Absolute Great Teacher
85 Best in the Central Province
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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85 Best in the Central Province


Gao Ben held onto a piece of chalk and wrote down words of wisdom on the blackboard. Each word he wrote was magnificent and elegant.

Haha, putting aside what Ive written, just this beautiful calligraphy alone should be enough to shock the students, right?

Gao Ben was very satisfied.

In order to achieve this effect, he had secretly practiced writing these words for over 1,000 times.

It was true that the students were creating a ruckus, but it was because of the huge noise coming from outside the lecture theater.

What happened?

I have no idea, but theres such a big ruckus!

Should we go and take a look?

The youngsters were all brimming with curiosity. When this thought came up, they could no longer suppress it. Therefore, some of them started to hunch over and slip out from the back door.

By the time Gao Ben finished filling up half the blackboard and turned around, he was stunned.

There had been over 200 students at the beginning, but now there were just a little over 100 of them. Many of the seats were emptied.

In that instant, Gao Ben started to doubt life. Had he not done well enough? However, he immediately calmed down.

(No, its not because Im not good enough. Its because the students who left are unable to understand how outstanding I am.)

Alright, let us continue!

It was fine. Even if only 100 students were coming for his lecture, it was enough. After the class, they could spread words of how good he was. Very soon, many more students would come to attend his classes.

As for how many students had gone over to Sun Mos side?

Sorry, Gao Ben had never thought of Sun Mo as his opponent.

He wont have as many as I do!

Gao Ben was very confident.


Congratulations, youve completed reaching 1,000 favorable impression points achievement. Rewarded with a black-iron treasure chest. Please keep up the good work.

The systems congratulation was monotone as usual. It was just going about with its job.

A big treasure chest that was flashing in a black-iron glow appeared in front of Sun Mo.

Keep it!

Sun Mo instructed the system like a master giving orders to his maid. He didnt despise it even if it was a black-iron treasure chest. Anyway, the chances of an item coming out from it were higher than a lucky treasure chest.

However, the next achievement would be to accumulate 10,000 favorable impression points. This would probably need to take one to two months.

How many favorable impression points do I have now?

Sun Mo asked.


That wave earlier had increased quite a lot.

If it wasnt because he was still in the midst of a class, Sun Mo would want to whistle to celebrate.

The Starmoon Fruit, worth 1,000 points. After taking it, ones cultivation realm would increase.

Remark, it has amazing effects especially on people in the spirit-refinement realm!

Sun Mos cultivation level could only be considered at the bottom of the mid-tier amongst the intern teachers. However, it was fine. Hed be able to catch up after eating a few more Starmoon Fruits.


Sun Mo couldnt help but snap his fingers. This gave Zhou Yongs trashy friends a bad scare. Two of them subconsciously bent over and hid under the table. Three of them, who were more cowardly, immediately shot up to their feet and apologized loudly.

Teacher, I was wrong!

There was no other way around it. They were really scared.

They saw how Zhou Yong was drooling. Even though he had banged into the wall, he still continued to bang forward vigorously, not knowing that he should make a turn.

To be disciplined by Ignorant and Incompetent? Id rather die!

Youngsters cared about their faces. There was no way they would want to become idiots and be watched on by the crowds.

Sit down!

When Sun Mo spoke up, the entire classroom instantly fell silent.

Compared to earlier, the students were instantly a lot more docile. All the students who had been sitting sluggishly were now sitting upright, being extremely docile.

This was the deterrence of a great teacher halo. (You dont want to listen? Do you believe that the second Ignorant and Incompetent would hit you on the head?)

The intern teachers all looked very envious. With Sun Mo having grasped this great teacher halo, thered be no students who would dare to create trouble in his classes.

Alright, if there are any other students who still have any doubts against me, you can continue to raise questions!

Sun Mo scanned the entire lecture theater.

The students didnt dare to look into Sun Mos eyes. Wherever his gaze landed, the students would either turn to avoid it or break into a smile.

The intern teachers were so jealous that they were losing appetite for their dinner tonight.

After Sun Mos gaze brushed past these students, it landed on Zhang Hanfus face.

At the sight of this, Jin Mujie couldnt help but praise him. (This guy really has guts. Youre just a newly employed teacher, but instead of currying up to Zhang Hanfu, who possesses great authority, youre challenging him instead?)

He had guts!


+1 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie.

Prestige connection with Jin Mujie. Current state, neutral (6/100).

Feng Zewen clutched his fists tightly, his countenance turning grim. There was a challenge between him and Sun Mo, so he was Sun Mos target. However, Sun Mo didnt even throw a glance at him.

What did this mean?

Sun Mo felt that he was just Zhang Hanfus lackey and wasnt worth being his opponent.

This is atrocious!

No matter how good-tempered Feng Zewen was, he couldnt stand to be neglected like this. He was just about to create trouble when Teacher Fang Chen, who had doubted Sun Mo earlier, stood up.

Teacher Sun, I have a question.

Fang Chens tone was cold. It looked as if Sun Mos first public lecture was going to wrap up perfectly. How could he accept this? If Sun Mo were to gain fame from this class, Fang Chen would become Sun Mos stepping stone. Therefore, he must give Sun Mo a blow.

