Absolute Great Teacher
83 God Hands
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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83 God Hands


No, its impossible. I cant possibly have contracted a venereal disease.

The originally calm Fan Ding had a look of astonishment on his face. After that, he began screaming. If this matter was verified as real, his future would be finished.

Zhang Hanfus expression instantly sank.

Is this real or fake?

Upon seeing Zhou Shanyi coming back, Jiang Yongnian inquired.

Its naturally real. However, Sun Mo is truly awesome. Could he really determine the condition of others just by touching them a few times?

Zhou Shanyis gaze was filled with amazement as he looked at Sun Mo. He couldnt understand this. Could it be that Sun Mo had a pair of God Hands?

The atmosphere in the lecture theater was very chaotic. The scene was a little out of control.


Jun Mujie spoke, activating her Priceless Advice.

A moment later, golden-colored faculas filled the entire lecture theater. The motes of light instantly made the students unable to speak.

This great teacher halo would cause the words spoken by a great teacher to be imbued with extreme influence.

Ordinary teachers would use this to encourage their students. But at Jun Mujies level, just a single word or action from her, even if she was berating them, the effects produced from Priceless Advice would be overwhelmingly strong.

Sun Mo was shocked. He came in contact with one of the motes of light as well. Now when he wanted to speak, his mouth moved but no sound came out. In his mind, the word silence repeatedly appeared.

How impressive!

Sun Mo silently praised. This was the strength of a 3-star great teacher.

Fan Ding, have you gone to a brothel before? Jin Mujie asked.


Fan Ding knelt down before he replied.

This was Jin Mujie questioning him. When he saw her moon-white robes as well as the three golden threads at the side of her collar, he didnt dare to lie.

If he lied to a great teacher, his sins would be even greater.


No one was unconvinced by Jun Mujies qualifications when she acted as the arbitrator.


Fan Ding lowered his head and spoke weakly. However, how big was the lecture theater? Everyone could hear his words.

Due to the effect of Priceless Advice, everyone else couldnt speak, but their expressions were fascinating. This was especially so for teachers. All of them were looking at Feng Zewen.

Fan Ding!

Feng Zewen roared. He was so angered that he almost coughed out blood.

Because he was a great teacher, he had some resistance toward Jin Mujies Priceless Advice. The effect wouldnt be too great on him.

At this moment, Feng Zewen was angry and disappointed. (Cant you be a little wiser? Given your capabilities, you could choose any girl you wanted to be your girlfriend. Why do you need to go to a brothel?)

Jiang Yongnian couldnt help but shake his head when he looked at Feng Zewen.

Why did men go to brothels? Because there was unimaginable happiness to be found there.

The temptation of women had always been the grave of heroes. It was all too easy to bury a young man.

Teacher, I was wrong! I was wrong!

Fan Ding cried. He began to kowtow on the ground because he didnt want to be expelled.

The forbidden order for students to visit brothels was something decreed by the school.

If one was discovered to have flouted the forbidden order, they would be expelled.

Fan Ding, you can head down. The school will announce your punishment tomorrow.

Jin Mujie no longer questioned him on anything else. She didnt care about Feng Zewen and Fan Dings reputation, but she cared about the reputation of the Central Province Academy.

A student contracting a venereal disease due to visiting a brothel. If this matter was to spread, the schools reputation would surely be affected.


Feng Zewen didnt know what to say. As a great teacher, his intelligence wasnt too bad. There was also no need for Zhou Shanyi to lie. Hence, the student that he held in such high regard had really done such a thing that caused him to feel extremely disappointed.

Teacher, I dont want to be expelled!

Fan Ding panicked. If he was expelled, that would be a black mark on his record. He would definitely be rejected if he wanted to join other schools. So, at the very least, he had to have a certificate saying that he quitted Central Province Academy due to an illness to ensure that his future wasnt destroyed.

Plead for leniency, yes, please help me to plead for leniency!

Fan Ding glanced at his fellow students beside him.


The students beside him immediately retreated. They werent fools. Fan Ding was someone that had contracted an infectious venereal disease.

This was especially so for the female student beside Fan Ding. Right now, her face was filled with terror. She was trembling and couldnt even say anything.

As long as you dont have an intimate relationship with Fan Ding, you wont be infected.

Sun Mo consoled.

I didnt! I didnt!

The female student hurriedly made things clear.

Fan Ding was so angry that his face became green.

Vice-headmaster Zhang, do you have any instructions?

An Xinhui asked.

Scram, you are expelled.

Compared to the tactful Jin Mujie, Zhang Hanfu was much more ruthless. What was the use of keeping trash like this? Besides, with the fact that he had a venereal disease, there was no way for him to let that student remain in the school anymore.

Fan Ding still wanted to struggle. But he was immediately dragged away by the schools security who rushed over.

Teacher, help me!

Fan Dings anguished screams drifted over from the corridor, causing many people to stretch their heads out to look.

Feng Zewen endured his anger and went back to his seat. He told himself that he mustnt leave now. He had to find Sun Mos flaw and give him a heavy blow. If not, how could he vent his anger?

What an eye-opener Teacher Fengs student is!

Sun Mo ridiculed.

This fellow truly had no thoughts of going easy now that the situation is in his favor!

