Absolute Great Teacher
64 Sun Mo, First Level of Blood-ignition, Please Guide Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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64 Sun Mo, First Level of Blood-ignition, Please Guide Me!


Mission issued. Please gain victory for the bet between you and Feng Zewen. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!

Upon seeing such a good reward, Sun Mo knew that it would be more difficult to win against Feng Zewen.


Mission issued. During the first public lecture, do your best to win against Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan. The more people you win, the better the reward will be.

So, it is either you dont give a mission or you give three at one go, huh?

Sun Mo mocked.

If you are not confident, I can take back the third mission.

This mission was a floating one. If Sun Mo couldnt even win against one of the new teachers, there wouldnt be any rewards.

No need, whats the point of life if there are no challenges? Sun Mo laughed lightly. Just clean the treasure chests properly and wait for me to claim them!

Alright then! Ive said all thats needed to be said. We are filled with anticipation for your performances three days later. Headmaster An, and Vice-Headmaster Zhang, do you guys have anything else to add? Feng Zewen asked.

Perform well and show us why you guys are elites. Alright, let the meeting disperse!

After Zhang Hanfu finished speaking, he directly announced the meeting was over. He basically didnt want to give An Xinhui any chance to speak.

Gao Ben stood up, Zhang Lan hesitated, while Gu Xiuxun remained seated. All of them turned their gaze onto An Xinhui. As for Sun Mo, he directly stood up and left from the backdoor.

The school leaders all saw this scene clearly. They had heard about Gu Xiuxuns feeling of worship for An Xinhui. Now, it seemed that it was true. As for Zhang Lan, she was clearly neutral. Only Sun Mos reactions astonished everyone. By logic, he should have remained seated and waited for An Xinhui.

However, Sun Mo naturally wouldnt care much about An Xinhui.

Although he melded with the original selfs memories and feelings and would feel his heart stir when he saw An Xinhui, he knew that this wasnt his true feelings.

There were two reasons why Sun Mo stayed in the Central Province Academy.

Firstly, it was because of prudence. He had just arrived in this new world and wasnt familiar with the basic laws and rules of society yet. What would happen if he accidentally let the cat out from the bag that he was from another world?

Flexing hard like some of the characters he read in novels? That wasnt his Sun Mos style. Did they feel that they wouldnt die fast enough? Sun Mos style was to slowly grow in a familiar environment before extending his feelers out to probe the world.

If he didnt want others to discover something off about him, this should be the most correct method. He had to quickly get familiar with this world and truly integrate with it.

Secondly, it was to complete the mission the system had issued and help the Central Province Academy rise.

Sun Mo wanted to get the reward and return to his original world.

It was one thing that he had no AV films to watch or games he could play, but he felt like dying when he thought of his expensive new computer that was waiting for him in his world. How could he endure this?

As for his family, Sun Mo didnt dare to think about them. He was afraid he might cry.

Naturally, Sun Mo also felt some anger. Everyone kept calling him the soft-rice guy and shot looks of contempt at him while disdaining him privately as well.

Given Sun Mos personality, it would be a wonder if he could endure it.

Sun Mo wouldnt rebut it using words, but he would use practical actions to shut these people up. He wanted to make them envy him even more.

In that case, what should he do?

Naturally, he had to do his best and become a great teacher as quickly as possible. He had to become the number one great teacher in Jinling!

Sun Mo had the confidence due to him possessing the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Divine Sight, and Immemorial Vairocana.

After leaving the classroom, Sun Mo was prepared to look for Lu Zhiruo to pat the papaya girls head. It was to raise his luck before opening the treasure chest, which he had obtained as a reward from improving the prestige connection between him and Li Gong to the friendly level.

After he walked a few steps, a male intern teacher stopped him.

Sun Mo, Ive long since admired your name. I wish to seek guidance from you!

Zeng Jun spoke while looking straight at Sun Mo. Although his words were humble, his expression was filled with provocation.

At this moment, there were thirty other intern teachers milling around in the corridor. Some of them were here because they wanted the school leaders to remember their faces, while others had the same thoughts as Zeng Jun. They wanted to use Sun Mo as a stepping stone to climb up.

Damn, the opportunity was snatched.

An ugly-looking intern teacher felt depressed. Earlier, during the meeting, Sun Mo publicly angered Zhang Hanfu, and the latter would surely be extremely offended by it.