Fang Chen looked at Sun Mo, worried that the latter would shy away and avoid his question. Therefore, before Sun Mo said anything, he spoke out again in an attempt to spite him.

Why? You cant be scared, right?

The atmosphere in the classroom instantly tensed up.

Please go ahead!

Sun Mo raised his hand, gesturing for Fang Chen to continue.

What do you think of your judgment in selecting students?

There was no way that Fang Chen was going to shy away from this.

Best in the Central Province!

Sun Mo spoke very calmly.


The moment Sun Mo finished saying this, the crowd rang out with a series of gasps. The teachers, especially, were all stunned. (This is only your first public lecture today, but you dare boast like this?)

Too arrogant!

Such nerves!

But if a teacher doesnt even have this bit of confidence, how are they going to teach students?

Is this this bit? Out of 100% worth of confidence in the Central Province Academy, I think Sun Mo alone takes up 99%.

The teachers spoke amongst themselves, but most of them gave negative ratings. Sun Mo had spoken too arrogantly. Even a secondary saint wouldnt dare to say something like this.

How were a students aptitude and growth potential? These would only be completely shown after several years. Who would dare to say that they wouldnt misjudge someone?

Heh, Sun Mo, at least you know your limitations, not saying that youre the best in Jinling.

Fang Chen sneered, feeling overjoyed. Sun Mo was going to be a target of everyones scorn.

Sun Mo stared at Fang Chen, his lips curling up into a cold smile.

This teacher, your capability to understand things is too weak. You better go back and read more books. The Central Province Im referring to isnt the Central Province Academy, but the entire Central Province!

This time around, there wasnt any commotion.

It was as if a cold current from the frozen north had swept past. Instant silence!

It turned out that Sun Mo was a lot more arrogant than they had thought. He wasnt referring to being the best in the Central Province Academy, but the best in Central Provincethe third largest province amongst the nine provinces, with the second greatest population!

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo as if she no longer recognized him. That tail that liked to follow behind her when they were young had now grown up to have such an air of dominance?


Jin Mujie looked at Sun Mos gaze and noticed that he wasnt feeling uneasy nor did he have any hesitations. He was brimming with confidence.

Of course, Sun Mo was confident. He possessed the grandmaster-grade Divine Sight, and he was able to see all sorts of concealed attributes, let alone ones potential value.

(Gu Xiuxun, what are you looking at? Im talking about you, you masochist.)

This was when it was only at the grandmaster-grade. If he were to open up a few more time emblems and bring it up to the ancestor-grade or even the legend-grade, then the Divine Sight would become a lot more amazing.

Gu Xiuxun had graduated as the top scorer from the Myriad Daos Academy. She was a genius that everyone held anticipation for, and she was confident and arrogant. She subconsciously wanted to stand up and retort Sun Mo, but when she met his gaze, her body stiffened up.

What kind of gaze was that?

It was clear, deep, confident, arrogant, and looked as if it could see through everything.

Oh my!

When Sun Mo looked at her with this gaze as if he was looking at trash, Gu Xiuxun suddenly twisted her body, feeling as if all of her clothes had been removed. She felt completely exposed, as if she was unable to hide any secrets.

This guy is really detestable. No one had dared to look at me with such an arrogant gaze. What right do you have? Im not trash!

Gu Xiuxun was used to being revered and treated as a genius. She was bellowing in her heart. But why did she have a strange feeling after being looked at by Sun Mo with this kind of gaze?

Teacher will get into big trouble for saying this.

Li Ziqi was worried.

Great teachers were all proud. Sun Mo would definitely attract challengers for being so arrogant.

En! En!

Lu Zhiruo nodded vigorously.

Tantai Yutang, who had been completely unconcerned all this while, now wore an interesting expression.


+1 favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang.

Prestige connection with Tantai Yutang. Current state, neutral (2/100).

The sudden notification took Sun Mo by surprise. Even the honest Qi Shengjia didnt show admiration for him after he had said this piece. However, this Tantai Yutang contributed a favorable impression point.

He really is a nutcase!

Sun Mo decided that he had to take more notice of this student in the future.

As for the commotions from the surroundings, Sun Mo didnt pay them any heed. During this period, people kept calling him as someone who sponged off a woman, looking down on him, suspecting him, and treating him with disdain. Sun Mo had had enough.

This was a good opportunity, so Sun Mo decided to vent out this frustration.

(Not satisfied that I said this?)

(Then come up and lets have a challenge of our judgment! Sun Mo, who possesses Divine Sight, can beat the hell out of any challenger.)

Youre saying that youre the best in Central Province with your judgment? Then why did you choose that young man who has the word trash on his forehead?

Fang Chen smiled. (Sun Mo, lets see how youre going to handle this.)

No cultivator would draw spirit runes on their body before they came of age. It was because as their body grew, the spirit runes would change its form and become ineffective.

Drawing runes was an irreversible process. Due to this, even if this young man who had the word trash on him used to be someone with outstanding talent, he was now trash.
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