Absolute Great Teacher
108 Contrast between Past and Presen
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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108 Contrast between Past and Presen


At this moment, Sun Mo couldnt help but recall that during his university years, once weekends arrived, those affluent second-generation friends in his dorm would immediately pack up and get a room nearby the school with their girlfriends, playing for two days straight.

At that time, Sun Mo would either stay in his dorm to play world of warcraft or head to internet cafes all night. He also secretly despised those affluent second-generation friends.

At that time, the pure and innocent Sun Mo thought that the couples missed each other too much and were reluctant to part; hence, they wanted to stay together and say sweet things to each other. Only after he had graduated and started working, after he had seen some adult movies by chance, did he suddenly realize and understand his dorm-mates motivation for doing such things.

Che, it would only make him sad when he thought of this.

Single dogs didnt even know the ultimate meaning of love!


Li Ziqi called lightly. Sun Mo seemed to be in a daze?


Sun Mo lifted his feet and entered the gate.

This was a house with three entrances. Vines climbed all over the walls, resembling a green waterfall.

Through the decorated gate, there was a courtyard with over ten laurus nobilis (a type of tree) planted. The gentle breeze of the wind caused the shadows of the tree to flicker.

Gua! Gua!

On the left, there was a tiny pond with lotus leaves floating on the surface. There were frogs hiding beneath the fake mountain for the shade.

Sun Mo inclined his head and stared at the greenery and the high ceilings over his head. A thick sense of ancient beauty filled his heart.

Teacher, should we head to the east wing?

Li Ziqi suggested.

This house was something Li Ziqi asked her old servant to buy yesterday. She had also arranged for some servants to clean it through the night. All the beddings and pillows were changed and the daily necessities were added.


Sun Mo nodded and followed Li Ziqi to the east wing.

The rooms were cleaned very well. There was even a faint fragrance of sandalwood lingering in the atmosphere.

Should we start now?

As she said this, Li Ziqis voice quivered a little. She suddenly recalled that burly fellow whose body muscles were glistening as though there was a layer of oil applied.

Go and make some preparations!

Sun Mo lifted a copper basin. Ill go and get some clean water!

Ill do it!

Lu Zhiruo snatched the copper basin and ran toward the well in the courtyard.

Ziqi, if you are not used to it, its fine if you remain clothed too!

Sun Mo could tell what was making Li Ziqi uneasy.

This place was the Tang Country of Central Province. The customs here were similar to ancient China. Although it wasnt to the extent where there couldnt even be the slightest physical contact between men and women, if there was no need for it, men and women wouldnt usually have any physical contact prior to marriage.

When females went on the street, regardless of them wearing plain cotton clothing or luxurious silk clothing, they would cover themselves completely in a fitting manner.

If one wanted to see a female wearing slightly skimpier clothing, it was absolutely impossible.

Forget it.

Li Ziqi shook her head. In order to perform massage for her aunt, she had also learned quite a few massage techniques. She knew that if the target was clothed, the effect wouldnt be that good. Also, you are my teacher. Theres no need for me to treat you like an outsider.

Li Ziqi entered the back of the screen and soon after, the sounds of changing clothes could be heard.

Teacher, the clean water is here!

Lu Zhiruo returned with the basin.

Sun Mo took out the ancient whale oil and began to adjust the proportions before pouring some into the water.

When the bottle stopper was pulled out, a strange fragrance permeated the area. Lu Zhiruo couldnt control it as she sniffed.

TeacTeacher, Im preprepared!

Li Ziqis voice drifted over, filled with a little nervousness.

Zhiruo, be my assistant!

Sun Mo instructed.

Actually, he didnt need an assistant. But no matter what, he couldnt possibly be in the same room with a female student alone. Hence, the papaya girls purpose was here to be an observer to prove his innocence.

Behind the screen, there was a bamboo bed. Li Zi was standing at the side, wearing silk short pants and a white singlet.

Get up on it! Sun Mo instructed.


Li Ziqi lay on the bamboo bed. Her entire body was shivering.

Sun Mo poured a little ancient whale oil solution onto Li Ziqis back. After that, his hands pressed on her back.


Li Ziqi was like a wild cat getting a fright. Her entire body tensed up, and even her fine hairs were standing.


Sun Mo gently comforted her. He began to execute his muscleforge technique. In order to alleviate Li Ziqis nervousness, he began to speak, Your muscles are very good. Their conditions are not bad at all. If it wasnt for the fact that your motoric nerves are too inferior, you could still be considered as someone having a bright future on the path of cultivation.


Li Ziqis father had long since found a great teacher to look over her condition. This was the diagnosis too. However, motoric nerves were something that one was innately born with. She couldnt do anything to improve them.

Dont be disheartened. I know a circulation technique and it might help to improve your motoric nerves.

Sun Mo could only try everything in a desperate situation.

