Absolute Great Teacher
118 Grandmaster-grade Performance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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118 Grandmaster-grade Performance


Spirit qi was essential for all cultivators. The higher the intensity, the better the efficiency when one absorbed it. And this led to a better cultivation period.

Hence, spirit gathering rune was one of the most basic types of spirit rune. One could say that as long as one was a cultivator, they would have used it before.

In a radius of ten meters, it could cause the intensity of spirit qi to rise to four times or higher compared to the outside area.

Honestly speaking, upon seeing Sun Mo starting to draw a spirit rune, everyone felt somewhat disappointed. This thing was too average and it conformed with the norms of society. There was no novelty at all.

For a scene like this, everyone had already seen it way too many times in the classes of new teachers.

Lu Changhe was also taken aback. The purpose of him coming to this class was because he wanted to see Sun Mo drawing a spirit gathering rune.

Seeing that Sun Mo didnt even say a single sentence of nonsense and directly started drawing, Lu Changhes spirit stirred. He stared intently at Sun Mo, and even his butt had left his seat.

As Sun Mo drew, he introduced the procedures, as well as things that one needed to pay attention to.

The students listened and soon felt bored. Even for those who had learned the study of spirit runes before, their minds started to wander. Since this was the basis of all basics, they had long since understood it.

A spirit gathering rune will at least need two 15-minutes segments to be completed. Teacher Sun couldnt possibly spend half an hour explaining it, right?

This is simply too boring!

Yeah, I think the Medical Cultivation lecture back then is more exciting. I think Teacher Sun shouldnt start a spirit rune study class and should use the period solely for Medical Cultivation!

Very soon, the students could no longer control their impatience and started to whisper to each other. This was because it was honestly too boring.


If any of you dont want to attend the lesson, you can go out. But please do not talk and disturb others.

Sun Mo warned.

The students shrank their necks back and immediately sat up straight, no longer talking nonsense.

They came here because they wanted to consult Sun Mo after the class ended. If they antagonized Sun Mo, he would definitely not answer their questions later.

Some students fell into a daze, while some stealthily took out comics to read and waste time. As for falling asleep, none of the students dared to do such a thing here.

For a time, the entire classroom fell into silence. There was only the sound of Sun Mos lecturing voice.

Lu Changhe also felt that it was supremely boring after hearing all this basic knowledge. However, he sat in the third row from the front, just under the eyelids of Sun Mo. He was too embarrassed to do any other thing; hence, he could only endure.

Sigh, only 15 minutes have passed. What torture!

Just when Lu Changhe was mumbling silently to himself and praying for Sun Mo to finish drawing quicker, the spirit qi in the classroom suddenly began to surge.

What the hell?

All the students who were busy with their own stuff lifted their heads due to shock. Could it be that someone had broken through? They subconsciously glanced toward the outside of the classroom but soon discovered that the spirit qi in the surroundings was surging toward the rostrum in the classroom.

When the gazes of everyone turned over, they were all stunned to the extent where they were all speechless.


Lu Changhe couldnt help but exclaim. His body stood up involuntarily as he stretched his neck for a look.

Thisis this spirit qi spiral? Looking at the qi spiral reaching 1 foot in height revolving in the form of a mini-tornado, those students who understood the study of spirit runes all felt boundless shocks in their hearts.

This was such a large qi spiral. This spirit gathering rune was at least above the 5th-level!

Someone estimated that Sun Mo had used 15 minutes at most. My heavens, wasnt this drawing speed a little too explosively fast?

One must know that someone couldnt possibly draw faster just because they wanted to. As long as a single stroke of the brush was angled wrongly or missing, the entire spirit rune could be ruined.

If it was ruined, it meant that the materials and time were wasted.

Gu du!

Lu Changhe swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This was Sun Mos first spirit rune lesson and this was the first spirit gathering rune he drew. Usually, wouldnt someone pursue stability instead of speed?

If something went wrong, it would truly be extremely embarrassing.

One must know that Sun Mo right now was in the limelight. Any movements he made would be magnified limitlessly. If he failed once, the matter would surely spread widely to the point where everyone knew about it.

However, Sun Mo seemed to have no intention of pursuing stability.

Being able to draw a spirit gathering rune within 15 minutes and that rune is even above the fifth-level. Damn, is this still something achievable by humans?

Lu Changhe silently uttered an expletive in his heart.

Even if he personally witnessed it, Lu Changhe was still unwilling to believe. Because this was just too incredible. In addition, a sense of defeat began to appear in his heart.

He had been learning spirit runes for ten years, and the number of spirit runes he had drawn definitely exceeded a thousand. But wanting him to draw a spirit rune with such speed and reaching such a standard? Sorry, he had never even thought about it before.

This was because this was an impossible matter in his heart.

Lu Changhe had always felt that he was very talented in terms of spirit rune studies. In addition, he had once been praised by great teacher He Yuanjin too.

That great teacher was definitely among the top three in terms of attainments in the field of spirit runes here in the Central Province Academy. Hence, since that time, Lu Changhe no longer went to classes conducted by other teachers regarding the study of spirit runes. However, he didnt expect that he would be dealt such a blow by a new teacher today.

Lu Changhe pursed his lips. Although he wasnt willing to admit this in his heart, he understood that he had no way to achieve such a standard.

The more basic a spirit rune was, the easier it was to see the spirit rune masters standard when he drew it.

Father really didnt lie to me! Lu Changhe sighed. Right now, he felt very regretful. Why didnt he sit in the first row? If he had observed Teacher Sun Mos drawing process earlier, how good would that be?


Favorable impression points from Lu Changhe +15. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (15/100). Yo, theres actually someone who knows his



Sun Mo felt a little taken aback. He had been paying attention to the expressions of the students. The majority of them were shocked due to his drawing speed as well as the high-level of the spirit gathering rune formed. As for the profound meaning within it, they didnt understand. But this Lu Changhe clearly did.

