Absolute Great Teacher
105 The Protective Sun Mo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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105 The Protective Sun Mo


Who cares about your smelly money?

Fu Chao roared, feeling like his pride had been trampled on. But in his heart, he felt a deep fear because there was an instant he truly wanted to stuff that banknote into his pocket and leave.

Fu Chao knew that if it wasnt for the fact that the Wentao and Wulue brothers were here, he might really have taken the money.

Why are you so fierce? We didnt do anything wrong.

Lu Zhiruo stretched out her head from behind Li Ziqi, feeling anger against a common enemy.

How am I fierce?

Fu Chao glared at her with his eyes widened in rage.

The papaya girl was so scared that she cowered behind Li Ziqi. However, when she thought that she couldnt allow her senior martial sister to face these fellows alone, she forcefully endured her fright and stood out again.

Youyou are being fierce by acting like this!

Even Lu Zhiruos voice was trembling now.

Stop talking, lets go!

Li Ziqi stopped the papaya girl and held her hand as she turned to leave.

Zhang Wentao and the other twos expressions changed. They couldnt let the girls leave like that or how would they proceed on with their plans?

Li Ziqi was extremely sharp. She noticed the change in their expressions and decided to halt her steps.

The three of you, it seems that you are here because you are looking for trouble with us.

Although Li Ziqis exercise ability was 0, her courage wasnt. She had never fled in the face of troubles before. Earlier, she had acted like she was about to leave because she had wanted to test the three of them.

Basically, the majority of students of the Central Province Academy were very cultured.

Li Ziqi talked to them nicely and even offered them money. This was already considered very polite.

Naturally, given Li Ziqis beautiful appearance and her elegant style of conversation, there would be many who wanted to be friendly with her. Let alone guys, even girls wouldnt have rejected her request.

However, these three guys didnt leave and even stared at her with that expression. Clearly, they were here because they wanted to look for trouble with her.

No, they should be doing this because of Teacher Sun Mo.

The Zhang brothers frowned. This wealthy girl was very intelligent, but Fu Chao grew nervous and was hurriedly rebutting.

What do you mean finding trouble? We dont even know you!

After hearing this, Li Ziqi chortled and felt even surer of her guess.


Zhang Wentao was speechless. The most correct method to deal with this now was to change the topic or act ignorant. (Why are you in such a hurry to defend us?)

Wasnt this simply making things worse?

Upon thinking that this fellow was his junior martial brother, Zhang Wentao felt a little revolted. But luckily, he had a good point. He was able to fight very well and wouldnt complain if he had to do all the dirty and tiring tasks.

It was like this for this time as well. After he told his martial brothers his plan, Fu Chao was the only one who agreed without hesitation.

Lu Zhiruo panicked. So, they were being deliberately targeted by others. What should they do now?

If they really came to blows, she and her senior martial sister wouldnt be their opponents. Should she hold the enemy back by hugging their legs so her senior sister could flee?

No, this wouldnt work! There were three enemies and they had six legs in total. She only had two hands and couldnt hug all their legs. Also, this senior martial sister of hers would even fall down when walking on a normal pathway. If Li Ziqi was to run, she might fall so badly that her front teeth got knocked out!

Ill go get help? Right, Xuanyuan Po and the others are just at the teaching buildings entrance. If I get them here, this problem would be solved.

Upon thinking of this, Lu Zhiruo immediately started running.

When Fu Chao saw this, he instinctively wanted to chase her, but Li Ziqi stepped up and blocked his way.

Teacher Suns judgment is truly inferior. How could his disciples be so afraid easily?

Fu Chao mocked.

I thought you said you werent here to look for trouble?

Li Ziqi ridiculed.


Fu Chao was stumped, right now he wanted nothing more than to slap himself.

His IQ wasnt too high, but he could still understand this logic. If they werent here looking for trouble, how would they know that these two girls were Sun Mos students?

Lu Zhiruo rushed back as quickly as possible, heading straight for the teaching buildings entrance.

The male students who saw her on the way back were all dumbstruck. There was no solution to this because the jogging caused her papaya boobs to heave up and down violently. It was simply too conspicuous.


A button on the chest area of her shirt couldnt withstand such pressure and directly popped off, revealing a stretch of white.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The bell rang, 8 a.m. had arrived.

Sun Mo frowned because Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo hadnt reached the class yet. Just when he wanted to ask Tantai Yutang if he knew where they went, Lu Zhiruo burst into the classroom.

Teateacher, something happened!

Sun Mo took two steps forward and carried Lu Zhiruo up as he rushed out with her.

Theres a fight we can participate in?

Xuanyuan Pos eyes brightened as he immediately followed them.

