Absolute Great Teacher
84 Great Teacher Halo, Prestige Exploding Forth!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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84 Great Teacher Halo, Prestige Exploding Forth!


Theres no need for me to say anything. Just come for my lessons a few more times and you will know my outstanding points.

Sun Mo wouldnt fall for such a shallow trap.

Is this not considered bragging? I know that the quantity of students in a lecture is one of the criteria to determine a teachers teaching capability. It would also affect a teachers salary. By asking me to come a few more times, are you planning on using me to boost your popularity?

The truth triumphs over all rhetorical discussion. You will know areas where you are insufficient in as long as you come and attend a few more of my classes.

Sun Mos tone was calm.

However, his words contained a different meaning in the ears of people like Jin Mujie and An Xinhui.

Sun Mo was belittling Zhou Yong because the latter intentionally wanted to provoke him. He wanted Zhou Yong to be angry and lose his calm. After that, Zhou Yong would surely reveal his flaws.

All young people were proud. When Zhou Yong heard Sun Mo saying that he had areas where he was insufficient in, his anger immediately surged as he couldnt help but rebut.

Sorry, I dont have time. My teacher is Teacher Xu Shaoyuan, a 2-star teacher. He has also praised me before, saying that Im a genius.

After speaking, cries of admiration rang out from the surroundings.

Upon seeing the looks of envy in the eyes of these students, Zhou Yong was complacent. Also, my father hired a private tutor for me, and he is also a 2-star great teacher. So, I have no time to come and listen to your lessons.

Zhou Yongs words made his intention clear. (Can your teaching capabilities be compared to my two 2-star teachers?)

In the lecture theater, the voices of envy grew louder.

As expected, Zhou Yongs clan is truly wealthy!

Is there even a need to say? His father is a famous magnate of Jinling. I heard that even their bowls for dining are made of gold.

Zhou Yong is already a genius. He also has so many great teachers guiding him. Most probably, we didnt need to think about catching up to him in this lifetime.

The students discussed, feeling very depressed. Zhou Yong could enjoy countless educational resources. This was simply too luxurious.

Upon hearing the whispers in the surroundings, Zhou Yong looked at Sun Mo as his sense of superiority erupted forth. (This is my true attitude, are you afraid now?)

Oh, you mean that you dont trust Teacher Xu Shaoyuan?

Sun Mo retaliated.

Ah? Dont talk nonsense. Teacher Xu Shaoyuan is my esteemed teacher.

Zhou Yong hurriedly clarified.

What a joke. Xu Shaoyuan was currently seated at the back of this lecture theater. If Sun Mos words were heard by him, Zhou Yong would definitely be out of luck.

Since you already have Teacher Xus guidance, why is there a need to hire a private tutor?

Sun Mo counter-asked.


For a time, Zhou Yong didnt know what to reply. He knew that he mustnt reveal the true answer. If he did so, that would be disrespecting Teacher Xu.

For descendants of wealthy clans like them, they would be the future successor of the clans. Hence, they had to be heavily nurtured. How could they only have a single teacher? After all, it was impossible for Xu Shaoyuan to answer Zhou Yongs questions anytime and anywhere every single day. He also couldnt focus all his attention on a single student. Hence, Zhou Yong needed a private tutor.

After all, things would be much more convenient then.

Because what?

Sun Mo continued to ask, not giving Zhou Yong any time to think. He wanted to force Zhou Yong to say something wrong. The fact that your father found a private tutor for you means that you dont trust Teacher Xu. Earlier, when you spoke about your private tutor being a 2-star great teacher, your tone was filled with arrogance. This was something that everyone heard.

Zhou Yong couldnt help but turn his head and snuck a glance at Xu Shaoyuan. As expected, Xu Shaoyans expression was unsightly. Xu Shaoyan was determined not to look at him.

Upon thinking of Xu Shaoyans petty personality, Zhou Yong began to feel a little anxious.

You cant find any excuses any more, right? In truth, from the bottom of your heart, you basically dont trust Teacher Xu at all!

