Absolute Great Teacher
86 Black Doggy Sun Acts Up Again!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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86 Black Doggy Sun Acts Up Again!


Hearing this, Jiang Lengs expression fell. He subconsciously raised his hand to cover his forehead.

Even freshmen knew better than to recklessly draw spirit runes on their bodies. Therefore, everyone was surprised when they saw Jiang Lengs appearance.

Who on earth had been so heartless as to draw on a trash on this disciples forehead?

Seeing Jiang Leng shrinking his shoulders, wanting to hide, Sun Mo was filled with fury. He glared fiercely at Fang Chen.

May I ask how many stars you have as a great teacher?

Sun Mos tone wasnt polite at all. (If you have any problems, just come at me. Why are you bringing in my students into this?)

He could imagine how upset Jiang Leng must be feeling, to be looked at by so many people with a strange gaze.


Fang Chen was speechless. He had no stars.

Of course, there were quite a number of teachers in the school without any stars. However, when he was asked in a situation where several hundred people had gathered together, he felt embarrassed.

Looking at how youre stuttering, I guess you have no stars?

Sun Mo sneered.

I I was only short of ten points last year. Ill pass the Saint Gates test this year and get the certification for a one-star great teacher.

Fang Chen explained.

Then can I ask how many students you have?

Sun Mos gaze was icy-cold.


At the mention of his student count, Fang Chen felt proud again. Over the past few years, he had taken in a few students with his reputation. Although their aptitude was ordinary, they were still his personal disciples.

Thats quite a lot!

Sun Mo praised.

Its acceptable!

Fang Chen quickly took a peek, wanting to check out if anyone was looking at him with an envious gaze.

Out of them, how many have gotten onto the Greencloud Rankings?

Sun Mo continued to ask.

Hearing this question, Fang Chens countenance changed, and he spoke harshly, Sun Mo, are you a real fool or just acting like one? You think its so easy to get into the Greencloud Rankings?

Why isnt it easy? Both Headmaster An Xinhui and Teacher Jin Mujie have students who have gotten into the Greencloud Rankings. Even Teacher Liu Mubai has one. Why cant your students do the same? Sun Mo asked.

Dont try to shun the questions and make excuses. Im the one asking the questions now. Fang Chens countenance was grim. How could his students aptitude compare against them?

Is it because their aptitude is too bad? Since their aptitude is bad, why did you take them in? Was it a misjudgment from your part?

Sun Mo spoke each word very clearly and kept shooting off, Or is it because your standard is too low and isnt able to teach them?

Sun Mo, other than saying unreasonable things with your glib tongue, what can you do? Fang Chen reprimanded. It was because he was unable to reply to Sun Mos questions. Was he going to say that his students aptitude was bad? That would create a distance between their teacher-student relationship in the future.

To acknowledge that his guidance capability was too weak? Fang Chen wasnt that open-minded yet.

Youre a 40-year-old teacher, but you arent even a great teacher. What rights do you have to doubt my eye for picking students?

Sun Mo retorted.

If it wasnt because Fang Chen had dragged Jiang Leng into this, Sun Mos attitude wouldnt be as bad.

Youre the one who is 40 years old. Everyone in your family is 40 years old. Im only 35 this year. To a teacher, Im still in my prime, Fang Chen retorted back.

If you round it off, wouldnt that be 40 years old? Arent you ashamed that you still havent gotten any achievements despite your age?

Sun Mo went all-out. If I were you, Id definitely coop myself up at home and devote myself to my studies. By coming out to have a look at someone elses class? Are you too bored?


Fang Chens face flushed up. He pointed at Sun Mo, feeling so angry that even his fingers were trembling.

What the hell is with the rounding off? chuckled Jin Mujie.

An Xinhui frowned, her impression toward Fang Chen plunging rapidly. It was normal for there to be competition between teachers, but why did he have to bring in the students?

You, you, you, you what? Youre 40 years old, but youre not yet a one-star great teacher. Youve only taken in 11 students, and yet youre feeling so pleased with yourself. The most important thing is that you have no achievements to show for yourself. Where did your sense of superiority come from? On what basis do you dare to stand up and question me?

My heart aches for your students. To think that their teacher doesnt even strive to improve himself. If I were in their shoes and when others asked me what level my teacher is at, do you think I should lie or say the truth?

If I were to say the truth, others would laugh at me for being trash, unable to study under a great teacher. What do you think I should do? Beat the person up? Or to come back to you and cry?

Sun Mo reprimanded. Step down. I dont wish to answer your questions anymore.

The entire lecture theater was silent.

All the students looked at Sun Mo with wide-open eyes and mouth agape. They couldnt believe that he had shot his mouth away at a senior teacher who had been teaching for over ten years.

The most important thing was that all the things he shot off made sense!

Students would be very proud if their teacher was a great teacher. When they went out, not only would they be proud to speak up, but their voices would also be louder than others.

If it wasnt because they were too weak and knew that theyd never be able to study under a great teacher, who wouldnt be willing to become the disciple of a great teacher? It didnt need to be much. Even a one-star great teacher would do!


Fang Chen wasnt able to retort. He spurted a mouthful of blood and his body swayed. His face was pale and his lips were twitching.

A huge sense of disappointment and inferiority filled up his chest.

Fang Chen had thought about these things before. Or rather, any teacher with a hint of pride and shame would have thought of them.

