Absolute Great Teacher
81 Scram, Copy This a 100 Times!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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81 Scram, Copy This a 100 Times!


Hired actor, definitely a hired actor!

Zhang Sheng mumbled.

Although he insisted verbally, he knew in his heart that this student definitely wasnt one. No matter how much he didnt want to admit this, it was a fact that Sun Mo was truly stronger than him.

Upon acknowledging this point, Zhang Shengs sense of superiority was completely crushed. He pushed away Ludi at his side and staggered as he rushed out from the back door of the lecture theater.

He could no longer continue watching on, or the amount of envy he felt would explode. He would be so jealous that he wouldnt be able to control himself and might rush up the rostrum to beat Sun Mo up.

No one paid attention to Zhang Sheng because the gazes of all the teachers were on Sun Mo. Compared to the commotion created earlier when he treated Wang Gang, everything was silent now.

As long as one wasnt stupid, they would know that Sun Mo had true capabilities.

Taking a step back, even if Sun Mo did hire actors, he still managed to allow the student to break through after a few minutes of massage. This capability was something even the teachers proficient in massage wouldnt be able to achieve despite them having a few years of experience.

What is that Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands exactly?

Could it be a saint-grade cultivation art?

Are you joking? Do you take saint-grade cultivation arts as cabbages?

The teachers started to discuss, but there were no more voices of doubt on Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was very satisfied with this result. At the same time, he silently praised Divine Sight. It was truly powerful!

It appeared as though Sun Mo had chosen students randomly. But in truth, he had already scanned the data of these students with Divine Sight.

The students he had chosen had problems in their bodies, and they could be resolved with the skill he currently possessed.

It was just that the teachers here, including Zhang Hanfu and Jin Mujie, didnt know Sun Mos plans. They thought he had chosen the students randomly. This was why Sun Mos success caused them to feel even more shocked.

Zhang Zhong, who sat down, finally regained his senses and understood what happened to him.

I actually broke through?

Seeing the gazes of envy the surrounding students shot him, other than excitement in Zhang Zhongs heart, he also felt gratitude for Sun Mo.

Originally, he simply came here out of boredom upon hearing a new teacher was giving his first public lecture. He didnt expect that he would actually benefit so much.

Ive simply profited many times over!

Zhang Zhong smiled so widely that his teeth were revealed.


Favorable impression from Zhang Zhong +40.

Prestige connection with Zhang Zhong unlocked: Neutral (40/100).

Seeing Zhang Zhong who was the same as him being able to break through his bottleneck, Wang Gang felt so depressed that he wanted to cry. Why couldnt the lucky one be him?

How good would it be if I can experience Teacher Suns Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?

Wang Gang decided to seek guidance from Sun Mo after the lecture ended. If he failed the first time, he would try a second time. If he failed the second time, he would try the third time. In any case, he had to experience the effects of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

Quickly look!

Li Ziqi tugged on Lu Zhiruos arm.

The papaya girl turned and almost jumped in fright. Many students were gathering outside the lecture theaters window. They were like lizards and had their faces pressed on the windows, staring into the lecture theater.

Aiya, dont squeeze!

These students rushed over here after feeling the fluctuating spirit qi.

Next question please!

Sun Mo spoke. But just when his voice rang out, a boom rang out from the lecture theaters backdoor. The backdoor was pushed open as a bunch of students fell down.

I said already, dont squeeze!

A student grumbled.

If you guys want to listen to the lecture, go and find a seat!

Sun Mo instructed.

The students were like ants scalded by boiling water. They immediately rushed to the seating area and began to snatch seats. After all, they had seen Sun Mos earlier performance.

In the blink of an eye, the empty seats were all filled up. There were even students standing in the lecture theater with depressed looks on their faces.

Upon seeing this, all the intern teachers revealed looks of envy. This was Sun Mos first public lecture, yet the seats were full?

Truly awesome!

Jiang Yongnian stealthily shot a glance at Zhang Hanfu. The expression of the vice headmaster didnt change, but he knew that this vice-headmaster was about to be angered to death.

Go and stand behind!

Sun Mos voice was calm, and no hints of arrogance could be heard. It was like the things happening now was something insignificant.

This calmness caused Jin Mujie to nod in admiration.


Before Sun Mo could finish speaking, the students in front all raised their hands together. They were like towering trees in a forest, easily causing one to get lost.

You have already broken through, why are you raising your hand?

Those seated around Zhang Zhong were filled with resentment when they saw him raising his hand.

(There are already so many people competing for the chance to be chosen, yet you still raise your hand to drag down the probability? Cant you just stand aside?)

Zhang Zhong pretended not to hear anything because he also saw Wang Gang raising his hand.

Feng Zewen cast a glance at his student, Duan Wu, telling him to move into action.

Duan Wu nodded. After that, he stood up and shouted loudly, Teacher Sun, I have a question I wish to consult you on. Can I ask what are the things that have a connection to spirit qi absorption?

All the students stared at Duan Wu. They were extremely unhappy that he didnt follow the rules, but they were also helpless.

Sun Mo didnt reply immediately. Instead, he simply stared at this youth.

Duan Wu, 16 years old. A fourth-year student at the ninth level of body-refinement realm.

Other than the data, a row of red words appeared in Sun Mos vision.

Note: Feng Zewens personal disciple.

As expected, he has acted!

Sun Mos lips curled up.

