Absolute Great Teacher
93 Public Guidance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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93 Public Guidance


In the morning, patches of greenery could be seen everywhere.

Lu Zhiruo sat cross-legged and was meditating in the corridor. Upon hearing the sound of a door shifting, she immediately opened her eyes. When she saw Sun Mo, her heart leaped in excitement.

Good morning Teacher Sun!

The papaya girl greeted him.

You are already a student of the Central Province Academy. Theres no need to wait for me every day. Sun Mo frowned. If you have the time, why dont you do something else?


Upon hearing Sun Mos unhappy tone when talking to her, Lu Zhiruo lowered her head. Her two fingers tugged on the front-side of her shirt as she felt a little disappointed.

Actually I was not wasting time. I was meditating!

Sun Mo heard the papaya girl mumbling to herself, but he didnt care. By taking the time to come over here, isnt that wasting time? Also, greetings such as this are meaningless.

Lu Zhiruo obediently followed behind Sun Mo.

You shouldnt become a maid that only knows how to take care of others. Instead, I hope you can become the person you wish to become!

Sun Mo advised.

He was very moved when he saw the amount of respect Lu Zhiruo had for him. If he was any other teacher, he might feel very proud that his student was waiting to greet him every morning outside his dorm. However, Sun Mo didnt need this.

He truly wished for Lu Zhiruo to be good, to put more time into important things. Hence, he activated Priceless Advice.

A golden halo shot out, and its light cascaded down on the papaya girl.

Becoming the person I wish to be?

Lu Zhiruo repeated these words, and a radiant glow gradually appeared in her eyes. That was right. She didnt come to Central Province Academy because she wanted to play.

Truly well said, Teacher Sun!

Lu Zhiruos gaze was filled with respect.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +20. Friendly: (388/1,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo was speechless. (Did you give me favorable impression points just like that? I know that you have big breasts, but you cannot keep milking yourself like that every day!)

(What if Im spoiled by the influx of points? I might be very disappointed if I wont get as many favorable points in the future.)

The other intern teachers just went out as well, and they couldnt help but start when they coincidentally saw this.

(Great teacher halo?)

(Who is this?)

After seeing Sun Mo, everyone understood. The deeds this person had done in his first public lecture had already been circulated around.

In the canteen, the fragrance of food permeated the air.

A bowl of porridge, four vegetarian buns, one egg, and one dish of salted veggies for me.

After the instruction, Sun Mo passed the teacher badge to Lu Zhiruo and found an empty spot to sit down. Choose whatever you want to eat!


Lu Zhiruo nodded and went to get food.

Although Lu Zhiruo was endearingly silly, she was quite on-the-ball when it came to chores. She returned shortly after while carrying two trays of food.

Sun Mo took over the trays from her.

Why is there no egg on your plate?

Sun Mo frowned. The papaya girls breakfast was the same as him, but she only had two buns and didnt have an egg.

IIm not hungry! Lu Zhiruo replied.

Go buy two eggs and finish them. Sun Mo instructed.

The papaya girl didnt move. She knew that Sun Mo would definitely pay for her.

Quickly go!

Sun Mos tone changed to one of command.


The papaya girl who just sat down immediately jumped up. She then ran to the food stall.

Sun Mo shook his head. Actually, he understood Lu Zhiruos thoughts. Because he was paying for the meals every day, she definitely felt embarrassed.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was still very fond of Lu Zhiruo. She was simply too understanding.

The papaya girl came back after buying the eggs, but she didnt eat them immediately. She chose the larger egg and de-shelled it before placing it into Sun Mos porridge.

When Sun Mo was in the no. 2 high school, he didnt even dare to imagine such a life where he was being waited upon by others. His breakfast every day would be settled after buying fried pancakes or a bowl of soft bean curd from roadside stalls.

Letting a beautiful big-chested student to de-shell eggs for him?

That would only exist in his dreams!

Sun Mo drank his porridge as he went through the topics he wanted to talk about in his lesson later. He was also deducing the unexpected situations that his students might face and was thinking up solutions for them.

After a while, five other students also sat on the eating table across them. Clearly, they were a small group and were idly chatting. After a while, the topic of their discussion turned to Sun Mo.

Since Lu Zhiruo heard her teachers name, her tiny ears pricked up.

Have you guys heard it? This year, our school has an extremely tough new teacher. During his first public lecture, he already taught a lesson to Zhou Yong and got into a dispute with a 1-star great teacher! commented a male student with small eyes.

Teaching a lesson to Zhou Yong? If he merely scolded Zhou Yong a little, that cannot be considered tough!

The person who spoke this time was a big-mouth male student. He drank his porridge loudly.

