Absolute Great Teacher
113 Controlling The Crowd
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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113 Controlling The Crowd


Is it true or false?

The girl who spoke the earliest stretched out her finger and touched Qin Rong, indicating for her to continue speaking. Mn, its real! Qin Rong nodded.

She knew that the relationship between her teacher Feng Zewen and Sun Mo wasnt a cordial one. Her teacher lost the battle between them. However, Sun Mo helped her to break through her bottleneck, allowing her to step into the spirit-refinement realm. To her, that was a debt of kindness. Hence, she wouldnt ignore her conscience and lie.

In truth, Qin Rongs appearance in this lecture was already the best proof.

If Qin Rong didnt recognize Sun Mos capabilities, why would she come here?

In the Nine Provinces of Middle-Earth, once a student acknowledged a teacher, they basically wouldnt ask any other teachers questions about cultivation. This was the basic respect toward their personal teacher. But if the question lay in a field where their personal teachers had never researched before, there was no problem then.

After all, no teachers would obstruct the hearts of their students from seeking more knowledge.


Upon hearing this, half the people here broke into a commotion. They were filled with even more anticipation for this lecture.

When An Xinhui reached classroom #302, she saw Sun Mo turning the corner and walking over. Hence, she stopped to wait for him.

Howre your preparations?

Not too bad!

After Sun Mo spoke, he nodded. This could be considered a greeting. He then entered the classroom right away.


An Xinhui felt a little shocked. (Im standing here to wait for you, but you dont even know how to stop and banter a few sentences with me? You merely nodded? How cold!)

An Xinhui suddenly felt that the changes in Sun Mo were very great. He was no longer the childhood sweetheart that existed in her memories.

An Xinhui shook her head and cast aside the distracting thoughts before walking into the classroom. She wanted to find an empty seat, but she discovered that only those damaged seats were left.

There were truly many people here for the lecture.

Headmaster An!

The students rose hurriedly and greeted.

Everyone, please be seated. The class has begun!

After An Xinhui gestured that there was no need to be over-polite, she sat down casually and waited for Sun Mo. A hint of anticipation could be seen in her eyes.

Maybe, Sun Mo could also become superstar teachers like Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai!

Teachers like these had handsome and cool appearance, and their bodies were strong as well. Their style of teaching was filled with freshness and after their fame hit a certain mark, there would be random students coming for their lectures on account of their reputation.

Yes, some students would enter a school specially for the sake of listening to the lecture of a special teacher.

Such rallying strength was the forte of beautiful female teachers.

The 3-star great teacher of the Central Province Academy, Jin Mujie, was a great example of it. Even if ten 1-star great teachers wanted to resign, An Xinhui wouldnt feel afraid. But if Jin Mujie wanted to leave, An Xinhui would definitely think of all sorts of methods to make her stay.

With Jin Mujie present, the Central Province Academy could recruit 500 students at the very least every year. Right now, Li Ziqi and the other four sat in the first row. When they saw Sun Mo, they immediately stood up.

Sun Mo raised his hand, signaling that they didnt have to stand on ceremony.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo also felt a little vexed that they had to greet him every day. It was enough for him if his students respected him in their hearts.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The melodious bell rang. The class had started.

Sun Mo stood on the rostrum and after sweeping his gaze through the classroom, he revealed a smile before speaking in a clear voice. Students, from today onward, I will be imparting knowledge on Medical Cultivation. This is something I summarized, and the main purpose of this topic is to help you know your own body, allowing you to understand your constitutions and come out with a logical and reasonable cultivation plan.

Sun Mo began his first official lesson in Jinling of Tang Country.

The classroom was completely silent save for Sun Mos voice. Close to a hundred pairs of eyes were staring at him.

Sun Mo didnt have stage-fright. His warm and clear voice was like a mountain creek running through a forest, flowing unceasingly. His words were clear and entered the ears of all the students.

Du Xiaos eyes brightened. Sun Mo must have practiced before, how impressive!

Regardless of the content, just his voice alone was sufficient to draw students in.

Although Sun Mos voice didnt have too major of a change, Du Xiao could hear that there was still a subtle difference when he taught classes compared to when he spoke.

Some teachers had rough or sharp voices and if one were to listen to it long enough, it would make them uncomfortable.

However, some teachers had voices that could cause students to be in a slightly intoxicated state as they imparted information.


Favorable impression points from Du Xiao +5. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (5/100).

Awesome, he must have practiced before!

Gao Chengs lips twitched. He felt some envy. He also practiced before, but the effect wasnt that good. After all, ones vocal cords were innate at birth. If one kept using a non-natural voice to speak during teaching lessons, it would be too tiring.


Favorable impression points from Gao Cheng +1. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (1/100).

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo smiled in his heart. He knew that this was due to his voice.

Sun Mo indeed had practiced before, including his cadence and intonation. For this, he even bought over 20 teaching materials and even privately found many movies and animations to reference.

The class continued. After introducing the concept of Medical Cultivation, Sun Mo took out a picture scroll and hang it on the frame of the blackboard, spreading it open.


A slight clamor instantly rang out in the classroom. The majority of the students were staring at the picture in shock.

There was a naked man in the picture with his glabella and navel as the axis. The body was divided into two halves. The picture on the left was normal, the picture of the right was a perspective on muscle anatomy. Today, we will speak about the muscles!

