Absolute Great Teacher
82 Real Hammer
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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82 Real Hammer



Sun Mo spoke. He began to stroll around in the lecture theater.

The students raised their hands, and they were all looking at Sun Mo, hoping to be selected.

This student, what is your name?

Sun Mo pointed to a male student sitting in the third row. He was very handsome and had a pair of sword brows that made him look extraordinary.


Feng Zewen started. After that, he couldnt help but laugh. Wasnt Sun Mos luck a little too bad? This student he had chosen was none other than another one of his personal disciples.

Will you survive this time around?

Feng Zewen coldly snorted as he waited to see a good show.

Fan Ding!

The male with the sword brows stood up and bowed.

Do you have a personal teacher?

Sun Mo asked.

Fan Dings handsome sword brows furrowed. He was worried that if he said yes, Sun Mo would respond with a why dont you consult your teacher? You dont trust him or are you making things difficult for me?

Earlier, his junior brother was tossed out of the lecture theater and even had to copy [Introduction to Spirit Qi] 100 times. He had no wish to follow the same disastrous path as his junior brother.

But for this question, Fan Ding didnt dare to lie too. He could only brace himself and reply, Yes.

Feng Zewens smile vanished. Why didnt this Sun Mo play his cards out according to logic? What was the purpose of him asking who was the students teacher?

Luckily, Fan Ding was smart enough to skip the important details. He didnt reveal Feng Zewens name.

Oh? Who is it?

Sun Mo continued to ask.

This time around, Fan Ding had no way to continue being perfunctory. His tone was filled with respect as he answered, Its teacher Feng Zewen!


Sun Mo nodded.

The teachers who sat at the back also turned to glance at Feng Zewen for a while before shifting their gaze back to Sun Mo.

Quite a few people had heard about the arranged battle between Sun Mo and Feng Zewen during the intern teachers meeting. Hence, even by using their buttocks to think, they all understood that there must be something behind the fact that someone like Fan Ding, who was the personal disciple of a great teacher, actually came to listen to a public lecture by a new teacher. If someone said that he wasnt following the instructions of his personal teacher Feng Zewen, who would believe it?

Now, the problem was that should Sun Mo accept the challenge or would he respond with a, so you are asking me this? Is it because you feel that your own teacher cannot make it?

The atmosphere in the lecture theater grew heavy. Everyone was waiting for Sun Mos next action.

Teacher Feng, you wouldnt mind me answering his question right?

Sun Mo smiled and turned to look at Feng Zewen.

Usually, if a student already had a personal teacher, the student wouldnt easily consult other teachers unless their question lay in a domain that their personal teachers werent proficient in.

If not, it would be a sign of disrespect.

I dont mind!

Feng Zewen also smiled, displaying his grace as a great teacher.

In that case, Student Fan, what question do you have for me?

Sun Mos attitude was amiable.

Ze, how daring!

Even for Jiang Yongnian, someone with a personality that made him hard to feel impressed, couldnt help but praise Sun Mo at this moment.


Favorable impression from Jiang Yongnian +1.

Prestige connection with Jiang Yongnian unlocked. Current state: Neutral (1/100).

This young man is truly bold!

Zhou Shanyi also praised Sun Mo.


Favorable impression from Zhou Shanyi +1.

Prestige connection with Zhou Shanyi unlocked. Current state: Neutral (1/100).

Since Fan Ding was Feng Zewens disciples, the question he was going to ask definitely wouldnt be too simple. Yet, Sun Mo still dared to accept the challenge. His courage was worthy of admiration.

Recently, my state of mind is filled with distractions during meditation. I have no way to focus my thoughts and calm my heart. I also have no idea what the reason is.

Fan Ding consulted.

(Isnt your massage technique very powerful? In that case, Ill ask you a question pertaining to the spirit-refinement realm. Your massage technique wouldnt possibly be effective toward ones mental state and psyche, right?)

