Absolute Great Teacher
92 Sun Mo’s Name Rising Like the Wind
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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92 Sun Mo’s Name Rising Like the Wind


These intern teachers had had to be teaching assistants today. Moreover, because they had had to prepare to give Gao Ben a gift, none of them had gone to the teaching building to attend the lectures personally.

In any case, from their points of view, Gao Ben who was from the Westshore Military School would definitely not screw things up.

Shut up!

Gao Bens roar drifted out from underneath his blanket. His voice felt somewhat heavy and depressed.

The intern teachers here were all stunned, and they cast mutual glances at each other. What was going on with Gao Ben? It seemed that he wasnt in a good mood?

Teacher Gao, everyone only wants to celebrate for you. Our kind intentions

The ugly intern teacher couldnt even finish his sentence before he was interrupted by Gao Ben.

I told you to shut up!

Gao Ben lifted the blanket and glared at the ugly intern teacher. Scram!

Silence descended in the dorm. All the intern teachers had stunned looks on their faces, not knowing what they had done wrong. After that, they could only leave the dorm with indignance rising in their hearts.

Everyone, lets disperse!

The ugly intern teacher spoke in a low voice.

Everyone didnt dare to stay for long and began to scatter like the birds and bees.

Gao Bens appearance was too terrifying. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was malevolent like he wanted to tear them into pieces.

Staring at his dorm that was emptied out, Gao Ben couldnt endure it anymore and chaotically smashed the things in the dorm.

(Its finished!)

(Its completely finished!)

Originally, he had been wildly ambitious and wanted to achieve a good showing. However, the first step of his teaching career had caused him to trip and fall. No, this wasnt just a simple trip. It was more like his leg had been directly broken by Sun Mo.

Out of the four new teachers

He was the one with the lowest number of attendees. In fact, even one of his personal disciples had run off to Sun Mos lecture. How preposterous.

Sun Mo, if I dont trample you underneath my feet within three months, I will follow your surname!

Gao Ben swore as a plan appeared in his mind.

The ugly intern teacher and his group soon learned of the reason for Gao Bens rage after they had left. So it turned out that Gao Bens first lecture was a complete failure.

Only four students had attended it. Although this number wasnt the lowest in the history of the school, there was no doubt it was ranked at the bottom.

As for Sun Mo, his lecture had been packed to the brim. The capacity of the lecture theater was just 300. Not only was it full, but some students, who wanted to listen to Sun Mos lecture, had even gathered in the corridor outside the lecture theater.

This number had broken the hundred-year-record of the Central Province Academy. As for the real number of attendees?

There was no way to keep count.

On the way back to his dorm, Zhou Xu excitedly jabbered on and on.

Too awesome! Teacher Suns Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is simply too awesome. Actually, I feel that it wouldnt be an exaggeration to call his hands God Hands.

In Zhou Xus heart, there was only endless regret.

If Zhou Xu had immediately gotten his father to bring a gift and paid a visit to Sun Mo after Sun Mo had performed his massage technique on him, he would already be considered as having a good relationship with Sun Mo. But now, things were different. They couldnt even be considered acquaintances. At most, they had only met each other once.

Sigh, Im all to blame!

Zhou Xu was so depressed that he could cough out blood. In the end, it was still himself who had underestimated Sun Mo too much. He had felt that an intern teacher like Sun Mo wouldnt amount to anything.

However, Sun Mo had officially joined the school during these few days, and his first public lecture was such a huge success!

Zhou Xu believed that after this public lecture, the number of students who wanted to ask Sun Mo to use his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands on them would surely explode. At that time, things would be extremely difficult if he wanted to experience it again.

Ai, this feels so unbearable!

Zhou Xu sighed again and felt so regretful that he wanted to die. Once, he had had a chance where he could have forged a good relationship with Sun Mo. Sadly, he couldnt grasp it.

Is it really so exaggerated?

Wang Hao sniffed. He had gone to attend Gao Bens lecture. This was why he had come late.

After Wang Hao arrived, the corridor was already packed to the brim with people. He only saw Feng Zewen leading over ten students away.

Exaggerated? Teacher Sun helped two students to break through today. He also used the great teacher halo ignorant and incompetent to teach Zhou Yong a lesson. Lastly, he even drove an experienced teacher away due to anger, making the teacher faint in the corridor. Tell me, how are my earlier words an exaggeration?

Zhou Xu rolled his eyes.

Zhou Yong? The tyrant of Central Province Academy, the direct descendant of the huge magnate of Jinling?

Wang Hao clicked his tongue. He didnt expect that Sun Mo had done so many things in just a public lecture.

Thats right, thats the school tyrant Im referring to. You didnt see how Teacher Sun used Ignorant and Incompetent on him and turned him into an idiot that drooled and walked around stupidly, banging into walls. It was really helpful to vent our resentment and anger.

Zhou Xu laughed loudly.

He hadnt been bullied by Zhou Yong before, but many of his friends had suffered. Hence, he knew how arrogant and terrifying Zhou Yong was. He made it a point to avoid Zhou Yong every time, as he was afraid that he might be targeted.

Its already considered a profit just to be able to see Zhou Yong being taught a lesson. Qi Shengjia interjected.

Thats true! After Zhou Yong spoke, he grew somewhat worried. However, Zhou Yong definitely wouldnt let things slide given his personality. I heard that he had chased away quite a few teachers before.

Hmph, Teacher Sun isnt an ordinary teacher. If Zhou Yong dares to look for trouble, Teacher Sun would dare to teach him how to be a human.

