Absolute Great Teacher
100 Colleagues’ Exclamation
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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100 Colleagues’ Exclamation


It was already a major event in life for an ordinary student to acknowledge master, let alone for students like Li Ziqi. For a genius, acknowledging a master was of utmost importance and must be cautiously selected.

Li Ziqis father had selected a secondary saint as a teacher for Li Ziqi, but it was a pity that her athletic ability was almost 0. On the road of cultivation, she practically didnt have any speakable prospects. Hence, she wasnt preferred by the secondary saint and had been rejected.

From then on, Li Ziqi started to feel depressed and extremely against the matter of acknowledging a master. It was only until she went to the outskirts of Jinling for some relaxation and met Sun Mo at Yunting Lake that she was convinced by his words of if your heart is at peace, youll not be afraid of trials and hardships.

That priceless advice had immediately lit up Li Ziqis gloomy life, causing her to reveal her smiling face once again.

With Li Ziqis status, even if she couldnt acknowledge a secondary saint as a master, acknowledging a 9-star great teacher was of no issue. If not, she could also select a 6-star or 7-star great teacher as she wished, yet she had chosen Sun Mo secretly.

How many stars did Sun Mo hold?

No star!

Fortunately, he had been officially employed. If he were still holding onto the title of intern teacher, Li Ziqi reckoned that her older male cousin would break her leg apart.

The matter of her acknowledging a master couldnt be covered up any longer. Hence, before that, she must quickly cultivate and gain some achievements.

At that time, even if her paternal aunt were to question her, she could also answer with conviction that Sun Mo was an awesome teacher who was able to help her to grow.

This way, perhaps Sun Mo could receive the acknowledgment from her paternal aunt.

Hence, even though Li Ziqi didnt want to let that golden musculous figure, who was wearing a purple-cloth turban, knead and pinch her body, in order to deal with her paternal aunt, she had to bear with it.


This was absolutely a small matter. Moreover, Sun Mo had prepared to massage his students successively.

How about tomorrow afternoon?

Li Ziqi set a time. After all, Sun Mos massage was different from the kind of commonly seen massage. She needed to do some preparation as well.

At least, a quiet and secluded location was necessary to have.


Sun Mo looked up toward the sun. You guys go eat. I wont be joining as Ive something to attend to. Zhiruo, take my teachers badge with you and order whatever you want to eat. You dont have to save money for me.


Lu Zhiruo nodded.

Seeing how Sun Mo left with quick steps and didnt even give herself a chance to suggest something else, Li Ziqi let out a sigh. The first communal meal for all was declared a failure.

Diamond Fruit, worth 3,000 favorable impression points.

Because Sun Mo wanted to find out how many upgrades the fruit could give him, he went to the combat strength dojo to beat up a bronze man and test his combat strength.

Since it was lunchtime, there wouldnt be many people. However, Sun Mo still ran into a colleague.

Hi, Teacher Sun!

Du Xiao greeted.

Teacher Du!

Sun Mo showed a smile meant for socializing purposes. As long as the one before him wasnt a colleague with difficult temperaments, Sun Mo would be alright.

Do you also like to come at noon to test your strength when there are not many people around?

Du Xiao walked over.

Im scared of noise!

Sun Mo shrugged his shoulders.

This woman, over twenty years old with an average look, was wearing a teachers long robe in azure color. Sun Mo had seen her once when he had gone to the office to familiarize himself with the environment, but he hadnt managed to speak to her.

Im scared of the noise too!

Du Xiao laughed. Im not disturbing you, am I?

Sun Mo could only smile, what else could he have said?

(Youre disturbing me, please leave?) She would definitely bear grudges, and this colleague relationship would basically be done for.

Du Xiao similarly responded with a smile.

She had come to Central Province Academy and worked here for 3 years now. Even if she had poor EQ then, she must have learned something after all these years.

Seeing Sun Mos expression, Du Xiao knew that the most thoughtful way of handling things was to leave. However, she didnt, because she wanted to experience Sun Mos God Hands.

Du Xiao didnt go to Sun Mos first public lecture, but Jiang Yongnian and Zhou Shanyi, who were in the same office as her, did.

Jiang Yongnian was a chatter. Once he came back, he added so many details while telling them what had happened during the lecture that day.

Regarding the matters of how Sun Mo had managed to put Zhou Yong, the campus tyrant, in his place and won the appointed battle with Feng Zewen, as well as having offended Vice-headmaster Zhang, Du Xiao was not concerned. She only wanted to find out if Sun Mos God Hands was indeed so formidable!

Du Xiao had been employed for 3 years now and had comprehended 3 great teacher halos. She was also aware that her secondary occupation had reached a certain standard. Hence, she was preparing for the 1-star Great Teacher examination.

In this kind of examination, it was best if one was to succeed on the first try.

Not to mention that it would boost ones self-confidence, even ones rsum would become better-looking. For those teachers who had to retake the examination a few times, even if they were able to get a qualification certificate, they basically wouldnt be able to go to a famous school with better ranking.

