Absolute Great Teacher
71 Returning from a Rewarding Journey
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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71 Returning from a Rewarding Journey


Lu Zhiruos eyes were wide open as she stared at the dagger.

I cant accept this!

Sun Mo rejected hurriedly. This is too valuable!

Sigh, what youve said is wrong. No matter how much money you have, you cant buy a pleasant mood. Through these few years of retirement, today is undoubtedly my happiest day. I have read a masterpiece and seen the birth of a famous painting. How satisfying!

As Zheng Qingfang spoke, he emptied another cup and started coughing.

Old Master, youve drunk too much.

The old servant tried to advise him as he was worried about Zheng Qingfangs health.

Cough cough, it does no harm!

Zheng Qingfang indicated for the old servant to mind his own business.

He had been a high-ranking official in the imperial court for so many years, so it was natural for him to have come across a few marveling sights of skillful painting. However, those few painters were old.

After all, the skill of painting required valuable experience. But Sun Mo, how old was he? It was indeed too formidable for a twenty-year-old man to have reached such a state.

As for his novel, even though his literature was not as superior, the story was extremely well-written. As Zheng Qingfang closed his eyes now, the arrogant and unyielding Monkey King, the determined and persistent Reverend Sanzang, the lecherous and greedy Zhu Bajie, and a Monk Sha[1] with no sense of existence but was still recallable, all remained vivid in his mind[2]

Zheng Qingfang didnt dare to say that this novel was a masterpiece handed down from ancient times. However, in many years to come, there was no problem for it to become famous in Middle Earth Nine Provinces.

Zheng Qingfang presented the chasing cloud dagger to Sun Mo out of admiration for his talent. This was because this teenager whose smile was as bright as sunshine had extraordinary skills in writing and painting.

Take it, Im old anyway. I dont have a chance of riding a horse anymore.

When Zheng Qingfang saw that Sun Mo declined, his expression became stiff. Stop rejecting it, are you not treating me as a close friend?

The old servant was speechless. (Oh, Old Master, you cant ride a horse anymore, but your descendants still can, especially your grandson who has been eyeing after this dagger for a long time. Now that you have given it to Sun Mo, your grandson will surely find trouble for me.)

Its really too valuable!

Sun Mo didnt know what to say.

Teacher is so awesome!

Seeing how Zheng Qingfang wanted to give such a precious spirit weapon to Sun Mo, Lu Zhiruos entire heart was filled with admiration for her teacher.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +20.

Prestige connection Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (233/1,000).

Take it, if youre a man, then stop being wishy-washy!

After Zheng Qingfang handed over the dagger to Sun Mo, he emptied another cup and started laughing uncontrollably.

I have never expected to see the birth of a famous painting. Previously, I was still thinking if your painting was not too bad, then I would purchase one for ten taels of silver. Ridiculous, how ridiculous!

Zheng Qingfang thought that he was lucky he had not quoted a price, if not it would have been too embarrassing.

Lu Zhiruo and the old servant laughed as well, ten taels of silver? Even if you multiplied it a hundred times, it wasnt enough to purchase the painting of Sanzangs journey.

What could Sun Mo say? He passed the dagger to Lu Zhiruo and could only maintain his humble smile.

Seeing how Sun Mo had restrained his curiosity and didnt immediately start to admire the dagger, the old servant was impressed with Sun Mo once again. It was a common sight that when people saw a treasure of this specific tier, they would start to fiddle with it without hesitation.

Zheng Qingfang was drinking his wine while looking at Sun Mo. The more he looked, the more admiration he had for him. Sun Mo was not only good-looking, but he was also brimming with talent. Oh yes, should he marry his granddaughter to him? Then he could always be the first person to see his future works!

The food and wine turned cold, and Zheng Qingfang asked the servant to leave. He switched to another table and continued to drink with Sun Mo. He was really over the moon today.

After drinking for a moment, Zheng Qingfang couldnt help but look a few times at the script of [Journey to the West] again. Then, he got up to admire the painting of Sanzang.

