Absolute Great Teacher
110 Starmoon Tempering The Body, Second Level of Blood-Ignition Realm
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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110 Starmoon Tempering The Body, Second Level of Blood-Ignition Realm

Chapter 110 Starmoon Tempering The Body, Second Level of Blood Ignition Realm

When the Starmoon Fruit entered his mouth, Sun Mo subconsciously bit it down. It felt a little tough, like a fruit core with a layer of green skin.

However, as his saliva moistened it, the Starmoon Fruit softened and became liquid. Sun Mo then swallowed it into his stomach.

After 10 seconds, a surge of astral lunar force began to manifest in his stomach. After that, it flowed through his meridians and circulated from his body to his four limbs and skeletal structure, filling each corner.

As the amount of astral lunar force increased, they fully filled his energy channels and formed a stable cycle.

Sun Mo sat cross-legged on the ground and adjusted his spirit qi, controlling them to flow in the same direction as the astral lunar force, revolving around his energy channels in a cycle.

Very soon, Sun Mos entire body heated up. Sweat mingled with impurities was expelled out from his body. After that, the sweat droplets immediately evaporated. Chi! Chi! Chi!

Wisps of white steam rose into the air.

The Starmoon Fruit was gradually unleashing its effects.

Sun Mo had always been cautious when it came to doing things. After obtaining the Starmoon Fruit back then, he immediately went to the library and checked about this fruit.

However, after searching through a thousand botany books, alchemy books, and even books about mystical plants, he couldnt find the Starmoon Fruit.

In fact, there wasnt a simple introduction or even a mention of it.

Given Sun Mos cautious nature, where he liked to plan things out first before acting, if it wasnt for the fact that he knew the system wouldnt lie to him, he absolutely wouldnt have dared to consume a fruit of unknown origins like the Starmoon Fruit so easily.

Although Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo had obtained the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, they didnt start cultivating it immediately. Instead, they stayed outside the courtyards gate and stretched their heads as they peered into the courtyard.

Teachers breakthrough feels a little different from others, right?.

Lu Zhiruo spoke in a low voice.


Li Ziqi placed her dainty index finger between her lips and made a shushing gesture

One must know that the vast majority of people wouldnt even have a chance to see a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art like the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art in their entire lifetimes. If they obtained it, they would definitely study it immediately to broaden their horizons.

However, these two girls didnt do that. They were worried about Sun Mos safety. Hence, they were paying attention to him.

The expressions of the two girls turned to shock swiftly after.

Because right now, Sun Mo started to perspire red sweat. After the red sweat evaporated, they became red clouds of mist. However, these clouds didnt dissipate but gathered around Sun Mos body instead.

Lu Zhiruo grabbed Li Ziqis arm in worry. Why is teachers breakthrough like that?

Li Ziqi was puzzled. Although her exercising ability was o, she was an avid reader and had researched many ancient classics before. She had also memorized a lot of theoretical knowledge on breaking through in cultivation.

Could it be because he ate some alchemy pill? But this doesnt seem to be right. Even if its a peak-grade medicine, there would still be some medicinal dregs remaining in his body. It would be easy to break through now. But in the future, when one is pushing for a higher cultivation realm, their progress would inevitably be affected.

Li Ziqi mumbled. To cultivators, everyone would usually depend on their own efforts for a breakthrough unless they encountered a bottleneck and was stuck there for several years. Only then would they consume alchemy pills designed to aid them in a breakthrough.

Yet, all medicine contained 30% poison. If one consumed an alchemy pill, the pill toxins would gradually accumulate and negatively affect the cultivator.

With Sun Mos current cultivation realm, there wasnt an urgent need for him to pursue a breakthrough. In addition, he should also have known about the side-effects of consuming alchemy pills.

Naturally, the most important reason was that Li Ziqi believed that given Sun Mos talent, it would be as effortless as drinking a cup of water for Sun Mo to ignite his blood to reach the next level!