Without it, ones standards would be plummet.

This situation was already an unspoken rule in the great teachers world. That was why Du Xiao wanted to let Sun Mo touch her.

For a matter like this, one must not ask for it immediately. If Du Xiao was rejected by any chance, how embarrassed would she be? Hence, she had planned to interact for a while to get a sense of Sun Mos character and temperament first. After they had a good colleague relationship, it would be easier for her to ask him for a favor.

After Sun Mo did a few rounds of deep breathing, he exerted all his force and attacked the chest of a combat bronze man with his fist.

These bronze men were 3 meters tall and entirely made of bronze that was extracted from uncommon metal found in the Darkness Continent. They were forged according to a secret technique that was excavated from historical remains.

Cultivators could get a sense of their own combat strength by attacking these bronze men. Even though there might be some inaccuracy, it wasnt huge.


The bronze man produced a loud rumbling sound but didnt move a single inch.

Du Xiaos vision landed on the abdomen of the bronze man. After a few seconds, the gold dust around the dantian formed a pattern and stabilized.


Du Xiao had memorized the conversion table of patterns and numerical value. Seeing that it was 310, she felt calmness in her heart, along with a trace of superiority as though she was an excellent-grade student.

Below average standard!

When Du Xiao was at the first level of the blood-ignition realm, her fist could exert much greater power than this.

At the ninth level of the body-refinement realm, when the numerical value of combat strength gradually increased and broke through 100, it would signify that one had stepped into the spirit-refinement realm. At this level, there was no fixed standard for a realm. As long as all the 108 acupoints were opened up, one could then step into the blood-ignition realm.

The combat strength of the spirit-refinement realm cultivators was between 100-300. After that, it would be the blood-ignition realm.

The peak combat strength at the first level of the blood-ignition realm was at 400, second level at 500, so on and so forth. In the blood-ignition realm, cultivators needed to ignite their blood seven times to break through into the divine force realm.

The peak combat strength in the blood-ignition realm was 1,000.


Even though Sun Mo knew that his combat strength wouldnt be too high, he couldnt help but laugh looking at this numerical value. What a miscellaneous level this was!

However, Sun Mo wasnt surprised at all since this attacks numerical value was depending purely on brute force.

Not to mention fist techniques, Sun Mo didnt even understand any simple technique for strength development.


Sun Mo pulled his wooden blade out and thought about the battle in the morning against those 2 intern teachers. He then proceeded to duplicate those moves and perform them.

Golden Sun Annihilation.


The wooden blade slashed onto the chest of the bronze man.

After ten over seconds, the pattern stabilized.


Du Xiao curled her lips as she was familiar with this move. It was a peerless-grade earth-tier cultivation art, one of the masterstrokes in the Golden Sun Sword Manual, and its might was considerably good.

In the first level of the blood-ignition realm, 330 combat strength was an average standard. If Sun Mo was using an ordinary move and got this numerical value, it was considered pretty good. But if he was using a masterstroke, then the value was really insufficient.

After all, a masterstroke was a trump card that decided victory or defeat. To speak the truth, Sun Mos combat strength wasnt sufficient at all.

Sun Mo shook his head and flung his arm. He then moved forward and stabbed with his wooden blade.

Gale Shooting Moon!


The wooden blade stabbed onto the center of the bronze man.

After the pattern stabilized, it represented a numerical value of 326, even lesser than the previous attack.

Teacher Sun, both of these skills are pretty good, but youre still more suitable for those sword techniques in the Golden Sun Sword Manual that comprises big opening and closing actions. For a technique like Gale Sword Art, theres a requirement for both speed and reaction.

Du Xiao raised a suggestion out of goodwill.

She could see that during both times of attack, Sun Mo had exerted all his force. Since it meant that his main strength was the power of his force, he should be focusing on practicing these kinds of cultivation arts.

Du Xiao wasnt aware that it was only the second time Sun Mo was using these 2 moves. If he were to continue practicing for a few more months, the destructive power would be even higher.

Of course, Sun Mo would never practice it. It wasnt worth it.

Let me try other moves!

Sun Mo wasnt angry because he had been criticized. He wasnt such a petty person. Moreover, this was a normal discussion between teachers.

After Sun Mo had taken in a few more deep breaths and adjusted his state, he waved his blade.

Eighteen Words Order!

Pow Pow Pow!

The wooden blade struck the bronze man intensively.

For a moment, the exploding sounds were unceasing.

When Sun Mo waved his blade, Du Xiaos expression changed. After all, she was a teacher and had a pretty good ability to make discerning judgments. She could see from Sun Mos imposing manner and the proficiency index of his moves that he had immediately risen at least 2 tiers as compared to before.

Also, this move was so exquisite!

Du Xiao was dumbfounded. After watching, she started to ponder. If she fought against Sun Mo, how would she defend or unravel this move?

