Absolute Great Teacher
109 The School’s Ultimate Divine Ar
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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109 The School’s Ultimate Divine Ar

Chapter 109 The Schools Ultimate Divine Art

You should have learned over 30 types of cultivation arts, right?

Sun Mo shifted the topic away.

Ive learned over 80 types I think, I cant remember clearly!

Lu Zhiruo had always wanted to find a cultivation art suited for herself. But no matter how she practiced, her efforts would always end in failure.

Upon hearing the number, Li Ziqi stared at the papaya girl in shock. No wonder you havent reached the body-refinement realm yet. Did you waste your time cultivating too many arts at once?

No, my father said that Im too stupid!

Lu Zhiruos tone became gloomy. When she first heard her father say that, she suffered such a heavy psychological impact that she was sick for an entire month. In fact, she almost died.

Li Ziqi fell silent. Given her intelligence, she understood Sun Mo was shifting the topic away on purpose. This meant that Lu Zhiruos constitution was so bad to the extent where he had no way to speak it directly.

Dont worry, I will impart an extremely powerful cultivation art to you. Once you learn it, you will be unrivaled under the heavens.

Sun Mo was truly fond of such a hardworking, pure, and adorable student like Lu Zhiruo. Hence, he didnt wish to see her get hurt.


Lu Zhiruo sat up in shock. She hugged Sun Mos arm and asked in a hurry, How powerful is it exactly?

Luckily, Sun Mos eyes were covered or things would really be awkward.

The sudden sit up by the papaya girl caused her majestic breasts to ripple outrageously. If her breasts hit someones face, that person would definitely faint.

Li Ziqis lips twitched as envy arose in her heart.

Sun Mo could feel two mounds of soft flesh pressing against his arm. As a single dog, he didnt understand what they were at the start. But soon after that, he realized it. Hence, he stretched his hand out and gently pushed the papaya girl away.

How powerful is it exactly?

Lu Zhiruo didnt understand Sun Mos intention and hugged his arm even tighter. Besides, her tone was filled with a tiny hint of coquettishness as well.

She was like a hungry house cat that was meowing at its owner for food.

A peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

Sun Mo gave up and simply allowed Lu Zhiruo to hug his arm.


Lu Zhiruo was stunned. In the various countries of the nine provinces, cultivation arts of this level were the best. Each of them could be considered an inheritance treasure.

Li Ziqi was also stunned as she stared dumbfoundedly at Sun Mo, suspecting whether she had heard wrongly. For cultivation arts of this level, they could even be considered ultimate treasures in the Great Tang Empire.

How about it? Is it powerful or not? Sun Mo teased.

Its powerful indeed, but Im afraid I wont be able to understand it

Lu Zhiruo pouted and had an aggrieved look on her face. Im too stupid. Its alright, effort can make up for everything!

Sun Mo instinctively stretched out his other hand, wanting to touch Lu Zhiruos head. However, because he was blindfolded, his hand touched only the air.

The papaya girl was very understanding. She leaned over and allowed Sun Mo to caress her head. In addition, she even closed her eyes in comfort.

Upon hearing the conversation between the two of them, Li Ziqi felt something was wrong. She only came back to her senses after hearing the words peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

(Oh heavens, thats the highest level cultivation art in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. Teacher Sun is actually going to teach it to Lu Zhiruo? Also, Lu Zhiruos first reaction was?)

(She actually wasnt shocked but she was worried she wouldnt be able to understand it!)

(What joke is this exactly? You guys are talking about one of the highest-level cultivation arts and not a garbage cultivation art that you can purchase on any street store for tens of copper coins!)

(How can the two of you be so calm?)

Ziqi, you have to learn it too!

Sun Mo was worried that Li Ziqi would feel that he was biased. Hence, he hurriedly added.

Li Ziqi didnt know what to reply. Given her knowledge and perception of Sun Mo, they told her that he wasnt lying.

However, her rationale told her that this matter was truly too exaggerated.

She felt that she had to drink a cup of water to calm her nerves.

In any case, whats the name of the cultivation art?

Lu Zhiruo was curious.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art!

Sun Mo casually spoke, but Li Ziqi at the side coughed and immediately spat out a mouthful of water she had drunk.

She even choked!

Cough, cough. What did you say, teacher? Coughdid I hear it wrongly?

Li Ziqi coughed badly.

Have you heard of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art before?

Sun Mo was curious. When he saw how agitated Li Ziqi was, it was evident she knew the origins of this cultivation art.

Ive heard of it before. If the name is right, it should be none other than the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy. Only the most talented and loyal students have the qualifications to learn it. Li Ziqi explained.

The Skyraise Academy was in Jing Province. It was one of the Nine Greats, an existence that was ranked at the very top. Moreover, this ranking was publicly acknowledged. This cultivation art could only be taught to the most loyal students. If not, what if they betrayed the school after they learned this art?

Lu Zhiruo felt that Li Ziqis descriptions were wrong. But when Li Ziqi spoke until here, Lu Zhiruo also glanced at their teacher subconsciously.

(Oh yeah, how did Teacher Sun know this? Could he be a traitor of that school?)

(No, teacher isnt such a person!)

(There must be a huge secret hidden within!)

You didnt understand my meaning. Theres a hard condition for one to become the headmaster of the Skyraise Academy and that is to master this cultivation art. This is why for those students who are qualified to learn this, all of them are future headmaster candidates for the Skyraise Academy.