If one could use this opportunity to spar against Sun Mo and teach him a lesson by beating him up, that person would surely obtain a favorable impression of Zhang Hanfu.

These intern teachers had ordinary capabilities. If they wanted to get a slot through normal competition, it would be somewhat difficult. Hence, they began to think of some other devious means.

Zhang Hanfu walked out. Upon hearing this, he cast a glance at Feng Zewen who was standing behind him.

Me again?

Feng Zewen was very unhappy. (Stop asking me to do such things alright? I feel like a servant now.) But even so, he still spoke out.

How about competing in a sparring match? We can admire Teacher Suns glory better in this manner, Feng Zewen spoke.

Upon hearing this and seeing Zhang Hanfus attention, Zeng Jun felt even more emboldened. His tone was no longer respectful. Teacher Sun, please guide me!

An Xinhui and a group of people just came out and coincidentally saw this scene.

For a time, the gazes of everyone in the corridor turned to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo stared at Zeng Jun as he activated Divine Sight.


Zeng Jun, 21 years old. Someone at the second level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength 22, ordinary standard.

Intellect 23, below average to ordinary standard.

Agility 22, ordinary standard.

Will 20, unable to suffer much hardship. He depended on his innate talent to achieve his current accomplishments, but he is destined not to achieve anything much in the future.

Endurance 27, young and fit, able to last seven times per night.

Potential: above average

Note: A fellow who is always thinking of taking shortcuts. Theres no need to attach any value to him, f*** him!


System, theres no need to belittle people so much, right? By evaluating him like this, I wouldnt feel any satisfaction even if I won against him!

Sun Mo was speechless. When he played games, the thing he hated most was to kill the cannon fodders.

Please note that this is only the evaluation with regards to Zeng Juns talent. His true strength isnt weak. If you judged his combat strength based on these stats, you would definitely be the one suffering a disadvantage.

The system solemnly warned.

How inferior could a teacher with a potential value of above average be?

Above the body-refinement realm was the spirit-refinement realm. After opening up the 108 acupoints, they could then step into the blood-ignition realm.

In this realm, ones blood would be ignited, and the flames would burn within ones body, cleansing it of impurities. Ultimately, one would end up shedding their old mortal body and bones, gain divine strength, and eventually step into the divine force realm.

There were seven levels in the blood-ignition realm. Cultivators had to ignite their blood seven times and each time, they would undergo a qualitative transformation.


Right now, Sun Mo had only ignited his blood once. He truly didnt have the capital to look down on others.

Why? You dont dare to fight now?

Seeing that Sun Mo didnt reply, Zeng Jun took a step forward and pressed his face closer to Sun Mo while continuing to provoke the latter.

Sun Mo took a step back. He stretched out his hand and fanned the area before his nose. Please move further away from me. Your mouth is too smelly!


Zeng Jun was almost angered to death. If it wasnt for him maintaining his last bit of rationality, he would have smacked Sun Mos mouth rotten.

Oi, stop your verbal attacks, come and fight me!

It was a simple case of reverse psychology.

Sun Mo, so many people are watching. You wont flee, right?

Zhang Sheng sneered, wanting nothing more than to see Sun Mo embarrass himself.

(When have I ever said that I wanted to flee?)

Sun Mo replied, His mouth is smelly, yet he doesnt allow others to speak. What is this?

You are the one whose mouth is smelly, your whole family has smelly mouths! Zeng Jun cursed loudly.

Zeng Jun, Sun Mo is trying to wage a psychological battle with his words. Dont be fooled, Feng Zewen reminded him.

From the looks of how Sun Mo usually acted, he was someone with a strong personality. When facing a challenge, he would absolutely not retreat. Moreover, in a situation where An Xinhui was present, he would definitely not cower back, or where would his face be?

Hence, seeing that he didnt agree even after some time, it was clear that he was playing a psychological battle.

At this time, observing the opponent carefully while retaining ones rationale was the most correct method.

After hearing Feng Zewens words, the hearts of the intern teachers in the surroundings all thumped. Some of them who originally looked down on Sun Mo immediately corrected their attitude.

Is it real or fake?

Zhang Sheng didnt feel that Sun Mo had such intelligence. However, Feng Zewen was a 1-star great teacher, so his judgment couldnt be wrong, right?

An Xinhui also grew increasingly curious about this childhood sweetheart of hers.

No matter how many psychological battles you wage, it will be useless if your actual strength doesnt make the mark! Gu Xiuxuns lips curled.

