Absolute Great Teacher
96 Saint-Tier Cultivation Art? I Know One Too!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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96 Saint-Tier Cultivation Art? I Know One Too!


Xuanyuan Po, mind your tone. Is this how you talk to your personal teacher?

Li Ziqis beautiful brows frowned. Her pretty melon face was filled with unhappiness.

Whats wrong with my tone?

Xuanyuan Po was puzzled.

Enough. Ziqi, theres no need to say anything any longer.

Sun Mo wasnt angry. Xuanyuan Po was someone with a mind fixated on combat. There was no room for things like emotional quotient (EQ) in his brain.

Teacher, teach him a lesson!

Tantai Yutang seemed to be unhappy about Xuanyuan Pos actions. In truth, he was someone who wanted to watch the world burn.

Alright, lets head to the training room then!

Sun Mo knew that if he didnt agree to this fight, the tutorial would not be able to start. Besides, Xuanyuan Pos cultivation art was a peerless-grade saint-tier one.

Very well then, it seemed like Sun Mos divine skill, the Immemorial Vairocana, could finally be put to good use.

There was a gigantic training dojo in the Central Province Academy with a hundred training rooms. This was built for the sake of convenience, allowing teachers to give lessons to their students easier.

After all, some cultivation arts and guidance had to be kept a secret. As long as the training rooms door was closed, there was no need to worry about the cultivation art being leaked out.

Right now, Sun Mo was an official teacher. He was able to obtain a key to one of the training rooms easily.

Can we begin?

The moment they entered the training room, Xuanyuan Po immediately brandished his silver spear, urging impatiently.

You can attack any time!

Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade.

The training room was constructed from gigantic slabs of layered stone about 1 cubic meter each, and there were many weapon scratches on the surface. One could tell that this place was built a long time ago.

Teacher, receive my move!

After Xuanyuan Po spoke, his body lunged forward.


Xuanyuan Po was like an artillery shell. He shot toward Sun Mo and pierced his spear out, aiming for Sun Mos throat. However, a moment before his spear struck its target, the trajectory shifted toward Sun Mos face.

Sun Mo brandished his blade!


The silver spear was pushed to the side.

Xuanyuan Po didnt succeed with a single move, but he wasnt discouraged. On the contrary, he grew even more excited. He moved to the side and unleashed a barrage of attacks. His silver spear was like a toxic mouth spewing words, stabbing toward Sun Mo unceasingly.

Lu Zhiruo clutched Li Ziqis clothes tightly in anxiousness.

When Li Ziqi heard Xuanyuan Po saying that his spear art was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, she felt a little worried for Sun Mo. But after seeing her teacher handling Xuanyuan Pos attack skillfully and easily, as well as not moving from the original location despite the impact, she began to feel at ease.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The sounds of weapons clashing rang out repeatedly in the training room.

Our teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo was deeply moved.

Li Ziqi and the others didnt reply, but they all agreed with this.

In this sparring session, both of them would only use their moves and not their spirit qi. This meant that Sun Mo couldnt suppress Xuanyuan Po by using his vaster amount of spirit qi due to his higher cultivation level.

This way, the advantage of a higher cultivation realm was greatly reduced. The determinant of victory became ones combat experience, judgment, body quality, and the strength of their moves.

The moves of a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art were truly profound. And Xuanyuan Pos execution was indeed adept and exquisite. With just a single look, anyone could tell that Xuanyuan Po was someone who loved and was proficient in combat.

However, he didnt even get the slightest advantage. In fact, he found it impossible to make Sun Mo shift a single step.

The current Sun Mo was like Mt. Tai, solid and immovable.

Is this your full strength? Sun Mo asked.

Nope! After Xuanyuan Po spoke, his silver spear suddenly trembled and stabbed toward Sun Mo. After that, at the instant it was about to pierce Sun Mos eyes, ten rays of spear light instantly erupted forth.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The air was torn by the imposing might as a shrill sound echoed out.

Spear Rain Pearflower!