The reactions of our teacher arent slow at all!

Tantai Yutang praised.

Jiang Leng didnt say anything, but he understood Tantai Yutangs meaning. An ordinary person would definitely react by first telling Lu Zhiruo to calm down and ask her what happened exactly. If not, they wouldnt know what to do at all.

But as for Sun Mo, he carried Lu Zhiruo and immediately rushed out.

The direction Lu Zhiruo came from was definitely their destination. Sun Mo carried her and immediately rushed out, so he could listen to her mid-way. By doing so, he could save quite a lot of time.

The papaya girls figure was truly voluptuous. Her giant chest that was pressing against him wasnt uncomfortable at all.

Very soon, Sun Mo arrived at the classrooms entrance.

Are you alright?

Sun Mo quickly walked in and surveyed Li Ziqi.

Teacher Sun

Now that Sun Mo was here, Zhang Wentao opened his mouth.

Shut up! Sun Mo shouted.

Did they attack you?

Sun Mo could see that Li Ziqis eyes were red, but luckily, she wasnt injured.


Li Ziqi shook her head. Although the three of them didnt attack, that Zhang Wentao had said extremely excessive things.

Whats going on? Sun Mo inquired.

Because of this classroom Zhang Tao interrupted.

I told you to shut up!

Sun Mo turned his head and shot a ruthless glare over. You should feel very lucky to be a student of the Central Province Academy. If you were not, I would have knocked all your teeth out.

Sun Mos tone was very fierce, and it gave Zhang Wentao a shock. His prepared excuses got stuck in his throat.

Yay, teacher is so tyrannical!

Lu Zhiruo was relieved and even felt a little sense of worship for Sun Mo. Her teacher hadnt even heard the full story from her and rushed here immediately. From this, one could see that he cared about his students very much.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +10. Friendly (428/1,000)

Li Ziqis verbal speed was fast, and she managed to explain everything in just a few sentences.

Its my fault!

Sun Mo sighed. After listening to Li Ziqis summary of the whole situation, he knew that the other party was doing all this to target him. Li Ziqi was merely implicated by it.

No, we are teachers students. Your matters are our matters!

Li Ziqi shook his head, not accepting Sun Mos words. She had never resented the fact that she was dragged into this trouble because of Sun Mo.

Wheres your teacher? Call him over!

Sun Mo directly commanded the three male students.

Although these three students were very repulsive, Sun Mo was a teacher after all. At most, he could only scold them vehemently and not hit them. However, if he was facing their teacher instead, there wouldnt be a need for so many considerations.

This is our matter!

Zhang Wentao still persisted.

Shut up!

Sun Mo roared, I hate repeating my words the most. Now, hurry up and get your teacher over.

Fu Chao couldnt endure the pressure Sun Mo exerted. He tugged on Zhang Wentaos sleeves. Lets look for teacher.

Why get them to call for their teacher? How about letting me fight with them first?

Xuanyuan Po carried his spear and walked in.

Tantai Yutang stood at the door, somewhat taken aback as he looked at Sun Mo. This fellow was very protective of his kin regardless of them being in the right or wrong. His anger didnt seem to be fake.

Go to the side and wait!

After ascertaining that Li Ziqi was fine, Sun Mo sat down.

Not long later, Gao Ben arrived.

Whats going on?

Gao Ben frowned.

If you are unhappy with me, just come at me directly. Dont act against my students. If not, I wont dare to guarantee I wont do anything. Sun Mo exploded.

Are you threatening me?

Gao Bens voice also increased in volume. Do you think that your daddy here was being intimidated all the way until I grew up?

Yes, Im threatening you.

Sun Mo didnt mince his words.


Upon hearing this, the students of the two groups stared at Sun Mo in puzzlement. (Is it alright for you to be so direct? No matter what, you guys are still colleagues, right? Also, both of you are from the same batch. By saying thisyou are not saving any ounce of face for the other party!)

After Li Ziqi started for a while, a smile appeared on her lips.

This was the feeling of being cared for by a teacher!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +15. Friendly (201/1,000).

Sun Mo, what the hell are you acting crazy for?

Gao Ben was already very unhappy with Sun Mo. Now that he was angered even further, he naturally began to curse.

What are the two of you doing?

Lian Zheng hurriedly rushed over.

He was the years head and would often wander around the teaching buildings area.

At the classroom on the side, there was a teacher currently giving a lesson. Upon hearing the commotion, he hurriedly sent a few of his students to look for Lian Zheng.

After Lian Zheng heard about this, he didnt dare to delay and immediately rush over.

How do you want to settle this? By literary style or combat style? Choose anything you want!

Sun Mo inclined his chin.

