Absolute Great Teacher
99 A New Impossible Mission
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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99 A New Impossible Mission


Mission announcement: please let all your 5 students break through a level within 1 month. The prize will be one silver treasure chest. If you fail, there will be an appropriate punishment given according to the degree of incompletion.

Oh f*ck!

Sun Mo burst into vulgarities as this was something he couldnt tolerate. Do you think breaking through a level is like eating? Even if youre not hungry you can still stuff a few mouthfuls of food? This is breaking through cultivation level, and it requires incessant practices and quantitative changes to lead to qualitative changes.

As the words great teacher suggest, you have to change impossibilities to possibilities. If students were able to break through a cultivation level easily, what do they need a teacher for?

The system would never take back its mission.

Dont play this trick with me!

Sun Mo was no longer that country bumpkin who had just arrived at Middle Earth Nine Provinces.

After having spent a decent time in the library, he had gained some detailed understanding of cultivation.

For a matter like breaking through, it couldnt be rushed. Only when you had persevered and cultivated persistently would success follow.

Moreover, the timing wasnt like a womans menstrual cycle, no one would be able to predict when it would arrive.

I have to remind you. If youre thinking of letting them consume peak-grade medicine, etc it will be considered cheating and its prohibited by the systems order. Once youre discovered, youll receive severe punishment, the system warned.

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. Lets not talk about the fact that he was too poor to purchase peak-grade medicine, even if he could afford it, he wouldnt do such a thing either.

Any kind of medicine would have some form of side effects. Even if one couldnt sense it now, when they reached a higher realm in the future, they would experience it in one way or another.

After several tens of thousands of years, the aboriginals of Nine Provinces had already had a deep understanding of cultivation.

If one didnt lay a solid foundation, after they reached a high cultivation level in the future, breaking through levels would become even harder.

Certainly, those medicines that were grown naturally and could give huge supplementary effects had no side effects. For example, the Starmoon Fruit that Sun Mo had received previously.


Seeing how Sun Mo stopped talking suddenly, Li Ziqi was a little worried.

Lets continue, Xuanyuan Po come over here.

After Sun Mo had touched him with his hands, he didnt know what to say other than being surprised.

This fella was so strong that he couldnt become any stronger.

His blood surged like a powerful current and his bones were as solid as steel. Every cell in his body was filled with surging energy.

Hows everything? Xuanyuan Po inquired.

Your body, is it really a humans body?

When compared to Tantai Yutang, who was like a flame about to be blown out by the breeze at any moment, Xuanyuan Po was like a volcano that was bursting with vitality.

Xuanyuan Pos expression changed and he shouted, How am I not a human?

As Xuanyuan Po was speaking, he even opened up Sun Mos hands.

Xuanyuan Po, teacher was just making(beating) up an analogy, do you know what an analogy is?

Li Ziqi explained, but she reckoned Xuanyuan Po wouldnt understand.

Who is analogy?

Xuanyuan Po was indeed frowning. Why must we beat him up?

Li Ziqi held onto her forehead speechlessly. Among the personal disciples of Sun Mos, Xuanyuan Pos aptitude shouldve been the highest and even the strongest in combat. However, she was afraid that his brain was the stupidest.

Eh? Isnt analogy a form of rhetoric? Dont tell me its a person?

Lu Zhiruo was stunned.

Alright, it seems theres not much difference between him and the papaya girl!

Li Ziqi shot a glance at Sun Mo. (Teachers teaching path would surely be a difficult one.) She hoped that he wouldnt be stumbled until his teeth were knocked out.

Itll be okay to just continue cultivating according to your current cultivation intensity!

Sun Mo didnt have anything else to add.

Next was Jiang Leng. Even though Sun Mo already had a premonition that his health wasnt too good, after touching it, he couldnt help but feel astonished.

How was this just not good? It simply couldnt be of any use.

Because those shattered spirit runes had interfered with Jiang Lengs ability to absorb spirit qi, his body was like a piece of land that had been devastated by ten tornadoes, heavily damaged.

If he wanted to break through his level now, he must be able to absorb spirit qi.

After a normal cultivator had absorbed spirit qi, it would flow along the veins throughout the body. However, it was impossible for Jiang Leng.

Once the spirit qi had entered his body, it would be interfered by those spirit runes and would flow backward.

These spirit runes were like reefs and would hinder spirit qi from circulating normally, which in turn caused many turbulent qi currents.

When spirit qi flowed in a random manner within the body, even a moron would know what terrifying effect it would cause.

If you wish to continue living, then stop cultivating for the time being!

Sun Mo warned solemnly.

Even though he already knew the answer, hearing it from Sun Mos mouth still made Jiang Leng feel very disappointed. He had indeed become a useless person.

Thinking of this, Jiang Leng smiled with sorrow. Im very grateful that you have taken me in as your disciple, but a useless person like me will only bring disgrace to your fame. You had better expel me from your affiliation!

Looking at Jiang Lengs disappointed mood and how his willpower had begun to drop, Sun Mo could only advise him with kind words to give him some confidence.

Dont give up, maybe theres still a way!

Sun Mo thought in his heart. He was afraid that he wouldnt be able to complete the mission this time around. He couldnt possibly be forcing Jiang Leng to cultivate, right? That would only harm him!

