Absolute Great Teacher
74 Secondary Occupation Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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74 Secondary Occupation Obtained!


Lu Zhiruo was cowardly and would always try to avoid contact with others. Therefore, the places where shed go were very limited.

Other than the dorm, canteen, and libraryplaces where she could be alone by herselfthere was only the warehouse.

Li Gongs small space had become Lu Zhiruos private base that she used for training and meditation.

When Sun Mo came, she saw the papaya girl practicing her sword here.

She was panting and her clothes were completely soaked. However, she still didnt show any intention of stopping.

Sun Mo nodded. Although Lu Zhiruos potential value was very low, her hard work and attitude were commendable.

Teacher Sun?

Lu Zhiruo immediately stopped when she saw Sun Mo, and she came running over. Her big and beautiful eyes curved into two crescents.

How are you getting along with your dorm mates?

Sun Mo handed her a candy. After Lu Zhiruo took it, he rubbed her head.

Its its alright!

Lu Zhiruo took off the wrapper but didnt eat the candy. Instead, she fed it to Sun Mo.

You eat. I dont like sweet things.

Sun Mo said to her and thought the word open.

The silver treasure chest appeared before him and released a brilliant glow. After the light dissipated, what was left behind was a book that was shrouded in a faint golden glow.

Skill book?

Sun Mo was elated and wanted to cry out My prided papaya girls luck is really the best in the world! To think that patting her head can bring another skill book!


Congratulations, youve obtained Spirit-Gathering Rune Depiction Technique, grandmaster-grade!

The systems congratulation rang out.


Sun Mo broke out laughing. It was another grandmaster-grade skill. This was excellent!

Lu Zhiruo sneaked looks at Sun Mo. (Whats the matter with Teacher Sun? Why is he smiling so happily? Did he pick up money again? No, Teacher isnt such a low-class person. Even if he were to pick up money, hed return it to the owner.)

Although its not a bad thing to be hardworking, you must have enough rest as well. Dont overwork yourself.

Sun Mo instructed her and then went to the library to get some information. Although the owner of this body had some knowledge about spirit rune words, they were insufficient. He needed more detailed information.

The Central Province Academys learning atmosphere wasnt bad. There were almost no empty seats regardless of what time one headed to the library. Therefore, all the students just picked the book of their choice and sat on the ground, leaning against the bookshelves as they read.

Sun Mo found the books of spirit runes and started to read from the foundational ones.

Spirit runes were diagrams that were drawn out using unique ink that contained spirit qi. After they were activated, they would produce all sorts of different effects.

For example, the Spirit-Gathering Rune was a diagram that could gather spirit qi. After the diagram was activated, the surrounding spirit qi would be sucked into it.

Sun Mo flipped through the books for a while and understood.

Spirit runes were like magic scrolls in the magic-themed games and movies. After activation, the magic that was on the scrolls would be released.

It was like how after a fireball scroll was activated, one could release a big ball of fire.

The ink used to draw spirit runes must contain spirit qi. Therefore, people often used fresh blood or ground bone powder from ferocious beasts, medicinal herbs, ores, and other things that had spirit qi in it.

In Middle-Earths nine provinces, the teachers must grasp one or many secondary occupations in order to become great teachers with stars. This was the requirement set by the Saint Gate.

Alchemists, weaponsmiths, beast tamers, herbalists, spirit rune masters, and doctors were all relatively popular secondary occupations.

Why did the teachers flock toward them?

It was because not only would they be able to show off, but the demand for these occupations were also high, and most importantly, theyd be able to earn money.

Out of all of them, alchemy and weaponsmithing were the most popular. Even cultivators who werent great teachers would study these two areas.

It was because alchemical pills and weapons were things that would accompany a cultivator for life. Alchemical pills could help one advance levels, heal injuries, replenish spirit qi, and many others. If one could refine these themselves, even if the pills couldnt be sold and were left for themselves, itd at least be cheaper than to buy them from elsewhere!

As for weapons, if one could forge a spirit weapon or even saint weapon, theyd strike it rich.

The owner of this body had previously chosen alchemy as his secondary occupation, and he was only at the elementary-grade. Other people would probably despise him even if he were to work as an apprentice.

Spirit rune masters werent as popular as alchemists and weaponsmiths. However, they werent bad either.

Sun Mo continued to read books to have a better understanding of spirit rune words.

Three hours later, the system felt displeased. Are you going to learn it or not?

To the system, this was a humiliation.

I must emphasize that no skills given by the system are trash. You should be appreciative!

Sun Mo ignored the systems nagging. Seeing that there wasnt anyone nearby, he took out the grandmaster-grade Spirit-Gathering Rune Depiction Technique and shattered it with a slap from his palm.


The skill book shattered into golden light spots like fireflies and then shot toward Sun Mos forehead. Nothing was left behind.

A massive amount of knowledge instantly gushed into Sun Mo, causing him some headache. He recalled the scene from his younger days in the countryside where the heartless traders would take a water pump and pumped in water into living pigs.

