Absolute Great Teacher
116 Great Teacher Halo, Misleading Students
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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116 Great Teacher Halo, Misleading Students


The kind and understanding system opened up the shopping store.

There were finally more than 10 pieces of items on the wooden shelves now.

Sun Mo saw the time emblem first as this was some great stuff. To increase the proficiency index of any skill, one would need to use the time emblem.


Sorry, Sun Mo didnt have that time nor did he want to make such an effort.

This is called reasonable usage of resources!

Just when Sun Mo was about to spend the money, he saw a skill book placed on the peak of the shelves.

Its appearance was very plain and simple, without any brilliant rays. But the two big words on the cover were so dazzling Sun Mo almost got blinded.

Misleading Students!

Great teacher halo?

Sun Mo was surprised. An indescribable desire to possess this item manifested in his heart.


In Middle Earth Nine Provinces, the great teacher grades given by the Saint Gate were divided into 9 star-levels. Every star-level needed to achieve the fixed quantity of great teacher halos.

If one was unable to achieve the standard, even if they were the reincarnation of a saint, they would never be able to get a star!

A 1-star great teacher needed to gain enlightenment of at least 3 great teacher halos and be specialized in 1 secondary occupation.

A 2-stars great teacher needed to gain enlightenment of at least 6 great teacher halos and be specialized in 2 secondary occupations, with at least 1 student ascended onto the Greencloud Rankings.

A 3-stars great teacher needed to gain enlightenment of at least 9 great teacher halos and be specialized in 3 secondary occupations. There was also a restriction on their cultivation level. One had to at least be in the divine force realm.

The higher the star-level of a great teacher, the higher their status and social value.

This social value referred to the worth of a great teacher. For example, for Headmaster Cao from Myriad Daos Academy to poach over Yue Rongbo, a 4-stars great teacher, the former had to give the latter the vice-headmasters position and the authority to control a portion of the schools funds.

Great teacher halo, it is really learnable!

Sun Mo sighed with emotions.

The Absolute Great Teacher System is omnipotent!

This sentence from the system sounded aggressive and confident. Then, it gave a timely reminder.

Misleading Students, as the name implies, if a teachers talent isnt capable, hes just wasting the time of his students and disciples.

This is a halo specialized to target great teachers. After utilizing it, the targeted great teachers will not be able to utilize the great teacher halo and spirit qi for a fixed period. At the same time, they will forget all the knowledge they have learned and will not be able to coach any student.

Hearing the powerful effect of this great teacher halo, Sun Mo couldnt help but gasp.

One must know that spirit qi was the underlying foundation of all cultivation arts in Central Province. Being unable to utilize it meant that one wouldnt be able to utilize any form of cultivation art. Even if one knew a divine skill, he wouldnt be able to use it.

Hence, it was evident how valiant this great teacher halo was.

Whats the price?

Sun Mo was aroused and looked at the price immediately. But then he wanted to curse and swear. The marked price was at 50,000 favorable impression points, how fraudulent!

This kind of price, whos able to afford it? Sun Mo complained.

This is a great teacher halo that requires self-enlightenment. Is it very expensive to be sold at 50,000 favorable impression points? You must know that the official standard announced by the Saint Gate is that one great teacher takes an average of 3 years to gain a new great teacher halo. If you think of it this way, dont you think its worth the price?

Sun Mo did a mental calculation. He had the Great Teacher System for a month now and had earned 3,000 favorable impression points. According to this speed, to earn 50,000 points, he would need another 1.5 years.

Looking at this calculation, it was indeed acceptable!

For a matter like enlightenment, it is too uncertain. Which great teacher dares to guarantee that he can use 3 years to get a new great teacher halo? Yet now, you can simply purchase it at any time as long as you have the favorable impression points.

The system was very proud.

Its still a little too long!

Sun Mo cast a glance at Lu Zhiruo. (I shall focus on raising the papaya girl to be plump and healthy. Perhaps Ill then be able to receive a great teacher halo from the treasure chests.)

Sun Mo, this is also a form of motivation for you to put in hard work to coach your students. You must understand that anything thats easily attainable will not be cherished!

The system suddenly incarnated as a life tutor, and Sun Mo found it hard to adapt to this situation.

Where are all my lucky treasure chests?

Sun Mo didnt forget about it. The system would give him a new lucky treasure chest every day after midnight, so he had managed to collect a lot of them.

You have a total of 18, do you want to open them?

The system inquired. This figure is rather auspicious!

Sun Mo had learned his lesson this time around. He reached out to touch Lu Zhiruos head before saying, Open!.

Red-colored brilliance flowed and scattered on the ground, leaving behind a handful of black sticky soil.

One, two, three!

One puddle, two puddles, three puddles! Looking at the increase in soil puddles, the vulgarity in Sun Mos heart was like a raging tide ready to burst out of his mouth at any time.

At this moment, a dense layer of black-colored ink invaded Sun Mos vision.


Congratulations on receiving the flower spirit rune ink. By using this ink to draw, it will upgrade the effect of your spirit runes by 10%!

Great stuff!

Sun Mo was satisfied. whats the price of this ink?

500ml is sold for 1,000 favorable impression points, and its not sold in a single quantity!

The system answered truthfully. Sun Mos lips twitched. What was meant by an unscrupulous businessman? This was one.

This was ink and not mineral water. Who would be so bored as to purchase so much of it in one go!? 500ml could be used for a really long time.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo looked at each other. Teacher Sun seemed to be pondering about something, and both of them didnt dare to disturb him.

