Absolute Great Teacher
114 God Hands Are Truly Deserving of Their Reputation
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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114 God Hands Are Truly Deserving of Their Reputation



Yang Jing, 15 years old. Peak of the sixth level of the Body-Refinement Realm.

Strength: 6, sufficient for usage.

Intellect: 5, barely pass.

Agility: 8, you can run away after hitting people. No one can catch up to you!

Will: 4, there are a few days every month where you will be so weak that you dont feel like speaking!

Potential value: Average

Note: Mediocrity is then the mainstream.

Note: Because your cultivation art doesnt suit your body that well, it generates many problems in your energy channels.


Yang Jing sat on a chair on the rostrum.

Dont be nervous!

Sun Mo looked at her, taking in her data. After that, he stretched his hands and placed them on her nape before exerting force for a squeeze. Ah!

An intense pain blossomed from her neck. After that, it spread through her body, causing Yang Jing to suddenly scream. Her entire person leaped subconsciously forward, wanting to evade Sun Mos right hand.

Sun Mo had long since expected this and held onto her neck tightly.


Sun Mo reminded her again. There was a hint of force in his voice.

Damn, what is she screaming for? I almost got frightened to death!

A male student jumped in fright and couldnt help but grumble. After that, the surrounding students immediately glared at him.

Dont speak!

A senior year student warned.


Yang Jing, who was on the rostrum, was like a pigeon with a ferocious beast biting the back of her neck. Her entire body was trembling as ah-ing noises were issued from her throat. She felt like she was on the point of demise.

Are you cultivating the Blazing Sun Art? Sun Mo asked.


Yang Jing called out again. But this time, other than pain, there was more shock in her voice.

Even her dorm mates had no idea what her cultivation art was. Only three of her close friends knew about it. Yet, Sun Mo actually knew after touching her for a few seconds?

(Thisthisthis isnt this too terrifying?)

Yang Jing subconsciously turned her head, wanting to look at Sun Mo.

Dont move!

Sun Mo stopped her.

Teateacher, your hands are indeed the God Hands!

Yang Jing exclaimed in shock.

Upon thinking of the fact that she was actually enjoying Sun Mos God Hands massage technique, Yang Jing was so excited that she had no way to express it.


Favorable impression points from Yang Jing +20. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (20/100). Sun Mo smiled lightly. This was a girl who understood gratitude.


Upon hearing Yang Jings exclamation, an uproar was created in the classroom. It seemed like Sun Mos words were right.

Knowing what she is cultivating just by touching her muscles a little? Isnt this too mystical?

Of course. If it wasnt mystical, why would he be given the name God Hands?


The students discussed, staring at Yang Jing with excitement and envy in their eyes, wanting nothing more than to immediately substitute for her.

Hmph, what can this be counted as? The burly male with glistening oil on his body is then the one who knows the essence of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. You guys basically have never seen him before!

Li Ziqi was secretly in delight. As a personal disciple of Sun Mo, she could enjoy the effects of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands at any time. Mn, mn!

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly nodded.

The Blazing Sun Art is one that walks on the path of ferociousness and toughness. Although you have a tall build and are close to 1.8 meters in height, your energy channels arent thick nor strong enough. Hence, this cultivation art has caused damages to your energy channels. This is why you are stuck at the peak of the sixth level of the body-refinement realm for such a long time.

Sun Mo analyzed Yang Jings situation.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Yang Jings cries grew higher in pitch as the massage continued. However, other than ache and pain from all parts of her body, she felt even more shocked.

Sun Mo knew that she was stuck at the peak of the sixth level for a very long time?

God Hands were truly impressive.

If it wasnt for the fact that she was a female and needed to maintain a shred of restraint, Yang Jing truly wanted to shout this out loud. However, given how much she had already screamed, it seemed like her image had already totally collapsed.

(Wait a minute, what I need to worry about isnt my image but rather my energy channels!)

When she thought of this, Yang Jing hurriedly asked.

Teacher, II

Before Yang Jing could complete the sentence, Sun Mo interjected.

Dont think about nonsense, quickly gather your spirit, qi, and energy and circulate your cultivation art. Take note to control the speed of circulation, do not go all out to absorb the spirit qi.

Sun Mo reminded. The speed of his fingers grew faster and faster, roaming around and prodding all about Yang Jings body. However, his posture was graceful and gorgeous to behold.

The expert-grade circulation technique was enough to handle this problem. Do you recognize his technique? Gao Cheng asked in a low voice.

Du Xiao shook her head and stared at Sun Mo unblinkingly, like she was deeply afraid to miss out on any detail. She wanted to learn.

It must be an extremely rare massage technique!

An Xinhui was ultimately a genius that was rarely seen in a hundred years. After seeing it, she understood that this Ancient Dragon Capturing Hand was an extremely rare type of massage technique.

Its effect was much stronger compared to the other massage techniques she knew.

The gazes of everyone in the classroom landed at Yang Jing, but no one spoke. All of a sudden, a surge of spirit qi suddenly burst forth toward Yang Jing.

After that, the spirit qi in the surroundings was drawn over, flooding into Yang Jings body.

Yang Jing, at this moment, was drooling from the corners of her mouth due to the massage being overly comfortable. After the initial aching and pain she felt, she was in somewhat of a daze.

Wake up, focus your attention!

Sun Mo increased his volume. However, it was useless.