Hehe, you are still talking about literary or combat style? Im afraid I might beat you to death!

Gao Ben recalled that day when he watched the battle between Sun Mo and the two intern teachers. Hence, his heart was filled with a sense of superiority.

We will settle it via the combat style then!

Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade.

Everyone stop. What happened exactly? Can you guys fill me in first?

Lian Zheng moved between them.

Head Lian Zheng, the conflict occurred because of this classroom!

Zhang Wentao hurriedly interjected, wanting to avoid the important details and dwell on the trivial.

Head Lian Zheng, its because of this

Li Ziqi prepared to explain.

Theres no need to explain because its useless no matter if you are in the right or wrong.

Sun Mo stopped Li Ziqi.

After hearing this, Li Ziqi furrowed her brows and soon fell silent.

That was right, even if they argued all the way to the end, Lian Zheng would at most berate Gao Ben and his students. What was the use of that? Since the other party had the intention to look for trouble with them, if they failed once, there would always be a second time. Hence, they might as well settle everything right now.

Yes, they should completely crush Gao Ben right now, so he and his students wouldnt dare to make trouble ever again in the future!

Eh? Why is it useless no matter if we are in the right or wrong?

Lu Zhiruo didnt understand.

Initially, Gao Ben only felt disdain for Sun Mo. But because of this sentence, he began to seriously survey the latter. This fellow with a handsome face had a pretty strong will.

Given his attitude, how could Sun Mo be someone who ate soft rice?

Because Gao Ben was also like this, the pride in his bones was the real deal. If someone wanted to mess with him, he wouldnt find someone to judge the situation or complain. His choice would be to f*** the other party up, f*** them ruthlessly to the point where his enemies would no longer want to find trouble with him in the future.

Since thats the case, lets duel then!

Zhang Wentao was worried that the course of the matter would drift away from his plans; hence, he hurriedly interjected, This matter is caused by us, students. In that case, let us handle it ourselves and use the format of a duel to determine victory.

Gao Ben turned his eyes to Zhang Wentao.

Zhang Wentao avoided Gao Bens eyes, but a few moments later, the former stared imploringly at the latter.


Xuanyuan Po was extremely happy. His philosophy in life was that there was nothing that couldnt be solved by a good fight. If there was really something unsolvable by a good fight, he would simply fight twice.

Nonsense! Lian Zheng berated.

Do you all dare to accept our challenge?

Fu Chao was worried that their plans would end up falling through. Hence, he roared at Li Ziqi and the others.

We naturally dare!

As the senior martial sister, Li Ziqi stepped up and expressed her opinion on behalf of her fellow martial siblings.

Alright, lets make it two out of three wins then. See you guys in the arena one month later!

Fu Chao then stated the conditions of the duel, which he and his fellow students had discussed long ago.

What about the bet?

Tantai Yutang suddenly interrupted, wanting to watch the world burn.

If you guys win, we will apologize to you all publicly. If we meet you again in the future, we will even bow to show our respect.

Zhang Wentao smoothly stated. Evidently, he had thought about this since a long time ago. But if we win, you guys just have to take the initiative to avoid us from a distance in the future!

Zhang Wentao didnt dare to make the bet too excessive. If not, what would happen if they got scared and didnt dare to compete in the duel?

No need. If we lose, we will also bow to pay respect every time we see you.

Li Ziqi was very angry. (You guys feel that you would win for sure? All of you are looking down on us too much!)

All of you, shut up!

Lian Zheng roared. The students nowadays truly loved to act on their own initiative and were becoming tougher and tougher to manage. Teacher Gao, Teacher Sun. Are you guys intending to stand there and not say anything?

Lian Zheng was very particular about rules. Hence, although Gao Ben and Sun Mo just joined the school, he still added the word teacher before their surnames when addressing them. He didnt flaunt his seniority.

Teacher Sun, since the students have already put it this way, it wouldnt be too good for us to blunt their drive, right? What do you think?

Gao Ben originally planned to make trouble for Sun Mo. In the end, his students acted first, so there was no need for him to personally do it then.


Sun Mo coldly laughed. In the no. 2 high school, whether a student was outstanding or not would depend on their comparison of academic results. But here in this world, combat power was the determinant.

Although Sun Mo wasnt very experienced, he felt no fear. After all, he would have to experience this sooner or later.

Alright then, we shall meet at the victory dojo one month from now!

After Gao Ben finished speaking, he glanced at Lian Zheng. Years Head, we would have to trouble you to be the witness.

The victory dojo was a sporting venue in the Central Province Academy that had a history of several hundred years. It was specially used for combat or showcasing an exhibition match.

The place was named Victory because the school hoped that the students would be victorious every time with no defeats.