After eliminating all these possibilities, there was only one idea remaining. And that was that Sun Mo had consumed a natural spirit medicine.

Natural spirit medicine referred to things growing in nature instead of something artificially concocted. Such spirit medicine not only possessed powerful medicinal properties, but there were almost no side effects as well.

In Li Ziqis mind, 18 types of spirit medicine suitable for the blood-ignition realm instantly flashed through. But when she thought of the course of events that would occur after consuming them, none of them seemed to fit Sun Mos current situation.

Hence, Li Ziqi was puzzled.

Those blood-colored mist began swirling. Some transformed into constellations, some into crescent moons. They surrounded Sun Mo and slowly revolved around. Half of the clouds of red mist were resplendent stars, while the other half constituted a picture of shining crescent moons.

The Starmoon Fruit was silvery-white. It would soak up the essence of the stars and moon and would only form after a hundred years. Due to long years of absorbing the essence from the stars and moon, the astral lunar force was contained within it.

After a cultivator consumed the fruit, the astral lunar force in it could be used to temper the cultivators body, purify his blood, and get rid of filthy impurities. Sun Mos red-colored sweat was actually formed from a portion of the mixture of blood and impurities.


The spirit qi in Sun Mos body abruptly erupted!


The stars and moons formed from the red-colored mist suddenly collapsed, dispersing in all directions like the morning mist and dyeing the ground in the surroundings red.

The breakthrough was successful. Sun Mo began to adjust his breathing.

The entire process didnt even take 15 minutes. It was much simpler than what he had expected.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo felt a little disappointed. He had thought that there might be some heavenly phenomena appearing Congratulations, teacher! Li Ziqi jogged over and passed over a towel while congratulating Sun Mo.

Lu Zhiruo brought along a basin of water for Sun Mo to clean himself.

Teacher, why dont you take a bath!

Li Ziqi suggested. There were large patches of red on Sun Mos clothing, like they were dyed in fresh blood. It was better to clean them.

Ill go and heat up the water!

Lu Zhiruo immediately started to run out.

Dont need to do that!

Sun Mo had gotten used to taking cold baths in the past. Now that his body was so strong, there was naturally no problem for him to do so as well. He walked to the well and dredged up a pail of water. He then raised it over his head and began to pour the water over his body.

The cold water flowed down his skin, bringing the summer heat away.


Sun Mo stretched his neck.

i ne

Teacher, do you need your back to be wiped?

Li Ziqi held a set of clothes and stood at the side. She stared at Sun Mos sturdy back and blushed slightly.

Teachers muscles were so wonderful!

Li Ziqi wanted to touch them a little.

Lu Zhiruos left hand was now carrying a towel. She extended her right index finger and prod his back.

Sun Mo jumped in fright and took a step forward.


Lu Zhiruo hurriedly lowered her head.

Li Ziqi started, but after that, she began to laugh uncontrollably. She really liked warm atmospheres like this.

After Sun Mo cleaned up, he got into the clothes Li Ziqi had prepared for him.

This was a white long robe; only the sleeves and collars were embroidered by golden threads, and there were no other pictures or decorations. It was spotlessly clean and after Sun Mo wore it, he exuded an aura of nobility.

Teacher is so handsome!

Lu Zhiruo evaluated.

Li Ziqi stood behind Sun Mo. She helped to comb his long black hair and tie it up into a bun.

Staring at Sun Mos reflection in the mirror, Li Ziqi agreed with what the papaya girl had said. But the word handsome wasnt enough to describe their teachers graceful bearing.

In the future, theres no need to prepare such clothes. Im not qualified to wear it yet!

Sun Mo frowned.

The moon-white long robes with golden embroidery were something only qualified great teachers who obtained a star could wear. If ordinary teachers wore it, they would get into trouble easily.

I believe that teacher will soon be qualified enough.

Lu Zhiruo spoke with conviction.

