Absolute Great Teacher
90 Generous Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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90 Generous Rewards


My teacher is awesome!

Li Ziqi, who was following behind, felt that Sun Mo was extremely impressive. He even dared to reject the invitation of a 3-star great teacher. One must know that if other teachers were in his place, even if they knew they had to eat dog shit, they would still accept the invitation. Moreover, they would be swallowing the dog shit with a smile on their faces.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +10. Current state: Friendly (186/1,000).

Lu Zhiruo blinked. She didnt understand the ways of the world. Hence, she didnt feel that it was a problem that Sun Mo had rejected the invitation of another teacher for a meal.

Jiang Leng lowered his head, not caring about this. Tantai Yutang placed his hands behind his head and was surveying the four people ahead with interest. He was speculating whether Sun Mo was using reverse-psychology or not.

As for Xuanyuan Po?

The combat addict had a brain full of muscles. Hence, he spoke very directly.

Teacher, Im going to look for a fight!

After speaking, Xuanyuan Po didnt wait for Sun Mo to reply and left directly.

Upon hearing this, Li Ziqi couldnt help but rub her glabella. Out of Sun Mos five personal disciples, Xuanyuan Po was the one with the highest publicly acknowledged talent. However, his IQ was clearly not too high.

(Before a headmaster, a 3-star great teacher, and two teachers, you actually say that you are going to fight someone? Do you treat the schools rules as non-existent? Cant you be more tactful and say you are going for a spar instead?)

Sun Mo was speechless. (How do you want me to reply to this?)

Given Sun Mos understanding of Xuanyuan Po, if he told him not to fight, Xuanyuan Po wouldnt listen. And if he tried to convince him and was rejected before so many people, Sun Mo would only be embarrassed.

However, if he didnt say anything, given that the headmaster and other teachers were present, others might doubt his teaching attitude. Could it be that when a student said he was going to fight, the teacher didnt even want to care about it?

As expected, the gazes of the three beauties all landed on Sun Mo. They were waiting for his response.

This was especially so for Gu Xiuxun. She had a look on her face like she was waiting to watch a good show.

Go and find someone in the senior years to fight then. Sun Mos expression was calm. Also, Ill formally start my lesson tomorrow morning. Gather at the entrance of the teaching building by 8 a.m.

I will definitely not find people from the lower years. Im afraid I might beat them to death.

Xuanyuan Po answered as though it was proper and a matter of course.

A few senior students heard this when they passed by. They involuntarily frowned and turned their heads to look at Xuanyuan Po. There was no need to ask any questions. This young man must be a student that recently joined them. This was why he didnt know the immensity of the heavens and earth.

There would always be genius students who thought very highly of themselves every year. These students would then challenge the seniors and after being taught a lesson, only then did they realize that they werent geniuses. They were just cabbages.

Theres nothing more going on, you guys can take your leave!

Sun Mo instructed his other students.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo didnt move, but Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng immediately departed.

If you guys have nothing else to talk about, Im leaving now!

Sun Mo subconsciously raised his hand and looked at his watch. Sadly, his wrist was empty. He no longer had the mechanical watch he had bought using his monthly salary.


Li Ziqi quietly tugged on Sun Mos sleeves. She then smiled as she praised, Teacher Jin Mujie is a 3-star teacher. She is very famous in Jinling City.

Li Ziqis meaning was very simple. Jin Mujie was one of the big bosses in the Central Province Academy. If Sun Mo could forge a good relationship with her and she was willing to guide him, his teaching career would be much smoother.

Upon seeing this scene, Gu Xiuxun felt somewhat envious. Li Ziqi truly had a pure heart and spirit. On the surface, she appeared to be praising Jin Mujie, but in actuality, she was reminding Sun Mo not to neglect or slight Jin Mujie.

I wonder why Li Ziqi is so determined to take Sun Mo as her teacher?

When she thought of Li Ziqis background, the envy in Gu Xiuxuns heart became envy. However, she smiled shortly after. Li Ziqi was really good, but it wasnt so easy to be her teacher.

At the very least, Li Ziqis aunt wouldnt agree so easily.

No man had ever rejected Jin Mujie before. Hence, she was a bit at a loss of what to do after the rejection. She decided to remain silent.

She invited Sun Mo for a meal because other than admiring his performance today, she also planned to get him to massage her. She would definitely feel embarrassed to ask him directly; hence, she planned to ask in passing when they were having a meal. Sadly, there was no chance to do that now.

An Xinhui wanted to warn Sun Mo to be careful of Zhang Hanfu. That fellow had a narrow heart. Now that he had suffered such a huge disadvantage today, Zhang Hanfu definitely wouldnt let things slide.

However, she couldnt say this in front of the teachers and students present. Hence, she also chose to remain silent.

Gu Xiuxun had waited for Feng Zewen to make things difficult for Sun Mo before she stepped out to showcase her brilliance. But she didnt expect Sun Mos performance to be so fascinating. There was basically no chance for her to stand up.

Even Jin Mujie was rejected. If I was the one who asked, Im afraid I would be rejected as well!

Gu Xiuxun decided to invite Sun Mo for a meal another time. However, she truly wished to know what sort of cultivation art the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is.

Each of these three women had different thoughts in their minds. Before they could think of what to reply, they already saw Sun Mo leaving directly. He really left with no hesitation at all.

Lu Zhiruo immediately followed him.


Gu Xiuxun was stunned. (Do you have to leave so directly? )


After Li Ziqi bowed to An Xinhui and the two others, she also followed after Sun Mo.

Xinhui, your fiance is truly quite capable!

Jin Mujie stared at Sun Mos back. When she thought about his past performances, it seemed that the Central Province Academy would welcome a huge wave of impact this year.

