ziqi is enough to make up for five people?

Zhang Hanfu ridiculed him and illuminated the topic.

No, she cant!

Sun Mo smiled. But other than her, I have another four students!

If she cant, then why are you still trying to

Zhang Hanfu was like an old rooster with fallen feathers that was choked by a big hand. The remaining words were stifled in his throat.

An Xinhui, who had a tranquil expression all along, finally let out a smile.

The entire lecture theater felt as though it had been swept by Medusas petrification technique and was in absolute silence. Everyone looked at Sun Mo; their expressions were filled with surprise and a deep sense of questioning.

Sun Mo was able to recruit five students?

It was fake, right? Acknowledging a master was a major event. Even students whose aptitudes were below average would be extremely cautious when acknowledging a master.

After all, Zhang Hanfu was holding a high position as vice-headmaster and had been accustomed to various situations. He had a response very quickly. Sun Mo, this is not a laughing matter. If its proven that youre lying, even if youre An Xinhuis fiance, I will fire you.

This old fella was very cunning.

Sun Mo was cursing in his heart. Zhang Hanfu had intentionally brought up the name of fiance to hint to everyone that Sun Mo was relying on An Xinhui to recruit his students and not based on his own strengths.

What do you mean by this? Are you suspecting that Im lying?

Even though Sun Mo spoke to Zhang Hanfu with an honorific tone, he didnt mean to respect the latter at all. His tone was ridiculously tough and forceful.

This scene had caused many intern teachers to be in shock again. Then, they secretly glanced toward An Xinhui. If not for An Xinhui, Sun Mo wouldnt be so daring when speaking to Zhang Hanfu.

Since youre not afraid, show me the proof.

Zhang Hanfu sneered at him. (If this guy wanted to baffle me like this, he was underestimating my contingency reaction abilities as a vice-headmaster.)

Oh, then why dont the three of them need to provide proof? Sun Mo focused his gaze and stared at Zhang Hanfu while baring his fangs. Why arent you suspecting them for lying?
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