Absolute Great Teacher
63 Teacher Sun, I Look upon You Highly!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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63 Teacher Sun, I Look upon You Highly!

After the intern teachers departed, the lecture theater immediately became empty.

Lian Zheng initially planned to let Gu Xiuxun and the other three sit on the first row as it would be more convenient to talk. But when he saw their guarded expressions, he decided to give up.

The interactions between arrogant geniuses were similar to the logic whereby two apex predators couldnt exist within the same hunting ground. They would view each other with hostility.

Its good like this too. With hostility toward each other, they wouldnt be willing to admit defeat and would think of ways to suppress their opponents in other aspects. This can also be considered a form of encouragement instead.

Lian Zheng was very satisfied with the reactions of these four. He felt that improvements would only be possible with competition.

The school leaders also surveyed the four of them. There was no need to mention Gao Ben, Zhang Lan, and Gu Xiuxun. Their horizons were broad, so it was understandable that they could be calm. However, what was going on with the toxic Sun Mo? Why was he able to be so composed when he sat there?

The crucial thing was that Zhang Hanfu hadnt left yet. Also, his anger hasnt dissipated in the slightest.

Ever since the old headmaster failed to break through to the saint level, there wasnt anyone here to suppress Zhang Hanfu. He gradually gained more and more authority, and it was unknown how many teachers and students had been driven to tears by his scolding. In these three years, Sun Mo was absolutely the only one who could deflate him.

Either he has a vast heart that can endure extreme pressure or he is an idiot!

Feng Zewen mumbled.

Headmaster An, do you want to give them the admonition talk?

Lian Zheng inquired.

Ill let vice-headmaster Zhang do it!

An Xinhui modestly declined.


Zhang Hanfu initially didnt want to speak. This was because he was afraid that the moment he opened his mouth, he wouldnt be able to control it and would lash out at Sun Mo. However, he wouldnt give An Xinhui a chance to perform either. Hence, he replied, Zewen, you do it!

Cough, cough. I will do this in your place then.

Feng Zewen didnt decline. He cleared his throat. Firstly, I want to congratulate the four of you for joining the Central Province Academy and becoming a part of us!

Feng Zewen applauded. The school leaders also clapped along politely, with Zhang Hanfu being the only exception.

Good composure!

Lian Zheng silently praised after glancing at the four.

In this type of occasion, normal intern teachers would be extremely emotional and there would be looks of joy on their faces when they heard that they managed to join the faculty. But these four, they were as calm as ever. It was as though this was something natural.

After becoming official teachers, you guys can substitute the other teachers and give lessons. Because this is your first year, to let you all gradually adapt, the teaching missions given to you would be comparatively more simple.

Other than guiding your personal students, each of you has to give public lessons every day that last for four hours. As for the content, you guys can decide yourself. Study of spirit runes, herbology, alchemy, you can choose anything you like. A week later, report your choices to me and I will arrange a time table and a classroom for you.

Feng Zewen paused and after the four new teachers digested the information, he continued, Although you have the freedom of choice, please pick the topics you are proficient in.

When you first start to give lessons, the number of students would surely be very little. Hence, we wont make that a requirement. But half a year later, this aspect will be considered a reference as part of the criteria. One year later, if the number cannot meet the standard, your public lessons will be axed.

As Feng Zewen spoke, his tone became solemn.

A huge wave of pressure immediately gushed toward the four.

In the various countries of the nine provinces of Middle-Earth, public classes were actually the mainstream thing.

The teachers had the choice and authority to choose their specialty and lessons, and the students similarly had the freedom to choose which lectures they wished to attend.

If a teacher could give a good lecture, the number of students listening would be abundant. Otherwise, that teachers classes would be completely deserted. Hence, the number of students was taken as a criterion. If the number declined to the point where they hit the bottom line designated by the school, the public lectures given by that teacher would be axed.