Thats right. Teacher, you only have to comprehend one more great teacher halo before the 1-star great teacher examination. After that, I believe that teacher would pass it for sure.

Li Ziqi encouraged him.


Sun Mo smiled and decided to reveal something. Actually, I already have three great teacher halos!


Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were both stunned. After that, their gazes flashed with curiosity.

What are they? Li Ziqi inquired. Why dont you take a guess? Sun Mo kept them in suspense. Teacher, tell us quickly!

Lu Zhiruo hugged Sun Mos arm. She was like a little kitten throwing a tantrum, wanting food from its owner.

Ill tell you all when the time comes.

Sun Mo seamlessly wriggled his arm out of Lu Zhiruos embrace.

Teacher is so annoying!

Li Ziqi pursed her lips.

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on her head. He stared at the mirror, at the reflection of himself who was wearing the moon-white robes

Each spring, the Saint Gate would organize a 1-star great teacher examination. Counting the days, there was still about seven to eight months before it. It was enough for Sun Mo to make his preparations.

Moreover, Sun Mo had to achieve it no matter what. The system had given him a mission for him to become a 1-star great teacher within a year, and this examination was his only chance.

If teacher becomes a 1-star great teacher, we would be able to walk around without fear* on campus, right?

Lu Zhiruos eyes were filled with yearning.


Li Ziqi raised her hand and rapped Lu Zhiruos forehead.

What are you thinking about? Do you want to be a crab*?

Li Ziqi teased.

III only dont want to be bullied!

As she said until the end, her voice gradually grew softer.

There are people bullying you?

Sun Mo frowned.


Lu Zhiruo hurriedly shook her head. If there are, you definitely have to tell me!

Sun Mo solemnly spoke. As a teacher, the thing he hated the most was bullying in school. Speaking of which Teacher, did you break through earlier after eating some natural spirit medicine?

Li Ziqi asked a question to resolve the puzzlement in her heart.

Yes, I ate a Starmoon Fruit!

Sun Mo didnt hide anything.

Starmoon Fruit?

Li Ziqi furrowed her brows. Are you sure?

You know about this fruit?

Sun Mo was taken aback.

My clans library is pretty large, so Ive read about it. Starmoon Fruit is a type of fruit that only appears on the Darkness Continent. Its said that its the most suitable natural spirit medicine for those in the blood-ignition realm.

Li Ziqi memorized the information about the Starmoon Fruit before. But sadly, because it only appeared on the Darkness Continent, there was only a short introduction about it in an obscure book she had read.

Darkness Continent?

Sun Mo frowned.

This fruit is very expensive. More accurately, everything thats produced from the Darkness Continent is very expensive. Silver and gold wouldnt be able to purchase them. They could only be traded for using other valuable objects! Li Ziqi explained.

Thanks to her family, Li Ziqi had read through many secret books that were not available on the market. One could only read those books if one had a certain identity or status.

Where can I buy one?

Sun Mo grew curious.

The various auction houses or the black markets!

Li Ziqis words were concise and comprehensive. However, all goods from the Darkness Continent are considered hot properties. Not only are they expensive, but they are also very difficult to purchase.

Li Ziqi was a sensible girl. Although she really wanted to know where Sun Mo had obtained his Starmoon Fruit, she knew that if she asked such a question, her teacher might be conflicted about whether to answer it or not. Hence, she tactfully decided not to ask.

Hmph, Ive long since told you that the things you can purchase from the merchant store are all great items!

The system was very complacent. Its tone had a hint of contempt for Sun Mo because of his inability to know what was good.

Sun Mo couldnt be bothered with it. He stood up and walked out. Lets go into the courtyard for a spar. Let me see both of your combat strengths! Just when Sun Mos feet stepped out of the gate, the systems notification rang out.


Mission completed!

[1] the raws used was too, (1) can also be translated as horizontal. Li Ziqi was teasing Lu Zhiruo about being a crab because crabs walk horizontally.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》