Absolute Great Teacher
88 Flooded with Favorable Impression Points
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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88 Flooded with Favorable Impression Points


Hearing the shouting voice, Lu Zhiruo opened her eyes and saw that Qin Rong was facing Sun Mo with a deep bow.

Ive only done an insignificant thing. You were able to succeed because youre indeed a talent. Sun Mo praised.

The smile on his face, coupled with the sunshines warmth, was filled with approachability. It gave people a warm feeling in their hearts.

Hearing this sentence, the students immediately developed a higher favorable impression toward Sun Mo.

This female student called Qin Rong was able to step into the spirit-refinement realm because of Sun Mos encouragement. It was because of the powerful effect of his Priceless Advice, but he didnt claim the credit for himself. Instead, he was praising Qin Rongs aptitude.

Such encouragement could allow Qin Rongs confidence to increase greatly.

Thank you!

Qin Rong choked with emotions as she recalled her experiences through the past half a year.

Every time she failed to breakthrough, the mixture of panic, disappointment, fear, and self-doubt would be aggravated. It felt like a piece of dark cloud enveloping over her head and wouldnt go away for the entire day.

How Qin Rong hoped to find someone to spill her feelings!

Now, the dark cloud had disappeared.

Looking at Sun Mos face that had distinct protrusion and how he was looking at herself with a gaze that was admiring a talent, Qin Rong felt proud and shy at the same time.

Teacher Sun, thank you!

Qin Rong wiped her tears and bowed down once again. Then, she turned toward Feng Zewen and kneeled immediately. Teacher, Im sorry!

Eh? Why was she apologizing?

A lot of students didnt understand.

However, many teachers let out expressions of envy. What a good student Feng Zewen had!

Qin Rong apologized because she had stepped into the spirit-refinement realm under the great teacher halo of Sun Mo. Toward Feng Zewen, this was considered a huge humiliation.

As a disciple, one must never allow her teacher to be humiliated, so Qin Rong kneeled for an apology.

Get up!

Feng Zewen helped Qin Rong up, patted her shoulders, and said with an ashamed expression, Its me who has not been giving you ample care and concern. If I had found out this problem earlier, you would have entered the spirit-refinement realm 3 months ago.


Qin Rong covered her mouth in shock. She hadnt expected that Teacher Feng who had always been strict would have said these words.

Teacher Sun, Ive lost!

Feng Zewen looked toward Sun Mo. Thank you!


Hearing Feng Zewens declaration, the entire audience was stunned. Especially those intern teachers, their faces instantly revealed priceless expressions.

One must know that Feng Zewen was a 1-star great teacher, and what about Sun Mo? He had just been employed recently, and this was only his first public lecture.

He had unexpectedly made a great teacher personally admit defeat in such a public setting. What an awesome achievement this was. If this was spread out, he could flaunt about it for several years.

This was unexpected for Sun Mo. He thought that he would suffer tougher and crazier counterattacks from Feng Zewen, but he didnt expect that Feng Zewen would admit defeat so efficiently. What a magnanimous heart he had!

Suddenly, Sun Mo didnt hate Feng Zewen as much. Also, his earlier preparations to use Pregnancy Imprint[1], no, Soul Imprint, was of no use now.

That was very good. He could leave it until next time and use it for an overkill.

Ive only done an insignificant thing.

Sun Mo knew that he had to be more humble at such times.

Teacher Sun, I hereby congratulate you beforehand for your future achievements. The few of you, lets go.

Feng Zewen finished saying his words and called out for his students to leave the classroom. However, just as he was stepping out the door, he added, Ill pay the price since Ive lost the bet. Ill be sending 3 buckets of Liang Province grape brew to your office later on.

Feng Zewen left and the lecture theater, which was filled with more than three hundred people, had quietened down.

All the gazes were now fixated on Sun Mo, the new teacher who had made a 1-star great teacher admit his defeat.

Why is it not me who was standing there?

Many intern teachers looked at Sun Mo and developed this thought. They were extremely envious of him. But soon after, such feelings turned into disappointment and inferiority. Even if they could stand on that spot, it was impossible for them to reach Sun Mos level.

He wasnt someone living off a woman. He was genuinely brimming with talent.

Ive already said, for a woman like Headmaster An Xinhui, how could she have taken a fancy for a moron?

Ludi laughed at himself. What a pity, as Sun Mos roommate, he had many opportunities to develop a closer relationship with him, but Ludi had never made use of them.

Sigh, he didnt know if there was still time to make up for it now.


Piak piak!

Piak piak piak!

Sounds of applause started to echo. From scattered claps to passionate claps, the sounds of applause filled up the entire classroom in an instant.

At Gao Bens public lecture.

Whats going on? It was a fluctuating spirit qi just now, and now it is such noisy applause!

What a huge commotion. This wont do, I must go and take a look.

Well go too! Well go too!

The students couldnt continue sitting anymore. They started to bend their lower backs and evacuated from the back door of the classroom.

When Gao Ben finished writing on the blackboard and turned his head over, he was immediately stunned.

The entire classroom was left with only 4 students, and they were all his personal students.

Because of the violent fluctuation of the spirit qi, many students had run out of his class and there had not been many left. However, after this burst of applause, the rest of the students were gone as well.


Gao Ben knew that he had to maintain a teachers demeanor and shouldnt get angry, but he couldnt bear with it.

It was all ruined!

His first public lecture was ruined!

