Absolute Great Teacher
65 Crushing, Divine Skill
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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65 Crushing, Divine Skill

After hearing the two of them report their cultivation level, the spectators began to discuss softly, but they werent too shocked.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, sparring combat between two people could proceed as long as the difference in cultivation bases didnt surpass three minor levels.

If it was any higher, the sparring combat wouldnt have any meaning because one of the combatants wouldnt need to show any technique. They could simply use brute force to suppress their opponent.

Zeng Jun was already very confident. Now when he heard that Sun Mo was merely at the first level of blood-ignition, he felt even more so. He displayed the look of an expert and waggled the tip of his blade at Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun, you can attack first!

Xuanyuan Po was extremely interested in combat. He pushed his way through the crowd upon seeing the situation and after hearing Sun Mos name.

You can go first!

Sun Mo humbly declined. He silently praised Zeng Juns posturing. Through Divine Sight, the data showed that Zeng Jun was cultivating the Shattered Soul Blade Art and was proficient in defense.

This meant that Zeng Juns battle technique lay in defending and counter-attacking. If Sun Mo attacked first, it would benefit Zeng Jun instead.

Sun Mo, my cultivation base is higher than yours, you can attack first.

Zeng Jun laughed, showing everyone his magnanimous attitude.

Alright then. I wont tell anyone that you are proficient in defense, Sun Mo spoke bluntly.

A clamor rang out.

The smile on Zeng Juns face stiffened as he felt shocked in his heart. How did this brat know what he was good at? No one could just tell by glancing at him, right?

Sun Mo wasnt a great teacher, how could his judgment be so good?

Just when Zeng Jun was thinking about how to rebut Sun Mo and whether he should take the initiative to attack first, Sun Mo already acted. Sun Mos attack was like a sharp arrow shooting over!


The black sandalwood wooden blade and swift blade collided.


Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched. From Zeng Juns minute expressions, she could tell that Sun Mo was right. But evidently, Sun Mo didnt care about attacking first or second. In other words, it meant that his words earlier were to distract Zeng Jun and launch a sneak attack.

Che, just a minor trick!

Gao Ben was filled with disdain.

Zhang Lans face was still devoid of expressions.

Successfully taking the initiative, Sun Mos wooden blade manifested a patch of blade shadows that enveloped Zeng Jun.

Sun Mos body had cultivated the Overflow Rain Sword for roughly seven years, and the sword technique had integrated into his instincts. This was why Sun Mo could casually unleash it.

Zeng Jun had lost the first-mover advantage and was also a little nervous. In the end, after exchanging a few blows, he began to relax. Sun Mos attack had no strength at all.

(I can win easily!)

Zeng Jun was instantly filled with confidence once more. He wasnt in a hurry to attack and was waiting for the best chance to insta-defeat Sun Mo in a single strike.

Yes. He didnt want to simply win. He wanted to win beautifully so everyone would cheer for him.

The majority of the students gathered over to watch a good show. However, given the judgment of the school leaders, they could already judge who would win or lose. So, their facial expressions were all different based on the faction they supported.

He is quite good with his words, but it turns out that he is nothing but trash!

Feng Zewen didnt expect Sun Mo to be so weak. His Overflow Rain Sword wasnt bad. But if he wanted to win depending on that, it was far from sufficient.

Zhang Hanfu crossed his arms before his chest, waiting for Sun Mo to be defeated. He understood Zeng Juns intentions. However, winning Zhang Hanfus appreciation was not an easy task. Unless of course, Zeng Jun decided to cripple Sun Mos limbs.

However, An Xinhui would definitely prevent that!

Zhang Hanfus attention was focused on An Xinhui. He would definitely stop her. In other words, it meant that Sun Mo would have to be crippled so he could vent his anger.

During these three years, no one had dared to speak that way to him. Sun Mo had to pay the price for his arrogance.

Lian Zheng shook his head imperceptibly. There was no way for Sun Mo to win.

Honestly speaking, Xuanyuan Po felt a little disappointed when he saw the situation. No matter how imposing Sun Mos manner was, if his strength was only this much, it was simply not enough.

An Xinhui didnt say anything. No one knew what she was thinking about.

The spectators also fell silent, and only the sounds of weapons clanging could be heard.

Is this the feeling of combat?

Sun Mos heart throbbed uncontrollably, and he felt a sense of excitement appearing in his heart. This sense of excitement spread throughout his body, making him feel like throwing his head back and roaring.

As a man, how could he not love combat?

In the past, Sun Mo had only experienced the pleasure of combat through games and movies. But now, he could personally enjoy it.

The sharp edge of his opponents blade slashed past his nose, emitting the sense of death. The metallic clean sounds of the weapons clashing were deafening, causing his adrenaline to surge like an erupting volcano.

(Yes, it is this feeling exactly!)

There was no need to care about schemes or put in the effort to maintain interpersonal relations. Everything could be solved by combat!



One could live casually and freely.

At this moment, Sun Mo experienced an unprecedented feeling of freedom.

His wooden blade and his ultimate cultivation art were his capital. (What? Are you not convinced? Ill beat you till you do!)

After a short daze, Sun Mo regained his focus. He stared at Zeng Juns face that was full of blackheads as he began laughing.

His pearly white teeth shone so brightly that they dazzled Zeng Juns eyes.

What the hell are you laughing at?

Zeng Jun was frustrated. (Given your strength, I can fight three of you at the same time with no problem at all!)

Sun Mos laughter provoked Zeng Jun, who decided not to wait anymore. But right when he was about to retaliate, Sun Mos attacks abruptly changed.

