Absolute Great Teacher
89 I Give Full Marks, Not Afraid that You“ll Be Proud!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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89 I Give Full Marks, Not Afraid that You“ll Be Proud!


The students knew that Sun Mos question was directed toward the teachers. Therefore, they turned to look at them.

The intern teachers exchanged glances then looked toward Gu Xiuxun.

Raise questions?

No kidding. Sun Mo had grasped two great teacher halos. He only needed to grasp one more to be able to attend the Saint Gates 1-star great teachers qualification exam.

His level had far surpassed the rest. Only Gu Xiuxun and the other three would be able to compete against him.

No, it was three of them and not four. It was because Qin Fen, who had graduated from Jixia Learning Palace, had already lost.

Gu Xiuxun, being watched by everyone, frowned. She thought to herself, Sun Mo, thats enough. Cant you save some face for the rest?

Sun Mo was now doing very well. Even people who werent that clever should know that they should keep their distance from his attacks.

Seeing that Gu Xiuxun didnt show any reaction, the intern teachers then looked toward the senior teachers.

The senior teachers clapped, ignoring these peoples gazes.

Even though teachers from Zhang Hanfus faction werent pleased with Sun Mo, they understood that this wasnt a time for them to create trouble. Moreover, it seemed that Sun Mo had some capabilities. If they attempted to create trouble without any planning in advance, they might end up to be the ones suffering.

Sun Mo smiled and looked toward Zhang Hanfu. Vice-headmaster Zhang, youve lowered your stance and came to my public lecture. Arent you going to ask a few questions?

The students knew nothing about the conflict between the schools management, but the senior teachers did.

Hearing Sun Mos question, their eyes almost popped out. This was even more astonishing than the fact that Sun Mo had grasped two great teacher halos.

He is too arrogant!

Jiang Yongnians lips twitched.

Thats right. Zhang Hanfu is going to hate him to death. There wont be any way to salvage their relationship.

Zhou Shanyi sighed.

He detested such conflicts the most. Couldnt everyone just focus on teaching and get along harmoniously?

Even though Sun Mo looked as if he was asking for guidance, he was in fact openly sneering at Zhang Hanfu. (Werent you here to see me make a fool of myself?)

(You cant laugh now, right?)


Zhang Hanfu shattered the chairs handle. (How dare this bastard sneer at me?)

You dont have questions? I didnt expect that youd be so pleased with me!

Sun Mo teased.

Zhou Lin couldnt help but smile after seeing Zhang Hanfu stumbled. However, at the thought of how this was caused by Sun Mo, he felt a little displeased.

Sun Mo, youre already so good when youve just become an official teacher. I believe that within a year, youll become the number one great teacher in Jinling. Dont disappoint me.

After saying that, Zhang Hanfu brushed his sleeves to the side and left.

Hearing Vice-headmaster Zhangs praise for Sun Mo, many naive intern teachers wore envious gazes.

Only the senior teachers knew that Sun Mo had gotten into big trouble.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The bell rang. It was time for the class to end.

Alright, todays public lecture will end here. Thanks to all the teachers and students who have come to listen to my class.

Sun Mo displayed the smile he had practiced repeatedly, appearing very amicable.

Ill start teaching officially from next Monday. Anyone interested can come to the class. Thank you!

Clap clap clap!

A round of applause rang out, not out of courtesy, but because they were truly satisfied with this public lecture.

All the best, Teacher Sun!

Teacher Sun, I have a question. Can I ask for your guidance?

Teacher Sun, my learning condition hasnt been good lately. Can you use Priceless Advice to give me some encouragement?

To the students who didnt have any teachers, if they wished to have their questions resolved and gain improvement, theyd have to grab hold of all chances possible. Therefore, when Sun Mo announced that the class had ended, they immediately came crowding over.

There was only a ten minutes break between classes, so Sun Mo could only answer three questions at most.

Dont squeeze. Queue up over here. Otherwise, given how messy you guys are, no one will be able to get any answers.

Li Ziqi immediately jumped out to maintain order.

The students glanced at Li Ziqi and didnt pay her any heed.

Battle freak urgh.

After Li Ziqi said that, she immediately said, Xuanyuan Po, quickly come to help maintain the order!

Can I beat people up?

Xuanyuan Pos eyes lit up, and he grabbed onto his spear.

No! Li Ziqi waved her hand helplessly. Forget it, you dont have to come.

Li Ziqi looked around.

Forget about Tantai Yutang. He was holding onto a handkerchief and covering his mouth, coughing incessantly. He looked as if he was going to die at any moment. Jiang Leng emitted an icy-cold aura that seemed to say for all living humans to get lost. He gave off the feeling as if he was a corpse that had just been dug out from the snow.

As for Lu Zhiruo, what use did she have other than having a big bust?

Alright everyone, please leave the classroom and dont affect the next teachers class. Im the Central Province Academys teacher now, so you guys can come to ask me questions at any time.

Sun Mo was unable to move. Many students continued to speak up next to him. The situation was a mess, and he wasnt able to give anyone any guidance at all.

The intern teachers were leaving the lecture theater when they saw this scene. They felt so envious that it was as if they were going to drool.