Sun Mo didnt reply directly. He stared at Fan Ding. (I already knew that your question would be tricky. But its fine, I have no intention to answer it anyway.)


Fan Ding felt a little scared upon being stared at like this. When Sun Mos hand suddenly landed on his shoulder, he subconsciously evaded.

Haha, could it be that he doesnt know the answer?

The teachers of Zhang Hanfus factions all felt joy.

This student, as long as you dont visit brothels so often, you wont find it impossible to focus your thoughts and calm your heart.

Sun Mos voice was calm, yet his words caused an uproar in the lecture theater.

What the hell?

Haha, its so funny that I could die. This is the first time I heard of such an answer.

This can work too?

Everyone in the lecture theater didnt know what expressions they should make upon hearing this guidance from Sun Mo.

He is too frivolous. This is a public lecture, how can Sun Mo say something like that?

Some of the teachers criticized him, as a bitter and hateful look appeared in their eyes.

Fan Dings expression turned malevolent. His face turned red from his emotions as he explained, Ive never done such a thing. Stop talking nonsense, I would never visit a brothel!

Although in the Nine Provinces of Middle-Earth, things were the same as the ancient eras of China, and there was nothing wrong with men visiting brothels to seek entertainment, such a thing was forbidden for students.

If they did this, students who were in their growth period wouldnt only hurt their own bodys essence and affect their cultivation, their wills would also become corrupt as they became mesmerized in the feeling of lovemaking.

Is that so? How did you get a venereal disease then?

Sun Mo questioned.

Besides Fan Ding, he could see various data floating out. There was a row of red-colored words saying that Fan Ding contracted a venereal disease five months ago. This caused his qi and blood to decline in vitality.

This was a filthy disease that was highly infectious.


It was like a hurricane blew through the lecture theater. A commotion immediately occurred.

The students were astonished while the teachers were frowning.

The nature of this question was a very serious one. If it was verified to be the truth, Fan Ding would definitely face expulsion.

As Fan Dings teacher, Feng Zewen naturally couldnt bear it any longer. He leaped from his seat.

Teacher Sun, do you have any proof? How can you speak such nonsense?

Feng Zewen glared at Sun Mo. If his actions earlier were because of Zhang Hanfus orders, he was doing so now because he was truly very unhappy with Sun Mo.

Fan Ding was handsome and had an extraordinary background. He was someone that respected Feng Zewen a lot too.

Naturally, the most important thing was that Fan Ding had outstanding talent and was the most elite student under him. Now that Fan Ding was vilified by Sun Mo in this manner, Feng Zewen felt like he was seeing his own precious treasure being tainted. So, how could he endure it? He wanted nothing more than to break Sun Mos head now.

Do you know that among the entire cohort of fifth-years, regardless of strength or talent, Fan Ding ranks among the top. Even if the number of female students pursuing him doesnt reach 100, there must be several tens of them. Even if he couldnt endure the temptation of female charms, he wouldnt visit a brothel no matter what.

Feng Zewen mocked.

From Feng Zewens point of view, if Fan Ding wanted it, he could change girlfriends faster than someone could change shirts. Why was there a need for him to visit a place like a brothel?

Teacher Feng, whether he has contracted a venereal disease or not, wouldnt you know if you simply ask him?

Sun Mos lips twitched.

Fan Ding, tell him the answer! Feng Zewen roared.

Teacher Sun, you are the one with the venereal disease. Your whole family has a venereal disease!

It was like Fan Ding found his backbone in Feng Zewen. He immediately howled his reply.

The atmosphere was suddenly filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Ai, Teacher Sun is too careless. Does he think that he has god hands and is able to tell what disease a student is suffering from with just a few touches? In that case, why would we still need doctors?

Zhou Xu shook his head. He thought that Sun Mo must have felt the earlier situations went too smoothly; hence, he had gotten careless.

The majority of teachers had the same thoughts. After all, even if it was a doctor seeing a patient, that doctor would still have to practice the four ways of diagnosislook, listen, question, and feel the pulse of the patient.

