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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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119 Shock


Numerous gazes turned to Lu Changhe; nobody could understand what this crazy fellow was doing.

After Lu Changhe knocked his head on the desk, he still couldnt grab hold of that inspiration. However, the intense pain brought him back to his senses, instantly letting him know that he was still in class.

What would happen if he offended Teacher Sun Mo with his actions and got forbidden to attend the class?

In an instant, Lu Changhes shirt was drenched with cold sweat. He stuttered as he explained, II was watching your drawing, and theres some inspira

Seeing this student who had a face full of fright, Sun Mo wasnt angry. After all, he did contribute some favorable impression points and that meant that this student approved of his teachings.

Lu Changhe, 15 years old. The fifth level of the Body-Refinement Realm.

Strength: 6, Im not good at fighting.

Intellect: 7, above average, occasionally capable of thinking up some good ideas!

Agility: 6, I like to take afternoon naps lying down.

Potential value: Average

Note: Relatively good talent in the study of spirit runes. Hence, its best if you can convince him to give up on martial arts!


After looking at Lu Changhes data, Sun Mo indicated for him to sit down. Theres no need to explain, I understand.

Thank you, teacher!

Lu Changhe bowed and sat back down, heaving a sigh of relief. This Teacher Sun was such a nice person.

If everyone is interested in the study of spirit runes, you can come to my class again in the future!

Sun Mo smiled. He took the two pieces of rune papers and waved them. Those who want these can raise your hands!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

All the hands shot up in the air.

What a joke. These were spirit gathering runes that could generate spirit qi tornados, and their levels were very high. Unless one was a fool, everyone would want it.

Lu Changhe wanted nothing more than to push his arm up before Sun Mo, wanting to catch his attention.

Lu Zhiruo also raised her fair dainty hand.

Can you not do this? Teacher is trying to build up his reputation now, dont make things more chaotic.

Li Ziqi pulled Lu Zhiruos hand down.

For spirit runes like these, Sun Mo could produce one every fifteen minutes. Even if the papaya girl didnt raise her hand today, Sun Mo would definitely give her one. After all, it had the effect of hastening cultivation.

Thats true!

Lu Zhiruo suddenly realized.

This is for you!

Sun Mo walked toward Lu Changhe and gave him one of the papers. You have very good talent in the study of spirit runes. Dont waste it.

Thank you, teacher!

Lu Changhe hurriedly stood up and thanked Sun Mo. His hands received this precious gift as he covetously stared at it.


Favorable impression points from Lu Changhe +25. Neutral: (40/100).

As for the other rune paper, Sun Mo gave it to a freshman who was also interested in the study of spirit runes. As for the other students who had impure motives, Sun Mo couldnt be bothered with them.

The other students all had looks of regrets on their faces. If they sold a spirit rune like that outside, it would definitely be able to fetch quite a large sum of money.

The bell then rang, signifying the end of the lesson

In that case, I will see you all in the next lesson, dear students. Oh, by the way, I have something on today, so I wont be answering any questions for now.

Sun Mo packed his stuff and turned to leave. He still had to use the afternoon to comprehend and tidy up the information in his mind.

Upon hearing this, all the students revealed expressions of disappointment.

Being able to see Teacher Sun drawing such a high-level spirit gathering rune is already good enough!

Some of the students got over this soon and cheered up, feeling that they didnt waste their time by coming to this lesson. They had even benefited.

Lu Changhe sat on the chair and stared at the spirit gathering rune like he was admiring a world-class absolute beauty. His eyes werent able to shift away.

Student, can you sell me this spirit gathering rune?

A male student with a round face interrupted Lu Changhes thoughts.


Lu Changhe started. After that, he shook his head. Im not selling!

Dont be in a hurry to reject me. Im willing to pay 300 taels!

The male student didnt want to give up. He stretched his hand out. My name is Yang Jing*, lets become friends?

Upon hearing this name, all the students in the surroundings who were about to leave the class revealed shocked expressions followed by envy.

300 taels! This was sufficient for a year of expenditure for them.

However, was such a high-level spirit gathering rune worth this price? I wont sell it!

Lu Changhe rejected. He rolled the rune paper up and began to pack his things, preparing to leave.

Wait a minute, we can discuss the price. How about 350 taels? If its not enough, 400 taels are fine too. Eh, dont be in such a hurry to leave!

Yang Jing chased after Lu Changhe and stretched out his hand to stop him.

500 taels! You can sell it for 500 taels, right?

Yang Jing revealed an extremely painful expression.

Upon hearing this price, the students in the surroundings suddenly felt a sense of regret like the 500 taels of silver had just passed them by. One must know that they also had a chance to obtain the rune paper earlier!

If they knew Teacher Sun was giving out the rune papers, they would also have sat in the front rows of the classroom.

500 taels of silver?

Lu Changhe could see a look of cunning in Yang Jings eyes. He couldnt help but mock, Since you are willing to spend such a huge amount of money, you should know the value of this spirit gathering rune very well. Do you think 500 taels of silver is enough to purchase it?

Fellow student, we can always negotiate!

Yang Jing chortled.

From the looks of things, you plan to sell it off for a quick profit, right? I regret to tell you that my family is one that opens a spirit rune store. This spirit gathering rune is at the sixth-level at the very least. You can only purchase it if you are willing to pay 1,000 taels! After Lu Changhe spoke, the people were shocked.

The other male student who obtained the second rune paper was named Wei Li. At the start, he didnt feel anything special when he took the rune paper. But upon hearing this price, his hand subconsciously trembled as he hurriedly kept the rune paper.

After that, a lingering fear filled his heart.

If this rune paper was damaged, it would mean that 1,000 taels of silver just disappeared like that!

