Absolute Great Teacher
72 Imperious Manifesto!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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72 Imperious Manifesto!


Sun Mo, Headmaster An wants to see you!

Zhou Lin was wearing a long robe that was so well-ironed that there wasnt a single crease on it. Standing next to the desk, she was speaking with an ice-cold tone, cold enough to freeze a herd of hibernating rabbits to death.

You are?

Sun Mo frowned. Her attitude was not only cold. It was as if she had seen a rat that had been stealing her households rice.

Zhou Lin, Headmaster Ans female assistant! Zhou Lin urged, Come on, dont let Headmaster An wait for long.

Sun Mo packed his stuff and followed behind Zhou Lin.

Under normal circumstances, one would try to maintain a good relationship with the female assistant of the Headmaster, as it would aid the development of ones career. However, Zhou Lin was so cold in her mannerisms that Sun Mo didnt want to be met with a cold rebuke after showing warm feelings.

Of course, Sun Mo didnt care about maintaining a good relationship with An Xinhui either. He was depending on his talent to make a living, eh, actually according to his looks, it would be feasible to make a living out of his appearance too.

Both persons didnt speak a word. Hence, on the way there, the awkward atmosphere didnt disperse.

Zhou Lin was obviously unhappy with Sun Mo because of his status as An Xinhuis fiance.

Zhou Lin was An Xinhuis junior, and she worshiped her so much. In Zhou Lins eyes, all terrible men in the world were not fit to be with the perfect Eldest Miss.

As for Sun Mo, Zhou Lin had naturally held prejudices against him without actual facts of how he was as a person; hence, she didnt want to find out more about him. She only wished Sun Mo would quickly rescind the engagement and get out of the school.

Sun Mo fixed his eyes on Zhou Lin who was five meters ahead of him and activated his Divine Sight.

Zhou Lin, female assistant, twenty-one years old, blood-ignition realm.

Strength: 22, even though it isnt great, it is sufficient to hit a mans head till it explodes.

Intellect: 25, her learning ability is very strong and her theoretical knowledge is solid. She has a developed memory and is a great material for an assistant.

Agility: 27, running errands is her special strength.

Endurance: 26, she once worked for five days straight without taking a rest.

Will: 28, she is bigoted and self-centered. Once she has set her mind on something, she will be firm till the end and will never change her opinions easily.

Potential value: above average.

Remark: She has peculiar feelings toward An Xinhui and views men as extreme enemies.

Sun Mo pouted.

This data was very outstanding, except for her will that was intimidating at first glance. It was better not to marry such a woman; otherwise, there would be no peace at home in the future.

He read on further. Her potential value was great, but what the hell was wrong with this remark?

Sun Mo had a dumbfounded expression. He was looking at Zhou Lin while being utterly astonished. Was this grim-looking girl a lesbian? Sun Mo suddenly understood why Zhou Lin was so hostile toward him.

(Oh f*ck, after analyzing for so long, is she treating me as her love rival?)

All of a sudden, Zhou Lin turned her head around, looking at Sun Mo.

And like a reflex, Sun Mo shifted his gaze away.

Zhou Lin stared at Sun Mo in suspicion and snorted, knowing that there was nothing good about men. She felt so uncomfortable, as though a man had peeled off her clothes and was appreciating her naked body. This thought made her twist her body uncontrollably.

Sun Mo must have been admiring her figure from behind, how disgusting!

Zhou Lin bit her lips and quickened her footsteps.

On the contrary, Sun Mo slowed down his pace. Facing a person with paranoia, he knew he had better remain at a respectful distance and should never come into contact with them. Otherwise, any of his unconcerned little movements might provoke that person and trigger a Ma-Jiajue-style[1] murder case. If that happened, he could only blame his bad luck.

They arrived at the Headmaster Office and coincidentally bumped into Gu Xiuxun who was leaving.

Teacher Gu!

Zhou Lin took the initiative to greet Gu Xiuxun. A smile blossomed on her face.

Actually, when this girl smiled, she was still considered good-looking. Similar to her potential value, it could be rated at seven points. If she was placed at No. 2 High School, there would easily be more than 10 guys trying to seek her attention even if she hadnt done anything to attract them.

Assistant Zhou!

After Gu Xiuxun greeted them, she waved her hand while facing Sun Mo. Teacher Sun, were colleagues from now onward. Please remember to look after me!

Teacher Gu must be joking. I should be the one being looked after by you!

Sun Mo laughed gently. After all, he had been a teacher-in-charge for six years and had equipped himself with some socializing abilities.

Hehe, I thought Teacher Sun will be going for an aloof teaching style.

Gu Xiuxun made fun of him.

Then what style is Teacher Gu going for?

Sun Mo thought to himself that he must be on alert even if Gu Xiuxun was smiling at him like a flower. He had previously heard from a close friend that if a woman were to smile dazzlingly at you despite not loving you, then you had better be careful. She must be trying to lure you into a trap.

This was his conclusion after having attended seventeen matchmaking sessions from an online dating website.

Teacher Suns words are a bit overbearing, but thats normal. Youve just recruited Xuanyuan Po and Li Ziqi. Its the best time to be proud of your success.

Gu Xiuxun sighed, revealing a look of unwillingness on her face.

Sun Mos keen observation detected how Zhou Lin, who was standing at the side, frowned after hearing these 2 names. She then glanced at Sun Mo and the loathing on her face disappeared instantly.

Aiya, how cunning is this masochist? Was she trying to incite Zhou Lins unhappiness toward me? Would she talk bad about me in front of An Xinhui and create obstacles for me?

