Absolute Great Teacher
111 New Skill Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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111 New Skill Obtained!


Alright students, Ill see you next lesson!

Gu Xiuxun smiled. She took up her lesson plan and walked out of the classroom.

She didnt stop and directly left the teaching building, heading to Sorrowless Lake. After making sure that there was no one else in the surroundings, she aimed a ruthless kick at the ginkgo tree next to her. Damn it! Damn it!

Gu Xiuxun vented her unhappiness.

Her lecture theater of 300 seats was almost fully filled, and there were only about 20+ empty seats. After her lecture ended, the students responses were all very good.

One could say that Gu Xiuxuns lecture was perfect. She took the first step in her teaching career beautifully.

However, whenever she thought about the overwhelming response during Sun Mos public lecture, her mood would instantly turn bad. She knew that she had lost.

Firstly, Gu Xiuxun was an honor graduate from the Myriad Daos Academy and was even the campus queen. She was beautiful and had an outstanding demeanor.

Just with this, she would be able to gain at least 50 students during her first lecture.

Mn, male students!

There were no solutions to it. To male students whose hormones just started raging, they had zero resistance toward beautiful female teachers.

Author: What does this sentence mean? It means that back then if my college teacher was so beautiful, I wouldnt have skipped a single lesson and would definitely be able to enter Tsinghua or Peking*!

Hence, right at the start, Gu Xiuxuns lecture had to have 50 more people than Sun Mos before it could be considered her victory. However, the number of students who attended her lecture didnt meet her expectations.

For the four new teachers, Gao Ben had the least number of students. Next, Zhang Lans lectures attendance rate was relatively normal. As for Gu Xiuxun, she could already be considered very good. Her lectures attendance rate was ranked within the top five for the first public lectures in ten years. But who would have expected that a wild Sun Mo would appear!?

Sun Mo, I didnt expect that you would actually become my challenger.

Gu Xiuxun mumbled, feeling emotional that there were all sorts of unexpected things in the world. But when she thought of Gao Bens pathetic record, she felt joyful again. Hmph. Sun Mo, you might have won this round, but the victor next time would surely be me!

Gu Xiuxun gazed at the Sorrowless Lake. During next spring, she must pass the 1-star great teacher examination and obtain the qualification certificate.

Congratulations, your performance during your first public lecture surpassed the other three competitors namely Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!

A shiny silvery treasure chest appeared in front of Sun Mo.

Sun Mo inclined his head and glanced at the sky. The sun was gradually moving to the west, and it was almost evening time. Teacher?

Li Ziqi was bewildered. She didnt understand why Sun Mo suddenly halted.

Which one of you wants to come at me first?

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruos head exactly eight times in passing with an appropriate amount of force. After that, he muttered open in his heart.

The silver treasure chest popped open. After the light faded, a book shining with golden light appeared.

Skill book?

Sun Mos eyes brightened.


Congratulations on obtaining the expert-grade living blood technique. This skill is one of the four main branches of the ancient massage technique, and its main purpose is to cleanse the blood. After executing it on a target, you can dispel the toxins and impurities while enhancing the spirit qi quantity and quality in their blood.

The systems voice was gentle like a caring elder sister as it explained to Sun Mo.

You are truly the Foot-Masseuse System!

Sun Mo ridiculed.

Although he said this, Sun Mo was actually very happy. After so many days of using the massage techniques, he already confirmed that the ancient massage technique was a very practical skill.

Honestly speaking, compared to Immemorial Vairocana or Divine Sight, the practicality range of the ancient massage technique was the broadest. It could be used on all ordinary humans and had the best effect.

Even if Sun Mo used Divine Sight and saw through a persons illness, letting the person know about it, the other party might simply turn their head to spit on Sun Mo, not believing him.

Hiding a sickness for fear of treatment was a common sight.

However, if Sun Mo used the massage technique in addition to that, the other party would immediately feel more comfortable. Upon tasting the benefits, their attitude would surely be more friendly and they would even show a thumbs up to Sun Mo.

Humans were the most precise machines in the world. Even for a simple vegetable knife, if one used it for a long time, there was still a need to maintain itlet alone the bodies of humans.

As one grew older, various kinds of illnesses would appear in their bodies.

Moreover, the ancient massage technique was created to target them. Through energy channels, muscles, blood, and bone structure, the ancient massaging technique could carry out maintenance in all these aspects!

Speaking of which system, Im only lacking a bone-related technique now. You might as well give it to me directly, so I can amass all four branches of the ancient massage technique. Although Sun Mo didnt have OCD, the feeling of lacking one when he already had the other parts was truly annoying!

Dont even think about it!

The system rejected it directly.


Sun Mos lips twitched. Fine then, cant I just buy it from you?


The merchant store opened up before Sun Mo. At the highest position, there was a skill book lying there. The words Bone Setting Technique could be seen on its cover.

The price was set at 30,000 favorable impression points. There was no discount!

Sun Mos face instantly darkened. He couldnt afford this. Moreover, the grade of this skill book was an inferior one, at the entry level. The system was simply trying to swindle him!

Do you know the feeling of a poor man facing items he yearns to purchase? Thats your current feeling!

The system mocked.

Sun Mo ignored the system. He turned and touched Lu Zhiruos head.

Hmph, I have the papaya girl who can increase my luck stat. Just watch, Im going to open a bone setting technique from a treasure chest a few days later!