Genie, why are you not coming out yet?

Sun Mo roared from the bottom of his heart.


Spirit qi surged. A genie with a purple headband, a golden corset, and a muscled body covered with oil materialized.

However, this time around, the genie didnt act immediately. It began to adopt various poses and show off its muscles.

Go on! Sun Mo urged.

Mn, mn!

The genie nodded. After that, it spread out its fingers and shot out ten strands of spirit qi, linking his fingers with Sun Mos.


The genie then knocked Sun Mo with its shoulder, pushing Sun Mo toward Li Ziqi.


Sun Mo was shocked. He stumbled and directly fell onto Li Ziqis back. Luckily, his speed was fast enough and he quickly got up.

Yet, the genie had no other reactions. It was like controlling Sun Mo as a puppet. When its fingers moved, Sun Mos would move as well, roaming around Li Ziqis body.

Oi! Oi! What are you doing?

Sun Mo grew angry.

The genie didnt care about human customs at all. It would only ensure that its massage would bring out the most outstanding effects.

Stop! Quickly stop! Sun Mo berated.

If you get him to stop, what happens then? Should he end the massage? the system spoke.

Why did that fellow suddenly make me act?

Sun Mo didnt understand.

Because he doesnt like to give females massages!

The system replied in a manner as though it should be by rights. Yet, this answer gave Sun Mo a fright.


Sun Mo was taken aback. This genie had a pretty philosophical look. Who could have expected that it was a gay guy!

What are you ah-ing for? Focus and learn, you cant possibly depend on it forever, right? Let me tell you this, by having an appropriate amount of contact with females, you will be able to improve your relationships and reduce the sense of distance with them.

The system guided, Oh, Ive forgotten that you are a single dog. You dont understand women!

Come on out right now, I promise not to beat you to death!

Sun Mo was infuriated. (After this daddy becomes thirty years old, I will turn into a wizard and blast you to death with a giant fireball!)

Li Ziqi lay on the bamboo bed unmoving.

The effects of the ancient massage technique began to be unleashed. Sensations of soreness, itch, and pain could be felt, but in the end, all of these sensations turned into a sense of numbing comfort.

Ten minutes later, the massage ended.

Li Ziqi lay limply on the bamboo bed. Her eyes stared at the ceiling listlessly, and she had a feeling as though her soul was about to fly out.

Help her wipe the oil clean and dress up!

Sun Mo went out of the east wing and to the courtyard to wash his hands. After that, he sat on the bench and planned out a training plan for Li Ziqi.

After Li Ziqi regained her senses, she felt her body was very sticky. She glanced at the bamboo bed and discovered that Lu Zhiruo was currently wiping it.

Do you want to shower first? Teachers Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is truly impressive. Quite a large amount of impurities in your body was expelled.

Lu Zhiruo was very pure. She didnt associate Sun Mos massage for Li Ziqi with anything impure.

Li Ziqi raised her hand and sniffed it. As expected, there was quite an unpleasant smell. However, she also felt that her body was much lighter and her condition was very good. She could absolutely memorize a book of 100,000 words within fifteen minutes

We can wash up together after you are done with the massage!

Li Ziqi tidied up and helped Lu Zhiruo change her clothes. After that, she went out to call Sun Mo.

When Sun Mo looked at Lu Zhiruo, he wanted to close his eyes. The clothes Li Ziqi prepared for the papaya girl didnt fit her too well.

In the future, theres no need to stand up and wait for me. You can directly lie down! Sun Mo instructed.


Lu Zhiruo lay on the bamboo bed, resembling a salted fish.

This time around, Sun Mo really closed his eyes. If Lu Zhiruo moved the slightest bit, her two large papayas would undulate like waves and dazzle the eyes of those who looked at them.

See no evil! I must calm down, calm down!

Sun Mo silently mumbled.

Li Ziqis lips twitched, feeling that the heavens were unfair. Why were their sizes so different?

Sun Mo saw some towels prepared at the side. He took one up and folded it before placing it around his eyes.

(Very good, not transparent at all. Why didnt I think of this earlier?)

In any case, his hands were controlled by the genie. It didnt matter even if Sun Mo couldnt see anything.

Naturally, by blocking his vision, it would affect his learning of the ancient massage technique. However, Sun Mo didnt mind learning it slowly.

Teacher, hows my constitution?

Lu Zhiruo sat up from the bed. She was worried but also filled with anticipation when she asked this question. As for other thoughts, her mind was as pure as a piece of blank paper.

Sun Mo fell silent. How should he say it?

The grandmaster-level muscleforge technique told Sun Mo that Lu Zhiruos constitution was truly very bad. No wonder she hadnt succeeded in reaching the body-refinement realm. If she wanted to level up, the amount of effort she must put in had to be ten times greater compared to others before it would be possible.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》