Absolute Great Teacher
87 Performance Time
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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87 Performance Time


Gao Ben had been frowning for a full 5 minutes already, just what was happening outside? Why was it so noisy? It seemed like someone had shouted just now that a teacher had fainted?

However, Gao Ben didnt have the mood to care about such things. He looked at the ten over students left in the classroom and felt so unhappy that he wanted to scold someone.

After the lesson ends, I must go and give feedback to An Xinhui. During lessons, noise and commotion should be prohibited in the teaching building. Violators shall be punished severely!

Gao Ben felt depressed because these students were too unstable. They had gone to watch the commotion outside. (Didnt they know that they should be cherishing this opportunity and listen to my lecture?)

However this time, Gao Ben was afraid that his first public lectures attendance wouldnt beat Gu Xiuxuns, making him furious. To beat Sun Mo and Zhang Lan, what meaning did it serve?

Qin Rong! the girl replied. Her bearing was very natural and unrestrained.

Whats your cultivation level?

Sun Mo seemed to be inquiring, but he had already known the answer. From his Divine Sight, he already had a panoramic view of Qin Rongs data.

Fifteen years old, ninth level of Body-Refinement Realm.

Strength: 8, even though she isnt a violent girl, her punch can kill a cow.

Intellect: 7, IQ has exceeded average statistics.

Agility: 9, this is her advantage.

Will: 3, she is extremely anxious recently.

Potential value: high.

Remark: She tried 3 times to break through to the spirit-refinement realm but failed all due to various reasons. As such, it left a huge phobia in her heart.

If she wasnt coached to walk out of this plight in time, her whole future would be gone.

Body-Refinement Realm, ninth level!

After Qin Rong finished saying, she heard the sounds of exclamation coming from her surroundings. Through her peripheral vision, she could even see the gazes of envy cast by the students. However, she didnt feel proud at all because she had already been stuck in this realm for as long as half a year.

This had already left a huge mental pressure on Qin Rong. What would she do if she were to fail again at breaking through?


Sun Mo was asking the questions randomly; all were pertaining to cultivation.

Qin Rong was indeed worthy to be the personal disciple chosen by Feng Zewen. Not only was her potential value high, but her way of answering Sun Mos questions was also clear, orderly, and logical.


Feng Zewen snorted proudly. (Trying to find loopholes on my student to attack me? Dream on!)

Why didnt you try to break through to the spirit-refinement realm? If you were to step into the spirit-refinement realm at fifteen years old, that will be a dazzling achievement!

Sun Mo purposely induced the topic.

When he had been browsing through the students data just now, he had been paying special attention to see if Feng Zewens personal disciple was around.

Since he knew that Feng Zewen would definitely raise difficult questions and his student would surely become his carriage runner, Sun Mo had been looking at the remarks of these ten over students. He had already started to ponder over how to make use of them to counterattack.

Now, the opportunity had arrived.

Qin Rongs expression became gloomy. Sun Mos words made sense and she certainly understood. If she had succeeded, she would be highly regarded by Teacher Feng. Whether it was coaching or resources, it would all be inclined toward her. However, she had failed three times.

This had consumed all of the teachers patience.

When she had failed to break through for the first time, her teacher had been worried and had comforted her. However, when she had failed for the second time, her teacher had felt more disappointment instead.

As for the third time, Qin Rong simply didnt dare to tell her teacher as she couldnt bear the consequences.

Even though they were all students from the same teacher, there was a difference between them. A good student would always receive some preferential treatment.

However, Qin Rongs failures had proven that she was of an inferior standard.

Even though Feng Zewen didnt chase Qin Rong away, the regard he had for her had naturally decreased.

Youve failed 3 times already, havent you?

Sun Mo touched Qin Rongs shoulder.

Upon hearing the words 3 times, Qin Rong was like a wild cat whose tail had been stepped on. The hair on her whole body stood up and she let out a scream.

No, I didnt.

Qin Rong tried to deny it at all costs. 2 times, only 2 times.

When she was saying those, Qin Rong subconsciously looked at Feng Zewen secretly. Her gaze was filled with fear and anxiousness, and she was so scared that he would find out.

Seeing how Qin Rongs reaction was so intense, some of the teachers guessed that Sun Mo had predicted correctly.

The first try was 7 months ago. The second try was 5 months ago, and the third try was 2 and a half months back, Sun Mo spoke bluntly.

Qin Rongs mouth opened wide and she was dumbstruck. (How did he find out?) The timing that he had mentioned was not wrong at all, but she started to refute while quivering and trembling.

No, I didnt, youre spouting nonsense!

Qin Rongs pleading gaze was set at Feng Zewen. Teacher, please dont believe his words.

Sun Mo, are you done? Feng Zewen frowned.

Sun Mo didnt respond to Feng Zewen. Rather, he grabbed Qin Rongs shoulders violently. He stared into her eyes and shouted, Look at me!

Qin Rong subconsciously looked at Sun Mo, a deep sense of fear filling up her gaze. At the same time, there was a slight trace of admiration.

