Absolute Great Teacher
91 An Upgrade in Combat Strength
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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91 An Upgrade in Combat Strength


Sun Mo felt that he had profited a little seeing that he had obtained a starmoon fruit from the black-iron treasure chest.

Next, it would be the third chest.

The silver treasure chest glowed brilliantly. After it was opened, even before the light faded away, Sun Mo could already see a bronze-colored object within the glow.

That was a time emblem.


Congratulations on obtaining 1x time emblem. After using it, it can allow one of your skills to gain 10 years of experience, swiftly upgrading your proficiency of the skill to another level.

The system congratulated him.

The material of the time emblem was a type of jadestone. It glowed with a bronze light and looked extremely like a mahjong tile. The word ten was carved into it.

Sun Mo couldnt help but whistle. He then patted Lu Zhiruos head again.

Truly, majestic breasts could allow him to increase his luck.

Undoubtedly, theres no one else but her that can be my lucky star.

Sun Mo was very happy. This was the item he wanted the most.

Humans were afraid of being famous while pigs were afraid of being robust. This was a logic that was passed down since ancient times. Today, for his first public lecture, it could be said that Sun Mo was completely in the limelight. However, this also brought him huge concealed danger.

Leaving aside Zhang Hanfus hostility, those random intern teachers would also begin to treat him like an enemy due to their envy. There was an 80% to 90% chance that they might personally seek him out to challenge him.

What should intern teachers do if they wished to move up the ladder? Naturally, they had to find a stepping stone!

The current Sun Mo was the most famous and sturdy stepping stone. As long as they could step on him, not only would they be able to shoot to fame in a single battle, but they could gain Zhang Hanfus admiration as well. This was killing two birds with one stone.

Hence, Sun Mo reckoned that there would surely be intern teachers coming to find trouble for him. It was extremely urgent for him to raise his strength now.

It was very tough if one wanted to be a teacher. However, it was even tougher if one wanted to be a great teacher!

Other than possessing strong cultivation base and strength, they also had to spend a huge amount of time on their side occupations. From this, one could already know how much effort great teachers had to put in.

Sun Mos cultivation realm was considered below average among this batch of intern teachers. With regard to combat strength, he was sorely insufficient.

One must know that the art he had cultivated in the past was the Overflow Rain Sword.

This was an extremely wide-spread and general cultivation art. When facing against intern teachers of average standards, he could still persist for over ten moves or might occasionally win due to luck. But if he used the Overflow Rain Sword against the honor student of the Myriad Daos Academy, Gu Xiuxun, or Gao Ben of the Westshore Military School of Liang Province, he would definitely be defeated.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. Although its main purpose was for the user to imitate the various cultivation arts to train students, allowing them to learn the plus points and negative points of each cultivation art, it was still considered somewhat powerful with regards to combat prowess.

After all, it could imitate all sorts of cultivation arts and achieve the form and spirit of them. These imitations couldnt be considered ones own strength, but it could allow the user to win via a surprise move. Hence, it was sufficient.

Also, this was merely the basic ability of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. One could train the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to an even higher level. For example, at the fifth-level, one could use the opponents moves against them completely.

This meant that all the attacks launched by the enemy would be countered perfectly with the exact same technique.

Upon thinking of this, Sun Mo couldnt help but feel that this was very cool. He wanted nothing more than to immediately raise his Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to the fifth-level.

However, he had a puzzling question. The father of Sun Mo was a genius of the Central Province Academy and was put in high regard by the old headmaster. If not, the old headmaster wouldnt have betrothed his daughter An Xinhui to Sun Mo.

By logic, such a genius would at the very least leave behind some ultimate techniques and skills for his own son, right? Even if the techniques and skills were not at the saint-tier, it would at least be at the heaven-tier, correct?

Sun Mo couldnt understand it. Hence, he temporarily treated it as the father of his original-self in this world simply died too early and couldnt leave behind his will.

When the Sorrowless Lake came into vision, Sun Mos steps suddenly halted. He glanced at the two girls. You girls can go and play. I have something on and I have to leave first.

What thing?

Li Ziqi blinked her large eyes, feeling curious.


After Sun Mo finished speaking, he turned and walked away.


Lu Zhiruo subconsciously stretched out her hands to catch the front part of Sun Mos shirt. She felt a little disappointed and scared.

In this unfamiliar campus, the papaya girl would only feel a sense of security by following Sun Mo.

Lets go, Ill bring you to tour the campus!

Li Ziqi no longer disturbed Sun Mo. She went to hold Lu Zhiruos hands instead.

Everyone required a little personal time. As long as Teacher Sun didnt become a lackey, there wouldnt be any problems. If not, she herself would definitely stop him. After all, being a lackey of someone meant that there would be no future.

You are also a freshman, right? asked Lu Zhiruo

She gazed at Li Ziqi in puzzlement. The implicit assertion was very simple. (You are a freshman too, why would you be familiar with the campus? Dont treat me like a fool.)

I came here quite a few times before!

Li Ziqi casually weaved an excuse.


Lu Zhiruo started. After that, she began nodding. I see!

You actually believed it?

Li Ziqi was speechless. Staring at the innocent Lu Zhiruo that seemed like a harmless bunny, she felt that it was essential to properly teach her. If not, her junior martial sister, who didnt know how sinister the world could be, might easily be cheated away by a big grey wolf.

After becoming a teacher, Sun Mo could then use many facilities in the school that were reserved for teachers.

For example, the cultivation chambers. There were those constructed from stones, from metals, and even woods. Regardless of which type, they all boasted a certain quality sturdiness.