Li Ziqi covered her mouth in anxiousness. From her viewpoint, those rays of spear light were as concentrated as fine rain. There was basically no way to dodge them.

Is Xuanyuan Po planning to force Sun Mo to reveal his trump card?

Tantai Yutang narrowed his eyes and stared at Sun Mo.

Jiang Leng also couldnt help but lean forward slightly, not wanting to miss the slightest detail. One couldnt help but say that this move of Xuanyuan Po was extremely incisive.

If it was himself, how would he break it?

Lu Zhiruo already covered her eyes, not daring to look.

However, Sun Mo didnt act like what Tantai Yutang expected. Instead, he was as calm as before and casually waved his hand in response.


The wooden blade shuttled through the shiny rays of spear light and precisely hit the silver spear. After that, the several tens of rays was like being blown away by the force of a hurricane and vanished from sight.

Sun Mo then lifted his feet and kicked Xuanyuan Pos lower abdomen.


Xuanyuan Po lifted his leg and wanted to block. However, he was slower by half-a-beat and staggered backward from the impact.

Ze, you are the fifth person who could block my Spear Rain Pearflower ever since I embarked on the path of martial arts!

Xuanyuan Po stared at Sun Mo. There was a fanatical look on his face. Come again!

After speaking, this combat addict lunged over once more.

Look, everything is fine now. Teacher will win for sure!

Li Ziqi felt relieved.

Lu Zhiruo removed her hand and saw Sun Mo dealing with Xuanyuan Pos frenzied attacks. Sun Mo seemed exceptionally casual and at ease. He was completely unperturbed and exuded the air of a great teacher.

Xuanyuan Po, its said that your talent is among the top three among this batch of freshmen. But I think you are merely so-so! Tantai Yutang jeered.

What is he trying to do?

(Sun Mo is standing there and not using any moves, yet you cant even harm a single hair in his body? Is your reputation as a genius true or false?)

Puzzlement appeared on Jiang Lengs face. He felt that Sun Mos actions were quite bizarre, but he couldnt see through them.

Xuanyuan Po didnt hear what Tantai Yutang was saying. Because right now in his eyes, there was only Sun Mo.

What a pure person!

Seeing the focused look in Xuanyuan Pos eyes, Sun Mo couldnt help but praise. This was a man that had given everything to combat.

After that, Sun Mo was deeply moved by how powerful the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was.

After he executed the third-level skill Copy, he could clearly grasp each of Xuanyuan Pos attacks regardless of the attacks strength, angle, or the hidden variations within. He could predict them all. Hence, it was simply too easy for him to deal with Xuanyuan Po.

At the start, Sun Mo was still a little worried if he would screw things up and thus was hesitating on whether he should activate Divine Sight or not. In the end, the might of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was unexpectedly good.

Yet, when he thought about it, it was obvious. After all, this was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. Compared to Xuanyuan Pos Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique, it was even more profound and wondrous.

Who could tell that Sun Mo was executing the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art now given his current state? Sun Mo didnt retaliate. He wanted to see Xuanyuan Pos other moves. If he took the initiative to attack, he would have lost long ago.

Xuanyuan Po suddenly roared. He turned and ran back, but he abruptly shifted directions mid-way as his silver spear pierced forth from the side of his rib area.

Because he used his arm to block his opponents vision, this move was a concealed one that was filled with the element of surprise.

Yet, Sun Mo had seen through it. Like before, he calmly waved his blade. But before his wooden blade could collide with the spear, he saw Xuanyuan Pos lips curling up into a smile.


At the instant before the collision, there seemed to be a bomb explosion. A ring of fire expanded out, instantly engulfing the nearby area.

If Sun Mo didnt move back, he would be drawn in.


Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo screamed in alarm.

Teacher, I apologize!

Xuanyuan Po also didnt wish to use this move because it had to be used with spirit qi. It could be considered that he had broken the rule that he had set.

However, if he stopped like that, his prideful heart wasnt willing to accept it.