Also, it was already exhausting for Tantai Yutang to stay alive, how could he have the energy to break through levels? As for Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, ones athletic ability was nearly 0, while anothers potential value was extremely low. Sun Mo could already expect what the result was going to be.

The punishment for this missions failure, Im afraid itd be unavoidable.

Even though Sun Mo was laughing at himself, he did not give up.

For the following period, Sun Mo allowed the 5 students to ask questions regarding the difficulties they were currently facing during cultivation.

Sun Mo had prepared himself for the humiliation of not being able to answer their questions, but Jiang Leng didnt even open his mouth to speak. Li Ziqi couldnt bear to be hard on Sun Mo, while Lu Zhiruo was like a little tail seating obediently next to Sun Mo.

Tantai Yutang, who had the remark of a time bomb, no one knew what he was thinking. He was holding onto a handkerchief to cover his mouth. And other than occasionally coughing a few times, he didnt speak.

Fortunately, Xuanyuan Po had a lot of questions, but they were all about fundamental knowledge.

Any graduate, whose graduation certificate was real, would be able to give tell him the answers.

So thats what it was!

Xuanyuan Po let out expressions of sudden realization repeatedly.

Are you a barbarian living in the deep mountains? These questions, just go to the main street and purchase a few cultivation books, and youd be able to find the answers.

Li Ziqi was speechless.

She already knew the answers to these questions when she was 5 years old.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

It was noon and the bell for classes to end rang.

Finally, the class has ended!

Li Ziqi cheered in her heart and jumped up immediately. Today is our first gathering, why dont we go and have a meal together?

Sun Mo didnt appear rich; hence, Li Ziqi had prepared to secretly get the bill while they were still eating.

How will the courses be arranged in the future?

Tantai Yutang looked toward Sun Mo.

This is the timetable that the school has prepared for me!

Sun Mo took out 5 pieces of timetable that he had prepared. He handed them over to his students.

Come attend if you guys are interested. If not, its fine, Ill not insist on it. As for the tutorials, once every 3 days, 10 sessions every month, Ive already written the timings.

I dont care what reasons you guys have, but you must be there at the tutorials. Even if youre sick, you have to come crawling!

When he was saying this sentence, Sun Mos tone became stricter.

Rules had to be set from the beginning so that it would become a habit. Otherwise, once the students had gotten used to being lazy, it would be harder to start disciplining them then.

Teacher, do you have something against me?

Tantai Yutang laughed bitterly.

Do you want me to give you special treatment? Sun Mo asked in reply.


Tantai Yutang was stumped by this question. Honestly, he had strong self-esteem and loathed being pitied by others. Sun Mos words, on the contrary, made him feel happy.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +5, Neutral (13/100).

Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo was speechless. This had earned him some favorable impression points? This Tantai Yutang was indeed crazy!

If you guys have any questions, you can come to look for me any time.

Sun Mo looked at his 5 students. Whether it is about cultivation, life, or even feelings, Ill try my best to give you an answer.

In the various countries of Nine Provinces, once a student had acknowledged a master, the latter would be like half a father to the former. Hence, it was a must for Sun Mo to say those words.

If the students were thick-skinned enough to come and cadge meals daily, then Sun Mo had to tolerate it as well. If he dared to have any word of complaint, his reputation would be ruined.

Hence, this was also the reason why teachers were so cautious in selecting disciples.

In a teachers heart, a good student didnt just mean having a good aptitude. They should also have good moral conduct. If a teacher were to recruit a rebellious disciple, the teacher would definitely be vexed for a lifetime.

Li Ziqi stood up. Alright, were done with the proper business, lets go have a meal now!

Sorry, I have something on later! Tantai Yutang took his leave.

Ive gained much knowledge today, Ive to go fight now to digest it! Xuanyuan Po left.


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +10, Neutral (31/100).

Jiang Leng didnt say anything and left immediately.


Li Ziqis mouth started twitching and she was getting angry. (You guys are actually leaving just like that? Dont I, the eldest martial sister, need some face?)


Congratulations, your performance was not bad for your first tutorial. I hereby give you an accomplishment prize of one mysterious treasure chest. Congratulations on your first milestone on your path, please continue to work hard!

Along with the notification from the system, a big treasure chest enshrouded with a purple halo fell in front of Sun Mo.

Sun Mo seized the opportunity and touched the papaya girls head. After counting to 8, he murmured Open! in his heart.

The mysterious treasure chest opened in response. After the elegant and luxurious brilliance had dispersed, a fruit the size of a walnut was left behind.

The fruit emitted golden rays of light and had an uneven surface. Its texture appeared to be a combination of half metal and half colored glass.


Congratulations on receiving a Diamond Fruit. This product is worth 3,000 favorable impression points in the system market. After consuming it, you can compact your body once again to upgrade its inner quality, allowing you to yield a qualitative leap.

In simple words, you will become even stronger! the system said.

I wont become bald, will I?

Sun Mo made a joke.

If not for the two female students present and an image to keep, Sun Mo would want to blow a whistle out of happiness!

There wasnt even a need to read that huge chunk of explanation for Diamond Fruit. As long as he knew that it was worth 3,000 favorable impression points, that was a big earn for him!

One must know that Sun Mo had been working hard for so long but had never earned as much as 3,000 favorable impression points!

Teacher, I want to experience your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!

Seeing that there wasnt any outsider around, Li Ziqi raised a tiny request.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》