I also want to be surrounded by so many students asking me for my guidance!

By the way, Ludi, I remember that you also graduated from Songyang Academy, right? Youre Sun Mos schoolmate. Do you know what is with his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?

A slightly ugly person asked curiously. He had just asked this question when the intern teachers in the vicinity all turned their heads immediately, their eyes gleaming as they looked toward Ludi.

Ludi was given a shock and quickly explained, I dont know. I didnt hear about it in the past!

Hey, if you have any insider news, then share it with everyone! Dont keep it to yourself!

The ugly guy hooked his arm around Ludis shoulder.

I really dont know!

Ludi seemed to be on the verge of tearing up. He was worried that everyone would think of him as a selfish person. Im not close with Sun Mo!

Seeing that Ludi really didnt know anything, the other intern teachers immediately ignored him as if he was a piece of used dish towel. However, the conversation continued in their smaller circles.

Sun Mo was able to find out how many times that Qin Rong had failed to break through to the next level just by touching her muscles. Thats too amazing!

He was even able to accurately tell the time she had failed!

The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands? This name has a dominant air to it!

Can Sun Mos hands be considered God Hands?

In the world of great teachers, most of them would rely on their experience and judgment to pick students. Thered also be an observation period of several months. However, extremely few great teachers could rely on their hands to touch a student and find out their aptitude.

In the world of great teachers, the hands of these rare number of great teachers had a public recognition of being called the God Hands.

Thinking that Sun Mo could possibly possess the God Hands, everyone was immediately filled with envy.

Zhou Lin saw An Xinhui standing in the corridors and asked, Eldest Miss, you arent leaving yet?

Im waiting for Sun Mo!

An Xinhui looked at her female assistant, wanting to let her relationship with Sun Mo get better. Why dont we have a meal together?

Im not hungry!

Zhou Lin rejected. I admit that Sun Mos performance today is astonishing, but he is still far from being a good match for you or catching up to Liu Mubai. He can wait until he is steadily one notch above Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan!

After saying that, Zhou Lin turned to leave.

In her heart, she did recognize Sun Mos performance. No teacher had displayed such an astonishing first showcase for the past ten years in the Central Province Academy.

Liu Mubais first public lecture had also been brilliant, but it was still not this spectacular.

Little Lin is too stubborn. There arent many men in the entire Middle-Earths nine provinces who can be a good match for you.

Jin Mujie shook her head.

An Xinhui didnt wish to discuss this, so she diverted the conversation. How many points do you give for Sun Mos first showcase?

Full marks, not a score less. Im not afraid that hed be proud!

Jin Mujie smiled.

She was very satisfied with Sun Mos performance. Whether it was his eloquence, adaptability, or skills, he had the full package. Hence, he was free and unconstrained on the rostrum.

You rate him really high!

An Xinhui was surprised. Being close friends with Jin Mujie, An Xinhui knew that she had high expectations when looking at other teachers.

To be honest, I feel that this isnt the first time he is on the rostrum. He seems to be familiar with it.

Jin Mujie couldnt understand. Even if a person had practiced multiple times in private, they wouldnt be able to produce such an effect. This meant that Sun Mo was born to be a teacher.

Sun Mo left the lecture theater.

Gu Xiuxun, who was answering a students question, spoke quicker and after finishing up, she went and caught up to Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun!

Gu Xiuxun called out. She was planning to treat Sun Mo to a meal.

Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fianc. This meant that they were allies from the same team and should work together to build up their relationship. Of course, itd be even better if they could have a talk about Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

An Xinhui and Jin Mujie also walked over.

Headmaster An, Teacher Jin.

Gu Xiuxun greeted.

Headmaster An, Teacher Jin!

Sun Mo suddenly felt a little blinded. These three were all beautiful women, so he found it a little hard to take them on altogether!

Sun Mo, do you want to have a meal together?

As a 3-star great teacher, Jin Mujie was pressed for time and thus couldnt be bothered with the formalities. She went straight to the point.

A hint of surprise flashed past Gu Xiuxuns eyes. To think that Jin Mujie would invite Sun Mo to a meal? How much admiration did she have for him?

However, Gu Xiuxun was at a loss. It was a goner. Jin Mujie had beaten her to it.

Im sorry, I dont have time!

Sun Mo shrugged with his hands out.


Gu Xiuxun was stunned and almost shot out, Are you an idiot? A 3-star great teacher had taken the initiative to invite him to a meal, but he had rejected it?

Given Jin Mujies status, she was the one who usually refused peoples invitation. And these people would tend to be influential characters.

Jin Mujie was a little stunned as well.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo in surprise. She suddenly felt like asking (What have you been through in Songyang Academy?)

Do you guys have any other matters? If not then Ill be leaving!

Sun Mo was really busy. The petty system had given him a mission to draw 1,000 Spirit-Gathering Runes in a month. If he couldnt complete it, he would get punished and his skills grade would drop. That was something that he relied on for a living, so how could he possibly have time to waste?

The three beauties had met too many people who wanted to curry up to them. But now that they came across such a unique person like Sun Mo, they had no idea how they should react.

Oh my, this feeling is so strange!

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