Are you guys sure you all have no objections?

Lian Zheng made the final inquiry. After both of them nodded, he then turned to the students. Report your year and cultivation level!

In the various academies, duels were simply too common.

Because it was forbidden for students to fight privately as they would be expelled if they were discovered, if the students had a conflict, they could resolve it by fighting on the arena.

Zhang Wentao, first year. Second level of the body-refinement realm!

Zhang Wulue, first year. Third level of the body-refinement realm!

Fu Chao, first year. Second level of the body-refinement realm!

Zhang Wentao and the other two had long since been prepared; they didnt hesitate. After reporting their cultivation level, they simply stared at the five personal students under Sun Mo.

Out of the five, Xuanyuan Po was the one that attracted the most gazes.

They also understood that if they wished to shoot to fame after a single battle, they naturally had to challenge this genius that even Liu Mubai regarded highly.

Li Ziqi, first year. First level of the body-refinement realm!

As the eldest martial sister, Li Ziqi was the first to speak. In addition, her eyes were staring straight at Zhang Wentao. She had decided that her target would be this fellow.

LuLu Zhiruo, first year. Bodbody-refinement Lu Zhiruo stuttered.

What level of the body-refinement realm are you at?

Lian Zheng frowned.

I havent broken through to the body-refinement realm yet!

After Lu Zhiruo finished speaking, she had a depressed and ashamed look as she hid behind Sun Mo. She hadnt even broken through to the body-refinement realm yet. How embarrassing.

Zhang Wentao and the other two had never treated Lu Zhiruo as their opponent. In fact, even Li Ziqi wasnt counted. Their gazes were all fixed on Xuanyuan Po.

Stop looking at me. I think I wont get up to the arena. You guys arent my match!

Xuanyuan Po loved battles, but he had no interest in these low-level nobodies.


Fu Chao was angered. This fellow belittled them.

How do you know we arent able to jump levels and defeat you? Zhang Wulue questioned. He could tell that Xuanyuan Po was definitely someone at the fifth level or higher.

Hehe Against people like you? I can even give you a handicap and not use both my hands.

Xuanyuan Po smiled lightly.

Dont speak nonsense. Report your year and cultivation level!

Lian Zheng urged.

Little Po, do things according to the rules!

Who the hell is Little Po?

Xuanyuan Po mumbled quietly, but he also didnt want to quarrel. He decided to simply report his year and cultivation level. First year, fifth level of the body-refinement realm!

Upon hearing this, Zhang Wentao and the other two heaved a sigh of relief.

In the various countries of the nine provinces, there was an unwritten rule. It was that for a duel between two parties, the difference in their cultivation levels mustnt exceed three levels.

Tantai Yutang, first year. First level of the body-refinement realm.

Tantai Yutang shrugged.

Everyone then turned their gazes onto Jiang Leng. Tantai Yutang was so weak, so there was nothing worthy to be proud of even if they won against him.

Under the gazes of everyone, Jiang Leng remained silent.

Just when Lian Zheng wanted to urge him, Jiang Leng spoke.

Jiang Leng!

After that, he no longer spoke.

Lian Zheng was growing impatient from the wait. Just when he wanted to hurry Jiang Leng up, he heard the words first year and nothing else after that.

Everyone was speechless. They were all thinking whether this fellow with the word trash carved on his forehead had something wrong with his brain or not?


Lian Zheng felt he was about to go crazy and just when he wanted to urge again, Jiang Leng spoke once more.

Ninth level of the body-refinement realm!


When these words rang out, only amazement remained in everyones hearts. No one expected that this youth would be the one with the highest cultivation base.

However, since this was the case, he wouldnt be able to join the duel.

Ive remembered your cultivation levels. A month later, I will wait for you all at the victory dojo. The duel will start at 8 a.m. If any of you are late, you will be judged as forfeiting the match!

After Lian Zheng finished speaking, he glanced at the two parties. Before the duel, all disputes between your two groups are forbidden. If not, I will punish you with the school rules. Alright, you guys can disperse now!

The two groups of people then departed.

Gao Ben didnt speak all the while until they reached the Sorrowless Lake where there was no one else near them. Speak, why did you guys want to provoke Sun Mos students?


Zhang Wentao and the other two knelt down. Teacher, please punish us!

Tell me the reason first!

Gao Ben glanced toward Zhang Wentao. This brat should be the mastermind.

We did this for the first batch of fifty name slots that will be allowed to enter the Darkness Continent!

Zhang Wentao wasnt that bored to the extent where he had nothing to do. If it wasnt for the fact that the name slots were simply too tempting, he absolutely wouldnt take the initiative to provoke Li Ziqi and her fellow students.
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