Beauty Yu! (movement technique)

Water dragon roar!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Sun Mos movements suddenly became graceful and ethereal. When he slashed his wooden blade out, sounds of roaring could be heard from each of his attacks.

Eighteen Words Order!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The wooden blades attacks grew swifter and swifter, slashing toward Zeng Jun.

Zeng Jun felt the pressure on him increasingly greatly, and he couldnt retaliate at all.


The first to react was the school leaders. Feng Zewen and Liang Zheng widened their eyes in surprise as they stared at Sun Mo.

What cultivation art is this? Zhang Hanfu frowned.

An Xinhui also felt a sense of admiration and bewilderment. How could her childhood sweetheart know such a powerful art?

Sun Mo was currently brandishing his blade and unleashing multiple attacks. He was like a scholar flicking his brush, elegantly writing out beautiful calligraphy with confidence and ease.

His light blue robes fluttered gently in the wind, seemingly flowing with immortal qi.


Both Gu Xiuxun and Zhang Lan let out sounds of exclamation. Why was Sun Mo suddenly so powerful?

What the spectators saw was the scene of Sun Mo violently attacking Zeng Jun. But in Sun Mos eyes, another scene was playing out.

When his wooden blade came in contact with Zeng Juns body, Zeng Juns head would let out a thudding sound and emit a golden facula. At the same time, a golden page would be generated from his head.

These golden pages seemed extremely delicate. They were as light as feathers and simply hung suspended in the air.

My divine skill is so awesome!

Sun Mo praised this greatly in his heart. This was none other than the Immemorial Vairocana, an ultimate unique art that only Sun Mo possessed.

After being hit by this divine skill, the targets head would generate a page that listed the cultivation arts of the target.

Because it was still at the elementary-grade, the content on each page was very little and they might not all belong to the same art. However, even if it was so, Sun Mo didnt care. Right now, he was purely enjoying the feeling of combat.

Zeng Jun wanted to retaliate, but he basically couldnt find a chance. Sun Mos attacks were too concentrated. Since there were no solutions to it, Zeng Jun could only continue to defend.

How do you feel now?

After Sun Mo asked, his wrist moved. The wooden blade moved like a poisonous snake, coming at a strange arc. It suddenly stabbed toward Zeng Juns lips.


Upon seeing the tip of the blade shooting toward him like a flash, Zeng Jun was so alarmed that he perspired cold sweat. He could only retreat with haste to lengthen the distance between them.

Sun Mo lunged forward like a savage beast. His movements caused the clods of earth and dust to be kicked up as the pressure on Zeng Jun mounted.

Crows Crying at Night!

Colors of Autumn!


Sun Mos wooden blade slashed out. In that instant, in Zeng Juns vision, that black-colored wooden blade created a dark curtain that covered the entire sky, blotting out his vision of the world.

And at the next instant, he felt himself being flung through the air. There was an immense pain from his chest.


Zeng Jun fell onto the ground and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Everyone fell completely silent. Let alone the students, even the teachers didnt expect Sun Mo to win so easily!

How is this possible?

Ludi was dumbfounded. Sun Mo actually won?

What kind of cultivation art is that? Its so powerful!

Ive never seen it. Has Teacher Liu seen it before?


The teachers didnt really care about who won or lost. Instead, they felt more curiosity toward Sun Mos cultivation art. That was definitely the reason for his victory.

Who is that teacher?

The students who came later didnt recognize Sun Mo.

He is Teacher Sun Mo!

After someone replied, several gazes turned toward Sun Mo.

An Xinhui applauded and a smile of surprise and gratification appeared on her face. This childhood sweetheart of hers caused her to see him in a new light once again.


Favorable impression from An Xinhui +1.

Prestige connection with An Xinhui: Neutral (3/100).

Upon hearing the notification from the system, Sun Mo cast a glance at An Xinhui. Very good. Although she had no expression on her face and merely nodded at him, the system notification proved that she wasnt as cold as she appeared to be.

Could An Xinhui be a tsundere?

Sun Mo speculated.

I lost? I lost so easily?

Zeng Jun was on the ground, and his face was filled with disbelief. He hadnt unleashed his ultimate skill yet, why did he already lose? What did Sun Mo do? He completely couldnt see it clearly.

Sun Mo spun the wooden blade and inserted it back on the belt beside his waist.

Thanks for letting me win!

These words caused Zeng Juns face to turn pale immediately. Even his blackheads almost turned white.

Zeng Juns lips trembled. He glanced at Zhang Hanfu only to see the latter flicking his sleeves and leaving. After that, he felt nothing but despair.

Because he knew that he was finished, he planned to cripple Sun Mo in an attempt to gain Zhang Hanfus appreciation. However, he had lost the duel.

Im clearly at the second level of blood-ignition and is a level higher than you. How could I have lost?

Zeng Jun bellowed in rage. He felt that he didnt even have time to display his ultimate skill, and he truly lost unjustly.

Sun Mo naturally wouldnt bother replying. He casually made a gesture and those golden pages flew over to him as they compiled into a book.

What does Sun Mos gesture mean?

Zhang Lan didnt understand.

I dont know. Maybe its some sort of ritual?

Gu Xiuxun guessed.

My teacher is awesome!

Xuanyuan Po was amazed. As a man who loved combat, his instincts told him that the power of Sun Mos ultimate skill was extremely great.


Favorable impression from Xuanyuan Po +1.

Prestige connection with Xuanyuan Po established. Current state: Neutral (1/100).

Upon hearing this, Sun Mo couldnt help but incline his head to search for Xuanyuan Pos figure in the crowd. Excellent, the prestige connection with this combat addict was finally unlocked. It seemed that only by displaying talent in combat could he gain the admiration of Xuanyuan Po.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》