Absolute Great Teacher
115 Finding a gem
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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115 Finding a gem


For students attending classes, what was their objective?

It was to receive guidance from the teachers and upgrade their combat strength.

When students attended other teachers lessons, there was a chance they could get enlightened. However, there was nothing like Sun Mos Medical Cultivation that gave instant results!

If Sun Mo could help a student break through each session, no, only once every few days, then the number of students attending his lessons would increase by a ton.

Du Xiao and Gao Cheng left the classroom with many thoughts in their mind. Seeing An Xinhui standing at the side, they immediately greeted, Headmaster An!

Teacher Du, Teacher Gao, what do the two of you think?

An Xinhui inquired.

Gao Cheng kept silent. He adored An Xinhui. Even though he knew that he couldnt marry her, it didnt hinder his liking. Hence, for him to praise another man in front of An Xinhui, it was impossible.

Perhaps Sun Mo may become the second Liu Mubai?

Du Xiao used an inquiring tone because she didnt know if the effect of Sun Mos lessons could be maintained. If the effect could only last for a short period, then he would never chase up to Liu Mubai.

Hearing these words, Gao Cheng couldnt help but shoot a glance at Du Xiao. (What high level of evaluation, could it be that youre fond of Sun Mo?)


An Xinhui was a little surprised.

What Im referring to isnt teaching capability, but popularity!

Du Xiao was spot on with her words.

Just think about it, that was God Hands. If Sun Mo can assess a students health just by touching them and helping them to break through, the doorstep of his classroom will definitely be stepped until its worn out.

God Hands?

When Gao Cheng heard this phrase, he could feel gushes of unreconciliation in his heart, coupled with a tinge of disappointment. He knew that it was just a matter of time Sun Mo would chase up to him. His own teaching capability was definitely insufficient to compete against Sun Mo.

Both teachers didnt contribute favorable impression points anymore because as compared to admiration for Sun Mo, in their hearts now, there was competitiveness. Even if he had God Hands, they wouldnt lose to him!

Thank you for the hard work!

An Xinhui nodded and turned to leave.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +15, Neutral (30/100).

At the office, An Xinhui found Zhou Lin.

Change of classroom for Sun Mo. In the future, all his Medical Cultivation lessons will be at lecture halls!

An Xinhui instructed.

Huh? Zhou Lin was shocked. Ive already switched him to a 100-pax classroom, dont tell me its still not big enough?

Not enough!

An Xinhui laughed. I only hope he doesnt have to use the auditorium. Thatll be so troublesome!



Zhou Lin was so shocked that it was indescribable. The auditorium was capable of holding more than 1,000 people and would only be utilized when great teachers were around. Moreover, it could only be used by 3-stars great teachers or higher.

Sun Mo had only just been employed and he already had such a big group of supporters?

Sun Mos God Hands, its very formidable, An Xinhui explained and then looked at Zhou Lins eyes. Prepare the lecture hall, is there any problem?

An Xinhui knew that her female assistant wasnt fond of Sun Mo.

If the number of attendees exceeds 100 people, even if theres any problem, itd become not a problem.

Zhou Lin pouted.

In school, even though there was competition among teachers as well as office politics, it wasnt as intense as in the imperial courts. The teachers preferred to talk based on the number of class attendees.

An Xinhui had left, but Zhou Lin was still in shock; it was really too unbelievable. Sun Mo had only been employed, and his classroom had already been changed twice. He had been switched to a 100-pax classroom and for his second session, he would be switched to a lecture hall.

That was capable of holding 300 people!

What kind of person was Liu Mubai?

He was ranked 18th on Greencloud Rankings and graduated from the Black-White Academy among the Nine Great famous schools. He was the third-best graduate and possessed an extremely high level of mastery on sword techniques

Liu Mubai carried these halos that made him far more superior than everyone else, but he had only been switched to the lecture hall after teaching for one and a half months.

This was already the fastest record in the recent history of Central Province Academy. Yet, Sun Mo had broken this record at his first day public lecture.

Zhou Lin couldnt believe this.

Sigh, we didnt grab hold of the chance then!

Wang Hao sat paralyzed on the chair without moving, his mouth filled with sighs.


Favorable impression points from Wang Hao +20, Friendly (108/1000).


Zhou Xu nodded and looked toward Qi Shengjia. But the one losing out the most is still Shengjia.

Sun Mo had become well-known because of his God Hands, and many students would want to acknowledge him as their master. Given Qi Shengjias aptitude, it would be too difficult for him to become Sun Mos disciple now.

How can I be so daring? Someone like me will definitely become a stain in his career.

Qi Shengjia knew himself very well.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +30, Friendly (543/1000). Im so regretful!

Wang Hao wailed out loud.

Stop mentioning it, Im more regretful than you alright!

Zhou Xu was more depressed. Once, there was a great teacher-to-be who stood in front of him but he didnt cherish. Now that he was gone, it was too late for regrets.

(If I could relive that situation, Id definitely hug his thigh firmly and never let go!) Ding!

Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +50, Friendly (146/1000).

Sun Mo hadnt gone down the stairs when Li Ziqi came chasing up to him while carrying a bonsai pot. Lu Zhiruo was beside her as well.