Because Lu Changhe felt that he was far inferior, he contributed favorable impression points.

Teachers drawing is quite good, right?

Lu Zhiruo silently tugged on Li Ziqis shirt. She wasnt proficient in spirit runes.

How can it be described as only quite good? I feel that the number of people thats better than our teacher in the entire Central Province Academy can be counted on a single hand!

Li Ziqis knowledge encompassed alchemy, weaponsmithing, spirit runes, and beast taming

In any case, other than combat, Li Ziqi was fond of everything else. Hence, she could understand how impressive Sun Mo was.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +15. Friendly (306/1,000). So strong?

Lu Zhiruo clicked her tongue.

Next, I will be explaining the structure of this spirit rune to everyone!

Sun Mo impaled the rune paper on a wall.

Lu Changhe grew increasingly anxious. He couldnt hold it back anymore. He took his stuff and directly went to the first row.

Sun Mo immediately glanced over.


Lu Changhe who just sat down immediately stood up again with a smile of trepidation on his face. He was very afraid that Sun Mo would mind his random moving around during his class.

But he really didnt wish to miss any sentences spoken by Sun Mo!

Sit down and listen!

Sun Mo started to lecture. Because he had just comprehended the essence of the spirit gathering rune not long ago, he didnt dare to speak recklessly and only spoke about the basics. However, because he possessed the grandmaster-grade Spirit Gathering Rune Drawing Technique, it was enough for him to teach these students.

It was just that the majority of these students didnt come here to learn the study of spirit runes. Hence, they grew bored after listening for a while.

Sun Mo played to his strengths and chose to stop the lecture after an appropriate amount of time.

Ill draw up another spirit gathering rune. I want all of you to pay close attention!

Sun Mo took up the brush.

Teacher, can you stick the rune paper to the wall before drawing?

Lu Changhe raised his hands. He knew this was a chance to observe a spirit rune grandmaster drawing a spirit rune. Hence, he boldly suggested this.

As for standing beside Sun Mo to observe, Lu Changhe wasnt qualified enough to do so yet. Are you dumb? Sticking the rune paper on the wall would only increase the difficulty of the drawing!

Some students were outraged for Sun Mos sake after hearing this request. They felt that Lu Changhe was purposely making things difficult for Sun Mo.

Are you here to look for trouble?

If you dont want to listen, get out!

Compared to Sun Mo in the past, always isolated and without help, the students would take the initiative to help him speak, verbally shooting down Lu Changhe. All of them felt a favorable impression toward Sun Mo.

No, no I didnt mean it like this!

Lu Changhe grew anxious as he sneaked a glance at Sun Mo. He was very afraid that Sun Mo would drive him out in anger.

Alright, stop being noisy!

Sun Mo calmly spoke. He used a tiny nail to stick the rune paper on the wall. Indeed, if he drew it when the paper was on flat ground, the students wouldnt be able to see anything.

Thank you, teacher!

Lu Changhe almost shed tears of gratitude.

Sit down and listen!

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he lifted his brush and started to draw.

Each of his brushstrokes was filled with carefreeness and confidence.


Lu Changhe was so shocked that he didnt know what to say.

From what he knew, when one was drawing, they would be extremely careful for fear of causing inaccuracy in a single stroke, leading to the spirit rune being ruined. But Sun Mos movements were so broad and encompassing Could it be that he wasnt afraid of making a mistake?

Even if a spirit rune master was extremely familiar with a spirit rune, he wouldnt do so, right?

Gradually, Lu Changhes chaotic emotions calmed down. All thoughts of distractions were driven out of his mind, and only Sun Mos brushstrokes remained, as well as the procedure he used to construct the spirit runes structure.

Fragments of insights flashed in Lu Changhes mind as he watched, but they vanished instantly, causing Lu Changhe to be unable to grasp them. He couldnt help but feel extremely frustrated.

Such a feeling was very annoying

In the eyes of the other students, because the majority of them didnt understand the study of spirit runes, they couldnt tell how significant the process was. However, Sun Mos movements during his drawing were simply too graceful.

It was a joy to the eyes just by watching him draw.

How bold and confident!

Lu Zhiruo sighed in admiration.


Li Ziqi nodded, indicating her agreement. However, her brows began to furrow. There seemed to be something wrong with this spirit gathering rune! Would her teacher have screwed things up?

Sun Mo was someone who possessed the grandmaster-grade painting technique. By performing it, the technique would basically bring about a qualitative change to his aura. Now, the process ended slightly faster than before. He only took slightly over ten minutes to finish drawing the spirit gathering rune!


The spirit qi in the surroundings caused a commotion as they surged over.

A spirit qi tornado manifested before the rune paper.

Exclamations of shock rang out through the entire classroom!

Even students walking through the corridors couldnt help but peer over upon hearing the commotion.

Its already completed?

Definitely, theres even a qi spiral. This indicates that the level of this spirit gathering rune is extremely high!

Wasnt it a little too quick?

All the students didnt expect Sun Mo to have such high attainments in the study of spirit runes.

Clap, clap, clap!

Lu Changhe began applauding and even stood up in agitation. Sun Mos skill caused his heart to palpitate.

This fellow really knows how to bootlick!

Upon seeing this, the other students grumbled. But they didnt feel it good to sit down; hence, they hurriedly stood up and clapped too.

Lu Changhe didnt know that he had been vilified. Right now, his mind was filled with scenes of Sun Mos drawing. He felt some inspiration, but he couldnt grasp them. Such a feeling was truly very painful!

Therefore, Lu Changhe suddenly lowered his head, banging it against the table.


This sound interrupted all the applause.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》