Absolute Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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Sun Mo brought his five students and searched for another classroom before getting in.

Teacher, teacher, things are dire now!

Before Sun Mo could speak, Li Ziqis melon face became that of a bitter melon from frowning. Her heart was filled with worry.

Eh? Were you not very confident earlier? Why did your confidence deflate so quickly?

Tantai Yutang was puzzled.

Hmph, regardless of what we compete on, I would win against them for sure. However, my confidence doesnt include combat stuff!

It was very embarrassing to admit that she was lacking in some aspects. However, Sun Mo was Li Ziqis most respected and loved teacher. This was why she didnt mind saying it out.

Teacher, quickly think of a solution!

Li Ziqi felt that her teacher would surely be able to think of a good solution for her to defeat that loathsome Zhang Wentao.

Very difficult!

Sun Mo surveyed Li Ziqi.


Strength: 5 Standard of an ordinary girl, you have the strength to hold a chicken bare-handed!

Intellect: 10 Max value at the current stage. You can look at other humans like how you are looking at monkeys. Dont have to feel any doubts, before you, all of them are trash.

Agility: 1 Evaluated you at 1 point because Im afraid you might feel inferior. I originally wanted to evaluate you as 0!

Will: 5 Very ordinary, a flower in a greenhouse, you have not suffered before.

Endurance: 4 You dont want to run because you are afraid of fatigue.

Potential Value: Extremely high!

Note: Although you are flat-chested, your potential value is extremely high.

Note 2: Your talent in all other aspects is considered top-notched, save for combat!


Sun Mo didnt know what to say after looking at these data.

Li Ziqi loved reading and was fond of researching various subjects. In addition, she had a highly retentive memory. This was why her dream was to build the largest library ever in Middle-Earth.

As for exercising, she didnt even like to do stretches.

If this was in China, Li Ziqi wouldnt even be known as a top student. People would greet her with the title of academic goddess. Maybe, she might even get the Nobel Prize a few years later and become an authority in a certain domain.

However, in the various countries of the Nine Provinces, because of the existence of spirit qi, martial force was the king. Li Ziqis exercising ability was 0, and this caused her cultivation speed to become extremely slow, thereby becoming her greatest flaw.

Why would Li Ziqis father spend astronomical amounts of money and tapped on all his social connections to seek out the secondary saint for her daughter?

Because Li Ziqi truly had no future on the path of cultivation.

One must know that above the Divine Force Realm was the Longevity Realm. As the name implied, it meant that the lifespan of the cultivators would begin to increase.

For the lesser cases, the increase in lifespan would be about several tens of years up to a hundred years. For the higher cases, ones lifespan could even increase by several hundred years. Reportedly, there had once been a former sage whose lifespan exceeded a thousand. He had lived to be over 1,000 years old.

For experts like this, the number of years they were alive for exceeded even the majority of dynasties. Even if their intellect was slightly lower, given the huge amount of time they had, it was sufficient for them to have great accomplishments in any field they chose.

Given Li Ziqis current state, even if she paid attention to her diet and wellness, she would at most live to a hundred years old. To waste time and effort to nurture a disciple that was destined to die early, it was considered a huge waste to secondary saints.

At the level of secondary saints, they treated fame and power as floating clouds. They had higher pursuits in life. At the very least, they would hope that a secondary saint would appear from one of their disciples, right?

So, in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, as long as your cultivation speed was slow and your cultivation base was low, it would be considered a sin.

No one would be willing to waste resources on such people.

Upon hearing Sun Mos words, Li Ziqis eyes turned red. Tears revolved in her eyes, but she endured them forcefully, not allowing them to flow.

However, I will use all methods I can think of to ensure you step into the Longevity Realm.

Sun Mo patted Li Ziqis head and looked at her with doting love. I will make sure you have enough time to build the largest and grandest library in the Nine Provinces.


Staring at Sun Mos serious expression while listening to his gentle voice, Li Ziqi couldnt endure it any longer. Sparkling tears began flowing down her face.

No one had said something like that to her ever before!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +30. Friendly (231/1,000).

Teacher is so gentle!

Lu Zhiruo was deeply moved.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +15. Friendly (488/1,000)

After hearing the notification that the papaya girl contributed favorable impression points, Sun Mo almost felt a little embarrassed. (Are you really going to become my crazy fan?)

Then Sun Mo looked at the other threeXuanyuan Po was meditating. Other than combat, he didnt care about other things.

Tantai Yutang was smiling, appearing as though he was very touched by the harmonious relationship between this pair of teacher and disciple. But actually, his mind was wandering somewhere.

As for Jiang Leng, there was no expression on his face and he remained silent. He stared at the space ahead and seemed to be in a daze.

Ai, the path of teachers and students is long and filled with heavy responsibilities!

Sun Mo understood. After all, all of them had only interacted for a few days. It was definitely not possible for his students to trust him fully and feel a sense of worship for him.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +10. Neutral (85/100)


After hearing yet another system notification, Sun Mo couldnt help but glance at Jiang Leng. (What the hell? Why would you contribute favorable impression points a few minutes after that has passed?)

Could it be that Jiang Lengs reflex arc was longer than others?

Jiang Leng only appeared to be cold and unconcerned with everything. Actually, his emotions were very rich. He was a warmhearted youth!

Teacher, the problem now is that both Xuanyuan Po and Jiang Lengs cultivation bases are too high, and they are unable to fight. I can still try my best for one match. But what should we do for the other two matches?

