Absolute Great Teacher
79 I Think I Should Learn How to Cook!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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79 I Think I Should Learn How to Cook!


The lecture theater fell silent.

The students listened seriously. Maybe, Sun Mos answer might be of use to them.

As for the teachers, they all had judging gazes as they stared at Sun Mo.

From the looks of things now, the first half-hour of Sun Mos lesson wasnt bad. However, this was insufficient to tell whether a teacher was outstanding or not. One still had to look at their practical ability to guide students.

Lets hope he isnt an idiot that only knows theoretical discussion but is actually useless in practice!

Zhou Shanyi sighed.

Sun Mo glanced at this skinny youth named Wang Gang. All sorts of data appeared from his body.


Wang Gang, 15 years old. Sixth level of the Body-Refinement Realm.

Strength 9, when stirring with the ladle during cooking, you gain immense strength!

Intellect 5, sufficient for usage.

Agility 3, rigid.

Endurance 9, you have an endless source of energy!

Potential value: Average

Note: Love to cook. Rather than being a cultivator, you are more suitable to be a chef.


Sun Mo glanced over and felt a little speechless. The data was all quite standard and there were no highlights. But what the hell was that note?

Sun Mo involuntarily glanced at Wang Gangs hands. As expected, the joints there were thicker and he was suitable to be a head cook.

Wang Gang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling a little uncomfortable from Sun Mos stare.

Sun Mo got down the rostrum and went to Wang Gangs side. He stretched out his hand and touched his shoulder. After that, his hand moved downward as he inspected Wang Gangs muscles.

The grandmaster-grade Muscleforge Technique allowed Sun Mo to understand the conditions of Wang Gangs muscles in a few seconds. However, in order to drag a little time, as well as to increase the value of his guidance in the eyes of the others, he remained in the same position for one minute.

One must know when some leaders watched you doing stuff, they didnt care about the results. The first thing they looked at would be whether you have a serious attitude or not. If Sun Mo stopped after a few seconds, the other teachers would surely feel that he had a perfunctory attitude and was not serious enough.

The reason why you are stuck at the sixth level of the body-refinement realm for half-a-year is because you have not trained enough!

Sun Mo explained.


Wang Gang and his roommate at the side both called out in surprise.

The over ten teachers at the back of the lecture theater also frowned upon hearing that. As for the intern teachers, they couldnt help but begin discussing with each other in low voices.

Is he for real?

He simply touched the muscles of the student for roughly about one minute and already knew the reason?

Even a great teacher wouldnt dare to be so confident. Yet, this fellow didnt even inquire about the students basic situation and already gave his answer.

No wonder the other teachers would be filled with suspicions. Sun Mos earlier inspection and guidance seemed too negligent.

Qi! (whispering sounds)

Feng Zewen was joyful. It seemed that there was no need for him to act.

Increase your cultivation time and increase the intensity of your training.

Sun Mo suggested.

Teacher, he has already spent a great amount of time cultivating.

Wang Gang wanted to speak but was hesitating. However, because his dorm mate had a good relationship with him, his dorm mate couldnt bear it and decided to say something. If he continues to lengthen his cultivation time, he might damage his body.

Cultivating seven hours per day might be considered a lot for students of your age. However, seven hours isnt sufficient for you. Your endurance is much stronger; hence, you need to lengthen the time and intensity of your cultivation.

Sun Mo explained.

Stronger endurance?

All the teachers and students here glanced at Wang Gang. Some people wanted to sneer. (This student is so skinny, which eyes of yours did you use to see?)

But Wang Gang had a look of shock as though he had seen a ghost. He screamed.

How did you know?

The students with slower reactions still had no idea what was going on. As for those with fast reactions, all of them already turned their heads as they looked at Sun Mo. Their expressions were filled with shock.

You followed Wang Gang?

His dorm mate felt that he had discovered the crux.

Am I so bored as to do something so pain-in-the-ass like that?

Sun Mo was speechless. If it wasnt for the current location, he really wanted to call the other guy a pig brain.

Youyouyou just inspected his muscles for such a short while, yet you already know the level of intensity of his training?

The dorm mate finally thought of the answer, but the answer was too incredible.

That pain-in-the-ass by Sun Mo was quite funny, but no one was laughing. All of them were shocked.

Ill write a training plan for you, so just follow it. At most, it will take a month and you will be able to break through. At that time, if you still fail, come and look for me!

Sun Mo returned to the rostrum as he lifted a pen and began writing on a paper.

The students seated on the front row immediately stood up as they craned their necks, staring at the rostrum.

The teachers all fell into silence.

Sun Mo is so confident in himself!

Jiang Yongnians lips twitched. If it were him, he absolutely wouldnt say such confident words. If that student failed to break through at the time, it would be highly damaging to his reputation.

Its good for the young to have confidence!

Zhou Shanyi actually admired Sun Mos courage.

I know that this is Sun Mos first public lecture. He wishes to shoot to fame with a single shot, so this is why he brags so much now. But what if that student failed to break through to the seventh level of the body-refinement realm after following his plan a month later?

Zhou Lin questioned.

Just when An Xinhui wanted to rebut, Jin Mujie who was seated a few seats away already spoke, How do you know that the student cannot make it?

Do you still need to ask? Sun Mo simply touched his muscles for a while and could already come out with a training plan? His frivolous attitude is clearly problematic.

After Zhou Lin spoke, the nearby teachers involuntarily nodded. They felt that such a thing was pretty impossible to accomplish.

Some teachers here were still squeezing their brain juice to think of a reason. There were some with overactive imaginations who thought of a possibility.

Maybe Wang Gang was someone hired by Sun Mo to put up an act.

