Absolute Great Teacher
101 All Attributes +1
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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101 All Attributes +1


The erupting spirit qi seethed like chaotic clouds. It then instantly surged back, forming a typhoon-like torrent over his head that got channeled into his body.

A few minutes later, everything returned to a peaceful state.

The golden light on Sun Mos body had also dissipated.


Congratulations. All attributes +1!

The system congratulated Sun Mo, but its tone sounded monotonous and insincere.

Sun Mo wasnt bothered about it. He was sensing the changes to his body. His hearing had gotten a lot sharper. The sound of the birds chirping outside was a lot louder than when he had first come in.

His vision had improved as well. He looked out of the window and could see further. Af for his sense of smell, the presence of the dust in the air gave him the urge to sneeze.

The Diamond Fruit that has a value of 3,000 favorable impression points is very worth it. Youll slowly find out the benefits of having your attributes increase!

Sun Mo ignored the system and went straight to the combat strength dojo.

Du Xiao was about to leave when she saw Sun Mo entering. She felt a little surprised. What was this? Have lunch, take a break, and then beat a bronze man?

She didnt expect that Sun Mo had such interests!

Sun Mo nodded as a form of greeting. He then walked up to a bronze man and punched out.


A huge sound rang out.

Du Xiao frowned. The impact was a lot louder than before. Thus, she couldnt help but walk over, taking a look at the bronze mans stomach.


Du Xiao was surprised. The force of Sun Mos punch had risen by 10 after a meal? This must be a joke, right?

Moreover, Sun Mos attack didnt seem to have any prior preparation. He had just struck out casually.

Could it be that he hadnt used his full force earlier on?

No, that couldnt be. She had witnessed the entire process in which Sun Mo had beaten the bronze man. He definitely hadnt held back.

Teacher Du, arent you going for your meal?

As Sun Mo said this, he drew his blade and struck out.

Golden Sun Annihilation.


Du Xiaos eyelids twitched furiously. Sun Mos control over this attack was a lot better now.

She subconsciously stared at the bronze mans stomach, couldnt wait to find out about the actual numbers.


The eruptive surge didnt come as a surprise.

Im planning to go now!

After Du Xiao said that, Sun Mo launched another blade attack.

Gale Shooting Moon!


The wooden blade struck the bronze mans heart.

As Du Xiao was distracted from replying to Sun Mos question, she almost missed out on this attack.

So fast!

These two words popped up in Du Xiaos mind.

Sun Mo didnt chat with her. After preparing himself, he swung his blade again

Eighteen Words Order!

Pa pa pa!

The sounds that rang out this time around were a lot denser, like the consecutive pops from an exploding firecracker. If ones hearing was a little weaker, they might not be able to tell how many times Sun Mo had struck the bronze man.

Du Xiao stared at the bronze mans stomach. When the image stabilized, she couldnt help but gasp.


Du Xiao was utterly shocked.

What on earth had Sun Mo done? It had only been slightly over half an hour but his battle prowess had gone through an explosive increase to this level?

To a cultivator, every bit of increment would require them to put in a great amount of hard work. It was because ones battle prowess clearly reflected their body condition.

This was like how sportsmens body functions would plunge if they were to slack for a few days and didnt keep up with their training. It was the same for battle prowess.

Youve leveled up?

Du Xiao subconsciously thought of this possibility but then quickly shook her head. That wasnt right. If Sun Mo had leveled up, his strength would increase tremendously, and his battle prowess would reach the 400 tier.

Im full now!

Sun Mo smiled, satisfied with his current state. If it wasnt because there were outsiders, hed really want to perform a set of Immemorial Vairocana at the bronze man.

Du Xiaos lips twitched. (Who the hell are you kidding?)

At each cultivation realm, the higher the battle prowess, the harder it would be to increase it. It was like how for a test, if a person wasnt stupid and had put in some work, itd be easy for them to progress from a failing grade to a passing grade. However, it would be very difficult to move from 90 marks to full marks.

It was because each additional point was no longer just a test of the students learning capabilities. It also tested how meticulous one was, their mental condition when taking the test, their body condition, and other things.

Sun Mo put the wooden blade back to his belt and then activated the Divine Sight.

Du Xiao, 24 years old. Sixth level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength 22. Strength isnt your forte.

Intellect 24. Exceeds average standards.

Agility 23. Mediocre!

Endurance 28, Will 27. As you came from an ordinary family of farmers, the training youve received since young gave you strong endurance and will.

Above-average potential!

Remark: Youre a girl who can tolerate hard work. The success that you crave for will definitely come. Your period has come recently, so you should rest more.


Looking at the various statistics and the ratings, Sun Mo couldnt help but feel surprised. All of them were positive reviews. Moreover, that remark also caused him to feel a good impression on her.

Sun Mo liked people like her who worked hard.

Du Xiao felt a little embarrassed from the way Sun Mo was looking at her. Her face that looked mediocre flushed up with a layer of red.

Du Xiao had lived for 24 years as an ordinary woman and hadnt met a single guy who would try to curry up to her.