Then, she realized that she couldnt understand the moves. In other words, she wanted to watch them one more time.

The pattern gradually stabilized.


Sun Mo shook his head in dissatisfaction. This was the numerical value of a divine skill, how could it be so small?

Be content, the main use of Immemorial Vairocana is to attack your opponent until you see his cultivation arts. Its not even for you to combat with.

The system was speechless. Sun Mo was actually looking down on a divine skill? How hateful!

Then why dont you give me a set of cultivation art used for combat and fighting?

Sun Mo was even more speechless. Even if it was Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, the main usage was also to train his students; it wasnt suitable for combat!

However, to use it against ordinary teachers, it would definitely be sufficient. When dealing with those talents such as Liu Mubai, Sun Mo still thought it would be better for him to learn a set of cultivation art that specialized in combat.

Please work harder to accumulate favorable impression points and purchase it from the system shopping store!

The system introduced, Theres everything that you want here. Also, Im conveniently telling you that any set of saint-tier cultivation art will cost at least 100,000 favorable impression points.

Then why are you even saying this rubbish?

Sun Mo was unhappy as he couldnt even afford it.

When Sun Mo was talking nonsense with the system, Du Xiao who was standing at the side was absolutely stunned. Just what kind of cultivation art was this? How could it let Sun Mos combat strength rise to 360?

The Golden Sun Sword Manual belonged to the peerless-grade earth-tier. Hence, this move certainly came from a heaven-tier cultivation art. Otherwise, it wouldnt be able to bring about such a huge increase in his combat strength.

If it wasnt for the fact that as a teacher, Du Xiao had to act reserved, she would want to inquire about the cultivation arts name from Sun Mo. In her inner heart, she could feel a trace of envy surfacing.

A good cultivation art was indeed formidable. Not only was it able to fully trigger a cultivators combat strength, but it could even double the growth rate.

Teacher Du, Ill be taking my leave!

Sun Mo bade goodbye politely.

Oh, take care Teacher Sun!

Du Xiao waited until Sun Mo had left before starting to make her moves and train. Sun Mo was already so formidable. If he rose to her cultivation level, wouldnt he surpass her?

A wave of pressure suddenly attacked her.

Du Xiao swore to herself. She must never be chased up by a newly employed teacher.

Sun Mo borrowed a meditation room. After sitting down cross-legged, he blinked twice. He opened the black-colored cubic-shaped storage box and took the Diamond Fruit out.

How to eat this thing? Must it be cooked first?

Sun Mo had the Diamond Fruit in his hand and tried pressing it with much force. He felt a little dumbfounded.

This fruit was the size of a walnut, and the surface was uneven and ugly. It looked like it was made of metal or glass, and it had a hard texture.

As a single man with no girlfriend, Sun Mos culinary skills were bad. His best dish was fish with pickled vegetables.

Just swallow it raw! the system said concisely.

Are you sure?

Sun Mo held onto the Diamond Fruit and gestured it in front of his mouth for a while. What a huge fruit. He could be choked to death!


The systems tone was impatient. Dont blame me for not reminding you. This fruit has an expiry date too. The earlier you eat it, the better the effect.

Sun Mo hesitated for a while and decided to trust the system. Hence, he forced the Diamond Fruit into his mouth, and then he was stunned.

Wu wu wu!

Sun Mo spoke, but all he could make was wu wu sounds. Because his mouth was stuffed with something, he couldnt speak clearly.


The system understood Sun Mos question now. He was saying that this fruit couldnt be chewed.

(What the f*ck!)

Sun Mo cursed in his heart.

In the past, he had come across a movie by chance. The lead actress in the movie had stuffed an indescribable ball-shaped object in her mouth and her saliva was overflowing.

This couldnt be tolerated!

Just when Sun Mo was about to vomit the Diamond Fruit out, it melted at lightning speed. It felt as though he had eaten a raw tomato; the fruit had turned into a pool of paste in his mouth.


Sun Mo swallowed it forcefully.

After waiting for a few seconds, a gush of hot liquid was concentrated in his stomach and rapidly extended toward the bones of his limbs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spirit qi from Sun Mos body burst out, forming a huge malevolent skull of a giant creature in front of his body.

It opened its big mouth that was filled with sharp teeth. Then like a whale that was drinking the ocean water, it started to swallow the spirit qi from the surroundings.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The spirit qi surged violently and was engulfed by the giant creatures big mouth.

Sun Mo looked at this skull, but he didnt even understand what was happening. Suddenly, the skull looked up into the sky and let out a long hissing sound. Next, it swallowed him in one bite.

In front of Sun Mos eyes was sudden darkness. It felt as though he had been thrown into a meat grinder. He could feel himself being squeezed, torn apart, and kneaded.

It continued for about one minute, and the giant creatures skull burst open with a loud bang, revealing Sun Mos figure.

At this moment, Sun Mos entire body was covered with a layer of golden light. He was looking like a God or Buddha!
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