The portrait drawings of other characters were excellent as well. However, when compared to this piece, it was still somewhat inferior.

Eh? I keep feeling like its lacking something?

Zheng Qingfang finally discovered the blind spot.

Sun Mo was puzzled. On the contrary, Lu Zhiruos small hand covered her mouth and reminded softly, Its your name inscription!

Yes, its name inscription. How can a famous piece of painting not have a name inscription?

Zheng Qingfang suddenly came to a realization and quickly asked Sun Mo to amend it.


Sun Mo was a little embarrassed.

Quickly write it. If you dont sign your name, how will anyone know its your work? Zheng Qingfang urged him and suddenly responded, Dont tell me you have never written a name inscription before? Hold on, could this be your first piece of creation?

Sun Mo nodded.

This is wonderful!

Zheng Qingfang was so excited he didnt use a wine cup anymore. He started pouring the wine into his mouth from the wine pot.

Old Master!

The old servant jumped in shock.

Zheng Qingfang burst into loud laughter. If Sun Mo were to become famous in the future, then his first piece of work would have such a high commemoration value. Hence, he quickly warned him again. You must write down todays date and time!

Sun Mo was indifferent.

Also, if you wish to publish the book, you need a pseudonym usually. What do you intend to call yourself?

Zheng Qingfang indicated for Lu Zhiruo to eat more and not be too reserved.


Sun Mo had wanted to name himself Wu Chengen to let people know who was the main author of [Journey to the West]. But he thought of how the book was written by him. Although the content was similar, the literature was different. Even the characters impressions were somewhat edited by his own opinions. For example, Zhu Bajie was more annoying now and Sha Wujing was a two-faced person. Hence, he gave up that thought.

GoGo what?

Hearing such a strange vocabulary, Zheng Qingfang wasnt able to form any inherent image in his brain.

Goblin, its a type of monster!

Sun Mo seemed to say it so carelessly, but he was actually trying to sound out Zheng Qingfang. For a high-ranking official like him, he must have come across many situations. If even he wasnt aware, then it was clear that such a thing didnt exist.

Have you conceptualized it already? Is it a monster thats going to appear in the second half of [Journey to the West]?

Zheng Qingfang was curious.


Sun Mo was someone with a vigorous desire for knowledge. He had wanted to find out if there were other places outside of Middle Earth Nine Provinces. For example, whether there were western countries, or whether there were dragons, swords, or magic.

As of now, they didnt seem to exist.

Could it be for another book then?

Zheng Qingfang stared at Sun Mo with a burning gaze. He couldnt wait for it.

Ive decided, my pseudonym is Gandalf!

Sun Mo changed the topic. Theres no meaning to it, just a random name.

This is up to you!

Zheng Qingfang usually slept very early because of health reasons, but he couldnt stop chatting with Sun Mo today until very late at night.

It was very late into the night and the school gate was already shut. Since Zheng Qingfang was being greatly hospitable, Sun Mo and Lu Zhiruo stayed for the night in the guest room.

The next morning, Zheng Qingfang woke up early to have breakfast with Sun Mo despite still having a headache from the hangover. Then, he saw him off.

Old Master, he isnt even a great teacher. He merely wrote an interesting novel and has pretty good painting skills. Must you be so nice to him?

The old servant couldnt understand why the Old Master had presented the chasing cloud dagger as a gift to Sun Mo.

To be able to hold my position in the imperial court for forty-seven years straight, it was all because I can spot talents with my eyes. That Sun Mo, he has the kind of temperament I cant describe!

Zheng Qingfang stood at the gate of the book store and gazed at the silhouette of the horse carriage in the distance.

Temperament? I admit that hes quite good-looking!

The old servant didnt discover any impressive temperament.

You wont understand!

Zheng Qingfang didnt want to continue explaining. For Sun Mo to be able to draw like that, it was certain that he had endless knowledge in his mind. The concept of that painting was impossible to be feigned.

The next time Sun Mo comes, you must receive him as an important guest.

Zheng Qingfang instructed.