After Sun Mo flashed out his teachers badge to the administrator, he entered a cultivation chamber that was constructed from granite. After doing a check, he took out his time emblem.

He then crushed it immediately with no hesitation.


A bronze light immediately shot forth. The light vanished unceasingly, appearing as though it was drawn in by a magnet as the light motes flew into Sun Mos body. This caused him to be surrounded by a greenish glow.

System, can you change the color settings?

Sun Mo asked. Although he had experienced it once before, he had no way to accept this happening again.

The green color was a color that no men would endure. Even an absolute pretty boy wouldnt be able to!

If one wants to live life well, one has to wear a little green on the head! (being cuckold). the system candidly replied again.

F*** your mom!

Sun Mo couldnt control it. However, his body began heating up a moment later as though he was soaked in the hot springs. Countless scenes flooded his mind.

Time was like an arrow. It was like ten years had passed.


Congratulations, your proficiency of the Invulnerable Golden Body of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art has been upgraded to the grandmaster level. The proficiency of Copy of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art has reached the expert level. Please continue to work hard.

The systems voice was as calm as ever.

Sun Mo pulled out the wooden blade and brandished it casually as insights rose in his mind.

This was the secret art gained from the third level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

As to what copy meant, it meant that even if Sun Mo didnt know the moves of his opponent, he would be able to perfectly copy them after seeing it once. However, the third level only allowed him to copy the form of his opponents moves.

If he met some experienced opponents, the difference between them would be immediately showcased. The opponent would be able to tell that Sun Mos moves were fake. However, if he reached the fourth level Divine Intent, his copied moves would have both the form and spirit within it.

With both form and spirit combining together, even the original owner of the moves wouldnt be able to sense any difference.

Although Sun Mo managed to learn the third level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art using the time emblem, Sun Mo didnt dare to feel complacent and underestimate others. Instead, he began to practice his cultivation art again and again.

Through repeated practice, Sun Mos proficiency with this cultivation art rose to another level.

One couldnt help but say that the person who had created this cultivation art was truly a monstrous genius. And for those who wanted to learn this art, they must similarly be overflowing with talent.

There was no need to mention anything much about the first two levels. However, for the third level, copy, one needed a high level of judgment. If one wasnt able to track and anticipate each detail of the opponents move, they wouldnt be able to unleash it.

When Sun Mo executed copy, he would feel a warm current in his eyes.At this moment, the entire world seemed to slow down as things became clearer.

Motes of dust would become larger, slowly floating in the air. If a mosquito flew past, Sun Mo would be able to see how many times it was flapping its wings.

The world would only return to normal after he stopped using copy.

What a novel feeling!

Sun Mo praised while feeling a myriad of emotions in his heart. If he didnt have the time emblem and wanted to reach the third level and learn copy, he wouldnt be able to do it unless he devoted one or two years into cultivating.

He shook his head and cast away these distracting thoughts. He then executed the Invulnerable Golden Body and some faint golden patterns appeared on his skin.

These patterns caused him to appear holy and imposing. After that, he executed copy again to be more proficient with the skill.

Sun Mo wasnt in a hurry to eat the starmoon fruit. He was prepared to head back and do some research to find out what exactly did the blood-ignition realm encompass.

After all, this was Sun Mos first time trying to break through. As someone who liked to be prepared before taking any actions, he didnt want any accidents to occur.

Sun Mo, I definitely wont let you have an easy life!

Gao Ben had a sinister look on his face. He pushed open his dorms door but was soon startled after that.

His dorm, which was for four people to stay in, now suddenly had eight people in it. These people were chatting idly and when they saw that Gao Ben had returned, they immediately stood up.

Teacher Gao, congratulations!

How do you feel after your first public lecture?

Im so envious of you. I wonder when we will be able to officially join the faculty?

They were all intern teachers, and they were speaking up one after another.

Compared to Qin Fen who had his eyes in the sky and looked down on everyone, Gao Ben was more down to earth and had better social connections.

Gao Ben would usually be able to joke around with these people. But today he truly had no mood to do so.

Teateacher Gao, all of us pooled together some money and wished to invite you to the Drunken Immortal Inn for a meal to celebrate your first lecture, said a slightly ugly-looking intern teacher. He was a dorm mate of Gao Ben.

After he finished speaking, envy rose in his heart. In the past, everyone could call each other by their names. Even if they added the word teacher in front, it would just be a joke. It was because only official teachers had the qualifications to add the honorific to their names.

Now, they couldnt refer to Gao Ben by his name directly. They either had to call him Brother Gao or Teacher Gao. However, as intern teachers, everyone would naturally prefer others calling them with the honorific teacher.

Im not free!

Upon hearing the words first lecture, Gao Bens face turned black as he rejected it directly. He walked to his bed and lay down before covering his head with his blanket.

Everyone felt somewhat awkward as all of them stared at the ugly-looking intern teacher.

Teacher Gao, give us some face. Everyone only wishes to celebrate with you. Besides, we also pooled our money and prepared a huge gift to congratulate you on officially becoming a teacher. You will definitely like the gift!

The ugly intern teacher issued an invitation again.

Teacher Gao, how many students came today? Are the seats fully filled?

Fully filled? You are looking down on Teacher Gao, right? There are definitely students crowding outside the lecture theater as well!

In any case, there must be a lot of people. How many of the school leaders went? Did Headmaster An Xinhui show up?

The intern teachers continued rumbling as their words of congratulations flooded forth like the words didnt cost money.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》