Just what was going on outside? How can the class environment in Central Province Academy be so terrible?

Gao Ben grumbled and suddenly regretted his choice of coming to this school.

The 4 students looked at each other in dismay.

Finally, a male student asked courageously, Teacher, there seems to be some situation going on outside, why dont we go and take a look? Perhaps we can be of some help!

You just want to go where the crowd is, dont you?

Gao Ben was spot on about the male students intentions. Continue with the lesson!

Even though he said it like this, Gao Ben was just acting in a fit of pique. His entire mind was filled with indignance and unwillingness; thus, his train of thought for the lesson had long since been cut off.

He had just taken his first step in his teachers career and had already sprained his foot. What the f*ck! Hold on, didnt he have 5 personal disciples?

Gao Ben raised his head and ran his eyes through the classroom. He realized that there were only 4 of them.

F*ck, where did Fu Chao go?

Gao Ben couldnt bear with this anymore and exploded. (Im your teacher, how can you not listen to my lesson? I must peel your skin off later!)

The applause lasted for a long while without breaking.

At this moment, many students had gathered outside the lecture theater of Sun Mo to watch the scene. The continuous successful breakthroughs of 2 students had caused two eruptions of fluctuating spirit qi, attracting a large number of spectators.

Some students were inquiring, and after knowing what had happened, their faces filled with regret. Why didnt they come earlier to snatch a seat in the class?

Teacher is so awesome! Teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo clapped her little hands excitedly and couldnt stop repeating this sentence.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30, Friendly (368/1,000).

That was natural, Ive already guessed this outcome!

Li Ziqi looked at Sun Mo and felt prouder of herself for choosing the right teacher.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +20, Friendly (176/1,000).

Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo couldnt help but turn his head to look at his 5 students. They were now seated in the first row and looking at him.

Taking notice of Sun Mos gaze, Tantai Yutang let out a smile. Xuanyuan Po still looked bored and was clapping his hands restlessly. Seeing his appearance, it seemed that he wanted to leave earlier to cultivate.

When Jiang Leng saw that Sun Mo was looking over, he squeezed out a smile as well.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +5, Neutral (75/100).

Sun Mos eyelids were twitching. These 3 students of his were not easy to deal with.

Tantai Yutang, this mental person, even though he was only fourteen years old, an ordinary person would never be able to guess his way of thinking. As for Xuanyuan Po who didnt contribute any favorable impression points, Sun Mo had already predicted it.

He was a combat addict. Except for cultivation, combat, and fighting, he wasnt concerned about other things. But Jiang Leng, why was he so weird?

(Why did you contribute 5 favorable impression points just because I looked at you? Why was it not because you were impressed with my brilliant performance of how I carried the entire atmosphere?)

Vice-headmaster Zhang, what do you think of Sun Mos performance?

An Xinhui inquired.


Zhang Hanfu snorted coldly with an extremely ugly expression. Also, this Feng Zewen was indeed useless. He was even unable to deal with a newly employed teacher?

Looking at Zhang Hanfus appearance, An Xinhui only felt a thrill in her heart. Having dealt with resentment for more than half a year, she finally had an outlet.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +10, Neutral (15/100).

Having received the favorable impression points from his fiancee, Sun Mo pouted. Finally it wasnt just +1.

The public lecture had not ended, and just as Sun Mo was about to say something, the data of + favorable impression points flooded his left eye, like a waterfall with streams of water flowing downward.

Congratulations host, youve received a total of +526 favorable impression points.

These favorable impression points are mostly because youve helped the 2 students to break through and have been acknowledged by the students for your ability. At the same time, a small portion of teachers admire you and yielded ten over favorable impression points, the system explained.

Im so outstanding and they only contributed over ten favorable impression points?

Sun Mo felt astonished.

You should be content. Teachers are prideful creatures, especially great teachers. They basically will not be convinced by anyone. Just look at Feng Zewen, even though he admitted defeat, did he yield any favorable impression points? Absolutely none!

The system scoffed.

Sun Mo, remember, even if you defeat one hundred great teachers, you may not even receive admiration from one great teacher in your lifetime.

I dont believe this!

Sun Mo was unhappy and just as he spoke those 3 words, the systems notification rang.


Mission announcement: please obtain a teachers admiration from the bottom of his heart within a year. Youll be rewarded with a diamond treasure chest. If you fail, youll be given a cruel punishment.

Must you be so ruthless?

Sun Mo was speechless. But seeing that the prize was a diamond treasure chest, he knew that the system wasnt lying. In order to receive admiration from a teacher, it was indeed difficult.

Actually, Sun Mo knew that the system was not wrong. Gu Xiuxun didnt give any favorable impression points and neither did Jin Mujie.

If Im truly ruthless, Ill make you obtain the admiration of a great teacher.

The system snorted coldly. (I was already saving some face for you.)

This wont do. I need to think of some happy things, or else, Im afraid I cant help but beat you up.

Sun Mo breathed in deeply.

His favorable impression points had surpassed 2,000, how great! It felt as though he was a local wealthy man now. He planned to visit the shopping store to purchase a Starmoon Fruit later.

However, before that, he still had something to say.

Sun Mo returned to the rostrum and swept his gaze across everyone present.

Who else still harbors suspicions toward me? You can now stand up and ask your question.

Sun Mos voice caused the noisy classroom to quieten down instantly.

[1] Raws for the two terms are , . The author is trying to make a pun.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》