Hence, she had never experienced being stared at in the way Sun Mo was looking at her. She wasnt accustomed to it and felt that her entire person had been seen through.

Du Xiao subconsciously clutched her collar.

If you arent feeling well, then dont cultivate or test your capabilities. Take a few days to rest!

As Sun Mos impression of Du Xiao wasnt bad, he gave her a word of advice. Thered be no benefit to cultivate when she was on her period.

This was how humans were. They should rest when it was time to do so. If they were to hang on forcibly, things might turn out differently from the plan.


Du Xiao was stunned and she uncontrollably clamped her legs tightly together. How did he know that she wasnt feeling well? Although there were rumors that he had God Hands, he didnt touch her.

Could it be that he was able to tell her bodys condition just by looking? Wouldnt that be too terrifying?

Wait a minute

Du Xiao suddenly thought of something, and her face flushed up thoroughly. The reason she wasnt feeling well was because she was on her period. With Sun Mo saying that, wouldnt it mean that he knew of her condition?

(That cant be, that cant be. How can someone know if youre on your period just by taking a look?)

Du Xiao shook her head and smiled. She then raised her arm to her nose and took a whiff. It couldnt be that there was the scent of blood, right?

That wasnt right either. She had been changing her underwear very frequently over the past few days.

By the time Du Xiao had come back to her senses, Sun Mo had already left. This teacher with a mediocre look gave chase, hesitated for a moment, but eventually said it.

Teacher Sun, do you have time? Why dont we have a meal together?

After saying that, Du Xiaos flushed up even more. She hadnt invited any guys before, but after saying this, her heart started palpitating.

Im sorry. I have to go out of the school to buy some things. Maybe another day. Ill treat you then!

Sun Mo rejected her.


Du Xiao was a little surprised to hear this reply. However, she didnt insist.

Sun Mos figure disappeared at the end of the road.

Du Xiao stood on the spot, frowning slightly.

There were rumors that Sun Mo sponged off a woman, but the capabilities he displayed werent bad. He should be of the average standard amongst those at the first level of the blood-ignition realm.

No, he should be above-average.

As for his teaching capabilities, it would still require further observations. However, based on what Jiang Yongnian and the others said, it seemed that it wasnt weak based on the effects of his first public lecture.

Sun Mos title as a guy who sponges off a woman isnt that right!

Du Xiao was amused. An Xinhui was a great beauty with both talent and beauty and was ranked seventh on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. Amongst the people of her age, one could count the guys who were more outstanding than her with a single hand.

Usually, the husband should be more outstanding than the wife, assuming more responsibilities. Once the wife became more outstanding, capable of earning more money than the husband, having a better job, and enjoying a high social status, even if the husband was more outstanding than most people, hed still be criticized by everyone else. Hed be considered to be useless.

There was no other way around it. This was how the values in this world were like.

Sun Mo got a bowl of beef noodles from the canteen and left the school after eating it. The system had given him a mission to draw the 1000 Spirit-Gathering Runes within a month. Therefore, he needed to purchase some tools to draw them.

Areas around schools would have places that sold things like that.

Sun Mo didnt have to go too far. The street in front of Central Province Academy had all sorts of shops. As for the spirit rune shops alone, there were seven to eight of them.

Sun Mo picked out one that was pleasing to the eye and entered it.

What would you like to buy, teacher? Our shop has just brought in a new batch of ink that has a greater effect on holding spirit qi!

When the shop owner who was in his forties saw Sun Mos clothes, he immediately broke into smiles and came over to welcome him.

(The azure-colored long robe is the Central Province Academys teacher attire. But since this person looks very unfamiliar, he should be a new teacher, right?)

I need the complete set of tools for depicting spirit runes. Recommend me some!

As he had sold the manuscript for [Journey to the West] and received 1,000 taels for it. Sun Mos had a lot of money and thus dared to say something like this.

Its a big customer!

The shop owners eyes lit up and he tried hard to give recommendations.

Three basic items were required for depicting spirit runesthe rune brush, ink, and rune paper.

Rune brushes were usually made from animal bones, certain ores, or the stems of spirit plants. Because the user would have to channel their spirit qi onto the rune paper when depicting the spirit runes, not only would the rune brushes need to be sturdy and able to withstand the gushing spirit qi, but they would also have to minimize the dissipation of spirit qi through the brush.

Any ink, as long as they were liquid that contained spirit qi, regardless if they were artificial or natural, such as certain spiritual beasts blood or plants saps, could be referred to as ink.

The rune paper were papers that could store spirit qis. However, they werent limited to only papers.

Jade stones, bones, metals, and other things could all be used. However, it was too hard to depict spirit runes on these materials and thus most people used paper.

How much is this brush?

Sun Mo looked at the rune brush that seemed to be made from bamboo. It looked very artistic.

5,000 silver taels!

The shop owner smiled, even more certain that Sun Mo was a big customer now. (Look at him. The things he picks are all good stuff!)

Haha, bye!

Sun Mo put down the brush and turned to leave. He thought that he was considered to have a small fortune, but it turned out that he was just a pauper. He couldnt even afford a few brush hair, let alone spending extravagantly.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》