There was a rule for the great teachers qualification exam held by the Saint Gate. One would need to pay the examination fee.

Fang Chen had taken the test nine consecutive times, and the examination fee he paid each time kept on increasing. Although his heart ached for the money he had to spend, he still didnt give up. This was because he wanted to get the title of a one-star great teacher. That way, his personal disciples could proudly say that when they went out.

The scab on this wound was peeled open by Sun Mo, and it was bleeding profusely.

Fang Chen no longer had any plans on keeping up with the argument. He pushed away the people next to him and walked out of the lecture theater, being unsteady in his footsteps. He hadnt walked far before he fell to the ground.

Oh my, a teacher has fainted!

A student cried out. Thankfully, there was a great teacher here who had medical skills. The person quickly went out to give him treatment.

The lecture theater was still quiet. However, everyones heart was shaken up.

Sun Mo really had a sharp tongue. Every word he said really pierced one in the heart.

Fang Chen was so pitiful. He had probably been pricked into a sieve.

Teacher is so amazing!

Lu Zhiruo mumbled softly.


+20 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo: Neutral 338/100)

Jiang Leng didnt wear any expression, but he supplied a lot of favorable impression points.


+30 favorable impression points from Jiang Leng.

Prestige connection with Jiang Leng: Neutral (70/100).

I knew that things would turn out this way!

Li Ziqi didnt find it strange. It would be surprising if Sun Mo was unable to win.

After the matter with Fang Chen, many teachers, who had wanted to make things difficult for Sun Mo, backed off. His tongue was too sharp, and they were unable to win against him.

Sun Mo? He should be called Black Doggy Sun instead!

Thats right. Hes simply a mad dog. Theres no end to it once he starts biting someone.

He was really like a wild dog that had broken off from its leash. Its so scary!

All these teachers who were mumbling away belonged to Zhang Hanfus faction. They knew that Sun Mo had offended Vice-headmaster Zhang and thus planned on making things difficult for Sun Mo. It was all so that they could get into Vice-headmaster Zhangs good books. However, no one dared to speak up now.

Sun Mo calculated the time and knew that the class was going to end soon. What should he say next? Maybe he should try to win some popularity for his public lectures. However, before Sun Mo could say anything, a voice rang out.

Fang Chen doesnt have the right to ask, but I should have, right?

Feng Zewen looked at Sun Mo. As a one-star great teacher, it would be below him to pose a question to Sun Mo, regardless if he ended up winning or not. However, he couldnt keep his rage in check.

He had prepared a couple of ways to deal with Sun Mo. Duan Wu had been chased out, not even given a chance to ask any questions; Fan Ding was worsehe was going to be expelled. Out of his students, he had admired Fan Ding the most. He had been hoping that Fan Ding would be able to get into the Greencloud Rankings, but now, everything was over.

The reason why Feng Zewen was unable to become a two-star great teacher was because he didnt have any students on the Greencloud Rankings. Now that Sun Mo had destroyed Fan Ding who had the greatest chance of getting into the Greencloud Rankings, it had completely cut off Feng Zewens path to gaining stars.

To a teacher, this was a great feud comparable to that of killing ones parents.

If he didnt stomp Sun Mo down today, then Feng Zewen wouldnt be able to vent the frustration in his heart.

Oh, its Teacher Feng, a one-star great teacher. Of course, you have the right to. Please go ahead!

Sun Mo had been waiting for this.

The fact that you managed to recruit five students means that they believe in you. Then let me ask you, what specialty do you have to convince them to become your disciples?

Feng Zewen spoke in a tone as if he was asking for Sun Mos guidance.

Gu Xiuxun, who wasnt seated far off, drew in a cold gasp. Although this question might appear to be him humbly asking Sun Mo for his strengths, it was in fact a question that had hidden malice.

If Sun Mo were to give a reply, Feng Zewen would definitely target Sun Mo until he was left speechless. This would prove that Sun Mos strength was actually useless.

Never look down on one-star great teachers. They definitely had the capability to go to the extent.

Feng Zewen is planning to deal Sun Mo a lethal blow in the area he specializes in!

Zhou Shanyi sighed. We are all teachers. Do we have to be relentless toward each other?

If your best student was destroyed by someone else, would you be able to hold it in?

Jiang Yongnian felt that this was very normal.

What do I excel in? Sun Mo smiled and glanced around the classroom. Teacher Fengs students are around as well, right? Why dont you get them to stand up for me to take a look?

Stand up!

Feng Zewen gave the word.

12 students immediately stood up, looking at Sun Mo with an unfriendly gaze.

They knew of the arranged duel between Feng Zewen and Sun Mo. Therefore, theyd definitely come to cheer on their teacher.

Sun Mo walked up to a female student and laughed softly. Whats your name?

What is Sun Mo doing?

Gu Xiuxun frowned and then thought of a possibility. He cant possibly be wanting to give these students guidance on the spot, right?

This was the best way to prove his teaching capabilities. However, it was too difficult. These ten or more students were Feng Zewens personal disciples. Theyd be hostile against Sun Mo.

Zhang Hanfu smiled. Sun Mo was too arrogant. If he knew how to restrain himself, he might be able to stay in school for a few more days. Now that he had angered Feng Zewen and gotten him involved personally, the outcome was within expectations!

Things were over for Sun Mo.

The same thought appeared in the mind of all the teachers present. It was true that Sun Mos performance had been quite good, but there was no way that hed win against a one-star great teacher.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》