Absolute Great Teacher
62 Black Doggy Sun
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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62 Black Doggy Sun


Someone broke out laughing, really wanting to say, who are you to compare with them?

Gao Ben and Zhang Lan are both graduates from Supreme Academies. Gu Xiuxun might be a little weaker, but she graduated with top scores from the Myriad Daos Academy. What about you? Youre a graduate from the Songyang Academy, and as for your ranking, wouldnt you feel embarrassed if I were to bring it up?

Zhang Hanfu taunted, bringing in Gu Xiuxun as well.

[This fool Sun Mo can only rely on his handsome face to sponge off a woman. By saying this, arent you just giving me a chance to look down on you?]

Oh, this means that you look down on graduates from ordinary schools like mine?

Sun Mo made an expression as if he was struck by a realization.

Zhang Hanfu, who had been very proud, suddenly tensed up. Fury surged in him and his face turned grim.

Damn it! This Sun Mo was digging a trap for him!

The schools leaders all appeared unconcerned, not wanting to help either side. However, after Sun Mo said this, their gazes all turned over uncontrollably, assessing him.

An Xinhuis big spirited eyes looked at Sun Mo. She didnt expect that the guy she had grown up with knew how to scheme against others now.

Thats amazing. I think you should just be called Black Doggy Sun [1]. Youre really a wild dog, daring to bite anyone!

Gu Xiuxun was speechless.

Sun Mo might look very foolish, feeling that he had been given differential treatment. That was why he asked why Gu Xiuxun and the other two didnt need to be checked.

Of course, Zhang Hanfu would have to explain the reason.

In fact, Zhang Hanfus reply was accurate. How could a graduate from an ordinary school compete with graduates from Aristocratic Schools? Wasnt this overestimating himself? It was very normal for other people to doubt you!

This was a fact that everyone recognized, but after Sun Mo asked the question, it became a problem.

How was Zhang Hanfu supposed to reply?

If he were to say yes, then itd mean that he looked down on graduates from ordinary schools. Other than Gao Ben and Zhang Lan, everyone else had graduated from ordinary schools. They might not be able to cause any commotion, but what about the other teachers from the Central Province Academy?

Graduates from famous schools formed the minority. If Zhang Hanfus words were to spread out, even if the other teachers might appear to treat him respectfully on the outside, thered definitely be dissension and discord amongst them.

Showing respect to a leader who looked down on their background? How shameless must they be to do that? Therefore, if Zhang Hanfu dared to say yes, his reputation amongst the teachers would definitely plunge. If words were to spread out to a wider area, then Zhang Hanfus character would be doubted as well.

How would the great teachers who didnt graduate from Aristocratic Schools treat Zhang Hanfu? The consequences would be within expectations.

If Zhang Hanfu were to say no, then why did he require verification from Sun Mo? Was he too bored?

Therefore, Sun Mo had managed to use just one line to drive Zhang Hanfu to a corner.

Some intern teachers had too little experience in the workforce and hadnt figured these things out yet. However, the gazes of the schools leaders when looking toward Sun Mo had become interesting.

Gao Ben continued to look at the front. However, he didnt care for small tricks like these. He felt that a persons teaching capability was what made them a teacher.

Zhang Lan started to assess Sun Mo.

Gu Xiuxun frowned. She tried to put herself in his shoes. If it was her, shed call her students over to prove herself. Shed definitely not challenge Zhang Hanfu head-on.

How rash must a person be to do something like this?

Hmmm? The vice-headmaster is rendered speechless? Your capabilities to express yourself and to adapt to situations arent good enough. Could it be that when you made a speech in the past, you had to memorize it in advance?

Sun Mo smiled and asked.

Oh my god, he has such a sharp tongue!

Even Ludi was shocked. Sun Mo was not someone who was willing to lose out. He secretly threw a glance at Zhang Hanfu and discovered that the latters face had turned darker than ink.

The other intern teachers were all astonished as well. This person was really brave to dare to taunt the vice-headmaster! Tsk, as expected, someone who had backing could do whatever they wished.

Sun Mo, thats enough.

A middle-aged man with a sharp chin spoke up. He was called Feng Zewen and was assigned by Zhang Hanfu to be the person-in-charge of the freshman teachers. Seeing that Zhang Hanfu was in a stump, he naturally had to step up to salvage the situation.

Then am I still required to prove myself?

Sun Mo looked at the man, noting his name down in his heart. Since this man was going to be Zhang Hanfus lackey, then Sun Mo wouldnt stand on ceremony next time.

No need. From today onward, you, as well as Gao Ben and the others, will be an official teacher.

Feng Zewen paused for a moment before adding, But if we were to discover that you didnt have five personal disciples, then not only would the school fire you, but well also report to the Saint Gate and get all the schools in the nine provinces to blacklist you.


Hearing this threat, everyone drew in a cold gasp. This was cutting off all routes for Sun Mo. Once reported, he wouldnt be able to have a chance to become a teacher again.

Sun Mo nodded. He then looked at Zhang Hanfu and smiled. Teacher Zhang, well be colleagues from today onward. Please provide me with your guidance!


Everyone looked at Sun Mo in great shock. He was still adding fuel to the flame? Did he really think that Zhang Hanfu was a pushover and didnt have a temper?

The teachers addressed each other by adding Teacher before their surnames, so there wasnt any problem with Sun Mo calling Zhang Hanfu as Teacher Zhang.

However, at this moment, this form of address had an intense taunt to it and even a hint of challenge.

(Werent you doubting me?)

(Didnt you want me to prove myself?)

(Didnt you look down on my background?)