If teachers wanted to become great teachers, they had to slaughter their way out of the cruel competition. It was absolutely impossible if they wanted to earn their salary with ease and comfort, muddling through things.

It was precisely because of this mechanism that teachers would give it their all to explain things clearly and increase the quality of their lectures in order to attract students. From this, the students could also gain the most benefits.

As long as the students paid attention and put in their effort, they absolutely didnt need to worry about their teachers slacking off. Those teachers who couldnt meet the standards would already be eliminated by then.

The Central Province Academy is really awesome!

Sun Mos lips twitched. Although he had just been a teacher in charge of modern physical education in the No.2 High School, he was still filled with admiration toward this teaching method.

Whether the teachers were capable or not, whether they were qualified for their jobs, these things werent something the school or the education bureau could determine. Not even family background or having many social connections would help. The only thing that determined ones worth as a teacher was their students. This was the only fair evaluation!

System, by the way, am I not childhood sweethearts with An Xinhui? Why does our favorable impression index start from neutral?

Sun Mo had a question.

The original consciousness of this body is then the childhood sweetheart of An Xinhui and you are not, the system explained.

That consciousness already died, and the one standing here was Sun Mo from another world. This was why the system wanted to recalculate the favorable impression index.

When the actions of the host caused the targets to generate favorable impressions such as closeness, being impressed, being worshipped, the host would gain favorable impression points.

The favorable impression index represented the change in a relationship between two people. However, the other more important function was that it could be used as a type of currency to purchase items from the merchant store.

Hence, the favorable impression between Sun Mo and An Xinhui naturally had to start afresh.

Gu Xiuxun raised her hand.

Teacher Gu, please speak!

Feng Zewen was very indulgent toward beauties.

Teacher Feng, if we pick a specialty and find it to be unsuitable half-way, can we still change it?

Gu Xiuxun inquired.


Feng Zewen glanced at this beautiful campus queen and silently compared her with An Xinhui in his heart. But I have to warn you that the reputation of a teacher is built up slowly through accumulation. If you change your lesson specialty, you might lose all the popularity you have worked hard to gain.

Thank you, Teacher Feng!

Given Gu Xiuxuns intelligence, she had long since thought of this point. By asking a question now, she only wanted to call out Teacher Feng in such an official setting and hear other teachers calling her Teacher Gu.

(This is the relationship between colleagues of equal status. This type of cool greeting is truly awesome. From now onward, Im also a teacher!)

Gu Xiuxuns right hand, which was under the table, was clenched into a fist due to her excitement. She had achieved her first step. Next, she would try her best to become a leading character out of all the unranked teachers!

Unranked teachers referred to teachers who couldnt become 1-star great teachers due to various reasons.

Next, our Central Province Academy has a tradition that has been passed down for a thousand years. Feng Zewen laughed. Each newly joined teacher will share their teaching philosophy, their life goals, specialties, etc for your first public lesson. You can say anything you want

Gu Xiuxun and the other three were originally indifferent. But as they listened to Feng Zewens next sentence, their expressions were no longer as calm as before.

For the first public lesson, it will be conducted in a lecture theater, and we will inform the teachers and students of the entire school. You can almost be certain that in the lecture theater of 300 seats, it will be packed to the brim. However, the greatest test isnt this. Any students or teachers there would have the authority to ask you questions on anything. If you cannot answer them or if your adaptability is too weak, you will shame yourself, resulting in much embarrassment.

The gazes of the school leaders subconsciously drifted to Sun Mo. Other than Gao Ben who was sitting upright and still, Gu Xiuxun and Zhang Lan also couldnt help but survey Sun Mo.

No matter what methods Sun Mo had used to recruit five students, it was meaningless. The first public lesson was the true battlefield.

If one didnt have true capabilities, it would be very apparent once they were probed.

Teacher Sun, I look upon you highly!

Feng Zewen was praising him on the surface, but since he belonged to Zhang Hanfus faction, everyone could tell the sarcastic intent in his words.