Both of you, stop following me and go listen to other teachers lessons. You should pick up something while I prepare for my next lesson!

Lu Zhiruo lowered her head and placed both of her hands behind her back. Using the tip of her leg foot, she drew circles on the floor. She wasnt keen on attending other teachers lessons at all.

Then were leaving!

Li Ziqi pulled the papaya girl a few times before managing to drag her away. Sun Mo carried the bonsai and looked at the color of the sky. It was almost noon, but he didnt want to wait anymore and ate a bowl of beef noodles at the roadside stall. After that, Sun Mo didnt return to the dorm but went to the Sorrowless Lake. He sat down on a piece of lawn that had fewer people and flipped open his lesson plan, practicing the process of his teaching.

After going through the process 3 times and ensuring that there wasnt any mistake, Sun Mo felt at ease.

During noon, the lush and flourishing tree leaves obstructed the blistering hot summer sun and cast a huge stretch of shade. Some wind blew over from above the lake and it made the atmosphere comfortable and relaxing.

If it were in the past, Sun Mo would definitely take an afternoon nap. However, the state of his health now was scaringly beaming with vigorous energy.

What should I do now?

There were very few people at the lake in the afternoon. Since Sun Mo was fond of such a quiet and secluded environment, he didnt want to return to the campus but was feeling a little bored.

Draw some spirit gathering runes?

He had brought along the ink, ink-stone, brush, and papers. But there was no table and it wasnt suitable to draw on the lawn.

Sun Mo stood up and gazed toward the pavilion in the distance. How great there was a young couple seated together whispering sweet things to each other.

Sun Mo didnt feel like going over anymore. Otherwise, he would definitely be forced to watch some public display of affection.

What should I do?

Sun Mo pondered as a breeze of summer wind blew over and hustled the silver queen plants leaves.

Looking at this scene, a sudden inspiration exploded in his mind.

spirit gathering rune, if it was drawn on plants, would there be any effect?

He sprung into action upon having this thought and immediately took out his writing brush and ink. He walked over to the side of the flowers and shrubs that were 10m away, found a leaf that was fully emerald green in color, and started drawing.

Because there was nothing to set the leaf in place, it moved around disorderly and it was very difficult for Sun Mo to keep drawing. However, he had after all mastered the grandmaster-grade of Spirit Gathering Rune Drawing Technique. After getting accustomed to it, his speed was just a little slower than drawing on rune paper. And as for the details of the shape, there was no change at all.

In half an hour, the spirit gathering rune had taken shape.

Let alone a spirit qi tornado, even the normal phenomenon of a spirit qi convergence didnt happen. This signified that it was a failure.

Indeed, does it still require a rune paper?

Sun Mo frowned and activated his divine sight to observe this piece of leaf.

A tiny goodyera, a five-year-old herbaceous plant.

The data was simple because this was just an ordinary plant. However, because of his grandmaster-grade divine sight, Sun Mo managed to see other things.

Due to the existence of spirit qi in this world, it led to a faint flow of spirit qi within the plants that formed a cycle.

In order for spirit gathering rune to display its effects, it had to form a spirit qi circulation.

Sun Mo sat on the ground and started to ponder.

The rune paper was usually acting as a medium and had no spirit qi. Its purpose was for the spirit qi to flow conveniently. If it was replaced by an ordinary white paper, then it wouldnt work because spirit qi wouldnt be able to flow on it.

Hence, when drawing on leaves, if the leaf was able to mimic the effect of a rune paper and allow the flow of spirit qi, then it would work, right?

This tiny goodyera in front of him was exactly just that.

But why did it fail?

Because there was a vascular system on the tiny goodyera. Within this vascular system, there was a faint flow of spirit qi. At this moment, they were equivalent to strips of spirit lines. After intertwining with the spirit lines drawn by Sun Mo, these lines had essentially damaged the original spirit gathering rune; hence, it was impossible for it to take effect.

After thinking of this, Sun Mos eyebrows wrinkled so deep that it was able to crush a sea crab to death.

Because according to this theory, it was impossible to draw any kind of spirit rune on leaves. The spirit qi within those vascular systems would definitely damage the original spirit rune pattern.

Sun Mo stood up and swept the dirt off his butt with his hands. He had wanted to give up but felt a little unresigned. When he was studying spirit gathering runes, he had studied a lot of materials and came across some folktales.

It was said that those ancestor-level grandmasters had been able to draw spirit runes on anything. He assumed that this folktale wouldnt be fake, but why did he fail to do so?

Sun Mo stood at his spot and thought hard. He wasnt thinking blindly without any threads but was using the method of making a painstaking investigation and was starting from the origin of spirit gathering rune first.

What was the key reason for a spirit gathering rune to take effect?

If it were ordinary spirit rune masters, they would definitely be thinking blindly without understanding the mystery behind this. However, Sun Mo was different as he had achieved the grandmaster-grade of Spirit Gathering Rune Drawing Technique. One could say that in comparison with the elephant that he had meddled with many times, he was even more familiar with this spirit gathering rune.

After pondering for a quarter of an hour, Sun Mo took up the brush and chose another piece of goodyera and continued drawing. Until the last stroke landed, even though there still wasnt any formation of spirit qi tornado, some convergence of spirit qi had appeared. This signified that this spirit gathering rune had already taken effect even though the grade wasnt high. After activation, it could be utilized.

So this is how it works!

Seeing how his own theory had no mistake, Sun Mo revealed a smile. He chose another piece of goodyera and continued. Until the moment of completion, there still wasnt any formation of spirit qi tornado. However, the systems notification rang out.


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》