He didnt merely scold Zhou Yong, but he also cast the Ignorant and Incompetent halo! said the other male student. The three remaining students in the group who had just learned of this were stunned.

Is this true?

The big-mouth student exclaimed in shock, That new teacher most probably doesnt know the deeds that Zhou Yong did before, right?

Who cares? In any case, I feel happy when I see Zhou Yong down on his luck!

The small-eyed male student smiled widely. It was precisely because of this matter that he was so happy. This was why he specially added an egg in his meal today.

As a school tyrant, Zhou Yong was someone extremely notorious.

Although these few students hadnt been bullied by him before, they all heard about the nasty things Zhou Yong had done. With Zhou Yong around, they felt like there was a mad dog on campus that might bite them at any given moment. Now that someone had stepped up and taken care of the mad dog, everyone naturally felt very happy.

Im going to add an egg to celebrate!

The big-mouth student stood up. He had a female friend from the same hometown who was bullied by Zhou Yong a few times. He wanted to help her but didnt dare to.

If he offended Zhou Yong, Zhou Yong would surely take revenge until he died.

On another eating table, some students were also in discussion, but their topic was about Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

I heard that he only touched the muscles of that female student named Qin Rong, and after a few seconds, he could tell the number of times she had tried to break through, as well as her current cultivation level. Do you guys think hes awesome or not?

Are you sure that Qin Rong wasnt a paid actress? How could he tell so many details just by touching her muscles?

Upon hearing this discussion, Lu Zhiruo was immediately unhappy. Although she was afraid of strangers, she still placed her chopsticks down and was preparing to stand up to rebut.

Eat! Sun Mo berated.

Awu! The papaya girl was unhappy. However, there was no need for her to say anything because a student that was seated at a further eating table spoke out when he heard this.

Its naturally real! Ive personally witnessed it. Qin Rongs teacher is someone that has a conflict with Teacher Sun. Do you think his student would become a paid actor for Teacher Sun?

This is why he is given the title God Hands. If every teacher could do what he did, how would he be given such a high recognition?

That Dragon Capturing Hands sounds so tyrannical. I really wish to see it for myself.

The students discussed.

The majority of comments were positive. Lu Zhiruo grinned widely in joy and felt that the porridge in her mouth tasted even sweeter.

You guys will discover in the future that Teacher Sun has many more strong points.

Lu Zhiruo mumbled silently in her heart.

Teacher Sun?

A voice suddenly rang out, interrupting Sun Mos line of thought. He turned and saw two students carrying their meal trays at the side.

After confirming that the person in question was Sun Mo, the two students hurriedly bowed.

Good morning, Teacher Sun!

When greeting a teacher, their voices must be loud and confident. So, the nearby students could also hear it.

Mn, dont disturb the others when they are having their meals!

Sun Mo indicated that there was no need for the two students to be overly courteous.

Yesterday, we attended your public lecture and felt that we have really benefited a lot!

Zhang Zhao felt a little agitated.

Its good that my lecture can help you guys! Sun Mo smiled.

Because Zhang Zhaos voice wasnt low, all the people in the surroundings glanced over.

Teacher Sun, I

Zhang Zhao wanted to ask Sun Mo some questions, but it was breakfast time now. If he did so, wouldnt it be too presumptuous of him? But if he didnt ask, he was afraid that he wouldnt have such a good chance anymore in the future.


Sun Mo was very understanding. He pointed Zhang Zhao to a seat at the side.

As a teacher, Sun Mo deeply understood the importance of forming good relationships with students. Moreover, this was in a public place. If he didnt take the chance to earn some favorable impression points, he would truly have let down the opportunity that had sent itself to his doors.

Zhang Zhao and his friend hurriedly sat down.

Sun Mo put down his spoon and stretched out his hand to touch Zhang Zhaos shoulder. At the same time, he activated Divine Sight and looked at him.


Zhang Zhao, 16 years old. Ninth level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 7. Sufficient for usage. Hes recently injured and has weakened.

Intellect: 6. Sufficient for usage.

Agility: 9. Absolutely sufficient for usage. Speed is his advantage.

Potential value: Average

Note: This is a good and very hardworking student. He wont give up any opportunities to learn.


Zhang Zhao didnt even dare to breathe loudly. In fact, even all his muscles tensed up.

The surrounding students glanced over. For a time, this dining area was completely silent. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Recently, you are too hardworking in cultivation, which leads to the injury in your muscles. You should cut down your daily cultivation period by half an hour. Moreover, your left hand was injured five months ago, right? It hasnt recovered yet, try not to use it too often.

Sun Mo gave his opinion.

The grandmaster-grade muscleforge technique was simply so tyrannical.

You how did you know that my arm was injured before?