Zeng Jun started. After that, his gaze became serious when he looked at Sun Mo again. Also, his earlier impatient attitude changed.

Sun Mo, do you dare to fight or not? Just tell me the answer. Theres no need to play any tricks!

Zeng Jun sneered.

Sure. But we dont need to walk too far. We can simply decide the victor at the public square in front of the teaching building!

Sun Mo calmly spoke. However, his eyes glanced toward Feng Zewen instead. This person could see through his purpose with a glance. His judgment wasnt bad.


Feng Zewen, 31 years old. Sixth level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength 27, strength isnt your strong point, but there are no problems for you to kill a savage beast bare-handed.

Intellect 26, insufficient. This is also the reason why you are stuck at the 1-star rank.

Agility 29, you are pretty fast, able to chase the clouds and moon.

Endurance 30, there are no problems even if you were to work every day continuously for an entire week.

Potential value: above average

Note: Too many distractions in your mind. If your thoughts could be slightly purer, you might have broken through your bottleneck long ago.


Sun Mo analyzed the data. Endurance was Feng Zewens strong point. Hence, if he were to fight against Feng Zewen, he had to do his best to avoid a prolonged battle.

System, this Intellect, it doesnt simply refer to the upgrade of ones intelligence quotient, right?

Sun Mo analyzed. If ones intelligence quotient kept going up due to breakthroughs in cultivation, wouldnt that person end up smarter than Einstein?

Thats right, you can understand the Intellect here as comprehension ability. It represents the amount of brain region one has developed. The more ones brain region is developed, the more their memory power, understanding power, comprehension ability, analysis speed, etc would be upgraded. It doesnt refer to IQ, the system explained.

Intellect is different from strength. You will be able to exert all your strength easily, but it wont be so easy for you to exert all your intellect. One needs talent for that.

Sun Mo understood. In history, there were people who reached einsteins level of IQ. But no matter who they were, their accomplishments werent as high as his. This was because they werent able to unleash the same level of their intellect.

For some people, even if you maxed out their intellect, they might still be mediocre.

Feng Zewen was at the sixth level of the blood-ignition realm. His cultivation base didnt seem to be high, but one must know that a great teacher wasnt the same as those cultivators who only pursued martial dao. It was fine as long as they concentrated on their cultivation, but they also had to study unceasingly and delve into their specialization. Just these alone would take up much of their time.

However, the status of a great teacher was definitely more noble compared to cultivators. Leaving aside profound knowledge, just their act of imparting knowledge and educating others was enough for them to gain the respect and courtesy from others in the world.

After all, even for emperors, kings, generals, ministers, sword heroes, and spear saintsthey would have descendants too. Their descendants would still need the guidance of great teachers. What? The sword heroes and spear saints could guide their descendants themselves? What if their descendants had no talent in the same field as them? What if their descendant wished to become a spirit rune master or a beast tamer?


Mission issued. Please defeat Zeng Jun. Reward: 1x black-iron treasure chest!

The system was encouraging Sun Mo to give it his all.

Right now, there were already over 500 people gathered at the public square before the teaching building. Some students came over upon hearing the commotion.

Sun Mo, what weapon will you use?

As the year head, Lian Zheng took the initiative to be the referee.

This will do!

Sun Mo brandished the wooden blade in his hands.

Sun Mo, you better change your weapon. Later on, if I cripple you, dont blame me!

Zeng Jun took out a two-feet-long swift blade. Under the sunlight, it exuded a biting cold killing qi.

No need!

Sun Mo didnt care. In any case, he hadnt used any weapons before. Thus, he chose this wooden blade that had accompanied him for several days. It was quite handy.

Oh yea, this was also a spirit weapon.

An Xinhui wanted to say something to warn him, but she eventually bore the impulse. (Forget it, before he gets injured, I will step out to stop Zeng Jun.)

Are the two of you ready? If you have no objections, you can start anytime!

After Lian Zheng finished speaking, he retreated out of the public square.

Zeng Jun, second level of blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Zeng Jun spoke with confidence. Because Zhang Hanfu was in the crowd, he felt extremely excited. As long as he defeated Sun Mo, he would definitely be able to gain Zhang Hanfus appreciation.

Sun Mo, first-level of blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

This was the first time Sun Mo said something like that. He felt a little strange and regretful. His first opponent was actually a man with many blackheads on his face. This wasnt worthy of remembrance at all!
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