Absolute Great Teacher
112 A Change in Classroom, Snatching Seats!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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112 A Change in Classroom, Snatching Seats!


A few days ago, Du Xiao had seen Sun Mo testing his combat strength in the combat strength dojo, and until now, she didnt know what he had done. In the period it took one to eat a meal, his combat strength rose exponentially. In addition, the school was filled with rumors about him recently. Hence, this led to Du Xiao being interested in him.

Just so coincidentally, Du Xiao had no classes today. Hence, she decided to come here and listen to Sun Mos lecture.

At the teaching buildings entrance, Du Xiao saw Gao Cheng who was in the same office as her. She waved and called out, Teacher Gao!

Teacher Du!

Gao Cheng immediately squeezed out a smile.

The two of them idly chatted and soon discovered that they were intending to head to the same location.

You want to attend Teacher Suns public lecture? Teacher Du asked.

Yeah. I heard that God Hands was extremely impressive. I wish to go and see what I can learn from Teacher Sun!

Gao Chengs attitude was very humble.

He had joined one year earlier than Du Xiao. This years spring, he had registered for the 1-star great teacher qualification examination but hadnt passed it. From then on, his personality changed a lot. In the past, he was extremely proud and confident in himself. But now, he became much more low-profile. At the very least when he was chatting with others, he was much friendlier.

Du Xiao, you have to obtain the qualifications of a great teacher!

Du Xiao silently reminded herself in her heart.

The school was always like this. Only when you were capable would you have the qualifications to be proud. Only then would others look up to you.

The two of them climbed to the third floor and saw tens of people gathering in a corridor before a classroom.

Is there a great teacher conducting classes today? Gao Cheng furrowed his brows. If there was indeed a great teacher conducting lessons, Gao Cheng wouldnt go and listen to Sun Mos lecture but would choose to attend the great teachers lesson instead. Even if the subject being taught wasnt something he had learned before, he could still take notes on the teaching style and method. It would be beneficial for him.

After he failed once, Gao Cheng became much humbler than before. He also worked even harder.

I have no idea.


Du Xiao shook her head. However, she was frowning. She had joined for over three years and come to the teaching building many times before. Thus, she was very familiar with the classroom layouts here.

At the side of this corridor, the classroom should be 308. And that was the classroom Sun Mo was supposed to teach at.

Wait a minute, isnt the classroom here 308? Teacher Sun would be using this classroom later, right?

Gao Cheng also reacted after he realized this. After that, shock appeared on his face.

It wasnt that his reaction was slow. Rather, it was because there were simply too many students. This scene would only occur when a great teacher conducted a lesson. Hence, Gao Cheng basically didnt link this to Sun Mo.

From his point of view, it was already considered not too bad if a new teacher could have over ten students coming to listen to their class.


Du Xiao nodded.

The two no longer spoke. They hastened their steps without prior consultation and after they arrived before the classroom and peeked in, their expressions couldnt help but contort.

What joke is this? Its actually filled to the brim?

Gao Cheng subconsciously turned his head and stared at the door plate. There was no mistake, the number was 308 with a (50) behind it, indicating that this was a classroom with a capacity for 50 students.

Actually, Gao Cheng could tell how big this classroom was with a scan of his eyes. However, he instinctively didnt wish to admit this. Because, once he did so, jealousy would appear in his heart.

He taught four years plus of lessons and accumulated some reputation. Right now, the fixed number of people in his classes was at most 30+ people. Yet, Sun Mo had already surpassed him.

No, not surpass. The word should be crushed!

And what about those students waiting in the corridor?

Gao Ben heard the noise from outside the classroom and when he thought about the fact that there were so many people out there waiting, he couldnt help but feel depressed in his heart. An immense pressure akin to a rope wound itself around his neck. After that, the noose tightened and he suffocated.

There are so many students!

Du Xiao forcefully controlled her emotions, but she let out a bitter smile. Was this what was called a genius?

She had worked for three years and her class attendance record maintained at roughly about 40 people. In addition, she had to persist for over a year before she barely reached 40.

There are no seats left!

Gao Cheng shrugged and prepared to leave.

Im going to look for assistant Zhou Lin to ask her to change the classroom.

After Du Xiao spoke, she hurriedly left. Eh?

Gao Cheng stared at the departing back of Du Xiao, feeling a little surprised. Was this woman so amiable and easy to talk to?

As colleagues, Gao Cheng felt that he was quite familiar with Du Xiao.

This womans looks were ordinary, but her fighting spirit was extremely high. She had always been working hard toward getting the qualification of a 1-star great teacher. She had never attended any colleagues gathering session and had never tried to ingratiate herself with any teachers.

Bluntly speaking, she was a woman that didnt care about having or maintaining a good relationship with colleagues. But now, she actually took the initiative to help Sun Mo change a classroom!

Could it be because of God Hands?

Gao Cheng guessed. This should be the only reason.

As An Xinhuis assistant, Zhou Lins job encompassed everything. Her job might not be tiring, but there were often too many things that left her mired in minor details.


Du Xiao knocked on the door as she pushed the office door open.

Teacher Du, is there something you need?

Zhou Lin kneaded her forehead.

Sun Mos classroom is too small. Theres a need to change the venue to a larger classroom.

Du Xiao expressed her intentions.

Zhou Lin was a little astonished. She didnt understand why Du Xiao would concern herself over this thing. But she still explained, Headmaster An has already changed a classroom for him!

After that first public lecture of Sun Mo, despite Zhou Lin finding Sun Mo unpleasant to the eye, she had no choice but to admit that Sun Mo was quite capable.