Sun Mo was still smiling but had marked Gu Xiuxun down in his mental booklet. Once there was an opportunity, he must let this masochist lick her own toes.

If it wasnt for his experience, Sun Mo would have thought that Gu Xiuxun was trying to praise him.

This was what office politics was. If you werent paying attention, you would never know when you would be plotted against.

If you still have things to say, lets leave it until next time. Headmaster An is still waiting!

Zhou Lin interrupted.

Then lets drink tea together one day!

Gu Xiuxun waved her hands and left. On the surface, her attitude remained friendly.

If it were other men, they might have thought that Gu Xiuxun was interested in them. In that instant, they might have already planned for their childrens names.


Mission announcement: please defeat Gu Xiuxun thoroughly in terms of teaching abilities within a year. You have to do it until she accepts her loss wholeheartedly. Your prize will be a silver treasure chest.

Remark: if Gu Xiuxun is so impressed to the extent that she licks your toes, the system shall give you an additional reward of one mysterious treasure chest!

Sun Mo, who was just entering the door, got stunned. What the hell was this?

He could understand the mission, as after all, it was an Absolute Great Teacher System. In the process of cultivating a great teacher, it was a common sight for the hosts to defeat other teachers. However, what was that remark all about?

It is what it is. If Gu Xiuxun willingly licks your toes, then it shows that she has accepted the fact that your teaching abilities are better. The system will naturally have to throw in additional rewards.

The system explained.

Are you a sadist?

Sun Mo inquired.

Make a guess?

Sometimes, the system had a very evil taste. Oh yes, to encourage you, there will be a penalty as well. If you fail, you have to lick a big, burly mans sweaty feet that have been enclosed in sports shoes for a whole day.

Can you be more unscrupulous than this?

In Sun Mos heart, he was cursing the systems mom with vulgarities. I dont want such a great reward, can you just recall the penalty?

The system was silent and stopped entertaining Sun Mo.

Sun Mo?

In the office, An Xinhuis voice came through.

Sun Mo could only suppress his anger and walked in.

The office was huge but was furnished very simply. Other than a bookshelf that was filled with books, there were two rows of display cabinets. They were filled with all kinds of important trophies earned by Central Province Academy from the establishment day until now. There were a total of 62 trophies.

These were all selected very carefully. Otherwise, there wouldnt be enough space to display everything.

In fact, before they were on the decline, it wasnt exaggerating to say that Central Province Academy was covered in glory.

Seeing how Sun Mos gaze landed on those trophies, An Xinhui revealed expressions of self-blame and self-mockery. Those were all in the past. For the last twenty years, the school has not received any important trophy.

There will be more in the future.

Sun Mo comforted her. On the first day when the intern teachers reported to the school, they had all been taken to the Honor Hall of the academy to take a look. The hall was filled with trophies, certificates, as well as banners!

This was the reason why even though Central Province Academy had dropped to the bottom of D Grade schools and was about to be delisted, many students still came to register every year.

An Xinhui stood up and extended her hand.

As the headmaster, I hope that you can put your talents into good use in this school. Please cultivate a few elite students and bring back one or two trophies for the school.

Hahaha, you must have said the same words to the others, right?

Sun Mo asked while laughing.

Zhou Lin felt unhappy. Who did he think he was? Did he deserve any special treatment from Headmaster An?

Yes, I have said it many times over the last three years. But every time I say it, its from the bottom of my heart.

An Xinhui looked straight into Sun Mos eyes with a sincere gaze.

Looking at this woman with sunken cheeks, Sun Mo knew that she had been overworking herself. Thus, Sun Mo grabbed her hand and said, Im employed here not because of you nor the school. A lot of people are saying that I am living off a woman, and I just want to prove them wrong!

Sun Mo!

After hearing this reply, Zhou Lin was immediately filled with anger and berated him.

An Xinhui raised her hand, indicating Zhou Lin to shut her mouth. Her gaze was still fixed on Sun Mo, but without any fluctuation of emotion. In her inner heart, she could feel an additional sense of surprise.

The Little Momo, who had been tailing behind her butt during their childhood, had now become so masculine?

Wheres the pen? Ill sign it!

Sun Mo had already seen an official employment letter on the work desk with his name on it.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became silent. Only the sounds of a pen scribbling against paper could be heard in the office.

Even though the system had announced a mission that within one year, he should help Central Province Academy achieve top 5 in the D Grade league tournament, Sun Mo wasnt interested in it at all.

The reason why Sun Mo stayed here was just as he had explained, to prove himself.

Leaving dejectedly after receiving contempt and hostility from people?

Sorry, that was impossible for Sun Mo. He would wave his fists and punch his opponents so ferociously until all their teeth dropped.

Sun Mo planned to guide a few top students in the school and become the most formidable and well-known great teacher! He wanted to shut all those annoying people up.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mos pretty face. For the first time, her slightly furrowed brows smoothened out and she had a smile on her face.

She was full of admiration for Sun Mo who had such a mentality. If their situation was better, she wouldnt even hesitate to marry him.

Sigh, grandfather, what a tough problem you have given me!

An Xinhui sighed with a myriad of sorrows!


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +5

Prestige connection with An Xinhui, neutral (15/100).

Sun Mo didnt take note of An Xinhuis expression because just as he signed his name on the letter of employment, the systems notification rang.


Congratulations, you have completed the mission. Within half a month, you have risen from a teaching assistant to become an official teacher. Your prize is a silver treasure chest!

[1] A notorious murder case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Jiajue
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