Ive never considered selling it for a profit. Im going to keep it for my own use! How would Yang Jing dare to admit this? If such behavior was to spread to the teachers, his name would surely be tainted.

In school, teachers would often give out various items during their classes. Hence, there was an unwritten rule that the items given out by teachers could only be for self-use, it was absolutely not allowed to be sold for money.

Your own use?

Lu Changhe counter-asked.

Right, its for my own use. Since you said 1,000 taels, 1,000 taels it shall be then. Im buying it!

Yang Jing had a look as though he had suffered a major disadvantage on his face, but he was silently happy in his heart. He didnt own a mine, but his father was a giant tea merchant. There were tens of shops belonging to his house, as well as a plantation over 1,000 mu. He could be considered an affluent second generation.

Yang Jings cultivation depended on spamming resources, and he had used spirit gathering runes often before. This was how he knew how valuable the spirit gathering rune drawn by Sun Mo was.

Sell it? Even if you give me 10,000 taels, I wont sell it!

Lu Changhe coldly snorted.

Oi, theres no meaning to this then. Have you seen 10,000 taels before? If I really take so much money out, would you really not sell?

Yang Jings expression sank.

The other students also didnt leave as they waited, watching the conflict. In their hearts, they also felt that this fellow, who used his head to bang the table earlier, was boasting.

That was 10,000 taels of silver, who wouldnt feel the urge to sell it?

Hehe, 10,000 taels of silver? You still dont understand the true value of this spirit gathering rune! Lu Changhe stared at Yang Jing, his eyes filled with a sense of superiority. Why dont you tell me the value then? If you cant, dont blame me for being impolite!

Yang Jing also grew angry.

Teacher Suns spirit gathering rune isnt the type everyone would commonly see. Its a simplified improved version and has fewer strokes compared to the ordinary ones!

As Lu Changhe spoke, he rolled open the picture scroll


What are you blindly talking about? If it was like that, how could the spirit rune still be effective?

Do you think Ive never drawn up a spirit gathering rune before?

The surrounding students all shot back verbally because that was essentially impossible.

The study of spirit runes had taken tens of thousands of years to be developed until now. For basic spirit runes like this, it was unknown how many times they had been improved by those spirit rune grandmasters.

But what was Lu Changhe saying now?

Sun Mo improved it and the spirit rune had fewer strokes? Do you think that Sun Mo was an ancestor-level grandmaster? No, even if he was one, if he wanted to improve on the spirit gathering rune, it wouldnt be so easy.

After so many years of development, these basic spirit runes were already perfected. The way to draw them was simplified to the most elementary level, yet they still retained the strongest effect.

Lu Changhe couldnt be bothered to talk with these bunch of fools. He directly opened up the rune paper and pointed to a few locations. After that, he rolled the paper back up because he was worried these people would damage this spirit rune. No, he wouldnt even allow it to be dirtied. If it really got dirty, he would be infuriated to death.

The few students who understood the study of spirit runes were all dumbfounded. After that, bewilderment appeared on their faces.

It seems that it really has fewer strokes to it.

Its impossible, right? Did Teacher Sun really improve the drawing method? These students began to quarrel intensely, shocking the surrounding people. Do you understand now? This spirit rune represents the fact that a huge commotion is about to shake the world of spirit runes!

Lu Changhe stared at the scene with a look of contempt in his eyes.

Yang Jing was so angered that his fists were creaking. He really felt like punching Lu Changhe, but he knew he mustnt do this. Lu Changhes words were logical and if this thing blew up and the school wanted to discipline people, the unlucky one would be him.


Lu Changhe turned to leave.

Oi, dont leave. Let us take another look at it!

The few students who understood spirit runes hurriedly followed after him, but Lu Changhe instantly increased his speed. The other portion went to surround Wei Li.

You guys, dont act like this. Even if you beat me to death, I will never let you take a look at this spirit rune!

Wei Li hugged the rune paper and stared at these students. The look of determination on his face made it seem like the rune paper was his life.

Outside the classroom, Li Ziqi leaned against a wall and watched Lu Changhe walking away.

Teachers attainment in the field of spirit runes is actually so awesome? Lu Zhiruo had a shocked look on her face. She had heard the conversation earlier. Senior martial sister, did you know this long ago?


Li Ziqi had a photographic memory and she was widely-read. For basic spirit runes like this, she had long since imprinted them in her mind.

Hence, when Sun Mo was one-third done with the process of drawing the second spirit rune, she could already tell that something off. At that time, she had thought that her teacher must have drawn it wrongly and had almost been frightened to death.

Just when Li Ziqi had been thinking about what she should do to help Sun Mo retain his reputation, the spirit rune was completed and it even generated a spirit tornado. This represented that the level of the spirit rune wasnt low.

At that instant, Li Ziqis mind turned to chaos. However, she was ultimately still a genius with maxed out intellect. After a few minutes, she already thought of the reason why.

After the class ended, Li Ziqi didnt leave with Sun Mo but chose to wait outside the classroom because she wanted to sneakily purchase that spirit gathering rune to research and study. However, who could have known that Lu Changhe had quite a talent in the field of spirit runes? He could see the true value of the spirit gathering rune Sun Mo gave him!

Lets go!

Li Ziqi knew that it was already impossible if she wanted to purchase it. However, our teacher is really impressive!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +30. Friendly (336/1,000).

Thats for sure.

Lu Zhiruo felt that it was without a doubt.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30. Friendly (583/1,000).

[1] This Yang Jing is a different Yang Jing from the girl Sun Mo aided for a breakthrough during his first lesson. This male Yang Jings name as written in the raws are 33, can mean scenery while the female Yang Jings name is 5*, * means quiet.

[2] 1 mu is = 6.0702846336 acre
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》