Jiang Yongnian was joyful. He glanced at Feng Zewen. Even if Feng Zewen was about to explode from anger, he had no choice but to endure this. There was no solution to it. Who told him to be so confident and say that his student had no problems? There was no way for him to turn the situation around and now, his face was heavily smacked.

Sun Mo, dont harp on such matters any longer. Continue with your lecture.

Zhang Hanfu spoke, helping Feng Zewen to change the topic.

Teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo was extremely agitated.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +15.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (298/1,000).

I already said it earlier. Since Teacher Sun dares to say it, he definitely has confidence.

Li Ziqi was complacent.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +10.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi: Friendly (156/1,000).

Awesome, whats going on with his hands? How did he know Fan Dings situation just by touching him for a little while?

Zhou Xu was amazed.


Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +5.

Prestige connection with Zhou Xu: Neutral (56/100).

His hands are simply the hands of gods, hes able to achieve anything!

Qi Shengjia sighed in admiration.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +20.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia: Friendly (478/1,000).

The system notifications rang out one after another, breaking Sun Mos line of thought.

System, in the future, can you not send out notifications like this so frequently?

Sun Mo touched his ears. In the future, there would be many times where he had to teach a class. If the system notifications kept ringing out, how could he focus?

Harvesting favorable impression points is a type of joy and encouragement.

The system explained.

I understand, but it is still too noisy!

Sun Mo persisted.

Alright then, I will only make a special announcement if there are important favorable impression points. Those that are not so significant, Ill list them out in an announcement separately.

The system compromised.

Thats the correct way. Not going against the hosts will is the mark of a good system! Sun Mo returned to his rostrum and glanced at the crowd. Next, the questioning segment will continue. For those who have questions, feel free to raise your hand.

The students all thrust their hands into the air. The response was even more frenzied compared to earlier.

The teachers were whispering to each other while occasionally shooting glances at Sun Mos hands. Was the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands he possessed really so powerful?

After the lesson ended, they resolved to go to the library and check what sort of cultivation art that was.


Jin Mujies interest in Sun Mo grew even greater. She couldnt help but recall the moments when he had massaged her. It was truly comfortable.

Zhou Yong raised his hand and stared at Sun Mo. The emotions of unhappiness gushed forth like the tides, wanting to devour him whole.

(What trash are these people?)

Leaving aside the fact that there wasnt a single person that could make things difficult for Sun Mo, the students who had asked questions actually allowed Sun Mo to display his skill and increase his reputation. If this continued, Sun Mos first public lecture would conclude perfectly.

(No way, this definitely must not happen.)

(It has always been I, Zhou Yong, who plays with others. Since you have offended me, dont think about having an easy time.)

Zhou Yong didnt forget the scene where he had been scolded terribly by Sun Mo. Hence, he squeezed out a smile and shouted with respect in his voice.

Teacher, your performance is too perfect. I truly feel a sense of worship for you!

Zhou Yong stood up and applauded madly.

The students were influenced and began to applaud as well.

Sun Mo glanced at Zhou Yong. He knew that this person had no good intentions in his heart.

Teacher, I have a few questions I wish to consult you on!

Compared to the earlier Duan Wu who was too brash, Zhou Yong was much smarter. He first fawned on Sun Mo before raising a question. The whole process was naturally much smoother.

After all, no matter which teacher it was, they wouldnt feel good about rejecting a question from an admirer under such circumstances.


Sun Mo knew that Zhou Yong had ill intentions, but he wasnt afraid. As long as Zhou Yong dared to look for trouble, he would let Zhou Yong know why the flowers were red.

We have already witnessed the splendor of your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, its very powerful. I feel that it isnt an exaggeration to call your hands as God Hands.

Zhou Yong laughed.

The students whispered to themselves. All of them felt that Sun Mos ability to be familiarized with the situation of a student after touching their muscles was truly a little too powerful.

They didnt know that Zhou Yongs words were putting Sun Mo at a disadvantage. The higher Sun Mo rose, the more painful it would be when he fell. Could an ordinary teacher handle such fame?

We all know that you are Headmaster Ans fiance. In that case, other than God Hands, do you have any other outstanding points that caused Headmaster An to admire you?

Zhou Yong blinked and stared at Sun Mo with a look of admiration on his face. Yet, he was coldly laughing in his heart.

(Hmph, Im giving you a chance to showcase your brilliance. I dont believe you wont be hooked.)

In the school, An Xinhui could be said to be the goddess of all male teachers. They already found Sun Mo unpleasant to the eye due to this matter. If Sun Mo really fell for the trap and began to speak about his other plus points, the male teachers would definitely feel even angrier.

At that time, if no one came to look for Sun Mo for trouble, Zhou Yong would change his surname to Sun.

In the lecture theater, the students created a commotion upon hearing this.

What? Teacher Sun is Headmaster Ans fiance?

Thisdoesnt it seem that he is a little unworthy?

What points does Headmaster An like in him?

Let alone those of senior year, even the new students knew the intimidating background of An Xinhui. Now that they suddenly heard that Sun Mo was her fiance, all of them felt extremely shocked.

This Zhou Yong is indeed cunning!

Jiang Yongnians lips twitched. Although Zhou Yong looked like he was praising Sun Mo, there was a needle hidden in between the silk floss of his words. No one knew how Sun Mo would handle this.

If he couldnt give a proper answer, Sun Mo would then become the public enemy of all the male teachers in the school.
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