Zhang Hanfu coldly smiled. Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fiance. With this identity, there would surely be many teachers interested in probing him at that time.

Those teachers who hated him because of envy would surely use the opportunity to find trouble with him.

Teacher Feng. Since this is the case, you have to prepare a few questions to test me. If you fail to trip me up, how about treating me to three months worth of meals? Sun Mo spoke.


Sun Mos sudden reply stunned everyone. No one expected him to respond, let alone responding in such an unyielding manner.

(Dont you guys want to watch a good show? Bring it on then. Ill accept the challenge!)

An Xinhuis beautiful eyes brightened. She felt like she no longer recognized this childhood sweetheart of hers. Regardless of his capability, just his aura alone was sufficient for her to praise him.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1

Prestige connection with An Xinhui: Neutral (2/100).

Feng Zewen startled. His smile froze and he felt a little unhappy. (Who do you think you are to dare to provoke me?)

Given the current situation, it wasnt too good for him to vent his unhappiness. After all, he was the one who said that first. Hence, he could only put on a fake smile.

Sure. At that time, I will be sure to prepare some good meals for you. However, if you fail, you dont have to treat me to anything. Just buy three vats of grape brew for me from the Ruyi Bazaar.

Teacher Feng, the grape brew from the Ruyi Bazaar costs a few thousand taels of silver per vat. Sun Mo has just joined the school, how would he have the money to buy them for you?

An Xinhui interjected.

Wouldnt there be no problem as long as he wins?

Zhang Hanfu interrupted.

Feng Zewen felt somewhat depressed. Even if Sun Mo hadnt angered Zhang Hanfu today, the vice-headmaster would still get people to find trouble with him. But now, this task seemed to have fallen onto Feng Zewen shoulders.

(No matter what, Im a 1-star great teacher. You are asking me to personally teach him a lesson? Zhang Hanfu, do you really have the face to do that?)

It wasnt that Feng Zewen didnt dare to offend An Xinhui. Rather, he felt that he had been belittled. A 1-star teacher against a new teacher like Sun Mo?

Truly, this was using the dragon-slaying saber to kill a weak chicken!

Since this is the case, the bet is established. However, if Teacher Feng loses, he should also buy three vats of grape brew for Teacher Sun.

Gu Xiuxun commented, not feeling scared at all. She decided that at Sun Mos public lecture, she had to be present for sure.

At that time, when Sun Mo failed to answer the questions, she would step out and save the day. By doing so, she would definitely be able to win over all the students and teachers, letting them know how outstanding she, Gu Xiuxun, was.

Even before Feng Zewen could say anything, Sun Mo already spoke, Lets do it like that then. Teacher Feng wouldnt be afraid, right?

Sun Mos personality was one where he would never allow himself to suffer any losses. He just wanted to raise the stakes and Gu Xiuxun had already helped him.

Their gazes then clashed in mid-air.

(Sorry, you should just become my stepping stone!)

Gu Xiuxun was thinking about her beautiful future, but she also had to admit that since Sun Mo was daring enough to provoke a 1-star great teacher, his courage was truly commendable.


Favorable impression from Gu Xiuxun +1

Prestige connection with Gu Xiuxun: Neutral (2/100)

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo then glanced toward Zhang Lan and Gao Ben. As expected, the two of them had no reactions, completely ignoring him.


New mission issued. During your first public lesson, please perfectly handle all the students and teachers who intend on making things difficult for you and obtain a beautiful debut. If the results are good, you will be rewarded.

Note: If your performance is too bad, there will be a punishment!

Theres still a punishment?

Sun Mo was speechless. He could imagine the scene where those male teachers were doing their best to make things difficult for him. All of them wanted to prove he was trash and not worthy of An Xinhui.

One could say that the challenge he had to face had difficulty several times higher compared to Gu Xiuxun and the other twos.

Just when Sun Mo was contemplating this, the system voice rang out once more.
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