Xuanyuan Po knew that he couldnt win against Sun Mo, and he could accept this. But if his attacks werent able to make Sun Mo take half-a-step back? There was no way he could accept this.

After the explosion, Xuanyuan Po prepared to take the chance and attack. However, at the next instant, he was stupefied.

Because Sun Mo didnt move back at all, he allowed the ring of fire to engulf him.


Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo both turned pale with fright.

Doesnt he want face too much?

Tantai Yutang was speechless. From his point of view, Sun Mo completely had the time to dodge it. But by not doing so, it was evident that Sun Mo didnt want to lose face. However, at the next moment, Tantai Yutangs expression grew even more dumbfounded.


Sun Mo dashed through the ring of fire and initiated an attack for the first time.

Beauty Yu!

Water Dragon Roar!

Sun Mos silhouette flickered and his movements became erratic but graceful. It was as though he was a river goddess using water rippling steps, moving in an ethereal fashion. His wooden blade slashed out, emitting a shrill noise like the cries of birds.


Tantai Yutangs eyes narrowed violently. Why was Sun Mo completely uninjured? However, an instant later, his eyes were completely drawn in by Sun Mos martial skill.

What skill is this? Its too magnificent and gorgeous!

Tantai Yutang had seen plenty of cultivation arts before, but he completely had no idea what Sun Mo had just executed.

Sun Mos wooden blade slashed out repeatedly, colliding into the silver spear!

Eighteen Words Order!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Strike after strike, the intensity was like a storm. The attacks caused Xuanyuan Po to stagger backward. He couldnt even hold his spear properly. The immense impact spread from the spear to him, causing slight cracks to appear on the web between his forefingers and thumbs.

However, Xuanyuan Po couldnt care about this. His eyes were widened to the maximum, hoping to track Sun Mos attack. It was good even if he could manage to block a single strike!


He couldnt see clearly!

He couldnt see clearly!

He couldnt see clearly!

He couldnt see clearly at all!

All of a sudden, the wooden blade curved through the air in a bizarre-looking arc and moved toward Xuanyuan Pos larynx. However, before it hit, the force behind it dissipated as the direction shifted. Xuanyuan Po only felt a rap on his head.

The force of this blow was as light as a chicken feather. It was like the touch of a sweetheart.

However, Xuanyuan Pos face turned green. Because he knew that if Sun Mo had exerted force, he would have died twice.

In the eyes of the four other students, Xuanyuan Po was completely crushed and forced to retreat again and again in defeat. But in Sun Mos eyes, every time before his wooden blade hit the body of this combat addict, there would be golden motes of light shooting out from Xuanyuan Pos head, slowly forming into golden pages.

These golden pages shone radiantly and simply floated in the air.

Sun Mo attacked, unleashing Immemorial Vairocana. All sorts of dazzling attacks landed on Xuanyuan Po.

However, he made sure to control his strength and didnt injure Xuanyuan Po. His intention was to beat the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique out of Xuanyuan Po.

As to the fact earlier where Xuanyuan Po had suddenly used spirit qi and caused an explosion that almost injured him, Sun Mo could understand Xuanyuan Pos feelings. Hence, he wasnt angry. However, the punishment that ought to be given out still had to be given out.

For someone like Xuanyuan Po, it was useless to talk to him about rules. One had to defeat him into submission.

The Invulnerable Golden Body is extremely impressive!

Earlier, Sun Mo had used that technique precisely and managed to face the explosion head-on without injuries.

He felt rueful as well as curious. Who was the owner of this wooden blade exactly? Why would it be abandoned in an old storage room of the Central Province Academy?

There ought to be some secrets within it!

Xuanyuan Po looked incomparably miserable. He wanted to counter-attack but couldnt find any chance to do so at all. Every time he wanted to attack, Sun Mo would increase his force and continue to suppress him.

Such judgment abilities caused Xuanyuan Po to gasp in amazement.

Is this still something a human can do?

When this thought appeared in Xuanyuan Pos mind, Sun Mo also heard a notification.


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +20. Neutral (21/100).
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》