Li Ziqis voice was trembling.

For those who were listed as future headmaster candidates of the Skyraise Academy, there was no need to doubt how talented they were. Yet now, Sun Mo said that he knew this ultimate divine art!

Li Ziqis lips moved. She almost asked if Sun Mo was lying to them. Even if Sun Mo were the son of the current Skyraise Academys headmaster, if his talent was not enough, he also wouldnt be qualified to cultivate this art.

Wait a minute, could it be that Sun Mo was the illegitimate son of that headmaster? Because he didnt want to be recognized, he came all the way here to the Central Province Academy?

In an instant, a drama filled with emotions appeared in Li Ziqis mind. Teacher, how did you learn this cultivation art? Were you swindled by someone?

After many theories spun through her mind, Li Ziqi still felt that this was the most logical answer.

In the black market of the various countries of the Nine Provinces, there were all sorts of fake cultivation arts, either used to harm people or to swindle them.

Every year, there would be young people who got swindled because they wanted to try their luck.

Am I that stupid?

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

Thats true, you are not

Li Ziqi grabbed her hair in frustration. She couldnt understand it.

Dont think about it anymore. This cultivation art is real, and Ive been practicing it since a long time ago!

Sun Mo was now even more curious at the identity of the major character behind the wooden blade.

Aiya, I will stop thinking about it. Teachers words are most certainly correct! Lu Zhiruo hated thinking the most. Now, she was very happy. As long as she learned the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, she would become more powerful.

Next time when she met her father again, he would definitely approve of her.

Upon thinking of this, Lu Zhiruos embrace of Sun Mos arms grew even tighter.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +50. Friendly (538/1,000).

Teacher, are you really teaching it to us? Li Ziqi started, she still felt some disbelief. The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?

Isnt it just a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art? Theres no need for you to keep asking about it, right? Sun Mo gently pushed Lu Zhiruo away. Lie down properly, the massage hasnt ended! Seeing that Sun Mo wasnt willing to continue this topic, Li Ziqi found it awkward to continue speaking. However, her heart felt an unbearable itch. It was like there was a cat in her heart howling.

What did he mean by isnt it just a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art? That was the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy, alright?! If the news of someone knowing this cultivation art spread out, how great the commotion would be?

Li Ziqi was shocked because she knew that peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts were extremely rare treasures. But to Sun Mo, they were just a powerful cultivation art.

It was okay to teach it to his students!

As long as he possessed the divine skill Immemorial Vairocana, Sun Mo would be able to obtain whatever cultivation arts he wanted. This was why he could remain so calm.

After the ancient massage technique concluded, the two girls hadnt achieved a breakthrough and this made Sun Mo a little depressed I feel so comfortable now!

Lu Zhiruo stretched her arms to the back, causing her chest area to enlarge. There was a look of joy on her face. Pack things up and lets get lunch!

Sun Mo was hungry.

Through the entire lunchtime, Li Ziqi was absent-minded. As for Lu Zhiruo, she kept passing Sun Mo foods from the dishes to his bowl.

Alright, Ziqi and Zhiruo. Theres no need to use the respected form of the word you (12) to address me in the future. Thats too formal.

Sun Mo stated. By hearing that, he felt like he had aged over ten years.


Li Ziqi nodded but she was still distracted.


New mission issued: Please help your students attain victory in the arranged duel against Gao Bens students a month later. There would be rewards given according to the results.

The system suddenly issued a mission. Sun Mo was so startled that he almost swallowed the chopsticks he was using. System, can you stop being so abrupt?

Sun Mo grumbled. Luckily, there was no punishment if the mission failed. After all, this mission was very difficult. This was especially so after he checked the papaya girls body condition. He felt that his students would lose the duel for sure.


Note: If the mission fails, there will be a punishment!


Sun Mo was so angry that he almost smashed the bowl. System, you are doing this on purpose, right? You are definitely doing this intentionally, right? There will be a day where I pull you out and give you a harsh beating!

Sun Mo was no longer in any mood to eat. After that, he didnt return to school and went to Li Ziqis house instead. Im going to try for a breakthrough, dont disturb me!

After Sun Mo instructed this, he passed them a segment of the oracular formula for the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Go and practice this!

Thisthis is

Li Ziqi was agitated. The endearingly silly papaya girl didnt react. Or more accurately, she didnt manage to memorize it.

Yes, what you all are thinking is right. This is the first level of that schools ultimate divine art. If you cannot even master the first level, theres no need to think about learning the second level.

Sun Mo didnt give them the oracular formula for the second level because he wanted to use it as a bait to encourage them to cultivate with more effort.

I will definitely work hard!

Li Ziqi patted her chest and guaranteed in a loud voice.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Friendly (281/1,000). Mn!

Sun Mo nodded while silently musing, Ive wronged you. You are not a steelplate girl (completely flat), you are a little egg instead. Although you have something, you are ultimately still a little too skinny.

Sun Mo didnt go to the east wing. He directly sat in the courtyard and took out his Starmoon Fruit. However, he wasnt in a hurry to consume it. He placed it at the side and meditated to calm his heart first.

This was the first time he was attempting a breakthrough after arriving in this world. Sun Mo, who was always cautious, began to recall all his knowledge about the blood-ignition realm.

After running the knowledge through his mind three times and ascertaining there was nothing he overlooked, he took up the Starmoon Fruit and placed it in his mouth.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》