Absolute Great Teacher
94 Defeating Enemies with a Single Move
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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94 Defeating Enemies with a Single Move



Mei Yi, 20 years old. First level of blood-ignition.

Strength: 22, newbie.

Intellect: 24, normal standard.

Agility: 23, a little thorny.

Potential: average

Note: An average challenger, no strong points and no weak points. He is so ordinary to the extent that one can always find someone like this in a crowd of humans.


Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and surveyed Mei Yis stats. After scanning through rapidly, he felt a little disappointed.

(Cant there be a genius challenger who comes to challenge me? I really dont feel keen on fighting an ordinary person.)

Please do not underestimate any challengers. His cultivation level is the same as yours! the system warned.

You dont understand! Sun Mo shook his head.

To Sun Mo who would always choose the highest difficulty setting when he bought a new game, only those tough challenges would cause him to feel delighted.

Teacher Sun, are you done with your preparations?

The students already stepped back and gave them space for the spar. Mei Yi was eager to start. A few minutes later, he would become famous after this battle.

Might I be so bold as to ask if you have any unique ultimate skills? Or some other cultivation arts that no one knows?

Sun Mo inquired.

What? Are you looking down on me?

Mei Yis expression sank. The cultivation art he trained in was the peak-grade earth-tier Golden Sun Sword Manual. Although it wasnt a common cultivation art, it wasnt that high-end.

For teachers like them who didnt have any backgrounds, it was simply too difficult if they wanted to learn peak-grade cultivation arts. They had to spend a huge amount of money to purchase the cultivation arts from famous schools or aristocrat clans that existed for over a thousand years. Either that or they had to contribute immensely to the school and gain the recognition of the headmaster.

There was another way and that was to explore the ruins and secret realms in the Darkness Continent. If they were fortunate, they might be able to find some cultivation art manuals that had been lost for many years.

No, I was merely curious.

Sun Mo smiled. It seemed like there was no need for him to use Immemorial Vairocana. In that case, he would simply use the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to settle this. He could test out the might of Copy as well.


Mei Yi pulled out his sword. He was using a long sword that was two fingers wide and one meter long. When he graduated, this was something his father had bought for him using two years of his savings.

Sun Mo pulled out the sandalwood wooden blade attached to his waist.

You are using this? Mei Yi frowned.

Dont worry. If I lose, I wont use this as an excuse.

Sun Mo knew what Mei Yi was worried about; hence, he explained.

Swords and sabers have no eyes, you should use a real weapon! Mei Yi warned.

No need!

Sun Mo stared at the longsword in Mei Yis hands.

It was of excellent quality, but it wasnt graded.

After seeing its data, Sun Mo suddenly felt like he was bullying Mei Yi.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, the tiers of martial weapons from low to high could be classified as spirit weapons, saint weapons, and the extremely rare and valuable divine weapons.

And for each tier, it could be further classified into inferior, average, superior, and the peerless grade!

The wooden blade in Sun Mos hand might not be made from metal, but it was something crafted from black sandalwood and polished with the meticulous efforts of a great weaponsmith from Liang Province for three years.

This type of wood was extremely tough, equivalent to steel. Moreover, it would also emit a faint sandalwood fragrance and could last for several tens of years, having the effects of purging nightmares and calming ones heart and mind.

This wooden blade was a spirit weapon.

I wont be polite then.

Mei Yi had a feeling like he couldnt wait any longer. He caused a sword ripple to manifest in the air, Mei Yi, first level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Sun Mo, first level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Even before the voice of Sun Mo faded, Mei Yi already shot out like a sharp arrow, lunging toward Sun Mo.

At this very moment, there was only Sun Mo in Mei Yis eyes. He didnt even think about it and unleashed his strongest killing move.

Golden Sun Annihilation!


Mei Yis longsword trembled as it emitted a humming noise. At the same time, due to the spirit qi imbued into it, it unleashed a golden glow. For a time, the entire space grew incomparably bright.

Mei Yi had to practice this move several hundred times every single day!

This move was already integrated into Mei Yis instincts. He was so familiar with it to the point where he could unleash it with no prior preparations. There was no need for him to even think.

Ha. Both our cultivation realms are similar. He would definitely try to probe me by steadily attacking for the sake of victory, right?

Mei Yi felt a little complacent. For this battle today, he had begun thinking about it since yesterday afternoon. This was because he wanted to pull off a surprise move and defeat his enemy in a single strike.

Only then would his victory be gorgeous, capable of leaving behind a deep impression in the hearts of the spectating students.

Wait a minute, why did Sun Mos face not have any expression of fear or panic?

Mei Yis expression instantly turned heavy. According to his thoughts, Sun Mo would definitely panic when faced with his sudden attack. But what was this situation now?

Why did he stand there with a calm look on his face?

Given Mei Yis intellect, he wouldnt be foolish enough to assume that Sun Mo was not moving because of being too frightened.

Before Mei Yi pulled out his sword, Sun Mo already cast Copy. Hence, Mei Yis sword, which was extremely fast in the eyes of others, was as slow as a sloth in Sun Mos vision.

The entire world seemed to slow down. Sun Mo could be more focused and could easily observe and track all the subtle changes.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was activated as Sun Mo brandished his wooden blade.

Golden Sun Annihilation!


When Mei Yi just arrived before Sun Mo, he already saw a wooden blade swiftly chopping down, aiming for his throat. This caused him to be badly shocked. He subconsciously changed his move, wanting to block it.


When the wooden blade collided with the longsword, an immense might gushed over, causing Mei Yi to be unable to persist any longer. He coughed out blood and was flung back from the impact.


Mei Yi fell onto the ground like a heavy sack; his entire body was covered in dirt and dust.