Zhang Zhao was dumbfounded.

When Sun Mo told him to cut down half-an-hour of his cultivation time, he was still feeling doubtful. After all, the intensity of his training didnt cause him to feel any fatigue. In fact, he was recently wondering whether he should increase the intensity or not. However, Sun Mos latter sentence caused him to be shocked.

His arm was indeed injured five months ago when he was sparring against another student. Sun Mo even knew this. As expected of God Hands!


Zhang Zhao hurriedly stood up and bowed deeply.

I will remember this. Teacher Sun, thank you for your guidance!


Favorable impression points from Zhang Zhao +20.

Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral: (20/100).

Upon hearing this, exclamations of surprises could be heard from the surroundings. Numerous pairs of eyes stared at Sun Mo with shock. After that, all their gazes turned toward Sun Mos hands without prior consultation with each other.

His fingers were slender and fair; his nails were neatly cut and very clean. His hands looked like a work of art.

Does he really have a pair of God Hands?

This thought floated up in everyones hearts.

Sun Mo indicated Zhang Zhao to sit down. From your muscles, I could tell that you are very diligent. If you continue like this, you will be able to break through to the spirit-refinement realm in roughly three months.


Zhang Zhao was very surprised. From the body-refinement realm to the spirit-refinement realm, it was a major thing in cultivation. If he knew when he would breakthrough, he could be psychologically prepared in advance.

One must know that for matters like breaking through, it usually occurred very suddenly.

For some students, due to their heart states not being up to the mark, when they encountered a chance to breakthrough in their cultivation, they failed because they were not sufficiently prepared.

Work hard!

Sun Mo stood up. He was afraid if he continued staying here, he would be late for his class.

Regardless of the reasons, for the first guidance that he would be conducting for his personal students, he mustnt be late.

Lu Zhiruo instantly put away the food trays in a hurry.

Teacher Sun, take care!

Zhang Zhao and his friend hurriedly stood up.

The surrounding students also stood up. Although they didnt ask any questions, their expressions were one of respect.

Sun Mo started. He had never seen a situation like this before.

In the various countries of the nine provinces, this was precisely the status of teachers. If there was a great teacher, even if the students in the canteen were seated very far away and couldnt see the great teacher personally, they would still stand up in respect when the great teacher departed after consuming his meal.

Everyone, please sit down and enjoy your food!

Sun Mos expression was casual and carefree, but he was emotionally moved in his heart. He grew increasingly aware of the importance of this occupation.

(Thats right. Teachers exist to sustain the lofty aspirations of students!)

Is there a great teacher eating here?

When a teacher who had just ordered his food heard the commotion, he couldnt help but incline his head for a look.

Sun Mo!

Yi Jiamin narrowed his eyes. He wasnt really very fond of Sun Mo, his colleague who was assigned to the same office as him. Now that he saw this scene, he felt even unhappier.

(Everyone is a teacher, why are you showing off so much?)

As for intern teachers, they didnt think too much. When they saw tens of students standing up and sending Sun Mo off respectfully, there was only intense envy in their eyes.

Under the morning sun, the temperature of the atmosphere began to increase.

Sun Mo exited the canteen, but before he could take a few steps, someone already called out his name.

Teacher Sun, please wait!

A moment later, a young man rushed over with large strides, only stopping before Sun Mo.

You are?

Sun Mo frowned.

Teacher Sun, my name is Mei Yi. I specially came to seek guidance from Teacher Sun!

Mei Yi clasped his hands and bowed.

As expected, someone came after all?

Although Mei Yis attitude appeared to be good, Sun Mo understood that Mei Yi wanted to use him as a stepping stone.

Sun Mo knew that he had no way to avoid this matter. It was just that he didnt expect such a thing to happen so fast.

Teacher, I went to your public lecture yesterday. After the lecture, I am incomparably impressed by your talent and learning. Most probably, your combat strength is outstanding as well, right? Hence, I wish to spar against you.

Mei Yi first made Sun Mo wear a tall hat before he suggested combat. By doing so, the chance of Sun Mo rejecting him would be much lower.


Sun Mo was prepared to accept all challengers.

Mei Yis eyes brightened and immediately suggested, I think this space is pretty wide. Theres no need to head to the training ground. What do you think?

Before the canteen, there was a small public square. If one was to head further ahead, that would be the main road that led to the dormitory and the classes.

And now, it was breakfast time. There were many students heading to and fro. When they saw that some teachers were about to spar, they immediately came over to spectate.

Other than watching a good show, observing the combat of others could be considered a type of cultivation as well.


Sun Mo didnt mind.

[1] Iron-headed = A chinese gaming slang referring to a person thats unafraid of death and whose actions are a little brainless.
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