Sun Mos tone grew overbearing.

Stop farting, it is not true!

Zhou Yong panicked. He only thought that his background would sound more impressive if he mentioned that he had two teachers. He wanted to suppress Sun Mo by making it seem that Sun Mo wasnt able to be compared to his teachers. Who knew that Sun Mo used this point to attack him instead.

This brat is finished!

Upon hearing Zhou Yong saying the word farting, Li Ziqi knew that Sun Mo was going to start a massacre soon.

Zhou Yong!

Sun Mo shouted, Who did you say was farting?

In the entire lecture theater, other than Sun Mos roar, everyone else instantly fell silent.

So, is this your attitude when facing teachers? Apologize now.

Sun Mo berated.

The gazes of the students in the surroundings landed on Zhou Yong, making him the center of the spotlight.

Stand up and apologize!

Sun Mos tone was strict. I dont care who you are. As long as you committed a mistake, you have to accept the punishment!


Zhou Yong looked at Sun Mo. The other partys aloof and high-up appearance, as well as his intense tone, made Zhou Yong feel even unhappier. He lifted his head and shouted, Im not wrong!


A commotion broke out among the students. All of them stared at Zhou Yong in shock.

Hmph. What can you do to me? At most, you can only chase me out from this lecture theater. In any case, Im not your student. Even if you want to deal with me, you wont have a chance to.

Upon thinking of this, Zhou Yong calmed down.

(Apologizing? Dont even think about it. This daddys face is much more valuable than your face.)

Because he was the son of a magnate in addition to him having some talent, Zhou Yong could be considered a tyrant here. If the news of his apology was to spread, wouldnt he lose all his face?

Moreover, if Sun Mo couldnt handle him, Sun Mos prestige would be damaged. Everyone would know in the future that he had no way to handle a student.

This fellow is too loathsome!

Qi Shengjia was very angry, wanting to rush out to hit Zhou Yong.

Ah, I feel like killing him!

Lu Zhiruo was also extremely indignant.

Dont worry. Since he offended our teacher, hes definitely dead for sure.

Li Ziqi consoled in a low voice.

Are you sure you dont want to apologize to me?

Sun Mo frowned. He appeared very angry but was actually laughing in his heart. (I was afraid that you would really apologize to me. If you did so, how could I still openly act against you?)

Stop talking nonsense!

Since he had already offended Sun Mo, there was no need for him to remain polite. Zhou Yong stood up and prepared to leave the lecture theater. His own teacher was the 2-star great teacher Xu Shaoyuan, and his father was a huge magnate Zhou Yuanzhi. So what if he scolded Sun Mo? Would the school dare to expel him?

His father would always give a large sum of money to assist the Central Province Academy every year. If they expelled him, they didnt even need to dream about getting a single copper coin.

Why are you guys still standing here in a daze? Lets go!

Zhou Yong called out to his bunch of friends.

All these students took Zhou Yong as their leader. Their parents either worked at the workshop of the Zhou clan or they were loyal servants of the Zhou clan. No matter how much they knew that Zhou Yong was in the wrong, if they defied Zhou Yong, their families would all be implicated. Hence, all of them stood up and followed after Zhou Yong.


Zhou Yong glared at Sun Mo. (Come bite me if you are capable!)

Sun Mo didnt stop Zhou Yong. Instead, the former merely raised his hand and pointed his finger at the latter.


A large amount of golden light shot out from Sun Mos finger. It looked like sparks that manifested from the striking of a flint. The golden light shone dazzling and swiftly took the form of a sharp golden arrow.


After the arrow formed, it shot straight toward Zhou Yong.


Just when Zhou Yongs bunch of friends wanted to warn him, the golden arrow already shot into his mind. The immense might caused his head to involuntarily rollback.

When his head was in its normal position once more, Zhou Yongs eyes already lost their luster and focus. They were as dim as dead ashes, and his throat also issued unintelligible noises as he simply stood like that at his original location.

Its a great teacher halo!