Given the willpower of students, it was basically impossible for them to maintain a clear mind under the effects of the ancient massage techniques.

However, because Yang Jing was someone at the peak of the sixth level of the body-refinement realm, in addition to the fact that her energy channels were cleared by the circulation technique, the spirit qi began to move in a cycle under Sun Mos massage when they entered her body.

She is breaking through?

Every student in the classroom was completely dumbfounded.

Although everyone had heard that Sun Mo had aided two students in their breakthrough during his first public lecture, it was naturally much more shocking when they personally witnessed it!

God Hands, as expected of the reputation!

Two minutes later, the absorption of spirit qi weakened and gradually returned to calmness.

Yang Jing slowly woke up as she came to her senses.

Who am I? Where am I?

Yang Jing glanced around the surroundings. What did I do? Eh? Why does my body feel so comfortable?

Because you have broken through!

All the students felt envy in their hearts as they stared at this lucky girl.

Sun Mo stood at the side and secretly snuck a glance at the classroom. He was very satisfied with the effect.

This was something he had taken the initiative to trigger.

In the eyes of others, Sun Mo had randomly selected a student. But in truth, when he had been lecturing earlier, he had already seen the data of all the students in the classroom via Divine Sight.

Hence, he specially picked Yang Jing who had problems with her energy channels.

Why did he do so?

Naturally, it was for him to display the powerful effects of God Hands!

If Sun Mo really randomly picked a student and did his best to give that student a massage, if that student didnt achieve a breakthrough, even if the effects were very good, the other students wouldnt feel anything as they wouldnt be able to personally experience the effects.

However, achieving a breakthrough was different because this entire process represented everything.

In other words, it was meaningless to randomly pick a student to display the ancient massage technique. He might as well select a student who was stuck due to various reasons.

Once he resolved the problems, the student would obtain huge growth.

Ivebroken through?

Yang Jing finally woke up and understood what had happened to her. Yes, congratulations! Sun Mo smiled.

Thathank you teacher!

Yang Jing hurriedly bent her waist, dipping into a deep bow.

Pitter patter!

Tears flowed down her face and landed on the ground. Clap, clap, clap!

In the classroom, a round of applause rang out.

The students looked at Yang Jing who had lost control of her emotions. They could all understand her feelings.

What was the thing cultivators were the most afraid of? Naturally, it was their cultivation base stagnating after meeting a bottleneck. That feeling would be like a primary school student doing college-level calculus. The primary school student wouldnt know what to do.

What would they do if they met a bottleneck?

They either had to comprehend things themselves or look for a teacher to resolve their problems. The former option would be a test of the cultivators aptitude and talent. As for the latter option, the cultivator had to meet a good and experienced teacher.

For students like Yang Jing who didnt have a personal teacher, the thing she was most afraid of, was to encounter a bottleneck. Because even if a teacher was willing to answer you, the other party wouldnt have the obligation to monitor your condition throughout your cultivation. Also, there were naturally no problems if they met a great teacher, but if they sought answers from ordinary teachers, there was a high chance that the answers they got would be wrong. If they followed the wrong advice, it was still alright if they failed to break through the bottleneck. But if some unexpected irreversible consequences were to occur, things would be extremely dire.

Hence, many teachers who werent at the star-level wouldnt answer questions regarding the bottlenecks of students.


Favorable impression points from Yang Jing +50. Neutral: (70/100).

You can head down now, remember to change your cultivation art!

Sun Mo stared at Yang Jing with gratification. He was very fond of people like this who understood gratitude.


When Yang Jing was returning to her seat, all the students at the side congratulated her.

Thank you!

Yang Jing nodded unceasingly to express her thanks. How are you feeling now? After Yang Jing sat back down, Qin Rong asked.


Yang Jing recalled. The feeling of the massage was truly very comfortable.

Teacher is so impressive!

Lu Zhiruo grinned, feeling proud of her teacher!


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +15. Friendly (553/1,000). Li Ziqi didnt say anything, but she contributed 10 points. As for Tantai Yutang and the other two, although they came for the lesson, they remained unmoved. Dang! Dang! Dang! The bell rang.

Sun Mo closed his lesson plan. Students, todays class will end here!

Ah? Thats all?

Teacher, please continue lecturing!

We still want to see the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!

The gutsier students called out. Hence, a commotion broke out in the classroom. Why didnt they feel anything earlier? Wasnt this lesson a little too fast?

Had the staff designated to ring the bell made a mistake?

Sun Mo packed up his stuff and walked out of the classroom.

After the students were startled for a while, more than two-thirds of them stood up as they began to applaud, sending Sun Mo off with respect.

Upon seeing this scene, Du Xiao and Gao Cheng were so envious that they almost drooled.

Standing up in applause was the greatest reward a teacher could get. This meant that the lesson taught by the teacher had gained the recognition of the students.

It was unexpected that Sun Mo managed to achieve such an effect during his first official lesson. Sigh, the comparison could truly make one feel so angry! Both of them felt a sense of pressure. They had to work harder or they would be like the earlier tides of the sea, destined to die after crashing into the shore. An Xinhui also stood up and applauded as well.

This time around, it seems that Ive picked up a treasure!

An Xinhui silently mused. She didnt expect that Sun Mos lecturing ability was so good, and he could achieve such an effect.

Sun Mo was very intelligent. He managed to accurately grab the hearts of all the students.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》