Teacher Sun?

Duan Wu called out. There was respect on his face, but in his heart, he was already planning on making things difficult for Sun Mo.

This question was something Teacher Feng prepared. As long as Sun Mo answered, he would continue on with more questions, leading Sun Mo into the hook step by step before killing him.

Feng Zewen was a veteran with many years of experience. It was effortless for him to find some difficult questions and lay some traps within them.

Before I answer your question, I want to say a few things. I can understand your feelings of wanting to urgently resolve your problems. But can you please respect the other students? Why can you ignore the rules and stand up to shout your question, while the others have to raise their hands to wait for their turns?

Sun Mos tone was unfriendly. By doing so, have you considered the feelings of those students whose chance of asking a question was snatched by you?

Duan Mu wanted to explain, but he was interrupted by Sun Mo.

Actually, I wanted to let this short-haired student ask a question. Now that you jumped the queue, he might have lost his chance of improving his strength.

After Sun Mo finished speaking, the short-haired student immediately glared angrily at Duan Wu. It was like his chance of breaking through had been stolen.

The other students also started to look at Duan Wu with hostility. (Yeah, why are you the only one that doesnt need to abide by the rules?)


Duan Mo panicked. He stuttered and subconsciously glanced at Feng Zewen.


Feng Zewen cursed. (By looking at me, wouldnt everyone know that I was the one who told you to do this?)

Alright, I will guide you now. Based on the strength of your muscles, you should be a fourth-year, right?

It was like Sun Mo didnt notice it as he continued to ask.


Duan Wu nodded.

Only a small part of the teachers could tell that this student was indeed a fourth-year. Sun Mos judgment was truly powerful.

A fourth-year? Why would you ask me such a basic question even first-years would know? Are you stupid?

Sun Mo suddenly scolded. The other party was a personal disciple of Feng Zewen. In that case, this question definitely had a trap in it.

His earlier outburst was laying the foundation, making the other students feel like their benefits were snatched and making them regard Duan Wu with hostility. Hence, Duan Wu now was like the target of a multitude of arrows. Not only wouldnt anyone feel that his scolding was too over-the-top, but they might also rejoice in the fact that Duan Wu was scolded.


Duan Wu, the other students, and the teachers were stunned. They suddenly felt like asking, Teacher Sun, why is your temper suddenly so bad?

However, just like what Sun Mo had anticipated, no one felt that his behavior was over-the-top.

I naturally am not stupid. Im at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm!

How could a young man endure someone underestimating him? Also, this was done in the view of the public, in front of so many teachers and students. Hence, he immediately rebutted.

In that case, you are intentionally asking this question to prank me?

Sun Mo questioned.

Ah? No, Im not!

Duan Wu hurriedly tried to clear the air. Although he also viewed Sun Mo with hostility due to his relationship with Teacher Feng, he would never dare to bear such blame.

In the countries of the nine provinces, respecting teachers was the tradition. If a student dared to prank a teacher, that student could just wait to be expelled.

In that case, you are stupid then? Scram. Copy [Introduction to Spirit Qi] 100 times and hand it to me next week!

Sun Mo was unhappy; hence, his tone wasnt nice to hear.


Duan Wu was stunned. He subconsciously cast another glance at Feng Zewen.

There were no solutions to it. [Introduction to Spirit Qi] was an extremely thick book. If he was to copy the book out 100 times, his hands would definitely be crippled.

Did you not hear what I say? Sun Mo berated. Get out, go and copy the book!


Seeing that Feng Zewen wasnt speaking for him, Duan Wu could only lower his head and run out of the lecture theater.

Ah, our teacher is so smart.

Li Ziqi also noticed Duan Wu shooting a glance at Feng Zewen, and she instantly understood what was going on. Hence, she couldnt help but laugh out.

This time around, Tantai Yutang also revealed an amused smile.

The majority of teachers and students still had no idea about the undercurrents of this matter, but quite a few with sharp eyes managed to see through everything.


Jin Mujie silently mused. This Sun Mo was so smart, and the main point was that after his successful two cases of guidance, who would dare to say that he wasnt capable?

Thus, even if Sun Mo tossed Duan Wu out of the lecture theater, no one would feel that he was escaping because he wasnt able to answer the question.


Favorable impression from Jin Mujie +1.

Prestige connection with Jun Mujie: Neutral (5/100).

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo silently mused at how great the sight of a 3-star great teacher was. His performance from earlier until now was already very good, but he only managed to obtain 1 favorable impression point from Jun Mujie. How stingy.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo and sank into her memories. Was her childhood sweetheart so two-faced? He easily crushed Feng Zewens first play.

Feng Zewen was stunned. What should he do now? Never did he expect that Sun Mo basically wouldnt give Duan Wu a chance to make him answer the question.

Sun Mo swept his gaze over the students and searched for another of Feng Zewens personal disciples.

Actually, Sun Mo had guessed that given Feng Zewens status as a 1-star great teacher, he wouldnt enter the fray himself to test Sun Mo.

If Feng Zewen lost, he would lose face. If he won, it was only to be expected. Hence, there was an 80% to 90% chance that Feng Zewen would ask his personal disciples to assist him in making things difficult for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo swept his gaze around and his eyes finally landed on a student. His eyes suddenly brightened. (Very good. Feng Zewen, Im going to make you lose all your face next.)
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