Sun Mo spoke frankly with assurance.

Looking at the picture, Sun Mo felt a feeling of wasting natural resources. He didnt expect that his grandmaster-grade painting technique would be used on an anatomy picture.

Honestly speaking, although it wasnt considered disgusting to draw such pictures, he still felt somewhat uncomfortable.

No way, when I have the time, I must draw a few paintings of Yui Hatano or Yuria Satomi to wash my eyes!

Naturally, Sun Mo was just jesting. He still had over 900 spirit runes to complete.

The lesson continued methodically.

Sun Mo controlled the time well. After a while, he ended his lecture. For the next 15 minutes, it will be the Q&A session. As long as you have questions regarding the body, feel free to ask me!

Even before Sun Mos voice faded away, almost all the students raised their hands impatiently. For a time, their raised arms were like trees in a forest, reaching the sky.

This student please!

Sun Mo walked down the rostrum and pointed to a guy at the side.

He didnt do this motion for nothing. It was to shorten the distance between him and the students.

Sun Mo would never use the style of an aloof teacher when he was teaching. He wanted to be easy-going, amiable, and approachable.

The male student stood up and looked at Sun Mo who was only one meter away from him. His voice was filled with some nervousness. Teateacher. Do you really know the God Hands?


All the students in class were listening attentively. I dont know when will be the next time I choose you to ask a question. Are you sure you want to use this chance on such a question? Sun Mo counter-asked.


The male student was stunned. After thinking about it, wouldnt it be better if he asked Sun Mo to check his constitution instead? Hence, his expression fell.

Teacher, cant you answer his question?

Some students saw that Sun Mos temper wasnt bad. Hence, they decided to go ahead and press him.

Sure. I dont know God Hands!

Sun Mo laughed.


In the classroom, sighs of disappointment could be heard.

However, I know the Ancient Dragon Capturing Technique. Its effect isnt too far off from the God Hands you all mention frequently!

Back then when Sun Mo heard this term, he immediately went to check on it. Honestly, the massage effects of God Hands were inferior to his ancient massage technique.


The students suddenly became excited again after their earlier disappointment. The name of this technique sounded extremely tyrannical!

Sun Mo, this techniques name is the ancient massage technique. Its even stronger than God Hands.

The system reminded. In addition, you are swindling the students!

The name of this technique is such a joke. I really dont have face to tell them the techniques true name.

Sun Mo silently mused. (If I said it out, wouldnt people call me a masseuse? In the future, the students wont call me Teacher Sun anymore, they will call me Masseuse Sun. Wouldnt I be angered to death then?)

Alright, the second person!

This time, Sun Mo pointed to a female student.

Teacher, what type of cultivation art do you think Im suited for?

This student was a freshman and her family background was ordinary. Hence, she didnt have any inherited cultivation arts and could only learn those that were in the schools library.

Sun Mo walked over and touched the girls muscles.

Actually, he was just putting up an act. He would be able to see all her data just by depending on Divine Sight.


Li Ping, 12 years old. First level of the Body-Refinement Realm.

Strength: 7, your muscles are well developed. You are suitable to walk the tough and ferocious route.

Intellect: 5, standard level. If you can use your hands to solve something, you wont use your brain.

Agility: 4, slightly slow.

Potential value: very slightly above average.

Note: Theres a tiny bit of potential. One can try nurturing her.


Your muscles are very sturdy and you have great strength. This is your advantage. You can choose to select cultivation arts that emphasize strength. Take note not to walk the path of agility or movement arts. You wont be proficient in them.

Sun Mo informed.


Li Ping didnt doubt it and noted this mentally. Indeed, although she was a girl, her movements had never been nimble ever since she was young. On the contrary, her physical strength was stronger compared to guys who were the same age as her.


Favorable impression points from Li Ping +5. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (5/100).

For the next two students, they also asked similar questions on what cultivation arts they were suitable for. Sun Mo answered them easily and they were all very satisfied.

For a time, the atmosphere in the classroom was very harmonious.

Alright, 15 minutes is up and the Q&A session has ended. Now, I will show you all a demonstration!

Sun Mo explained, It means that I will use the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give students a massage.


The students exclaimed in surprise. All of them immediately raised their arms. The students behind were afraid that Sun Mo couldnt see them; hence, they stood up and leaned forward.

Everyone, please sit down. Please take note of the classs regulations. If a student doesnt follow the rules, he isnt qualified to be in here, Sun Mo reminded.


The students instantly fell silent and sat back down.

Sun Mos gaze swept through the students. Those who matched his gaze all had an expression that was shouting out choose me!.

Sun Mos gaze finally landed on Qin Rong.


At this moment, Qin Rong grew agitated.

This female student!

Sun Mo pointed to the female student beside Qin Rong!


Qin Rongs smile immediately vanished. It was one thing if Sun Mo chose another person, but why did he have to choose a person right beside her?

When she saw the student standing up, Qin Rong felt as though happiness had just passed her by. This feeling felt very unbearable.


The female student was agitated, yet she was also filled with trepidation. What if the results of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Technique showed her aptitude to be ordinary? What should she do then?

Mn, please come up the rostrum!

Sun Mo instructed. It was time for him to perform his true skill once again.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》