Right now, Qi Shengjia was filled with boundless worship for Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +15. Friendly (493/1,000).

Yeah, teach him how to behave properly like a human being with Ignorant and Incompetent!

Zhou Xu clenched his fist. A thought then arose in his mind. In any case, your relationship with Teacher Sun isnt too bad, right? Why dont we treat him to a meal to help him celebrate?

How am I important enough to treat him to a meal?!

Qi Shengjia was depressed.

If theres no way, we should forget it then. He has God Hands, I really wished to personally witness it! Zhou Xu spoke. At the same time, he suddenly sighed. Speaking of which, Im really very jealous of you. You being able to break through to the fifth level must be due to God Hands. I must think of a way to experience Teacher Suns massage again!


Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +25. Neutral (81/100),

Sigh, please stop talking about it guys. The more you guys speak of this, the more regretful I feel!

Wang Hao clutched his chest, feeling a little unhappy in his heart. (Gao Ben, you are really useless.) When he left Gao Bens lecture, only around ten people were still there to listen to his lecture.

When Wang Hao put himself in Gao Bens shoes, he also felt extremely awkward.

It was unknown how Gao Ben was feeling. He had chosen the same date and time as Sun Mo for his public lecture. Now, he had completely lost all his face.

Students who had no idea what was going on would immediately determine that Sun Mo was a graduate from one of the Nine Greats based on the number of people attending his lecture. As for Gao Ben? Who knew who the hell this person was?


Favorable impression points from Wang Hao +15. Neutral (88/100)

While Sun Mo was cultivating the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, he heard another three notifications and gained favorable impression points from three students.

He could forget about Zhou Xu and Wang Hao, but Qi Shengjia was truly a good student. The number of favorable impression points generated from him per day placed him on the same level as the papaya girl.

Sun Mo felt that if he brought these two students around with him wherever he went, he most probably would be able to gain several hundred favorable impression points every month. If he worked a little harder, he would be able to easily buy a starmoon fruit.

However, Sun Mo was merely thinking about it. He had the pride of a teacher and wouldnt rashly accept disciples just to make use of them to obtain favorable impression points.

Sun Mo cultivated until dusk and after he ate dinner at the canteen, he returned to his dorm.

Teacher Sun!

Upon seeing Sun Mo, Ludi who was plucking the fur from pig trotters immediately stood up and squeezed out a smile.

Teacher Ludi!

Since the other party was smiling, Sun Mo naturally wouldnt show a black face.

Dont call me that, Im still not an official teacher!

If other intern teachers called him that, Ludi wouldnt mind it. But if Sun Mo who was already an official teacher called him that, he would feel embarrassed.

Sun Mo had no concerns.

Teacher Sun, havehave you eaten dinner?

Although Ludi had practiced this sentence many times before Sun Mo returned, he still found it a little hard to say it before Sun Mo.

After all, he was behaving like a lackey now!

Ive eaten!

Sun Mos words were concise and comprehensive.


Ludi started. He initially planned to ask Sun Mo out for a meal and if he didnt mind it, he would pass Sun Mo his braised pig trotters. He felt that the standard of his stewed meat would be able to gain Sun Mos friendship.

Sun Mo took his bag and put in the three books he had borrowed in it. Then, he was preparing to leave.

Ai? Its already so late. Do you still want to go out?

Ludi was anxious. He hadnt given Sun Mo the pig trotters yet. Hence, he hurriedly went to take an earthenware pot.

Ill be heading to the library and might be back late at night. I might accidentally disturb your sleep; hence, Ill beg your pardon in advance.

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he went out.


The dorms door closed.

Ludi carried the pot and was struck dumb at his spot. For a time, his thoughts were in chaos.

Sun Mos attitude couldnt be considered friendly or bad. After all, they didnt speak too much with each other before.

Actually, Ludi had predicted that Sun Mo would become extremely arrogant. After all, his lecture was a huge success today and it was very normal for him to be proud. However, Sun Mo wasnt arrogant at all.

Besides, it was already so late, yet he still wanted to study at the library. Ludi couldnt see any hint of being complacent from Sun Mos actions.

How ridiculous, Zhang Sheng actually looked down on this type of people.

Ludi shook his head and couldnt help but smile.

In the past when Sun Mo ignored Zhang Sheng, Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng felt that it was because Sun Mo was scared and didnt dare to antagonize them. But now from the looks of things, it turns out that Sun Mo disdained fighting with Zhang Sheng. Even Qin Fen and Gao Ben suffered in his hands. What does a mere Zhang Sheng count for?

This cant do. Sun Mo has already become an official teacher, yet he is still so hard working. I need to put in more effort!


Favorable impression points from Ludi +10. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (10/100).

Ludi placed the earthenware pot down and took out [Study of Spirit Runes]. When he saw the ten pig trotters on the table that he had already removed the fur from, he couldnt help but start. After that, he gritted his teeth and pushed all the pig trotters down to the ground.

Damn, Im an intern teacher, and my ambition is to become a great teacher. I want students to love and respect me. Im not a meat stewer!

Ludi suddenly howled. Tears began falling from the corners of his eyes.

During nightfall on the campus.

Although Sun Mo had already integrated with his original-selfs memories and obtained his knowledge, it wouldnt be a mistake to do more research and preparation.

Tomorrow would be the first day where he officially taught his five personal disciples. Sun Mo wanted a good beginning.

If a teacher wanted to obtain respect and adoration from their students, they couldnt depend on scolding the students. Rather, it was their teaching ability and whether the teachers were able to guide the students to improve themselves.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》