After alighting from the horse carriage, Sun Mo paid for the ride and strolled in proudly.

Lu Zhiruo carried a little wooden chest filled with a thousand taels of silver and followed behind Sun Mo like a little tail. Her gaze, filled with worship, looked toward Sun Mo from time to time.

Teacher Sun was so awesome. Just by writing a novel, he had earned a thousand taels of silver. Additionally, there was a sum of authors remuneration awaiting. Not only that, but he also had excellent painting skills.

She could never have expected that Teacher Sun was a painter capable of creating a famous painting of such standards. Those illustrations from yesterday were extremely god-like.

Aiya, I wish Teacher Sun would draw a portrait of me someday!

Lu Zhiruo pouted her lips and then she hurriedly touched the chasing cloud dagger that was tucked in her embrace.

Fortunately, she didnt lose it. This was a spirit weapon. If it went missing, Lu Zhiruo might have to commit suicide in order to apologize for her offense.

Recalling how Zheng Qingfang had given out such a precious gift, Lu Zhiruo still thought that it was unbelievable. If it were her, she wouldnt have given it out and would have left it for her own family instead.

Diehard fans are so terrifying!

Lu Zhiruo sighed. But Teacher Sun, who can conquer his diehard fans, is even more terrifying!


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +10.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (243/1,000).

Hearing the notification sound, Sun Mo couldnt help but turn around. (I know your breasts are big, but you are not a milk cow, must you contribute favorable impression points so frequently, huh?)

The papaya girls eyes bent slightly, and she immediately let out a sweet smile. She carried the little wooden chest with one hand and grabbed Sun Mos corner hem with the other.

Seeing Sun Mo, Mister Qin, who had been guarding the gatehouse, walked over immediately to greet him.

Teacher Sun, good morning!

Hello, Mister Qin!

Sun Mo nodded and handed over a packet of leaf tobacco. I bought this in the morning while passing by the street market!

Teacher Sun, you are flattering me. I dont deserve it!

Mister Qin promptly gestured his hands without receiving the packet.

As a guard, he had seen many people and heard a lot of gossip. Hence, Mister Qin already knew that Sun Mo had recruited five students. In fact, he had received the acknowledgment from the schools leaders. As for his official employment, it would likely be happening over these few days.

When facing intern teachers, Mister Qin could still maintain some sense of superiority. After all, out of ten intern teachers, nine of them wouldnt be able to stay in the academy. However, he couldnt treat an official teacher that way.

There was a very big difference between the status of a gatekeeper and a teacher. If not for Sun Mos promotion, Mister Qin would never have put on his smiling face and taken the initiative to greet him. He wouldnt even have walked out from the gatehouse.

Just take it, I dont know how to smoke tobacco with a pipe. Itd be a waste to keep it with me.

How much money could a packet of tobacco cost? Even if Sun Mo didnt earn a big sum of money from his authors remuneration, he was still able to afford it. He was giving something to Mister Qin merely for the convenience of going in and out of the school gate in the future.

Just in case he needed to return in the middle of the night next time, it would be easy for him to talk his way through the guarded entrance.

Seeing how Sun Mo had indeed bought the tobacco for him, Mister Qin hurriedly rubbed both his hands against his trousers. After wiping off the sweat and dust, he bent over slightly and extended both hands to receive it.

Sun Mo noticed the difference in Mister Qins behavior. Last time, when he had given him the tobacco, Mister Qin had only received it with one hand. From these little movements, he could infer that Mister Qin had found out about his promotion.

Teacher Sun, take care!

Mister Qin waited until Sun Mo had walked off for about twenty meters before he returned to the gatehouse. After he kept the tobacco, he couldnt help but sigh with sorrow. (Look at that EQ of this guy. He indeed knows how to behave, so its no wonder that he is able to live off Headmaster An.)

Sun Mo put his stuff in place and went to the library to prepare for his lessons materials. But not long after that, a young woman came to look for him.

[1] Referring to Sha Wujing

[2] Characters from Journey to the West (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_West)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》