The sparring began. However, Sun Mo stopped just five minutes later. He was so angry that he had a toothache.

The two girls didnt even have enough combat strength to win against a goose! The systems evaluation was spot on. These two girls could only lift up chickens but not catch one.

Li Ziqis problem was that her motoric nerve was too weak.

This steelplate girl, no, the little sunny egg, could see through her opponents movements and predict their attacks. However, she had no way to either attack or defend.

Li Ziqi was very clear about the situation, but her reflex couldnt keep up. To a girl who could even fall down when walking on a flat road, it was truly extremely difficult for her to brandish weapons in a duel.

Lu Zhiruos problem was that her mind was not too active and her reactions would always be slower by half-a-beat. Also, she grew nervous too easily and once she was nervous, her mind would blank out.

Bluntly speaking, her psychological state was too inferior. Her ability to resist pressure was 0.

Sun Mo had seen such students before. Their learning in ordinary times wasnt too bad, but once they entered the exam room, their minds would be in chaos due to panic.

For more serious cases, some of them couldnt even breathe properly.

This was a type of mental illness.

Sun Mo felt a little headache. It wasnt easy to resolve the problems these two girls were facing.


Li Ziqi called out weakly. She knew that she must have disappointed her teacher.


Lu Zhiruos eyes shone with tears.

Theres no one perfect in the world. All those so-called geniuses also have their respective flaws. Only then would this fit in with the beauty of the dao of nature!

Seeing that the two little girls were feeling inferior and crying, Sun Mo consoled them gently.

Priceless Advice was activated.

A golden light shone from Sun Mos body, cascading its glow onto Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo. The little sunny egg (Li Ziqi) knew that Sun Mo was consoling her, but under the effect of the great teacher halo, she was still extremely happy. The depression in her heart was like the dark clouds that faded away with the arrival of the sun. All of it vanished into nothingness.

Lets head back to school for dinner!

A day had passed just like that, but there were still many things that Sun Mo hadnt completed. He hadnt drawn the spirit gathering rune yet. He also had to prepare for his lesson tomorrow and had to memorize a few lesson plans. His brain ran through the process of the lecture to ensure that there were no careless mistakes.

Sun Mos character had always been like this; he was very serious about work. Since these students wanted to come and listen to his lecture, he would have to put in his 100% effort to guide them, allowing them to learn more things.

After the meal, the three of them bid farewell to each other.

On the way back to his dorm, Sun Mo crushed the living blood technique skill book in the passing. A golden light was generated and shot into his mind, instantly granting him the knowledge of this skill.

(The feeling of possessing knowledge is so good!)

A new day arrived, daybreak was bright and beautiful.

Qi Shengjia and his other two friends woke up very early, and they immediately rushed toward the teaching building after their breakfast.

Today, I must definitely get Teacher Sun to do a check-up on my body.

Wang Hao had been regretting the fact that he had missed out on Sun Mos public lecture from that time until now.

There might be too many students coming for Teacher Suns lecture today!

Zhou Xu wasnt optimistic.

You are thinking too much. No matter how good Teacher Suns performance was last time, he is ultimately still a new teacher. Also, what is the name of his lecture call?

Wang Hao couldnt remember the name.

Medical Cultivation!

Qi Shengjia added.

Yes, its said that this is a new subject Sun Mo created. Even veteran students would come and listen!

Wang Hao was very calm.

The education content circulating around the various countries of the Nine Provinces was basically the same. It had been many years since a new content was developed. This was something that even great teachers and secondary saints couldnt accomplish, yet Sun Mo managed to do it!

Wang Hao expressed his disbelief.

The three of them soon arrived at the classroom.

The door wasnt closed. Wang Hao walked in and after seeing the dense flood of people, he came out again. He glanced at the door plate hanging outside the classroom door.

Shengjia, are you sure this is the place? Wang Hao asked.

302, thats no mistake. This is the place!

Qi Shengjia confirmed. After that, he also began to frown.

The classroom of 50-pax capacity was already filled to the brim

Its almost 8 a.m, and there will be a teacher coming here to conduct a lesson later on. Little brothers and sisters of the previous session, could you please give way for us?

Wang Hao smiled and called out, feeling proud of his wits.

The gazes of the students turned over but no one moved.

Wang Hao was worried that these people might not have heard his words clearly. Hence, he called out again.

This time around, no one moved either.

Damn, do you guys have any civility at all?

Wang Hao was very unhappy. Could it be that his wits had failed him?

Stop shouting. These people are here for the lesson later.

A young man standing at the door spoke. He himself had shouted the same thing when he had arrived earlier but no one had moved. In any case, I was here before you all. So if theres someone who leaves now, I will also be the one to enter first! Ah?

Wang Hao then glanced at the corridor. Oh my, these people cant be in the queue to attend the lesson later, right?

Thats right!

The young man pointed to the back. Please go and queue up at the back!

What the hell?

Wang Hao was speechless. He did a rough count, and there were about 30 people outside. Sun Mo had such charisma?

The majority of these students were those who had attended his first public lecture. They had a very deep impression of Sun Mos God Hands. Hence, interest generated in their hearts about Sun Mos lessons.

Actually, there were even more students who had come here after having heard the rumors. However, they had already left when they saw that the classroom was fully packed.

[1] Tsinghua or Peking are the two best universities in China
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