However, this process wasnt long. About ten or more seconds, that knowledge was digested, and all sorts of professional jargon and concepts flashed past in his mind.

Sun Mo didnt need to think and naturally knew what they were talking about.

It was like looking at a question asking what 1+1 was. Hed be able to write down the answer 2 without any hesitation. It was because it was too simple that it had become instinctive.

Sun Mo thought about all the information about the Spirit-Gathering Rune Depiction Technique, and his expression turned into that of a pleasant surprise. He couldnt help but praise.

System, this is really amazing!

The Spirit-Gathering Rune was the most basic, common, and practical spirit runes in spirit rune words. It could be said that if a cultivator were to purchase spirit runes, then the first thing theyd buy would be the Spirit-Gathering Rune.

True to its name, the Spirit-Gathering Rune gathered spirit qi.

Cultivations required spirit qi for their meditation, training, and attempts to break through levels. It could be said that spirit qi was the core of all cultivators in Middle-Earths Nine Provinces.

Cultivating was the process of absorbing spirit qi. If the spirit density around one was high, then things would naturally progress very easily.

Hmph, of course! Im the best!

The system was very proud.

Then how amazing is my Depiction Technique?

Sun Mo wasnt done with his questions, so he allowed the system to be proud for a while.

Ranked third in Central Province Academy, seventh in Jinling City, and 26th in the entire Central Province, the system replied.

It isnt even top in the school, yet you dare say that youre the best?

Sun Mo teased. He was actually very pleased.

Thats crap. You have just obtained the Spirit-Gathering Rune Depiction Technique, yet youre still not satisfied with this ranking? Those who are ranked in front of you specialize in spirit rune words. Which of them hadnt spent over ten, twenty years, or even half of their lifetime on this subject? What are you using to compare against them?

Sun Mo had long since guessed this possibility, but he still couldnt help but want to ask.

What if we put an age limit? Lets say, amongst those 30 years old and below. What rank would my Depiction Technique be at?

Sun Mo was 20 years old this year and his expectations werent high. He just wanted to be better than people who were ten years older than him.

Ranked first in Central Province Academy, second in Jinling City, and fifth across the entire Central Province.

The system replied without hiding anything.

Only second in Jinling City?

Sun Mo smacked his lips.

Be content. You havent even drawn a single spirit rune yet!

If the system had eyes, it would really want to roll its eyes 100 times.

How do I raise my ranking?

Sun Mo was displeased. He wanted to be number one, at least in Jinling City.

Practice makes perfect.

The systems reply was with the most pristine principle.

It seems that Ill have to work hard for a while!

In order to become a 1-star great teacher, he would need to be proficient in a secondary occupation.

Given the original owners pathetic alchemy standard, Sun Mo would have to spend a lot of time in order to become proficient in it. However, things were different from spirit rune words.

Sun Mo had already grasped the grandmaster-grade Spirit-Gathering Rune. This in itself would become a valuable experience.

Ordinary people would have to spend at least ten years in order to reach this level. Therefore, Sun Mo could be considered to be at the elementary-grade in spirit runes. He just needed to work a little harder and the learning would progress steadily.

Of course, other than that, it was also very tempting to use the Spirit-Gathering Rune to earn money.

Sun Mo had a high level of mastery in painting. The art pieces he came up with were definitely of great quality. However, what was the use of that?

In any era, only a minority would be able to admire these art pieces and were willing to spend money to collect them. Moreover, many artists tended to be poor while they were still alive, and their art pieces would only be treated as antiques, with their prices hiking up a few hundred years after the artists death. But what would that have anything to do with the artist themselves?

The Spirit-Gathering Rune was better. He could sell them for money after drawing them.

Alright, I dont have any more questions. System, dismissed!

Sun Mo started humming as if he could already see a lot of money with wings flying into his pockets. He believed that it wouldnt be long before he could provide for Lu Zhiruo. Moreover, he could add two more eggs for breakfast every morning, eating one and throwing the other one!


Mission released. Please complete 1,000 spirit runes within a month. The reward will be one black-iron treasure chest. If the mission fails, the grade of the skill will drop.

To hell with you!

Sun Mo cursed. Did the system have to be so narrow-minded? Could they still be friends and get along happily?

If he wasnt able to complete the mission and the Depiction Technique dropped directly to the elementary-grade, then wouldnt he cry to his death?

Although he had received the punishing mission, Sun Mo didnt have the time to draw the spirit runes. It was because it was about time for the first public lecture. He needs to make preparations and get a great start for his first job.

Sun Mo knew that given his identity as An Xinhuis fianc, many people would be biased against him, not liking him.

The first part of the public lecture had a Q&A segment. Thered definitely be many people trying to make things difficult for him then. Theyd want to deal him blows until he scrammed out of the school.

Hmph, Ill definitely not let things go the way you guys want it to!

Sun Mo said firmly. Back in No.2 High School, he had the nickname Black Doggy Sun. If he was serious in wanting to shoot at a person, hed be like a wild dog that had broken off from its leash. Even hed be afraid of himself!
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