Qi Shengjia called out in excitement.

IgIgnorant and Incompetent?

The bunch of friends subconsciously retreated a few steps back as they looked at Sun Mo. That was the great teacher halo Ignorant and Incompetent. After getting hit by it, one would temporarily become an idiot.

Zhou Yong could be considered handsome and confident. But now, his mouth was drooling and his saliva made his clothes wet. He truly looked like a retarded fool now.

Do you all still want to leave?

Sun Mo asked.

The bunch of friends directly shivered. They didnt dare to match their gazes with Sun Mo and returned to their seats with their fastest speed.

My heavens, its actually the Ignorant and Incompetent halo.

Haha, Zhou Yong was truly asking for it. This time around, he has rammed his toes into a steel board.

Just based on the fact that he dares to teach Zhou Yong a lesson, Im going to be his die-hard fan from now on. As long as he is the one giving the lecture, I will definitely appear.

The students spoke to each other. Their faces were filled with excitement.

This school tyrant, Zhou Yong, was extremely infamous in school. For the senior year students, even if they hadnt been bullied by him before, they had definitely seen him bullying others. Those that were bullied were truly tragic; hence, most students would actively avoid him as they were afraid that they might be targeted.

After the teachers saw Zhou Yong cursing at Sun Mo, they knew that this brat was in for it. It was just that they didnt expect Sun Mos punishment would be to use the effect of a great teacher halo.

Honestly speaking, this was truly impressive.

At this moment, all the intern teachers wanted nothing more than to be the one standing on the rostrum, casting a great teacher halo and stunning the entire crowd.

Teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo applauded excitedly.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +20.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Friendly (318/1,000).

Damn, Sun Mo has gotten into big trouble now.

Jiang Yongnian snuck a glance at Zhang Hanfu before turning to glance at An Xinhui. In the vast majority of schools, there would always be a few students with special privileges. These students couldnt be dealt with normal methods.

Zhou Yong was coincidentally one of these students.

Headmaster An, this great teacher halo by Sun Mo was well-casted indeed.

Zhang Hanfu praised.

An Xinhui didnt reply because she knew that Zhang Hanfu was being sarcastic.

Jin Mujie surveyed Sun Mo. He should have been planning to use this from the time when Zhou Yong asked the first question.

What a good schemer.

Indeed, no matter what, Sun Mo was someone with six years of experience as a teacher-in-charge. He knew that young people like Zhou Yong valued their face a lot. They were prideful and vain and were usually extremely arrogant. Now that he wanted Zhou Yong to apologize, this was even tougher compared to him willing to get beaten up. This was why Sun Mo would be so overbearing. He wanted to force Zhou Yong to curse so he could openly and justifiably teach Zhou Yong a lesson.

Would it be bad since I just schemed against a student?

Sun Mo asked the system.

For trash like this, if he doesnt get expelled as soon as possible, should he be allowed to stay in school and harm the other students?

The system fully supported Sun Mos actions.

After activating Divine Sight, Sun Mo could see the various data of Zhou Yong.

The note the system wrote was This guy is trash, quickly kick him out of school so others can have a comfortable environment to study once again.

This was the first time Sun Mo had seen such a merciless evaluation. Since Zhou Yong kept targeting him deliberately, Sun Mo decided to teach him a lesson.


Congratulations, you gained a total of +356 favorable impression points.

All of a sudden, a system notification rang out, causing Sun Mo to jump in fright. This was especially so after he heard the terrifying number of points. He was incomparably shocked.

So many points?

There were a total of 77 people who dislike Zhou Yong. On average, each of them contributed 3 points. This can already be considered little.

The system explained.

Because Sun Mo taught the school tyrant a lesson. He was a hero in the hearts of those students. This was why favorable impression points and admiration were generated.

Speaking of which, the number of favorable impression points Ive accumulated should have exceeded 1,000 already, right? Because Sun Mo had been too busy during these few days, he forgot to ask about it. Wheres my achievement reward? You wouldnt have embezzled it, right?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》