Li Ziqi swiftly entered strategist mode.

Tantai Yutang was sickly and coughed up blood every day. He was so weak that even a gust of wind could take him down. If he went on the arena, he might really be beaten to death.

As for Lu Zhiruo, she hadnt even entered the body-refinement realm. One could say that she was a blank slate.

This is what I should worry about!

Sun Mo didnt want to let Li Ziqi worry about this. During these two days, I will impart to you and Zhiruo a cultivation art. You all should practice according to it!

Sun Mo decided to impart the first level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to the two girls.

The first level of this cultivation art would stimulate their potential, causing their body to remain at the eruption state at every moment, allowing their control of strength to be extremely precise.

Sun Mo wanted to test this and see if Li Ziqis exercising ability would improve after her potential was stimulated. As for Lu Zhiruo, her body quality was too bad. This first-level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was precisely the right medicine for her illness.


The two girls hurriedly nodded to indicate that they understood.

Im not teaching it to the three of you not because of favoritism. Rather, Tantai Yutang, your body is too weak, and theres no potential that can be stimulated. If you learn this cultivation art, you will die even earlier.

Sun Mo explained.

Xuanyuan Po, you should just focus on training your Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique. Before you reach major completion in it, dont cultivate in other cultivation arts. You spar with me every morning.

Sun Mo had already considered this. He would use the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art and Immemorial Vairocana to spar against Xuanyuan Po to feed moves to him while taking the opportunity to see what flaws he had in his cultivation.

At the same time, Sun Mo would use Divine Sight and look through Xuanyuan Pos saint-tier cultivation art to see if there was anything to improve or if there was a plausible shortcut.

If it was other low-level cultivation arts and battle techniques, there were no problems for Xuanyuan Po to study them. However, Sun Mos cultivation art was the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

To cultivators, cultivation arts of this level were akin to absolute beauties. If they learned it, they would definitely cultivate it. No one would be able to endure the itch.

If Xuanyuan Po fell into the temptation, his losses would surely outweigh his gains. After all, the main purpose of this cultivation art was to guide students, while the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique was then the art most suited to Xuanyuan Pos personality and body.

Jiang Leng, you are still recuperating now. You shouldnt cultivate for the time being. Those broken spirit runes would not only disrupt the spirit qi circulation, but they would also cause you extreme pain and the effect wouldnt be good. If you really feel bored, you can consider delving into the study of spirit runes.

Sun Mo suggested.


Jiang Lengs countenance dimmed. He knew what Sun Mo said was right, but he couldnt help but feel reluctant!

Jiang Leng, dont take this period of stagnation as a waste of time. Use it to temper your heart. Ill do my best to find a method to restore the spirit runes on your body!

Sun Mo consoled.


Jiang Leng nodded.

Alright. For the lesson today, I wont be lecturing on anything or answering any difficult questions you might have. Ill use my Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to check your body to understand each of your situations.

Sun Mo explained while touching Lu Zhiruos head in the passing.

His plan was to first design a cultivation plan that was tailored to each of his students.

Tantai, come over!

Sun Mo called out. Because Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were girls, these checks had to be done privately.

During these two days, the entire school has been talking about our teachers God Hands. Today, we can finally witness its prowess!

Tantai Yutang chortled.

When Sun Mo touched Tantai Yutangs shoulder blade, the former blinked twice and summoned a black-colored cubic-shaped cabinet. He then took out the black-iron treasure chest he had received this morning.


Black light flashed as the treasure popped open, leaving behind a medicine packet.


Congratulations on obtaining a giant medicine packet. Usage instruction: During a bath, just place it in your bathwater. If you use it often, you can strengthen your body and gain a powerful physique akin to giants!

Sun Mos expression turned dark. The effect was pretty good, but the value of this item was only 100 favorable impression points in the merchant store.

From its pricing, he could tell that this wasnt that good of a reward.

Sun Mos gaze landed on Tantai Yutangs body. This wouldnt do. In the future, when he opened the treasure chests, he couldnt touch anyone else after Lu Zhiruo. If not, his luck would definitely dwindle.

To an unlucky person like Sun Mo, if he didnt believe in metaphysics, he could only cry.

After Sun Mo checked the bodies of the three male students, the lesson ended. He announced that they could leave.

After the three guys left, Li Ziqi raised her hand. Teacher, Im already prepared. Should we do the check before or after lunch?

Sun Mo turned his head and looked at the sky. There was still a bit of time before lunch.

Lets start with the massage first!

After that, Sun Mo and Lu Zhiruo were brought out of the campus by Li Ziqi.

Where are we going?

Sun Mo was bewildered. But very soon later, the answer was revealed.

The three of them turned left after walking out of school. They headed west for three hundred meters and turned a corner.

This place was a residential area. Considering the size of the houses, their designs and renovation, and the people entering and exiting the district, the houses here were probably only for wealthy people.


Li Ziqi pushed a huge gate open and stood at the side before making an invitational gesture. Teacher, please enter!

Honestly speaking, if it wasnt for Lu Zhiruo being here, Sun Mo wouldnt have dared to enter the house alone with Li Ziqi.

As a teacher, you actually entered a house so close to the school alone with a female student? What was going on? The circumstances seemed suspicious. Also, once someone gossiped about this and rumors started to spread, things would be troublesome.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》