(Ive become an official teacher in the Central Province Academy now, sharing the same status as you, calling you Teacher Zhang. Are you angry?)


Gu Xiuxun couldnt hold it in anymore. She covered her mouth with her hand and broke out laughing.

What could Zhang Hanfu do?

Even if he was so angry that he was spurting blood, he had to gulp it down. Could he possibly say that Sun Mo wasnt fitting to address him as Teacher Zhang? Then itd mean that he was using his status as a vice-headmaster to pressurize someone else. If he were to accept this, then his words of suspecting Sun Mo would all be crap!

Sun Mo was really someone who would either not do anything, or choose to deal a strong blow.

Zhang Hanfu fell silent. It was because no matter what reply he gave, theyd be wrong. Sun Mo might even grasp some loopholes and continue to attack him.

With nowhere to vent his frustration, Zhang Hanfu turned and glared at Feng Zewen. (Its all your fault! Why are you so meddlesome?)

Feng Zewen smiled bitterly. (Do you think that I wanted to do that?)

Such matters were very straightforward. Sun Mo really had five students. Otherwise, hed have been given a bad shock.

Lian Zheng, who had remained silent all this while, frowned. He didnt like Sun Mos character. He was too bent on getting revenge, not even showing the basic respect to others. Even if Zhang Hanfu was in the wrong, he was still the vice-headmaster after all, a two-star great teacher. Moreover, he was also a senior. In his view, Sun Mo should show some basic courtesy.

Hmmm? It seems that Teacher Zhang really looks down on me, to be ignoring my question completely. Sigh, thats true. Youre the vice-headmaster after all, you can throw your weight around!

Sun Mo taunted.


This time around, even An Xinhui, who had been watching silently, couldnt hold it back anymore. (Sun Mo, youre still going on? Are you planning on driving Zhang Hanfu to his death?)

(But why does this feel so exhilarating? Thats right, its really a good vent after having been targeted by Zhang Hanfu for so long.)


+1 favorable impression point from An Xinhui.

Prestige connection with An Xinhui initiated: Neutral (1/100)

The intern teachers were all speechless. They were very certain that Sun Mo and Zhang Hanfu were considered archenemies now. Sun Mos days in the school would definitely not be good from today onward.

However, it seemed that this guy wasnt concerned at all.

Sun Mo returned to his seat, acting nonchalantly.

He wouldnt accept such treatment. If someone thought of slandering him, then they must be prepared to receive three consecutive slaps on their face.

The entire hall was filled with a strange atmosphere, and it was so silent. No, there were soundsthe sound of Zhang Hanfus angry puffing.


+1 favorable impression point from Gu Xiuxun.

Prestige connection with Gu Xiuxun initiated: Neutral (1/100)

After receiving two consecutive reminders, Sun Mo was a little surprised. He could see why An Xinhui would be impressed. After all, she was Zhang Hanfus enemy. But what was it with Gu Xiuxun? After thinking for a bit, Sun Mo recalled the description that shed feel excited about pain. Now, he could understand somehow.

One shouldnt judge a masochist like they would a normal person.

Although Zhang Sheng had been rejected by Gu Xiuxun, he didnt give up on her. Right now, he was seated on the second row behind her. He would normally admire Gu Xiuxuns graceful and beautiful back view to the fullest. But right now, he looked at Sun Mo with a dazed expression.

Sun Mo had recruited five students?

Sun Mo was employed officially as a substitute teacher?

Sun Mo could be called Teacher Sun from toward onward? What kind of joke was this? When this guy was in Songyang Academy, he was like an invisible existence no one knew about.

If Zhang Sheng didnt hold on to his last hint of rationality, he would have jumped up to question Sun Mo, asking him what rights did he have?

As someone from the same dorm, he had always maintained an absolute sense of superiority. He was someone whom theyd grovel and curry up to. How could he lose out to Sun Mo now?

Zhang Sheng was unable to accept such differences.

Ludi didnt think so much. He was just surprised over how Sun Mo wasnt beaten to death after sneering at Zhang Hanfu. Vice-headmaster Zhang was well-known to have a bad temper, and it was normal to see him beat up others. To think that he had chosen to hold it in this time around?

Wow, Sun Mo has become an official teacher? How many hairs must I pluck and how many pork trotters must I braise for Teacher Zhou to get a good review and therefore this position?

Ludi started calculating.

Seeing that the atmosphere was awkward, Lian Zheng spoke up, The four of you stay behind. The rest can leave.

The intern teachers found this fact a little hard to take, and all of them quickly left the classroom. However, before they left, some of them couldnt help but look back to assess Sun Mo.

They hadnt expected that this guy who sponged off a woman would be able to hide himself so well. He was really a schemer.

Scheming dog! One of them who was ordinarily ugly cursed, He definitely made use of Headmaster Ans reputation to recruit the five students!

For sure!

An uglier one went along. If he didnt think this way, he would be mentally unstable. It was one thing to lose out to Gu Xiuxun and the other two, but who was Sun Mo?

After Sun Mo received the official employment letter from the Central Province Academy, he would be a teacher recognized by the Saint Gate. His status and salary would both receive a tremendous increment.

Ordinary intern teachers would still have to wait for another year before they got the chance to enjoy the similar treatment. If they were to make any mistakes during this time, all their previous efforts would go down the drain. How could they not feel jealous at the thought of this?

Zeng Juns gaze flickered and he slowed down his footsteps. Given his capability, the chances of him being able to stay in school werent high if left to normal competition. However, there was a chance placed right before him now.

[1] A play on Sun Mos name, breaking up the Mo to form the words black dog.
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