The gentle wind blew at the chinese parasol tree, causing the trees shadow on the ground to sway a little.

System, my performance is still acceptable, right?

Sun Mo asked from the bottom of his heart.

Extremely well done!

After the system replied, the sound of a system notification rang out.


Congratulations, you have perfectly handled the students and teachers who tried to make things difficult for you during your first public lecture. Your debut is beautiful. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest.


Congratulations to you for obtaining victory against Feng Zewen. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest.

Firstly, a radiant golden treasure chest appeared before him. After that, a glorious silver treasure chest followed. Their glow was so bright that it was sufficient to dazzle his eyes.

The system notification was pleasing to the ear, but Sun Mo actually frowned instead.

Something is wrong. Since my debut is perfect, why am I not getting a diamond treasure chest?

Because Im afraid you might be too proud after this! the system replied in a candid manner.

Instantly, ten thousand f*** your mom galloped across Sun Mos heart. If it wasnt for the fact that two of his students were still following after him and that he was always a man that minded his image before his students, he would definitely unleash a string of curse words.

In addition to the black-iron treasure chest that he had obtained from accumulating 1,000 favorable impression points, Sun Mo had three treasure chests now.

Now that he had high-tier treasure chests, would top-tier prizes still be far away?

Hence, Sun Mo lifted his hand and stroked Lu Zhiruos hair before stating the word open! in his heart.

The golden treasure chest unlocked.


Sun Mo truly couldnt endure it anymore. The chest I wanted to open is the black-iron one!

In the past, when Sun Mo played games, he would always open the treasure chest starting from the lowest-tier. He would only open the best treasure chests after all his bad luck was used up on the lousy treasure chests.

Although this was quite superstitious, Sun Mo felt that it was pretty useful. Even if it wasnt really useful in reality, it was a comfort to him psychologically. But now, the system had directly opened up the most valuable golden treasure chest.

Im sorry, I dont know mind reading! the system explained.

Sun Mos heart was instantly filled with a flood of curse words.

Please mind your attitude. The system is very strict. If you continue to curse at the system, you will be given a punishment! the system warned.

System, didnt you say that you didnt know mind reading?

Now, Sun Mo understood that this fellow was truly narrow-minded.

The golden glow faded, leaving behind a tattered map. From the color of the map, Sun Mo could tell that it was an ancient map.


Congratulations, you have obtained a fragmented map (). This map shows a certain terrain. If you want to see everything clearly, please piece together all five fragments.

The material of the map was beast skin, and it had a good tactile feel to it. But as for the contents of the map, it was blurry and unclear.

Does it take itself to be like dragon balls? (ref: anime Dragonball)

Sun Mo was depressed.

In the past, he had also drawn a fragmented map. Now, he had a total of two pieces. However, things like this that depended on chance werent too reliable. Who knew when he would finally get the third piece?

The main point was that even if he obtained all five pieces of the map, what if that map showed a location that was impossible for him to reach? Or if the danger level was too high? What should he do then?

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was somewhat disappointed that he had obtained a fragmented map piece from a golden treasure chest. Hence, this time around, he placed his hand fixedly on Lu Zhiruos head.


The papaya girl inclined her head as she stared at Sun Mo in puzzlement.

(I want to open the black-iron treasure chest now, dont get it wrong!) Sun Mo warned the system.

The black-iron treasure chest clicked open, revealing a dark glow. When the glow vanished, a fruit the size of a walnut remained.

This fruit was silvery white on the surface. On the top half of it, there were pictures of stars, and on the other side, there was a picture of a bright crescent moon. The fruit silently floated before his eyes, shining brightly with light.


Congratulations on obtaining 1x Starmoon Fruit. This fruit can draw in the essence of the stars and moon, and it only matures after 100 years. After consuming it, you can make use of astral lunar force to cleanse your body, purify your blood, and force out the impurities in them. After that, your blood will contain the pure energy of astral lunar force.

This fruit is a top-tier natural spirit medicine that cultivators at the blood-ignition realm need the most! the system explained.

Natural spirit medicine referred to items with medicinal effects that grew naturally in the world instead of being grown by humans. For spirit medicine like this, not only was the effect strong, but the side effects it caused the body would be minimal as well.

How beautiful!

Sun Mo was happy. He recalled seeing the starmoon fruit being sold in the merchant store for 1,000 points per piece.

He decided to try it. If the effect was good, he could buy one from the store again. In any case, right now he had a total of over 2,000 favorable impression points. He could afford to spend a little.

When the host provided an act of guidance to a target and caused the target to generate goodwill, feelings of being impressed, awe, worship, or amiability, the host would be able to gain favorable impression points.

Favorable impression points could be treated as a type of currency to be used in the systems merchant store to buy any item in there. This included but was not limited to skill books, various cultivation arts, maps, medicine, weapons, pets, etc.

At the same time, as a host gained more and more favorable impression points from the same target, the relationship between them would gradually deepen.

This relationship was known as the prestige connection and could be ranked like this from the lowest to the highest: indifferent, neutral, friendly, respect, reverence, and worship based on the number of favorable points.

Sun Mo asked the system before about what would happen when the prestige connection between two people reached the worship level? The system didnt reply, but Sun Mo felt that there would surely be a huge benefit to it.


Seeing Sun Mo touch Lu Zhiruos head again, Li Ziqi felt a little unhappy as her lips pursed up.

Sun Mo naturally saw Li Ziqis reaction. However, he couldnt stretch his hand out to pat her head now.

There was no solution to this as he still had a silver treasure chest that had yet to be opened. (You are flat-chested, if I come in contact with you, my luck will suffer.)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》