Hehe, you dont want to admit it? Or maybe you yourself have no idea about it? Come, are there teachers proficient in the way of medicine here? Diagnose him!

Sun Mo swept his gaze toward the teachers in the back rows.

A few teachers that were proficient in medicine didnt move. Because if they chose to examine Fan Ding, they would offend Feng Zewen. All of them wanted to steer clear of this pool of muddy water.

Sun Mo, dont go overboard.

Feng Zewen roared in rage.

Since he has a clear conscience, why is there a need to worry about an examination?

Sun Mo shrugged.

What happens then after they checked and its revealed that he doesnt have a venereal disease? Feng Zewen spoke overbearingly, Ill find a prostitute with a venereal disease and make you sleep with her!


Sun Mos answer was calm and collected.

However, the teachers here werent that calm. Wasnt Sun Mo too ruthless? Now, they were talking about venereal diseases. Venereal diseases could be considered as ineradicable diseases. And the most important thing was that contracting this disease was extremely shameful.

What should we do?

Lu Zhiruo was very anxious. She grabbed Li Ziqis arm tightly.

Li Ziqis expression was heavy. In any case, I believe in teacher.

Me too.

Teacher Zhou, isnt your side occupation a doctor? Come and examine Fan Ding!

After Feng Zewen spoke, he glanced at Fan Ding. Dont be scared, for the humiliation you suffered, I will make sure he pays it back with interest!

Zhou Shanyi was old and had a good personality. He always had a smile on his face and preferred to remain neutral. Now that he was named, he couldnt help but hesitate. He had no wish to act.

Teacher Zhou, theres no need to hesitate!

Zhang Hanfu urged.

An Xinhui frowned as she glanced at Sun Mo. Just when she wanted to say something, she saw Sun Mo shaking his head slightly at her and mouthing some words.

Dont worry!

Because they were childhood sweethearts, An Xinhui understood what he was trying to say. Also, given how confident Sun Mo looked, she decided to believe in him for this time around.

Zhou Shanyi brought Fan Ding out of the lecture theater and went to the toilet. Two other teachers followed them to act as witnesses.

Feng Zewen panted angrily as he glared at Sun Mo. He would wait for Zhou Shanyis report before using his entire strength to deal with Sun Mo.

I will definitely chase you out from school and make it so that you have no way to turn the situation over to save yourself.

Feng Zewen vowed.

The examination didnt take too long. About five minutes later, the four of them returned.

Teacher Zhou, tell us about the results!

Feng Zewen was impatient.

Teacher Zhou swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


Zhang Hanfu urged. No matter what the situation is, just report it honestly. Theres no need for you to worry about their reputation. Since they dared to say it, they should already be prepared to face the consequences.

Although Zhang Hanfu used the term them, everyone knew he was referring to Sun Mo.


Zhou Shanyi glanced at Feng Zewen. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

Teacher Zhou, you mustnt lie to give face to your colleague. After all, the student in question is here. I can always request other doctors to examine him again!

Sun Mo warned.

Sun Mo already stated everything so clearly, what else could Zhou Shanyi do? He sighed and stared at Fan Ding before speaking, This youth has contracted a venereal disease. The timing should be roughly about three months ago.


Everyone was stunned. All of a sudden, over a hundred gazes, filled with disbelief, turned and fixed on Fan Ding. As for the latter part of roughly about three months ago, that was no longer important.

The words venereal disease was like a real hammer crashing down.

No! Impossible! Feng Zewen grew anxious. His eyes became bloodshot as he shouted, Fan Ding is my most outstanding student, how could he have contracted a venereal disease? You are speaking nonsense!

Although Zhou Shanyi was a nice old man, he would also retaliate after being doubted like this in front of the public.

Teacher Feng, if you dont believe me, you can get someone else to examine your student!

Zhou Shanyi snorted coldly. (Doubting my medical capabilities? Do you think I dont want my honor?)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》