When An Xinhui arranged the academic program, she also specially selected a 50-pax classroom for Sun Mo.

By doing so, she showed that she regarded Sun Mo highly.

One must know that when a new teacher started conducting classes, they would start from a 30-pax classroom. Because, even if the school gave the new teacher a larger classroom, the number of students wouldnt suffice to hit the numbers.

Du Xiao bit her lips and thought of herself in the past.

During her first lesson in a 30-pax classroom, only nine students came. The number wasnt even in the double-digits. After the class ended, Du Xiao hid in her dorm and secretly cried for quite a long time.

Sigh, I recalled something sad again. Du Xiao shook her head and then quickly explained, The 50-pax classroom isnt large enough. Earlier, when I passed by there, over ten students were waiting outside the corridor, intending to listen to the lecture as



Zhou Lin was shocked. (Is this real?)

Its almost time for the lesson to start. Quickly change a classroom for him. If Sun Mo could maintain this class attendance record, our Central Province Academy would soon have a new outstanding teacher.

Du Xiao thought of Liu Mubai. When he joined and started giving lessons, his class attendance records had never been lesser than 50 people. It was considered relatively impressive.

Ill go make the arrangements!

Zhou Lin stood up, hurrying out of the classroom.

When she arrived outside classroom #308, there were indeed many students gathered out here.

Elder misss judgment is more accurate than mine

Zhou Lin sighed. (Sun Mo, I hope you can continue maintaining this standard of performance.)

Zhou Lin entered the classroom and clapped.

Everyone, pay attention. Teacher Sun is going to conduct a class later. But due to the number of students being too much, the venue is changed to the #302 classroom instead. Everyone, please shift there now!

After Zhou Lin spoke, she wrote the change in venue on the blackboard so the students who arrived here later would know where to go if they wanted to attend Sun Mos lesson.

Wa, changing of the classroom. Teacher Sun is so awesome!

Zhou Xu praised.

In any school, a teachers class attendance record would depend on his or her capabilities. After all, such things couldnt be falsified.


Favorable impression from Zhou Xu +15. Friendly (96/100). Qi Shengjia didnt say anything, but he was also emotionally moved. He felt happy for Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +20. Friendly (513/1,000).

Wang Haos reaction was much simpler. He immediately rushed toward the new classroom. What are we waiting for? Lets quickly go and snatch seats!

The students in the corridor also reacted. A commotion was caused as everyone ran to the #302 classroom.

Damn, is there a mistake?

Ive been here since 6 a.m. to monopolize a seat for myself. You are telling me that the venue will be changed now? Doesnt that mean that Ive waited for nothing?

Aiya, stop pushing!

The students in #308 started moving urgently as though a fire just broke out.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Lin was very shocked. She didnt expect Sun Mos rallying strength to be so strong Change to a new classroom! Gao Cheng shook his head. He felt some envy and disappointment.

For a new teacher, they would take at least a few months before their 30-pax classroom would be upgraded to a 50-pax one.

Earlier, there were still people saying Sun Mo was someone who ate soft-rice. What a


Du Xiao sneered.

When Sun Mo managed to obtain five personal students, people were suspecting whether he was using An Xinhuis reputation to succeed. But what about now?

An Xinhui couldnt possibly help him gather so many students to listen to his lesson, right?

There was no need to doubt how impressive Sun Mo was.

When Zhou Lin heard this, she felt a hot sensation on her face as though she just got slapped. Because she was one of those who had doubted Sun Mo before.

Lets move quickly. There might not be any seats left if we are late.

Gao Cheng urged.

When Sun Mo took his lesson plan and arrived at the #308 classroom, his expression couldnt help but darken when he didnt see a single student. (It cant be right? Where are the students?)

(Were they all kidnapped?)

Sun Mos first reaction was that someone must have pranked him. After that, he saw Zhou Lin who was sitting in the first row walking over.

Teacher Sun, because there were too many students, I help you change to a larger classroom. They are now at #302, Zhou Lin explained. Oh, thanks!

Sun Mo nodded.

No need for you to thank me, Im merely doing my job.

Zhou Lin stretched out her hand. In that case, I will congratulate Teacher Sun in advance. I think you will soon be able to hold lessons in lecture theaters!

Thank you!

Sun Mo lightly held onto Zhou Lins finger before turning to leave.

In Classroom #302, the whispers of the people could be heard. All the students were staring at the entrance, waiting for Sun Mo anxiously.

Qin Rong, are Teacher Suns God Hands real?

A female student asked. She stayed in the same dorm building as Qin Rong and had met her a few times. However, they werent that familiar with each other. This time, when she came for the lesson, she decided to sit beside Qin Rong after meeting her here.

Upon hearing this, all the nearby students shut up and turned their attention over.

I heard that just by touching you, Teacher Sun even knew how many times your attempt to breakthrough ended up in failure?

Another student asked, wanting to verify the truth of this.

Not only so, but he even knew the exact time?

Everyone felt exceedingly curious. That was the legendary God Hands. By touching a body, the possessor of God Hands would know the constitution of the students, including the quality of their bones and talent.

Today, the reason why there were so many students here was because they wanted Sun Mo to check on them using his God Hands and tell them their aptitude. They also wanted to know what martial skills were suited to them the best.

As the people in the surroundings turned to Qin Rong and kept quiet, the others in the classroom also noticed the silence here. Hence, everyone turned over.

It was very rare for Qin Rong to be stared at by so many eyes. For a time, she didnt know how to react.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》