There wasnt anything she could do about it. Since Sun Mo had predicted correctly, Qin Rongs heart was shaken.

This was something even her own teacher couldnt have done!

Qin Rong, everyones cultivation path will not be smooth-sailing. Even if that someone was a saint, they would fall as well and have to stand up to repeat the process incessantly.

Qin Rong, we as cultivators arent afraid of falling. Were scared of not being able to stand up after it!

Isnt it just failing to break through? You should continue trying, so what if you fail for the fourth or fifth time? Youre still young. A lot of people your age are still struggling with the fifth or sixth level of body-refinement.

Sun Mos voice got louder as he spoke.

Hearing this, the worry in Qin Rongs gaze disappeared eventually. She regained some vigor in her eyes. (Yes, my cultivation realm is already higher than those at my age. This permits myself to fail a few more times.)

Qin Rong, think of the times when you were still young and how you have come so far. Have you always been complimented by your parents and teachers? Have the students around you been envious of you?

Qin Rong, youre a talent, a talent without controversy! You must believe in yourself. Youre just pausing temporarily, taking a rest. Once youve finished resting, youll continue on your journey. Youll continue to be the talented Qin Rong whos been praised by parents and teachers and envied by students!

Sun Mos words were heartfelt. Looking at her potential value, she was definitely worthy of being titled as a talent.

Being a teacher, what Sun Mo couldnt stand watching was the fall of a talent. Hence, even if Qin Rong was Feng Zewens student, he was still genuinely hoping that the girl could pull herself together.

Qin Rongs eyes became brighter and her gaze was overflowing with confidence and pride.

(Yes, Ive been covered with praises throughout my own journey. Isnt it just failing to break through to the spirit-refinement realm? What am I afraid of?

Qin Rong, look behind you, those who are inferior to you are almost chasing you. Dont tell me youre willing to be overtaken by them?

As he was finishing his words, Sun Mo started yelling. The entire classroom was filled with his echoes.

At the same time, there were golden rays of light shining on Sun Mos body.

The scattering brilliant rays engulfed the entire classroom.

Priceless Advice?

The students and teachers who were present were all dumbstruck.

This was the great teacher halo!

Those faculae sprinkled onto Qin Rongs body, and the area surrounding her body was dense with golden light rays. However, she hadnt even noticed this.

She looked at Sun Mo, and there was only passion and determination in her eyes.

No, Im a talent. I will not let anyone overtake me!


After she finished her sentence, a puff of spirit qi exploded from her body. Then, the spirit qi from all directions came converging frantically.

What is happening?

Breakthrough? Thats right. This is a breakthrough!

Oh my god, shes actually breaking through at this time?

The students were all in extreme shock.

How awesome, my fiance.

An Xinhui was a little startled. She didnt expect that Sun Mo wouldve chosen this way of striking back. (Has he been computing this all along? Or was he just lucky to have done this by chance?)

Lu Zhiruo grabbed onto Li Ziqis clothes firmly. She was so nervous that she shut her big eyes, not daring to watch anymore.

Feng Zewens brows furrowed tightly.

His current feelings were complicated. He was hoping that his student would breakthrough successfully but also hoped that she wouldnt.

Because once she stepped into the spirit-refinement realm, it would all be Sun Mos credit.

However, after a few seconds, Feng Zewen tossed this thought aside. His eyes were now left with only worry and regret. I should have shown more concern for Qin Rong.

Sun Mo stood at the side with an unperturbed expression. He had done what he needed to do. It was now time to see the outcome.

Qin Rong was a talent with high potential value. Even though she had continuously failed to break through, it also meant that her accumulation was sufficient now. What she was missing was just the right mental state.

Spirit-refinement realm was named as such because it was about the tempering of ones will. One shouldnt be confused by external things and should have tenacious willpower and a powerful soul.

Qin Rong had failed because she had been excessively worried about personal gains and losses. Now, she had been encouraged by Sun Mos speech and had the assistance of Priceless Advice.

At this moment, her will was at a full 10 and there wasnt any apprehension anymore.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spirit qi from around Qin Rongs body exploded and scattered. It started to blow up the dust on the ground, as well as everyones hair and clothes.

The entire classroom was in absolute silence, and everyones gazes were fixated on Qin Rong.

This young lady was just like a fresh flower in the summertime. At the age of fifteen, she had stepped into the spirit-refinement realm!

Ive succeeded!

Qin Rong looked at Sun Mo while crying tears of joys. Then, she stood firm on both feet and bent her back in a deep bow. Teacher Sun, thank you!

The girls voice flew out the window. It seemed just like a bird soaring without restraint between the blue sky and white clouds.

Anyone could tell that Qin Rongs thank you was overflowing with gratitude, respect, and even a slight tinge of worship.

Looking at this scene, Feng Zewen, who originally seemed like a bulldog wanting to tear Sun Mo into shreds any time, had become a deflated ball. Now, he was like a rather decrepit person.

(Ive lost!)

(Ive lost through and through!)

Qi Shengjia couldnt control the excitement in his heart anymore. He stood up and shouted.

Teacher Sun, how formidable!
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