Everyone was silent. The spectators glanced at Mei Yi before looking at Sun Mo. For a time, they didnt know how to react. Werent the two combatants both at the first level of the blood-ignition realm?

Why was this person named Mei Yi insta-defeated in a single move?

Some students from the lower-years didnt have sufficient judgment and experience and couldnt see through the intricacies of the earlier combat, However, the higher-year students understood that Sun Mo used the same move as Mei Yi. It was just that Sun Mos proficiency and strength, with regards to that move, was stronger compared to Mei Yis.

From this, one could tell that Sun Mo had definitely spent a very long time to practice the Golden Sun Sword Manual.

Sun Mo lowered his head and glanced at his wooden blade, recalling the earlier process. (So, was that Copy? Its truly powerful. No wonder it is a peak-grade saint-tier cultivation art!)

Mei Yis face turned pale. He struggled and wanted to stand up. However, he had taken an attack head-on, and the impact caused his arm and chest to be injured. For a time, it felt extremely unbearable. He couldnt exert any force at all.

But compared to the physical pain he was feeling, the mental and psychological injuries were even more serious.

He was defeated. Not only so, but he was also defeated by Golden Sun Annihilation!

One must know that this was the move he was most proficient in. However, he still couldnt defeat Sun Mo. Didnt this mean that his martial talent was inferior to Sun Mos?

Such an impact was too great!

Thanks for letting me win!

After Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at the surroundings. I know there are still some intern teachers who wish to challenge me. You guys can step out now!

Sun Mo liked combat-type games. Now, he finally had the chance to fight for real, and this naturally caused him to feel very excited. Besides, using martial strength to defeat enemies was very cool.

(There is no need to speak about logic. If both of us are in a bad mood with each other, we can directly engage in a physical fight. This feeling is simply too awesome.)

Whispers rang out from the surroundings, but no one stood up temporarily.

Sun Mo had defeated Mei Yi in a single move. Honestly speaking, everyone felt a little shocked.

Is there no one else? If there arent any more challengers, Im going to leave! Sun Mo spoke.

After someone adjusted his mood, he stood up.

Teacher Sun. Im Lu Kun, first level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

A tall and strong young man reported his name. He was also an intern teacher.

Sun Mo, first level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Sun Mo entered the Copy state again.

The world slowed down once again.

Compared to Mei Yi, Lu Kun was much more cautious. He didnt launch a sudden attack. Instead, he brandished his sword and simply faced Sun Mo.

Time flowed by. The spectating students waited to the point where they felt a little impatient. Everyone wanted to see hot-blooded combat, yet both of them simply stood there and looked at each other. What were they doing?

(If you two are doing some sort of performance art, please do it at the schools entrance instead!)

A droplet of sweat flowed from Lu Kuns forehead. He knew that he couldnt continue maintaining the status quo forever, but he couldnt find a chance to attack.

He didnt know why, but Sun Mo stood there casually yet exuding a feeling of being one with nature. Sun Mo showed no flaws in his stance at all.

The most troublesome thing was that when he matched his gaze with Sun Mos, Lu Kun felt as though he was being seen through.

Such a feeling was truly unbearable!

The spectators grew increasingly unhappy as the sounds of their clamor gradually rose in volume. Some people were even starting to boo.

As the challenger, Lu Kun was under greater pressure. If he still didnt attack, people would feel that he was afraid. Moreover, he would also lose out in terms of his aura.

DAMN, Ill go all out!

Lu Kun gritted his teeth and rushed Sun Mo. At the instant he closed in, his left leg immediately shifted as he changed direction, attacking Sun Mo from the right instead. After that, he lifted his sword and pierced out ferociously.

Gale Shooting Moon!


The longsword was like a poisonous snake hunting prey. It created numerous after-images as it stabbed toward Sun Mos throat. However, even before it could hit its target, Sun Mos wooden blade already pierced over with rapid speed.


The longsword was blocked. After that, the wooden blade shot toward Lu Kuns throat with lightning speed.


Lu Kun was so frightened that his soul almost flew out. There was no time for him to block the wooden blade. If the wooden blade pierced his throat, he would die for sure.


The wooden blade stopped right before Lu Kuns throat.

Youve lost!

Sun Mos clear voice was like a gust of gentle wind. It felt very comfortable listening to it.

Lu Kun gulped down a mouthful of saliva. After that, he stared at the wooden blade an inch away from his throat as he involuntarily sighed. You are really powerful!

Lu Kun was proficient in this move, Gale Shooting Moon, and felt that he had achieved minor completion in it. Hence, when he saw Sun Mo unleashing the same move and completely suppressing him, he could only sigh silently and be convinced in his heart.


Favorable impression points from Lu Kun +5. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (5/100).

You are not bad either!

Sun Mo smiled. He put his blade away before glancing at the surroundings. Anyone else?

All the intern teachers in the crowd began to reevaluate their strength.

If it was earlier, some people would have felt that Lu Kun had seized their chance of being famous because he had been half-a-step faster than them to challenge Sun Mo. But now, their intentions to challenge Sun Mo was no longer as intense.

In fact, they even felt a little fortunate that they didnt step out.

Sun Mo continuously defeated his opponents with a single move while being at the same cultivation level as them. This was his proof of strength.

Maybe Mei Yi and Lu Kun took things easy on Sun Mo?

Stop joking. There were so many students spectating. Could it be that the two of them didnt want their faces anymore?

So, maybe Mei Yi and Lu Kuns martial skills were too rubbish?

Everyone wasnt blind. These two intern teachers were decent and their execution was smooth. There had also been quite a huge amount of power in their attacks. Evidently, they had given it their all and even unleashed their ultimate technique. Yet, they were still inferior to Sun Mo.

What did this mean?

It meant that Sun Mo had the ability to crush all cultivators at the same cultivation levelthe first level of blood-ignition realmas him.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》