Naturally, they also didnt dare to agree with Zhou Lin. After all, they were facing Jin Mujie, a 3-star great teacher. No one was willing to antagonize her.

Little Lin, dont look at others through colored glasses. Also, you must not judge others based on what you know alone. Maybe, you simply have no idea how outstanding Sun Mo is!

Jin Mujie spoke.

If Zhou Lin wasnt An Xinhuis female assistant, Jin Mujie couldnt even be bothered to say all these.

I know!

Zhou Lin didnt dare to talk back, but she felt very unconvinced in her heart. She prepared to look for Wang Gang a month later and use reality to smack Sun Mos face so as to prove that she wasnt wrong.

Hired actor?

Zhang Sheng thought of the past incidents as he involuntarily let out a sneer. (Just you wait, Sun Mo. You wont be able to be complacent for a long time. A month later, your reputation shall be thoroughly discredited.)

Feng Zewen shook his head. Fighting with such a person would only damage his own status.

From Feng Zewens point of view, were there teachers who could tell the intensity of a students training just by inspecting their muscles for a short while? There were, but these teachers were extremely few, and all of them were great teachers with tens of years of experience and had seen at least thousands of students.

What basis did Sun Mo have?

He was so young. The number of students Sun Mo had seen most probably hadnt even exceeded one-tenth of what he had seen.

Take it, cultivate according to this plan!

Sun Mo passed the paper to Wang Gang.

Usually, everyone could judge whether a person was strong and fit based on their physical state. But in truth, they had to conduct scientific testing and inspection before they could know for sure.

It was like those soccer players who could run constantly through the duration of an entire game. They needed high-intensity training in order to maintain their form.

Sun Mos ancient massage technique allowed him to understand the details of peoples bodies thoroughly. With the support of his Divine Sight, he could guarantee that his plan would work.

Wang Gangs aptitude was very good. In addition to hard-work, he only lacked a sufficient quantity of training. Once the quantity was met, it would trigger a qualitative transformation.

The dorm mate by his side was now craning his neck for a look.

Thank you, teacher!

The others were suspecting Sun Mo of hiring an actor, but Wang Gang himself knew that this was not the case. He was truly emotional. He felt that Sun Mo was really awesome.

Honestly speaking, although Wang Gang had cultivated for seven hours per day, he didnt feel tired at all. When he wanted to increase the amount of time spent in cultivation, he would recall the fixed number of hours given to him by a teacher he had asked in the past. Also, all the other students would at most cultivate for six hours per day. By cultivating more than seven hours, he was afraid he might damage his muscles and needed to be bed-ridden. Hence, he didnt dare to increase the quantity of training rashly.

Wang Gang lowered his head. According to the plan on the paper, he was supposed to cultivate eight hours per day. He couldnt help but tremble because he once thought of lengthening his cultivation time to eight hours per day as well.

Seems like Teacher Sun does have some capabilities!

Wang Gang mumbled.


Favorable impression from Wang Gang +10.

Prestige connection with Wang Gang unlocked: Neutral (10/100).

Actually, rather than being a cultivator, I feel you should be a chef instead. If theres a chance to, please let me have a taste of the dishes you cook personally!

Sun Mo patted Wang Gang on the shoulder, indicating that he could sit down. He then asked, Is there anyone else who has a question? Raise your hand!


After Wang Gang sat down, he had a look of astonishment on his face. He stared at Sun Mo, how did Sun Mo know that he loved to cook?

Wang Gang was from a family of cooks. He worshiped his father crazily and wished to inherit his fathers legacy. However, his father hoped that he would cultivate and stand out among his peers.

Wang Gang had never mentioned this matter to anyone before!

Upon thinking of this, Wang Gang couldnt help but shiver. Teacher Suns hands could even probe what my ambitions are just by inspecting my muscles?

Hence, Wang Gang felt even more impressed with Sun Mo.


Favorable impression from Wang Gang +20.

Prestige connection with Wang Gang: Neutral (30/100).

The thoughts of many students were still very pure. They didnt think of the possibility that Wang Gang was a hired actor. When they saw how much gratitude he had toward Sun Mo, all of them began to raise their hands.

This student, what problems do you have?

Sun Mo pointed to a male student.

My name is Zhang Zhong, IIve been stuck at the sixth level of the body-refinement realm for three months. Is it because my quantity of training isnt enough?

Zhang Zhong sniffed.

I have to do an inspection before I know!

Sun Mo walked to Zhang Zhongs side and began to touch his muscles.

You are still using this?

Several of the teachers were speechless.

Headmaster An, if Sun Mo still gives the same method of guidance as before, I will send someone to investigate him.

Zhang Hanfu suddenly spoke. His tone was extremely strict.

Some of the surrounding teachers shrank their necks, and some rejoiced in Sun Mos incoming calamity. Vice-headmaster Zhang was clearly suspicious that Sun Mo might be hiring students as actors.

If this was true, Sun Mo would be finished. He would be suppressed by the Saint Gate and wouldnt be able to become a teacher forever.

What do you mean by this?

An Xinhui questioned.

What do you think? How can he tell the students condition by inspecting their muscles for a short while? Do you think he is a great teacher?

Zhang Hanfu bluntly spoke, wanting to deal a blow to An Xinhuis prestige in the public. He wanted everyone to know that the person she had chosen was trash.

A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe, I trust Sun Mo!

An Xinhui fully supported Sun Mo.

Your trust is worth nothing. What matters is everyones trust. You must know that Sun Mo is now a teacher at our school. If he did something so scandalous, our Central Province Academys reputation would be damaged!

Zhang Hanfu was overbearing to the extreme.

Whats there to fight about? Wouldnt we know the answer if we simply continue watching?

Jin Mujie interjected.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》