As for the other 3 students, it wasnt known where they went, but this was a normal phenomenon. If they were to stick to Sun Mo like Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, then it would be unusual.

Teacher, your lecture is so awesome! Li Ziqi gave him a thumbs up, feeling proud.


Sun Mo nodded casually. At that moment, endless strips of notification sounded next to his ears, notifying him of the favorable impression points he had earned.

Congratulations host, youve received a grand total of 93 favorable impression points.

Remark, these are favorable impression points from those students whom you dont know personally, after deducting Qi Shengjias column. Just this much?

Sun Mo frowned.

He had counted the number of people today, and there were 95 of them. Hence, on average, there were still 2 students who didnt contribute even 1 favorable impression point.

Not just 2, it should be 11!

The system explained.

Most students have gained favorable impressions toward you because the quality of your lecture is not bad. However, they were mostly shocked by the ancient massage technique.

Sun Mo was silent.

Some students came merely because they wanted to experience God Hands. Since they didnt experience it personally, its natural that they wouldnt contribute any favorable impression points.

The system reminded seriously. Please dont think that every student knows how to be grateful. In this world, there are still some ingrates wholl kick their benefactors back, as well as people with a strong sense of utilitarianism!

Why? Did it hurt your pride? Are you feeling unhappy now?

The system mocked Sun Mo.

Hurting my pride because of this? Youre underestimating me!

Sun Mo laughed. I dont care how they treat me. Its my job to teach, so I will do it the best I can. Then, at least I will have a clear conscience.


Because the host has fine teaching morals, youll be given a black-iron treasure chest as a reward. Please continue to maintain this mindset and dont give up just because of a few ingrate students.

A black-iron treasure chest fell in front of Sun Mos eyes. Even this works?

Sun Mo was speechless.

As a teacher, you ought to have the aspiration that teachers should have. The system complimented, I like you very


Ding! Congratulations host, your prestige connection with Wang Hao and Zhou Xu has upgraded to friendly. Your reward is 2 lucky treasure chests.

2 red-colored big treasure chests fell in front of Sun Mos eyes. A big word luck was written on the exterior of the treasure chests, full of auspicious feeling.

Oh yes, if I didnt hear wrongly just now, Zhou Xu contributed 50 favorable impression points, right? Why so much?

Sun Mo didnt understand.

Because he felt that youre very awesome, after losing the chance to acknowledge you as a master, he felt that he had lost a chance that could change his destiny. For such extreme regret, it made him contribute a full 50 favorable impression points, the system explained.

Oh, I see!

Sun Mo was rather pleased with himself.

Teacher, this is a gift for you!

Li Ziqi handed over the bonsai that she had been carrying

Thank you! This is a silver queen plant,


Sun Mo took it over. He didnt expect that there would be silver queen plants in this world as well.


Li Ziqi nodded.

Thank you!

Sun Mo touched Li Ziqis head and looked at her eyes, his gaze was gentle. I hope I wont disappoint your kind intentions.

Host, do you want to open the treasure chest?

The system inquired.


On matters like opening treasure chests, Sun Mo wasnt fond of waiting.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

2 lucky treasure chests and 1 black-iron treasure chest opened up with flickering brilliance.

Oh f*ck!

Sun Mo was fuming mad. What the hell are you doing? You said to open the treasure chests, didnt you? The system felt wronged. What I meant was, Ill open the treasure chests so dont put them away first, but I havent touched the papaya girls head!

Sun Mo was depressed.

Why do you need to touch Lu Zhiruos head? Does this affect anything?

The system didnt understand. You might as well not say anything. The mysterious study of opening treasure chests is something thats heavily dependent on luck, how would you understand? If Sun Mo had the physique of a European emperor, he wouldnt do such a pain in the ass thing like touching someones head to increase his luck. However, the feeling of touching the papaya girl was pretty good, just like touching a meek Siamese cat.

The brilliance dissipated and left behind 3 handfuls of black soil.

Sun Mo kept quiet for ten seconds and inquired, Could this be some kind of peak-grade item?

No, youre thinking too much, its just soil! The system explained.

Sun Mo was silent again and continued to inquire, This must be some kind of peak-grade item?

Even if you change it to the word must, they are nothing but ordinary soil.

The systems reply was so cruel it was seeping with blood.


Congratulations, youve received 3 handfuls of black soil from Darkness Continent!

It seemed as though it was giving Sun Mo a final blow.

Whats so great about the black soil from the Darkness Continent? Can it grow a beautiful female angel? Throw it away for me.

Sun Mo groaned coldly.

As you wish!

The system did as instructed!

Hold on!

Without waiting for the system to finish speaking, Sun Mo quickly stopped it again. Forget it, keep it for me!

This time, it was the systems turn to be speechless.

So how many favorable impression points do I have now?

Sun Mo inquired. Not only could this thing weigh the prestige connection among everyone, but it could also be used as currency to spend and purchase items from the system shopping store.

3,381! the system replied.

It has actually exceeded 3,000?

Sun Mo touched his chin as he pondered if he should spend a portion of it.
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